Bible verses about "bullying" | Coverdale

Psalms 1:1-150:6

1 O blessed is ye man, yt goeth not in the councell of ye vngodly: yt abydeth not in the waye off synners, & sytteth not in ye seate of the scornefull. 2 But delyteth in the lawe of ye LORDE, & exercyseth himself in his lawe both daye and night. 3 Soch a ma is like a tre plated by ye watersyde, yt brigeth forth his frute in due season. His leeues shal not fall off, ad loke what soeuer he doth, it shal prospere. 4 As for the vngodly, it is not so with them: but they are like the dust, which ye wynde scatereth awaye from of the grounde. 5 Therfore the vngodly shall not be able to stonde in the iudgmet, nether the synners in the congregacion off the rightuous. 6 For the LORDE aloweth ye waye of the rightuous, but the waye of the vngodly shal perishe.

Psalms 2:1-150:6

1 Why do the Heithe grudge? why do the people ymagyn vayne thinges? 2 The kynges of the earth stode vp, and the rulers are come together, agaynst the LORDE ad agaynst his anoynted. 3 Let vs breake their bondes a sunder, and cast awaye their yocke from vs. 4 Neuerthelesse, he that dwelleth in heauen, shall laugh the to scorne: yee euen the LORDE himselff shall haue them in derision. 5 Then shal he speake vnto them in his wrath, and vexe them in his sore dispeasure. 6 Yet haue I set my kynge vpon my holy hill of Sion. 7 As for me I will preach the lawe, wherof the LORDE hath sayde vnto me: Thou art my sonne, this daye haue I begotten the. 8 Desyre off me, and I shall geue the the Heithen for thine enheritaunce, Yee the vttemost partes of the worlde for thy possession. 9 Thou shalt rule them with a rodde of yron, and breake the in peces like an erthen vessell. 10 Be wyse now therfore (o ye kynges) be warned, ye that are iudges of the earth. 11 Serue the LORDE with feare, and reioyse before him with reuerence. 12 Kysse the sonne, lest the LORDE be angrie, and so ye perish from the right waye. For his wrath shalbe kindled shortly: blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

Psalms 3:1-150:6

1 Why are they so many (o LORDE) yt trouble me? a greate multitude are they, that ryse agaynst me. 2 Yee many one there be that saye off my soule: there is no helpe for him in God. 3 Sela But thou (o LORDE) art my defender, my worshipe, ad the lifter vp of my heade. 4 I call vpon the LORDE with my voyce, and he heareth me out of his holy hill. 5 Sela I layed me downe and slepte, but I rose vp agayne, for the LORDE susteyned me. 6 I am not afrayed for thousandes of the people, that copasse me rounde aboute. 7 Vp LORDE, and helpe me, o my God: for thou smytest all myne enemies vpon the cheke bones, and breakest the teth of the vngodly. 8 Helpe belongeth vnto the LORDE, therfore let thy blessynge be vpon thy people.

Psalms 4:1-150:6

1 Heare me whe I cal, o God of my rightuousnes, thou that comfortest me in my trouble: haue mercy vpon me, and herken vnto my prayer. 2 O ye sonnes off men: how longe will ye blaspheme myne honoure? why haue ye soch pleasure in vanyte, & seke after lyes? 3 Sela Knowe this, that the LORDE dealeth maruelously with his saynte: and when I call vpon the LORDE, he heareth me. 4 Be angrie, but synne not: como wt youre owne hertes vpo yor beddes, & remebre yor selues. 5 Sela. Offre ye sacrifice of rightuousnes, & put yor trust in ye LORDE. 6 There be many yt saye: who wil do vs eny good? where as thou (o LORDE) hast shewed vs the light of yi countenauce. 7 Thou reioysest myne herte, though their encreace be greate both in corne & wyne. 8 Therfore wil I laye me downe in peace, & take my rest: for thou LORDE only settest me in a sure dwellynge.

Psalms 5:1-150:6

1 Heare my wordes (o LORDE) considre my callynge. 2 O marke the voyce of my peticion, my kynge & my God: for vnto the wil I make my prayer. 3 Heare my voyce by tymes (o LORDE) for early in the morninge wil I gett me vnto the, yee & yt wt diligece. 4 For thou art not the God yt hath pleasure in wickednesse, there maye no vngodly personne dwel with the. 5 Soch as be cruell maye not stonde in thy sight, thou art an enemie vnto all wicked doers. Thou destroyest the lyers: the LORDE abhorreth the bloude thurstie and disceatfull. 6 But as for me, I wil come in to thy house, euen vpon the multitude of thy mercy: ad in thy feare wyll I worshipe towarde thy holy teple. 7 Lede me (o LORDE) in thy rightuousnesse, because of myne enemyes, ad make thy waye playne before me. 8 For there is no faithfulnesse in their mouthes: they dyssemble in their hertes: 9 their throte is an open sepulchre: with their tonges they disceaue. 10 Punysh them (o God) that they maye perish in their owne ymaginacions: cast them out because of the multitude of their vngodlinesse, for they rebell agaynst the. 11 Agayne, let all them that put their trust in the, reioyse: yee let them euer be geuynge of thankes, because thou defendest them: that they which loue thy name, maye be ioyfull in the. 12 For thou LORDE geuest thy blessinge vnto the rightuous: and with thy fauorable kyndnes thou defendest him, as with a shylde.

Psalms 6:1-150:6

1 Oh LORDE, rebuke me not in thine anger: Oh chaste me not in thy heuy displeasure. 2 Haue mercy vpon me (o LORDE) for I am weake: o LORDE heale me, for all my bones are vexed. 3 My soule also is in greate trouble, but LORDE how longe? 4 Turne the (o LORDE) & delyuer my soule: Oh saue me, for thy mercies sake. 5 For in death no man remebreth the: Oh who wil geue the thankes in the hell? 6 I am weery of gronynge: Euery night wasshe I my bedde, & water my couche with my teares. 7 My coutenauce is chaunged for very inwarde grefe, I cosume awaye, I haue so many enemies. 8 Awaye fro me all ye wicked doers, for the LORDE hath herde the voyce off my wepinge. 9 The LORDE hath herde myne humble peticio, the LORDE hath receaued my prayer. 10 All myne enemies shalbe cofounded & sore vexed: yee they shalbe turned backe and put to shame, and that right soone.

