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2 Peter 2:10

10 but specially them that walke after the flesh in ye lust of vnclennes, and despyse the rulers: beynge presumptuous, stubborne, and feare not to speake euell of the yt are in auctorite

Romans 11:1-36

1 I saye then: Hath God thrust out his people? God forbyd: for I also am an Israelite, of the sede of Abraham out of the trybe of Ben Iamin. 2 God hath not thrust out his people, whom he knewe before. Or wote ye not what the scripture sayeth of Elias, how he maketh intercession vnto God agaynst Israel, and sayeth: 3 LORDE, they haue slayne thy prophetes, & dydged downe thine altares, and I am lefte ouer onely, and they seke my life? 4 But what sayeth the answere of God vnto him? I haue reserued vnto me seuen thousande men, which haue not bowed their knee before Baal. 5 Eue so goeth it now at this tyme also wt this remnaunt after ye eleccion of grace. 6 Yf it be done of grace, the is it not of deseruynge: els were grace no grace. But yf it be of deseruynge, then is grace nothinge: els were deseruynge no deseruynge. 7 What the? Israel hath not optayned yt which he soughte, but the eleccion hath optayned it. As for ye other, they are blynded. 8 As it is wrytten: God hath geuen them the sprete of vnquyetnesse, eyes that they shulde not se, and eares that they shulde not heare, eue vnto this daye. 9 And Dauid sayeth: Let their table be made a snare to take the withall, & an occasion to fall, & a rewarde vnto the. 10 Let their eyes be blynded that they se not, and euer bowe downe their backes. 11 I saye then: Haue they therfore stombled, yt they shulde cleane fall to naughte? God forbyd: but thorow their fall is saluacion happened vnto ye Heythen, that he mighte prouoke them to be zelous after them. 12 For yf their fall be the riches of the worlde, and the mynishinge of the the riches of the Heythen: how moch more shulde it be so, yf their fulnesse were there? 13 I speake vnto you Heythen: for in as moch as I am ye Apostle of the Heythen, I wil prayse myne office, 14 yf I mighte prouoke them vnto zele, which are my fleshe, and saue some of them. 15 For yf the losse of them by the recocylinge of the worlde, what were that els, then as yf life were taken of the deed? 16 Yf the begynnynge be holy, then is all ye dowe holy: and yf the rote be holy, then are the braunches holy also. 17 But though some of ye braunches now be broke, and thou, wha thou wast a wylde olyue tre,art grafte in amonge them, and made partaker of the rote and sappe of the olyue tre, 18 boost not thy selfe agaynst the braunches. Yf thou boost thy selfe agaynst them, then bearest not thou the rote, but the rote beareth the. 19 Thou wilt saye then: the braunches are broke of, that I mighte be grafted in. 20 Thou sayest well. They are broken of because off their vnbeleue, but thou stondest thorow beleue 21 Be not thou hye mynded, but feare, seynge God hath not spared the naturall braunches, lest he also spare not the. 22 Beholde therfore the kyndnesse and rigorousnes off God: on them which fell, rigorousnes: but towarde the, kyndnes, yf thou contynue in the kyndnesse. Els shalt thou be hewe of: 23 and they, yf they byde not styll in vnbeleue, shal be grafted in agayne. For God is of power to grafte the in agayne. 24 For yf thou be cut out of the naturall wilde olyue tre, and grafted (contrary to nature) in the good olyue tre, how moch more shal they that are naturall, be grafted in their awne olyue tre agayne? 25 I wolde not that this secrete shulde be hyd from you brethre (lest ye shulde be wyse in youre awne cosaytes) that partly blyndnesse is happened vnto Israel, so longe tyll the fulnesse of the Heythen be come in, 26 and so all Israel shalbe saued. As it is wrytten: There shal come out of Sion he that doth delyuer, and shal turne awaye vngodlynes from Iacob. 27 And this is my couenaut with them, wha I shal take awaye their synnes. 28 As concernynge the Gospell, I holde them as enemies for youre sakes: but as touchinge the eleccion, I loue them for the fathers sakes. 29 For verely the giftes & callynge of God are soch, that it can not repente him of them. 30 For likewyse as ye also in tyme passed haue not beleued, but now haue optayned mercy thorow their vnbeleue: 31 Euen so now haue they not beleued on the mercy which his happened vnto you, that they also maye optayne mercy. 32 For God hath closed vp all vnder vnbeleue, that he mighte haue mercy on all. 33 O the depenesse of the riches, both of the wyssdome and knowlege of God? How incomprehensible are his iudgmentes, and his wayes vnsearcheable? 34 For who hath knowne the mynde of the LORDE? Or who hath bene his councell geuer? 35 Or who hath geue him ought afore hande, that he mighte be recompenced agayne? 36 For of him, and thorow him, and in him are all thinges. To him be prayse for euer, Amen.

Matthew 17:20

20 Iesus sayde vnto them: Because of youre vnbeleue. For I saye verely vnto you? Yf ye haue faith as a grane of mustarde sede, ye maye saye vnto this mountayne: Remoue hence to yonder place, and he shal remoue, nether shal enythinge be vnpossible vnto you.

Romans 14:13

13 Let vs not therfore iudge one another enymore. But iudge this rather, yt noma put a stomblinge blocke or an occasion to fall in his brothers waye.

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