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Esther 2:7

7 and he norished Hadassa (that is Hester) his vncles danghter: for she had nether father ner mother, and she was a fayre and beutyfull damsell. And whan hir father and mother dyed, Mardocheus receaued her as his awne daughter.

Isaiah 4:4

4 what tyme as the LORDE shall wash awaye the desolacion of the doughters of Sio, ad pourge the bloude out from Ierusale, wt ye wynde of his smoke and fyre.

Isaiah 49:22

22 And therfore thus saieth the LORDE God: Beholde, I will stretch out myne honde to the Gentiles, and set vp my token to the people. They shal bringe the thy sonnes in their lappes, & carie thy doughters vnto ye vpon their shulders.

Ezekiel 14:20

20 and yf Noe, Daniel and Iob were therin: As truly as I lyue (saieth the LORDE God) they shal delyuer nether sonnes ner doughters, but saue their owne soules in their rightuousnesse.

Joel 2:28

28 After this, will I poure out my sprete vpon all flesh: & yor sonnes & yor doughters shal prophecy: yor olde me shal dreame dreames & youre yonge men shal se visions:

Luke 12:53

53 The father shal be deuyded agaynst ye sonne, and the sonne agaynst the father: the mother agaynst the doughter, & the doughter agaynst the mother: the mother in lawe agaynst hir doughter in lawe, and ye doughter in lawe agaynst hir mother in lawe.

1 Timothy 5:1-2

1 Rebuke not an Elder, but exhorte him as a father: and the yoger men as brethren: 2 the elder wemen as mothers: the yonger as sisters with all purenes.

Genesis 19:30-38

30 And Lot departed out of Zoar, and dwelt in the mountaynes with both his daughters (for he was afrayed to tary at Zoar) and so remayned he in a caue wt both his daughters. 31 Then sayde ye elder vnto the yonger: Oure father is olde, and there is not a man more vpon earth, that can come in vnto vs after the maner of all the worlde. 32 Come therfore, let vs geue oure father wyne to drynke, and lye with him, that we maye saue sede of oure father. 33 So they gaue their father wyne to drynke that same night. And the elder doughter wente in, and laye with hir father: and he perceaued it not, nether when she laye downe, ner when she rose vp. 34 On the morow the elder sayde vnto the yonger: Beholde, yesternight laye I with my father: let vs geue him wyne to drynke this night also: that thou mayest go in and lye with him, that we maye saue sede of oure father. 35 So they gaue their father wyne to drynke that night also: And the yonger arose like wyse, and laye with him: & he perceaued it not, nether when she laye downe, ner when she rose vp. 36 Thus were both the doughters of Lot with childe by their father. 37 And the elder bare a sonne, and called him Moab, of whom come ye Moabytes vnto this daye. 38 And ye yonger bare a sonne also, and called him the sonne Ammi, of whom come the children of Ammon vnto this daye.

Numbers 30:3-5

3 Yf a damsell make a vowe vnto ye LORDE, and bynde hirself, whyle she is in hir fathers house, and vnmaried, 4 and hir vowe or bonde that she maketh ouer hir soule, commeth to hir fathers eares, & he holde his peace therto, the all hir vowes & bondes yt she hath boude hir self withall ouer hir soule, shal stode in effecte. 5 But yf hir father forbyd her ye same daye that he heareth it, the shal no vowe ner bonde that she hath bounde hir self withall ouer hir soule, be of vayle. And the LORDE shalbe mercifull vnto her, for so moch as hir father forbad her.

Numbers 27:1-11

1 And the doughters of Zelaphead ye sonne of Hepher ye sonne of Gilead, the sonne of Machir, the sonne of Manasse, amonge the kynreds of Manasse the sonne Ioseph (whose names were, Mahela, Noa, Hagla, Milca, & Thirza) 2 came & stode before Moses & Eleasar the prest, & before the rulers & the whole congregacion, euen before the dore of ye Tabernacle of witnesse, & sayde: 3 Oure father is deed in the wildernesse, & was not in the company of them yt rose vp agaynst ye LORDE in the cogregacion of Corah: but dyed in his awne synne, and had no sonnes. 4 Wherfore shulde or fathers name perishe then amonge his kynred, though he haue no sonne? Geue vs a possession also amonge oure fathers brethren. 5 Moses broughte their cause before ye LORDE. 6 And the LORDE sayde vnto him: 7 The doughters of Zelaphead haue spoke righte. Thou shalt geue the a possession to inheret amonge their fathers brethren, & shalt turne their fathers enheritaunce vnto them. 8 And saye vnto the childre of Israel: Whan a ma dyeth & hath no sonne, ye shall turne his enheritaunce vnto his doughter. 9 Yf he haue no doughter, ye shal geue it vnto his brethre. 10 Yf he haue no brethren, ye shal geue it vnto his fathers brethren. 11 Yf he haue no fathers brethre, ye shal geue it vnto his nexte kyn?folke which beloge vnto him in his kynred, yt they maye possesse it. This shalbe an ordynaunce and a perpetuall lawe vnto the children of Israel, as the LORDE comaunded Moses.

Proverbs 31:30

30 As for fauor, it is disceatfull, and beutie is a vayne thinge: but a woman that feareth the LORDE, she is worthy to be praysed.

Acts 21:8-9

8 On the nexte daye we yt were with Paul, departed, and came vnto Cesarea, & entred in to the house of Philippe the Euangelist (which was one of the seue) and abode with him. 9 The same had foure doughters, which were virgins, and prophecied.

Ruth 3:10

10 He sayde: The LORDES blessinge haue thou my doughter. Thou hast done a better mercy here after then before, yt thou art not gone after yonge men, nether riche ner poore.

Isaiah 32:9

9 Vp (ye rich and ydle cities), harken vnto my voyce. Ye careles cities, marcke my wordes.

2 Corinthians 6:18

18 & be youre father, & ye shalbe my sonnes and doughters, sayeth ye Allmightie LORDE.

Mark 5:34

34 And he sayde vnto her: Doughter, thy faith hath made the whole: go thy waye in peace, & be whole of thy plage.

Ezekiel 16:44

44 Beholde, all they yt vse comon prouerbes, shall vse this prouerbe also agaynst the: Soch a mother, soch a doughter.

Psalms 144:12

12 That or sonnes maye growe vp as the yoge plantes, and that oure doughters maye be as the polished corners of the temple.

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