Psalms 7:1-150:6

1 O Lorde my God, in ye do I trust: saue me fro all the yt persecute me, & delyuer me. 2 Lest he hantch vp my soule like a lyon, & teare it in peces, whyle there is none to helpe. 3 O LORDE my God, yff I haue done eny soch thinge: yf there be eny vnrightuousnes in my hades: 4 Yff I haue rewarded euell vnto the yt dealt frendly wt me or hurte the yt wt out eny cause are myne enemies: 5 Then let myne enemie persecute my soule, & take me: yee let hi treade my life downe in the earth, & laye myne honor in the dust. 6 Sela. Stode vp (o LORDE) in yi wrath, lift vp thyself ouer the furious indignacio of myne enemies: aryse vp (for me) in the vengeaunce that thou hast promysed. 7 That the congregacion of the people maye come aboute the, for their sakes therfore lift vp thyselff agayne, 8 The LORDE is iudge ouer the people: Auenge me then (o LORDE) acordinge to my rightuousnes & innocency. 9 Oh let the wickednes of the vngodly come to an ende: but manteyne the iust, 10 thou rightuous God, yt triest the very hertes & the reynes. 11 My helpe cometh of God, which preserueth them yt are true of herte. 12 God is a rightuous iudge, & God is euer threateninge. Yf men wil not turne, he hath whet his swearde: he hath bent his bowe & made it ready. 13 He hath prepayred him the weapens of death, & ordened his arowes to destroye. 14 Beholde, he trauayleth with myschefe, he hath coceaued vnhappynesse, and brought forth a lye. 15 He hath grauen and dygged vp a pytte, but he shal fall himself in to ye pytte yt he hath made. 16 For his vnhappynes shall come vpon his owne heade, & his wickednes shall fall vpon his owne pate. 17 As for me, I will geue thankes vnto the LORDE for his rightuousnes sake, and wil prayse the name of the LORDE the most hyest.

Psalms 8:1-150:6

1 O Lorde oure gouernoure: how wonderfull is thy name in all the worlde? how excellent is thy glory aboue the heauens? 2 Out of the mouth of the very babes & sucklinges thou hast ordened prayse, because of thine enemies, yt thou mightest destroye the enemie and the auenger. 3 For I considre thy heauens, euen the worke off thy fyngers: the Moone and the starres which thou hast made. 4 Oh what is man, yt thou art so myndfull of him? ether the sonne of ma that thou visitest him? 5 After thou haddest for a season made him lower the the angels, thou crownedest him with honor & glory. 6 Thou hast set him aboue the workes off thy hondes: thou hast put all thinges in subieccion vnder his fete. 7 All shepe and oxen, yee and the beastes of the felde. 8 The foules of the ayre: the fysh of the see, and what so walketh thorow the wayes of the see. 9 O LORDE oure gouernoure, how wonderfull is thy name in all the worlde?

Psalms 9:1-150:6

1 I wil geue thakes vnto the (o LORDE) with my whole herte, I wil speake of all thy maruelous workes. 2 I wil be glad & reioyse in the, yee my songes wil I make of thy name, o thou most hyest. 3 Because thou hast dryue myne enemies abacke, they were discofited, & perished at thy presence. 4 For thou hast manteyned my right and my cause: thou syttest in the Trone that art the true iudge. 5 Thou rebukest the Heithen, and destroyest the vngodly, thou puttest out their name for euer and euer. 6 The enemies swerdes are come to an ende, thou hast ouerthrowen their cities, their memoriall is perished with the. 7 But ye LORDE endureth for euer, he hath prepared his seate vnto iudgmet. 8 He gouerneth ye worlde with rightuousnes & ministreth true iudgmet vnto the people. 9 The LORDE is a defence for the poore, a defence in the tyme of trouble. 10 Therfore they yt knowe thy name, put their trust in ye: for thou (LORDE) neuer faylest the, that seke the. 11 O prayse the LORDE, which dwelleth in Sion shewe ye people of his doinges. 12 And why? he maketh inquysicion for their bloude, and remembreth them: he forgetteth not the complaynte of the poore. 13 Haue mercy vpo me (o LORDE) considre the trouble that I am in amoge myne enemies, thou that liftest me vp from ye gates of death. 14 That I maye shewe all thy prayses within the portes off the doughter Sion, and reioyse in thy sauynge health. 15 As for the Heithen, the are suncke downe in the pytte that they made: in the same nette, which they spred out priuely, is their owne fote take. 16 Thus ye LORDE is knowne to execute true iudgment, whe the vngodly is trapped in the workes of his owne handes. 17 Sela. The wicked must be turned vnto hell, and all the Heithen yt forget God. 18 But the poore shal not allwaye be out of remembraunce, the paciet abydinge of soch as be in trouble shall not perish for euer. 19 Vp LORDE, let not man haue the vpper hade, let the Heithe be codemned before the. 20 O LORDE, set a scolemaster ouer the, that the Heithe maye knowe them selues to be but me. Sela.

