Bible verses about "dancing" | Coverdale

Judges 11:34

34 Now whan Iephthae came to Mispa vnto his house, beholde, his doughter wente out to mete him with tabrettes and daunces: and she was his onely childe, & he had els nether sonne ner doughter.

2 Samuel 6:14

14 And Dauid daunsed wt all his mighte before the LORDE, and was girded with an ouerbody cote of lynne.

Luke 15:25

25 But the elder sonne was in the felde. And whan he came, and drewe nye to the house, he herde ye mynstrelsye and daunsynge,

2 Samuel 6:16

16 And whan the Arke of the LORDE came into the cite of Dauid, Michol the doughte of Saul loked out at a window, and sawe kynge Dauid leapynge, sprynginge and dausynge before the LORDE, and despysed him in hir hert.

Exodus 32:19

19 Whan he came nye vnto the hoost, and sawe the calfe, and the daunsynge, he was moued with wrath, and cast the tables out of his hande, and brake them beneth the mount.

Exodus 15:20

20 And Miriam the prophetisse, Aarons sister, toke a tymbrell in hir hande, and all the women folowed out after her with timbrels in a daunse.

Psalms 150:1-6

1 Halleluya. O prayse the LORDE in his Sanctuary, prayse him in the firmament of his power. 2 Prayse him in his noble actes, prayse him in his excellet greatnesse. 3 Prayse him in the sounde of the trompet, prayse him vpo the lute and harpe. 4 Prayse him in the cymbals and daunse, prayse him vpon the strynges and pype. 5 Prayse him vpo the welltuned cymbals, prayse him vpon the loude cymbals. 6 Let euery thinge yt hath breth, prayse the LORDE. Halleluya.

Jeremiah 31:13

13 Then shal the mayde reioyce in the daunce, yee both yonge and olde folkes. For I will turne their sorow in to gladnesse, and will comforte them, and make them ioyfull, euen from their hertes.

Psalms 30:11

11 Hear (O LORDE) and haue mercy vpon me: LORDE be thou my helper.

Psalms 150:4

4 Prayse him in the cymbals and daunse, prayse him vpon the strynges and pype.

Ecclesiastes 3:4

4 A tyme to wepe, and a tyme to laugh: A tyme to mourne, and a tyme to daunse:

Psalms 149:3

3 Let them prayse his name in the dauce, let them synge prayses vnto him with tabrettes and harpes.

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