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Exodus 14:14

14 the LORDE shal fight for you, onely quyete youre selues.

Psalms 37:1-5

1 Frett not thy self at the vngodly, be not thou envious agaynst the euell doers. 2 For they shall soone be cut downe like ye grasse, & be wythered euen as ye grene herbe. 3 Put thou thy trust in ye LORDE, & be doinge good: so shalt thou dwell in the londe, & verely it shal fede the. 4 Delyte thou in the LORDE, & he shal geue the thy hertes desyre. 5 Comitte thy waye vnto ye LORDE, set thy hope in him, and he shal brynge it to passe.

Psalms 71:10

10 Go not farre fro me, o God: my God, haist the to helpe me.

Proverbs 16:7

7 When a mans wayes please ye LORDE, he maketh his very enemies to be his frendes.

Psalms 35:1-28

1 Stryue thou with them (o LORDE) that stryue wt me, fight thou agaynst them that fight agaynst me. 2 Laye honde vpon the shylde and speare, and stonde vp to helpe me. 3 Drawe out thy swearde, and stoppe the waye agaynst them that persecute me, saye vnto my soule: I am yi helpe. 4 Let them be cofounded and put to shame, that seke after my soule: let the be turned back and brought to confucion, that ymagin myschefe for me. 5 Let the be as ye dust before the wynde, and the angell of the LORDE scaterynge the. 6 Let their waye be darcke and slippery, and the angell of the LORDE to persecute them. 7 For they haue pryuely laied their nett to destroye me without a cause, yee and made a pitte for my soule, which I neuer deserued. 8 Let a sodane destruccio come vpon him vnawarres, and ye nett that he hath layed priuely, catch him self, that he maye fall in to his owne myschefe. 9 But let my soule be ioyfull in the LORDE, and reioyse in his helpe. 10 All my bones shal saie: LORDE, who is like vnto the? which delyuerest ye poore from those that are to stronge for him, yee the poore and the nedy from his robbers. 11 False witnesses are rysen vp, & laye to my charge thinges that I knowe not. 12 They rewarde me euell for good, to the greate discomforth of my soule. 13 Neuertheles, when they were sick, I put on a sack cloth: I humbled my soule with fastinge, and my prayer turned in to myne owne bosome. 14 I behaued myself as though it had bene my frende or my brother, I wete heuely, as one yt mourneth for his mother. 15 But in my aduersite they reioyse, and gather them together: yee ye very lame come together agaynst me vnawarres, makynge mowes at me, & ceasse not. 16 With ye gredy & scornefull ypocrites, they gna?shed vpon me with theirteth. 17 LORDE, whan wilt thou loke vpo this? O restore my soule from ye wicked rumoure of the, my dearlinge from the lyons. 18 So wil I geue ye thankes in the greate congregacion, & prayse the amonge moch people. 19 O let the not triuphe ouer me, that are myne enemies for naught: O let them not wyncke wt their eyes, that hate me without a cause. 20 And why? their comonynge is not for peace, but they ymagin false wordes agaynst ye outcastes of the londe. 21 They gape vpon me wt their mouthes, sayenge: there there: we se it with oure eyes. 22 This thou seist, o LORDE: holde not thy tonge the: go not farre fro me, o LORDE. 23 Awake (LORDE) and stonde vp: auenge thou my cause, my God, and my LORDE. 24 Iudge me (o LORDE my God) acordinge to thy rightuousnesse, yt they triuphe not ouer me. 25 O let the not saye in their hertes: there there, so wolde we haue it. O let them not saye: we haue ouercome him. 26 Let them be put to confucion and shame, that reioyse at my trouble: let the be clothed with rebuke and dishonoure, that boost the selues agaynst me. 27 Let them also be glad and reioyse, that fauoure my rightuous dealinge: yee let them saye allwaye: blessed be ye LORDE, which hath pleasure in the prosperite of his seruaunt. 28 And as for my tonge, it shall be talkynge of thy rightuousnes and of thy prayse, all the daye longe.

Psalms 138:7

7 Though I walke i ye myddest of trouble, yet shalt thou refresh me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hade vpo the furiousnes of myne enemies, & yi righthande shal saue me.

Matthew 5:43-48

43 Ye haue herde, how it is saide: thou shalt loue thyne neghboure, & hate thyne enemy. 44 But I saye vnto you: loue youre enemies: Blesse the that cursse you: Do good to the that hate you: Praye for the which do you wronge and persecute you, 45 that ye maye be the chyldern of youre father which is in heauen: for he maketh his sonne to aryse on the euel and on the good, and sendeth his rayne on the iust and vniuste. 46 For yf ye loue them which loue you, what rewarde shall ye haue? Do not the Publicans eue so? 47 And yf ye be frendly to youre brethren onlye: what singuler thynge do ye? Do not the Publicans also lyke wyse? 48 Ye shall therfore be perfecte, euen as youre father in heaue is perfecte.

Luke 23:34

34 But Iesus sayde: Father, forgeue them, for they wote not what they do. And they parted his garmentes, and cast lottes therfore.

Psalms 57:6

6 Set vp thy self (o God) aboue the heaues, and thy glory aboue all the earth.

Romans 12:20

20 Therfore yf thine enemye hunger, fede him: Yf he thyrst, geue him drinke. For in so doinge thou shalt heape coales of fyre vpo his heade.

Deuteronomy 31:6

6 Be manly and stroge, feare not, and be not afrayed of them. For the LORDE thy God himselfe shal go with the, and shal not fayle the, ner forsake the.

Proverbs 24:17

17 Reioyce not thou at ye fall of thine enemie, and let not thine herte be glad whan he stombleth.

Romans 12:14

14 Blesse the that persecute you. Blesse, & curse not.

Psalms 109:2-5

2 and speake agaynst me with false toges. They compase me aboute with wordes of hatred, & fight agaynst me without a cause. 3 For the loue that I had vnto them, they take now my contrary parte, but I geue my self vnto prayer. 4 Thus they rewarde me euell for good, & hatred for my good will. 5 Set an vngodly man to be ruler ouer him, & let Satan stonde at his right hande.

Luke 6:27-36

27 But I saye vnto you that heare: Loue youre enemies: do good vnto them that hate you: 28 blesse them that curse you: praye for them that wrongfully trouble you. 29 And who so smyteth the on the one cheke, offre him ye other also. And who so taketh awaye thy cloake, forbyd him not yi cote also. 30 Who so euer axeth of the, geue him: and who so taketh awaye thyne, axe it not agayne. 31 And as ye wolde that men shulde do vnto you, euen so do ye vnto them likewyse. 32 And yf ye loue them that loue you, what thake haue ye therfore? For synners also loue their louers. 33 And yf ye do good for youre good doers, what thanke haue ye therfore? For synners also do euen the same. 34 And yf ye lende vnto them, of who ye hope to receaue what thake haue ye ther fore? For synners also lende vnto synners, that they maye receaue as moch agayne. 35 But rather loue ye yor enemies, do good, and lende, lokynge for nothinge therof agayne: so shal yor rewarde be greate, and ye shalbe the children of the Hyest, for he is kynde, euen to the vnthankfull and to the euell. 36 Be ye therfore mercifull, as youre father also is mercifull.

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