Psalms 10:1-150:6

1 Why art thou gone so farre of, o LORDE? wilt thou hyde thyselff in tyme of trouble? 2 Whyle ye vngodly hath the ouer hande, the poore must suffre persecucion: O that they were taken in the ymaginacions which they go aboute. 3 For the vngodly maketh boost of his owne hertes desyre, the cuvetous blesseth him self, and blasphemeth the LORDE. 4 The vngodly is so proude and full of indignacio, that he careth not: nether is God before his eyes. 5 His wayes are allwaye filthie, thy iudgmentes are farre out of his sight, he defyeth all his enemies. 6 For he sayeth in his herte: Tush, I shal neuer be cast downe, there shal no harme happe vnto me. His mouth is full of cursynge, fraude and disceate: vnder his toge is trauayle & sorow. 7 He sytteth lurkynge in the gardens, that he maye pryuely murthur the innocent, his eyes are set vpo the poore. 8 He lyeth waytinge secretly, as it were a lyon in his denne. He lurketh that he maye rauysh the poore, 9 yee to rauish the poore, when he hath gotten him in to his nett. 10 Then smyteth he, then oppresseth he & casteth downe the poore with his auctorite. 11 For he sayeth in his herte: Tush, God hath forgotten, he hath turned awaye his face, so yt he will neuer se it. 12 Aryse o LORDE God, lift vp thine honde, and forget not the poore. 13 Wherfore shulde the wicked blaspheme God, and saye in his herte: Tush, he careth not for it? 14 This thou seist, for thou considrest the mysery and sorowe: The poore geueth himselff ouer in to thy hande, and committeth him vnto the, for thou art the helper of the frendlesse. 15 Breake thou ye arme off the vngodly and malycious, search out the wickednesse which he hath done, that he maye perish. 16 The LORDE is kynge for euer, ye Heithen shal perish out off his londe. 17 LORDE, thou hearest the desyrous longinge off the poore: their herte is sure, that thine eare herkeneth therto. 18 Helpe the fatherlesse and poore vnto their right, that the vngodly be nomore exalted vpon earth.

Psalms 11:1-150:6

1 In the LORDE put I my trust: how will ye then saye to my soule: that she shulde fle as a byrde vpon youre hill? 2 For lo, the vngodly haue bet their bowe, and made redy their arowes in the quyuer: that they maye priuely shute at them, which are true of herte. 3 The very foundacion haue they cast downe, what ca the rightuous the do withall? 4 But the LORDE is in his holy temple, the LORDES seate is in heauen: He cosidereth it with his eyes, his eye lyddes beholde the children of men. 5 The LORDE seith both the rightuous and vngodly, but who so deliteth in wickednes, him his soule abhorreth. 6 Vpon the vngodly he shal rayne snares, fyre, brymstone, storme and tempest: this rewarde shal they haue to drynke. 7 For the LORDE is rightuous, ad he loueth rightuousnes, his countenaunce beholdeth the thige yt is iust.

Psalms 12:1-150:6

1 Helpe LORDE, for there is not one saynte more: very fewe faithfull are there amonge the children off men. 2 Euery man telleth lyes to his neghbor, they do but flater with their lippes and dissemble in their herte. 3 O that the LORDE wolde rote out all disceatfull lippes, ad the tonge that speaketh proude thinges. 4 Which saye: Oure toge shulde preuayle: we are they that ought to speake, who is lorde ouer vs? 5 Now for the troubles sake off the oppressed, & because of the complaynte of the poore, I wil vp (sayeth the LORDE) I wil helpe the, and set the at rest. 6 The wordes of the LORDE are pure wordes: eue as ye syluer, which from earth is tried and purified vij. tymes in the fyre. 7 Kepe the therfore (o LORDE) and preserue vs fro this generacion for euer. 8 And why? when vanite and ydylnes getteth the ouer hande amonge the children of men, all are full of ye vngodly.

Psalms 13:1-150:6

1 How longe wilt thou forget me, o LORDE? for euer? how longe wilt thou hyde thy face fro me? 2 Oh how loge shall I seke councell in my soule? how longe shall I be so vexed in my herte? how longe shal myne enemie triumphe ouer me? 3 Considre, ad heare me, o LORDE my God: lighten myne eyes, that I slepe not in death. 4 Lest myne enemie saye: I haue preuayled agaynst hi for yf I be cast downe, they that trouble me will reioyse at it. 5 But my trust is in thy mercy, and my hert is ioyfull in thy sauynge health. 6 I wil synge of the LORDE, that dealeth so louyngly with me. (Yee I wil prayse the name of the LORDE the most hyest)

Psalms 14:1-150:6

1 The foolish bodyes saye in their hertes: Tush, there is no God. They are corrupte, ad become abhominable in their doynges, there is not one yt doth good. 2 The LORDE loked downe fro heaue vpo the children of men, to se yf there were eny, that wolde vnderstonde & seke after God. But they are all gone out of the waye, they are alltogether become vnprofitable: there is none that doth good, no not one. 3 Their throte is an open sepulcre, with their tonges they haue disceaued, the poyson of Aspes is vnder their lippes. 4 Their mouth is full of cursinge and bytternes, their fete are swift to shed bloude. Destruccion & wretchednes are in their wayes, ad the waye of peace haue they not knowne: there is no feare off God before their eyes. 5 How can they haue vnderstondinge, yt worke myschefe, eatinge vp my people, as it were bred, & call not vpo ye LORDE? 6 Therfore shal they be brought in greate feare, for God stondeth by the generacion of the rightuous. 7 As for you, ye haue made a mocke at the coucell of the poore, because he putteth his trust in the LORDE. Oh yt the sauynge health were geuen vnto Israel out off Sion. Oh that the LORDE wolde delyuer his people out of captiuyte. The shulde Iacob reioyse, and Israel shulde be right glad.

Psalms 15:1-150:6

1 Lorde, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle? who shal rest vpo yi holy hill? 2 Euen he yt ledeth an vncorrupte life: that doth the thinge which is right, ad that speaketh the treuth from his herte. 3 He yt vseth no disceat in his tonge: he that doth no euell to his neghboure, & slaundreth not his neghbours. 4 He yt setteth not by the vngodly but maketh moch of the that feare the LORDE: he yt sweareth vnto his neghboure & dispoynteth him not. 5 He that geueth not his money vpon vsury, and taketh no rewarde agaynst the innocet. Who so doth these thiges, shal neuer be remoued.

Psalms 16:1-150:6

1 Preserue me (o God) for in the do I trust. 2 I haue sayde vnto ye LORDE: thou art my God, my goodes are nothinge vnto the. 3 All my delyte is vpon the sanctes that are in the earth, and vpon soch like. 4 But they yt runne after another, shall haue greate trouble. 5 Their drynkofferynges of bloude wil not I offre, nether make mencion of their name in my mouth. 6 The LORDE himself is my good and my porcion, thou manteynest my enheritauce. 7 The lott is fallen vnto me in a fayre grounde, yee I haue a goodly heretage. 8 I wil thanke the LORDE for geuynge me warnynge: my reynes also haue chastened me in the night season. 9 Afore honde sawe I God allwayes before me, for he is on my right honde, that I shulde not be moued. 10 Therfore dyd my hert reioyce, & my tunge was glad, my flesh also shall rest in hope. 11 For why? thou shalt not leaue my soule in hell, nether shalt thou suffre thy saynte to se corrupcion. Thou hast shewed me the wayes off life: thou shalt make me full of ioye wt thy countenaunce. At thy right hande there is pleasure and ioye for euermore.

Psalms 17:1-150:6

1 Heare ye right (O LORDE) cosidre my coplaynte: herken vnto my prayer, that goeth not out of a fayned mouth. 2 Let my sentence come forth fro thy presence, and loke vpon the thinge that is equall. 3 Thou hast proued & visited myne herte in the night season: thou hast tried me in the fyre, & hast founde no wickednes in me: for I vtterly purposed, that my mouth shulde not offende. 4 Because of the wordes of thy lippes, I haue kepte me fro the workes of men, in ye waye off the murthurer. 5 Oh ordre thou my goynges in thy pathes, that my fote steppes slippe not. 6 For vnto the I crie, heare me o God: enclyne thine eares to me, and herke vnto my wordes. 7 Shewe yi maruelous louinge kindnesse, thou that sauest them which put their trust in the, from soch as resist thy right honde. 8 Kepe me as the apple of an eye, defende me vnder the shadowe of thy wynges. 9 From the vngodly that trouble me, fro myne enemies which compasse my soule rounde aboute. 10 Which manteyne their owne welthynesse with oppression, & their mouth speaketh proude thinges. 11 They lye waytinge in or waye on euery syde, turnynge their eyes downe to the grounde. 12 Like as a lyon that is gredy of his pray, & as it were a lyons whelpe lurckynge in his denne. 13 Vp LORDE, dispoynte him & cast him downe: delyuer my soule with thy swerde from the vngodly. 14 Fro the men of thy honde (o LORDE) from the men off the worlde, which haue their porcion in this life: whose belies thou fyllest with thy treasure. 15 They haue children at their desyre, and leaue the reste of their substauce for their babes. But as for me, I will beholde thy presence in rightuousnes: and when thy glory appeareth, I shal be satisfied.

Psalms 18:1-150:6

1 I wil loue the (o LORDE) my stregth. The LORDE is my sucor, my refuge, my Sauior: my god, my helper i who I trust: my buckler, ye horne of my health, & my proteccio. 2 I wil prayse ye LORDE & call vpon him, so shal I be safe fro myne enemies. 3 The sorowes of death copassed me, & the brokes of vngodlynes made me afrayed. 4 The paynes of hell came aboute me, the snares of death toke holde vpo me. 5 Yet in my trouble I called vpo the LORDE, & coplayned vnto my God. 6 So he herde my voyce out off his holy teple, & my coplaynte came before hi, yee eue into his eares. 7 The the earth trembled & quaked, the very foudacios of the hilles shoke & were remoued, because he was wrothe. 8 There wete a smoke out of his nostrels, ad a cosumynge fyre out of his mouth, so yt coales were kyndled at it. 9 He bowed the heaues & came downe, & it was darcke vnder his fete. 10 He rode vpo the Cherubins & dyd fle: he came flyenge with the wynges of the wynde. 11 He made darcknesse his pauylion rounde aboute hi, with darcke water & thicke cloudes to couer him. 12 At the brightnes off his presence the cloudes remoued, with hale stones & coales of fyre. 13 The LORDE also thondred out of ye heaue, & the heyth gaue his thondre wt hale stones & coales of fyre. 14 He sent out his arowes & scatred the, he cast sore lighteninges, & destroyed the. 15 The springes of waters were sene, & the foundacios of the roude worlde were discouered at yi chiding (o LORDE) at the blastinge & breth of thy displeasure. 16 He sent downe fro the heyth to fetch me, & toke me out of greate waters. 17 He delyuered me fro my stronge enemies, and fro my foes which were to mightie for me. 18 They preuented me in the tyme of my trouble, but ye LORDE was my defence. 19 He brought me forth also into lyberte: & delyuered me, because he had a fauor vnto me. 20 The LORDE shall rewarde me after my rightuous dealynge, & acordinge to the clenesse of my hodes shal he recopense me. 21 For I haue kepte the wayes of the LORDE, & haue not behaued myself wickedly agaynst my God. 22 I haue an eye vnto all his lawes, & cast not out his commaundemetes fro me. 23 Vncorrupte will I be before hi, & wil eschue myne owne wickednes. 24 Therfore shal ye LORDE rewarde me after my rightuous dealinge, & acordinge vnto ye clenesse of my hodes in his eye sight. 25 With the holy thou shalt be holy, & wt ye innocet thou shalt be innocet. 26 With the clene thou shalt be clene & with the frowarde thou shalt be frowarde. 27 For thou shalt saue the poore oppressed, & brige downe the hye lokes of the proude. 28 Thou lightest my cadle, o LORDE my God: thou makest my darcknesse to be light. 29 For in the I can discofit an hoost of me: yee in my God I ca leape ouer the wall. 30 The waye of God is a perfecte waye: the wordes of the LORDE are tried in the fyre: he is a shylde of defence, for all them that trust in him. 31 For who is God, but the LORDE? Or, who hath eny strength, but oure God? 32 It is God that hath gyrded me with stregth and made my waye vncorrupte. 33 He hath made my fete like hartes fete, and set me vp an hye. 34 He teacheth myne hondes to fight, and maketh myne armes to breake euen a bowe off stele. 35 Thou hast geue me the defence of thy health, thy right hande vpholdeth me, and thy louynge correccion maketh me greate. 36 Thou hast made rowme ynough vnder me for to go, that my fote steppes shulde not slyde. 37 I will folowe vpon myne enemies, and take them: I will not turne till they be discomfited. 38 I will smyte them, they shall not be able to stonde, but fall vnder my fete. 39 Thou hast gyrded me with strength vnto ye batell, thou hast throwe them all downe vnder me, that rose vp agaynst me. 40 Thou hast made myne enemies to turne their backes vpon me, thou hast destroyed the yt hated me. 41 They cried, but there was none to helpe the: yee euen vnto the LORDE, but he herde the not. 42 I will beate them as small as the dust before the wynde, I will cast them out as ye claye in the stretes. 43 Thou shalt delyuer me from the stryuinges of the people, thou shalt make me the heade of the Heithe. 44 A people whom I haue not knowne, shall serue me. 45 As soone as they heare of me, they shall obeye me, but the straunge childre dyssemble with me. 46 The straunge children are waxe olde, and go haltinge out of their pathes. 47 The LORDE lyueth: ad blessed be my helper, praysed be the God of my health. 48 Eue ye God which seyth that I be auenged, and subdueth the people vnto me. 49 It is he that delyuereth me fro my cruell enemies: thou shalt lift me vp from them that ryse agaynst me, thou shalt ryd me from the wicked man. 50 For this cause I wil geue thankes vnto ye (o LORDE) amonge the Gentiles, and synge prayses vnto thy name. Greate prosperite geueth he vnto his kynge, and sheweth louinge kyndnesse vnto Dauid his anoynted, yee & vnto his sede for euermore.

Psalms 19:1-150:6

1 The very heaues declare the glory off God, ad the very firmamet sheweth his hadye worke. 2 One daye telleth another, and one night certifieth another. 3 There is nether speach ner laguage, but their voyces are herde amoge the. 4 Their soude is gone out in to all londes, and their wordes in to the endes of the worlde. 5 In the hath he sett a tabernacle for ye Sone, which cometh forth as a brydegrome out of his chambre, & reioyseth as a giaunte to rune his course. 6 It goeth forth fro the one ende of the heauen, and runneth aboute vnto the same ende agayne, & there maye no ma hyde himself fro the heate therof. 7 The lawe of the LORDE is a perfecte lawe, it quickeneth the soule. The testimony of ye LORDE is true, & geueth wisdome euen vnto babes. 8 The statutes of the LORDE are right, & reioyse the herte: ye comaundemet of ye LORDE is pure, and geueth light vnto the eyes. 9 The feare of the LORDE is cleane, & endureth for euer: the iudgmentes of the LORDE are true and rigtuous alltogether. 10 More pleasunt are they then golde, yee then moch fyne golde: sweter then hony & the hony combe. 11 These thy seruaunt kepeth, & for kepinge of them there is greate rewarde. 12 Who can tell, how oft he offendeth? Oh clese thou me fro my secrete fautes. 13 Kepe thy seruaute also from presumptuous synnes, lest they get the dominion ouer me: so shal I be vndefyled & innocet fro the greate offence. 14 Yee the wordes of my mouth & the meditacio of my herte shalbe acceptable vnto the, o LORDE, my helper and my redemer.

Psalms 20:1-150:6

1 The LORDE heare the in the tyme off trouble, the name of the God of Iacob defende the. 2 Sende the helpe fro the Sanctuary, & strength ye out of Sion 3 Remembre all thy offerynges, and accepte thy brent sacrifice. 4 Sela. Graunte the thy hertes desyre, & fulfill all thy mynde. 5 We will reioyse in thy health, & triuphe in ye name of the LORDE oure God: the LORDE perfourme all thy peticios. 6 Now knowe I, that the LORDE helpeth his anoynted, and will heare him fro his holy heauen: mightie is the helpe of his right hode. 7 Some put their trust in charettes, & some in horses: but we wil remebre ye name of the LORDE oure God. 8 They are brought downe and fallen, but we are rysen and stonde vp right. 9 Saue (LORDE) & helpe vs (o kynge) when we call vpon the.

Psalms 21:1-150:6

1 Lorde, how ioyfull is the kynge in yi strength? O how exceadinge glad is he of thy sauynge health? 2 Thou hast geuen him his hertes desyre, & hast not put him fro the request of his lippes. 3 Sela. For thou hast preueted him wt liberall blessinges, & set a crowne of golde vpon his heade. 4 He asked life of the, & thou gauest him a longe life, eue for euer & euer. 5 His honoure is greate in thy sauynge health, glory and greate worshipe shalt thou laye vpon him. 6 For thou shalt geue him euerlastige felicite, & make him glad wt the ioye of yi coutenauce. 7 And why? because the kinge putteth his trust in the LORDE, & in the mercy of the most hiest he shal not myscary. 8 Let all thine enemies fele thy honde, let thy right honde fynde out all the yt hate the. 9 Thou shalt make the like a fyre ouen in tyme of thy wrath: the LORDE shal destroye the in his displeasure, & the fyre shall consume them. 10 Their frute shalt thou rote out of the earth, & their sede fro amoge the childre of men. 11 For they inteded myschefe agaynst the, & ymagined soch deuyces, as they were not able to perfourme. 12 Therfore shalt thou put the to flight, & with thy stringes thou shalt make ready thine arowes agaynst the faces off them. 13 Be thou exalted (LORDE) in thine owne strength, so wil we synge and prayse thy power.

Psalms 22:1-150:6

1 My God, my God: why hast thou forsaken me? ye wordes of my coplaynte are farre fro my health. 2 O my God, I crie in the daye tyme, but thou hearest not: and in the night season also I take no rest. 3 Yet dwellest thou in the Sanctuary, o thou worshipe of Israel. 4 Oure fathers hoped in the, they trusted in the, ad thou dyddest delyuer them. 5 They callled vpon the, and were helped: they put their trust in the, and were not cofounded. 6 But as for me, I am a worme and no man: a very scorne of me and the outcast of the people. 7 All they yt se me, laugh me to scorne: they shute out their lippes, and shake their heades. 8 He trusted in God, let him delyuer him: let him helpe hi, yf he wil haue him. 9 But thou art he that toke me out of my mothers wobe: thou wast my hope, when I hanged yet vpon my mothers brestes. 10 I haue bene left vnto the euer sence I was borne, thou art my God, eue fro my mothers wombe. 11 O go not fro me the, for trouble is harde at honde, and here is none to helpe me. 12 Greate bulles are come aboute me, fatt oxen close me in on euery syde. 13 They gape vpon me with their mouthes, as it were a rampinge and roaringe lyon. 14 I am poured out like water, all my bones are out of ioynt: my hert in the myddest off my body is euen like meltinge waxe. 15 My strength is dried vp like a potsherde, my tunge cleueth to my goomes, and thou hast brought me in to the dust of death. 16 For dogges are come aboute me, the coucell of ye wicked hath layed sege agaynst me. 17 They pearsed my hondes and my fete, I might haue tolde all my bones: as for them, they stode staringe and lokinge vpon me. 18 They haue parted my garmentes amonge them, ad cast lottes vpon my vesture. 19 But be not thou farre fro me, o LORDE: thou art my sucoure, haist the to helpe me. 20 Delyuer my soule from the swearde, my dearlinge from the power of the dogge. 21 Saue me from the lyons mouth, and heare me fro amonge the hornes off the vnicornes. 22 So will I declare thy name vnto my brethren, in the myddest off the congregacion will I prayse the. 23 O prayse the LORDE ye that feare him: Magnifie him all ye sede of Iacob, & let all ye sede of Israel feare hi. 24 For he hath not despysed ner abhorred the myserable estate of the poore: he hath not hyd his face fro me, but whe I called vnto him, he herde me. 25 I wil prayse the in the greate congregacion, and perfourme my vowes in the sight off all the that feare the. 26 The poore shal eate ad be satisfied: they yt seke after ye LORDE shal prayse him: youre herte shal lyue for euer. 27 All the endes of the worlde shal remembre themselues, & be turned vnto the LORDE: and all the generacions of the Heithen shal worsh pe before him. 28 For the kyngdome is the LORDES, and he shal be the gouernoure of ye Heithen. 29 All soch as be fat vpo earth, shal eate also and worshipe: 30 All they that lye in the dust, and lyue so hardly, shall fall downe before him. 31 The sede shall serue him, and preach of the LORDE for euer. They shal come, & declare his rightuousnes: vnto a people that shal be borne, who the LORDE hath made.

Psalms 23:1-150:6

1 The LORDE is my shepherde, I can wante nothinge. 2 He fedeth me in a grene pasture, ad ledeth me to a fresh water. 3 He quickeneth my soule, & bringeth me forth in the waye of rightuousnes for his names sake. 4 Though I shulde walke now in the valley of the shadowe of death, yet I feare no euell, for thou art with me: thy staffe & thy shepehoke coforte me. 5 Thou preparest a table before me agaynst mine enemies: thou anoyntest my heade with oyle, & fyllest my cuppe full. 6 Oh let thy louynge kyndnes & mercy folowe me all the dayes off my life, that I maye dwell in the house off the LORDE for euer.

Psalms 24:1-150:6

1 The earth is the LORDES, & all that therin is: the copase of the worlde, ad all yt dwell therin. 2 For he hath fouded it vpo the sees, & buylded it vpon the floudes. 3 Who shal go vp in to the hill off the LORDE? Or, who shal remayne in his holy place? 4 Eue he yt hath innocet hodes & a clene herte: which lifteth not vp his mynde vnto vanite, & sweareth not to disceaue. 5 He shal receaue the blessinge fro the LORDE, ad mercy fro God his sauioure. 6 This is ye generacio of the yt seke him, of the yt seke yi face, o Iacob. 7 Sela. Open yor gates (o ye prices) let the euerlastinge dores be opened, yt ye kynge of glory maye come in. 8 Who is this kynge of glory? It is the LORDE stroge and mightie, euen the LORDE mightie in batell. 9 Open youre gates (o ye prynces) let the euerlastinge dores be opened, yt the kynge off glory maye come in. 10 Who is this kynge off glory? It is the LORDE of hoostes, he is the kynge of glory. Sela.

Psalms 25:1-150:6

1 Unto the (o LORDE) I lift vp my soule. 2 My God, I trust in ye: Oh let me not be confounded, lest myne enemies triuphe ouer me. 3 For all they yt hope in ye shal not be ashamed: but soch as be scornefull despysers wt out a cause. they shall be put to cofucio. 4 Shewe me thy wayes (o LORDE) & teach me thy pathes. 5 Lede me in yi trueth and lerne me, for thou art the God off my health, and in the is my hope all the daye longe. 6 Call to remembraunce, O LORDE, thy tender mercyes & thy louinge kyndnesses, which haue bene euer of olde. 7 Oh remebre not ye synnes & offences of my youth, but acordinge vnto thy mercy thynke vpon me (O LORDE) for thy goodnesse. 8 O how fredly & rightuous is the LORDE, therfore wil he teach synners in the waye. 9 He ledeth the symple a right, and soch as be meke the lerneth he his wayes. 10 All the wayes of the LORDE are very mercy & faithfulnesse, vnto soch as kepe his testament and couenaunt. 11 For thy names sake, O LORDE, be mercifull vnto my synne, for it is greate. 12 What so euer he be that feareth the LORDE, he shal shewe him the waye that he hath chosen. 13 His soule shall dwell at ease, and his sede shall possesse the londe. 14 The secrete of the LORDE is amonge them that feare him, and he sheweth them his couenaunt. 15 Myne eyes are euer lokynge vnto the LORDE, for he shal plucke my fete out of ye nett. 16 Turne the vnto me and haue mercy vpon me, for I am desolate and in misery. 17 The sorowes of my herte are greate, O brynge me out of my troubles. 18 Loke vpon my aduersite and misery, and forgeue me all my synnes. 19 Considre how myne enemies are many, and beare a malicious hate agaynst me. 20 O kepe my soule, and delyuer me: let me not be confounded, for I haue put my trust in the. 21 Let innocency and rightuous dealinge wayte vpon me, for my hope is in the. 22 Delyuer Israel (O God) out of all his trouble.

Psalms 26:1-150:6

1 Be thou my iudge (O LORDE) for I walke innocently: my trust is in the LORDE, therfore shall I not fall. 2 Examen me O LORDE, and proue me: trie out my reynes and my hert. 3 For thy louynge kyndnesse is before myne eyes, and I walke in thy trueth. 4 I syt not amoge vayne personnes, and haue no fellishepe with the disceatfull. 5 I hate the congregacion of the wicked, and I will not syt amonge the vngodly. 6 I wa?she my hondes with innocency O LORDE, and so go I to thine aulter. 7 That I maye shewe the voyce of thy prayse, and tell of all thy wonderous workes. 8 LORDE, I loue the habitacion of thy house, and ye place where thy honoure dwelleth. 9 O destroye not my soule with the synners, ner my life with the bloudthurstie. 10 In whose hondes is wickednesse, and their right honde is full of giftes. 11 But as for me I will walke innocently: O delyuer me, and be mercifull vnto me. 12 My fote stondeth right: I wil prayse the (O LORDE) in the congregacions.

Psalms 27:1-150:6

1 The LORDE is my light and my health: whom then shulde I feare? the LORDE is the strength of my life, for whom the shulde I be afrayed? 2 Therfore when the wicked (euen myne enemies & my foes) came vpon me, to eate vp my flesh, they stombled and fell. 3 Though an hoost of men were layed agaynst me, yet shal not my hert be afrayed: and though there rose vp warre against me, yet wil I put my trust in him. 4 One thinge haue I desyred of the LORDE, which I wil requyre: namely, that I maye dwell in the house of the LORDE all the dayes of my life, to beholde the fayre beutie of the LORDE, and to vyset his temple. 5 For in the tyme of trouble he hath hyd me in his tabernacle, yee in the secrete place of his dwellinge hath he kepte and set me vp vpon a rocke of stone. 6 And now hath he lift vp my heade aboue myne enemies, that copassed me rounde aboute. 7 Therfore wil I offre in his dwellinge, the oblacion of thakesgeuynge: I wil both synge & speake prayses vnto the LORDE. 8 Herke vnto my voyce (O LORDE) when I crie vnto the: haue mercy vpon me & heare me. 9 My hert speaketh vnto the, my face seketh the, yee LORDE, thy face wil I seke. O hyde not thou thy face fro me, cast not thy seruaunt of in displeasure. 10 Thou art my succoure, leaue me not, nether forsake me, O God my Sauioure. 11 For my father and my mother haue forsaken me, but the LORDE hath taken me vp. Shewe me thy waye O LORDE, and lede me in the right path, because of myne enemies. 12 Delyuer me not into the wylles of myne aduersaries, for there are false wytnesses rysen vp against me, and they ymagyn myschefe. 13 Neuerthelesse, I beleue verely to se the goodnesse of the LORDE in the londe of the lyuynge. 14 O tary thou ye LORDES leysure, be stronge, let thine hert be of good comforte, and wayte thou still for the LORDE.

Psalms 28:1-150:6

1 Unto the wil I crie, o my stronge defence: thinke no scorne of me, lest (yf thou make the as though thou herdest not) I become like them, that go downe into ye pytte. 2 Heare the voyce of my humble peticion, when I crie vnto the, and holde vp my hondes towarde thy holy temple. 3 O plucke me not awaye amonge the vngodly and wicked doers, which speake frendly to their neghboure, but ymagin myschefe in their hertes. 4 Rewarde them acordinge to their dedes and wickednesse of their owne inuencions. 5 Recompense them after ye workes of their hodes, paye them that they haue deserued. 6 For they regarde not the workes of the LORDE, ner the operacion of his hades: therfore shal he breake them downe, and not buylde them vp. 7 Praysed be ye LORDE, for he hath herde the voyce of my humble peticio. 8 The LORDE is my stregth and my shylde: my herte hoped in him, & I am helped: therfore my hert dauseth for ioye, and I will synge prayses vnto him. 9 The LORDE is the strength of his people, he is the defender and Sauioure of his anoynted. O helpe thy people, geue thy blessynge vnto thy enheritaunce: fede them, and set them vp for euer.

Psalms 29:1-150:6

1 A scrybe vnto the LORDE (o ye mightie) ascribe vnto the LORDE worshipe and strength. 2 Geue the LORDE the honoure of his name, bowe youre selues to the holy magesty of the LORDE 3 It is the LORDE that commaundeth the waters: It is the glorious God that maketh ye thonder: 4 it is the LORDE yt ruleth the see. 5 The voyce of the LORDE is mightie in operacion, the voyce of the LORDE is a glorious voyce 6 The voyce of the LORDE breaketh the Cedre trees: yee the LORDE breaketh the Ceders of Libanus. 7 He maketh them to skippe like a calfe: Libanus and Sirion like a yonge vnycorne. 8 The voyce of the LORDE deuideth the flames of fyre: the voyce of the LORDE shaketh the wildernesse, yee the LORDE shaketh the wildernesse of Cades. 9 The voyce of the LORDE moueth ye hyndes & discouereth the thicke bu?shes: in his temple shal euery man speake of his honoure. 10 The LORDE stilleth the water floude, & ye LORDE remayneth a kynge for euer. 11 The LORDE shall geue power vnto his people, the LORDE shal geue his people the blessynge of peace.

Psalms 30:1-150:6

1 I wil magnifie ye (O LORDE) for thou hast set me vp, & not suffred my foes to triuphe ouer me. 2 O LORDE my God, I cried vnto the, and thou hast healed me. 3 Thou LORDE hast brought my soule out of hell: thou hast kepte my life, where as they go downe to the pytte. 4 Synge prayses vnto the LORDE (o ye sayntes of his) geue thankes vnto him for a remembraunce of his holynesse. 5 For his wrath endureth but the twincklinge of an eye, and his pleasure is in life: heuynesse maye well endure for a night, but ioye commeth in the mornynge. 6 As for me, whe I was in prosperite, I sayde: Tush, I shal neuer fall more. (And why? thou LORDE of thy goodnesse haddest made my hill so stronge.) 7 But as soone as thou turnedest thy face fro me, I was brought in feare. 8 The cried I vnto ye (O LORDE) yee vnto ye LORDE made I my prayer. 9 What profit is there in my bloude, yf I go downe to corrupcion? 10 Maye the dust geue thankes vnto ye? Or shal it declare thy faithfulnesse? 11 Hear (O LORDE) and haue mercy vpon me: LORDE be thou my helper. 12 And so thou hast turned my heuynesse into ioye: thou hast put of my sack cloth, & gyrded me wt gladnesse. That my honor might synge prayses vnto the wt out ceassynge: O LORDE my God, I wil geue thankes vnto the for euer.

Psalms 31:1-150:6

1 In the, O LORDE, is my trust: let me neuer be put to cofucion, but delyuer me in thy rightuousnesse. 2 Bowe downe thine eare to me, make haist to delyuer me: 3 be thou my stronge rocke and a house of defence, that thou mayest saue me. 4 For thou art my stronge holde & my castell: O be thou my gyde, & lede me for thy names sake. 5 Drawe me out of the nett yt they haue layed priuely for me, for thou art my stregth. 6 Into thy hondes I commende my sprete: thou hast delyuered me O LORDE thou God of treuth. 7 I hate them that holde of vanities, and my trust is in the LORDE. 8 I will be glad and reioyse in thy mercy: for thou hast considred my trouble, thou hast knowne my soule in aduersite. 9 Thou hast not delyuered me ouer in to the hodes of the enemie, but hast set my fete in a large rowme. 10 Haue mercy vpon me, O LORDE, for I am in trouble, myne eye is consumed for very heuynesse, yee my soule and my body. 11 My life is waxen olde with heuynesse, and my yeares wt mournynge. 12 My stregth fayleth me because of my aduersite, and my bones are corrupte. 13 I am become a very reprofe amonge all myne enemies, my neghbours & they of myne owne acquauntaunce are afrayed of me: they yt se me in the strete, coveye them selues fro me. 14 I am clene forgotten and out of mynde, as a deed man: I am become like a broken vessell. 15 For I haue herde the blasphemy of the multitude: euery man abhorreth me: they haue gathered a councel together agaynst me, and are purposed to take awaye my life. 16 But my hope is in ye O LORDE, & I saye: thou art my God. 17 My tyme is in thy honde: delyuer me from the honde of myne enemies, & from them yt persecute me. 18 Shewe thy seruaunt the light of thy countenaunce, helpe me for thy mercies sake. 19 Let me not be confounded (o LORDE) for I call vpon the: let the vngodly rather be put to confucion, and brought vnto the hell. 20 Let the lyenge lippes be put to sylence, which cruelly, di?danedly & despitefully speake agaynst the rightuous. 21 O how greate and manifolde is thy good, which thou haist hyd for them that feare ye? O what thinges bringest thou to passe for them, that put their trust in the, euen before the sonnes of men? 22 Thou hydest them priuely by thine owne presence from the proude men, thou kepest them secretly in thy tabernacle, from the strife of tonges. 23 Thankes be to the LORDE, for he hath shewed me maruelous greate kyndnesse in a stronge cite. For when the sodane feare came vpon me, I sayde: I am cast out of thy sight. 24 Neuertheles, thou herdest myne humble prayer, when I cried vnto the. O loue the LORDE (all ye his sayntes) for the LORDE preserueth the faithfull, and plenteously rewardeth he the proude doer. Be stroge therfore & take a good herte vnto you, all ye that put youre trust in the LORDE.

Psalms 32:1-150:6

1 Blessed are they, whose vnrightuousnesse is forgeuen, and whose synnes are couered. 2 Blessed is the man, vnto whom the LORDE imputeth no synne, in whose sprete there is no gyle. 3 For whyle I helde my tonge, my bones consumed awaye thorow my daylie complaynynges. 4 And because thy hande was so heuy vpon me both daye and night, my moysture was like the drouth in Sommer. Sela. 5 Therfore I confessed my synne vnto the, and hyd not myne vnrightuousnesse. 6 I saide: I will knowlege myne offence, and accuse my self vnto the LORDE, and so thou forgauest me the wickednesse of my synne. 7 Sela. For this shal euery saynte make his prayer vnto the in due season, therfore shall not the greate water floudes come nye him. 8 Thou art my defence in the trouble that is come aboute me, O copasse thou me aboute also with the ioye of delyueraunce. 9 Sela. I wil enforme the, and shewe the the waye wherin thou shalt go: I wil fasten myne eyes vpon the. 10 Be not ye now like horses & mooles, which haue no vnderstondinge. Whose mouthes thou must holde with bytt & brydle, yf they wil not obeie the. 11 Greate plages shall ye vngodly haue, but who so putteth his trust in the LORDE, mercy shall compasse him on euery syde. Be glad (o ye rightuous) and reioyse in the LORDE, be ioyfull all ye that are true of herte.

Psalms 33:1-150:6

1 Reioyse in ye LORDE (o ye rightuous) for it becommeth well the iust to be thankfull. 2 Prayse the LORDE with harpe: synge psalmes vnto him with the lute and instrument of ten strynges. 3 Singe him a new songe, yee synge lustely vnto him & with a good corage. 4 For the worde of ye LORDE is true, and all his workes are faithfull. 5 He loueth mercy & iudgment, ye earth is full of the goodnesse of the LORDE 6 By the worde of the LORDE were the heauens made, & all the hoostes of them by ye breth of his mouth. 7 He gathereth ye waters together as it were in a bottell, & laieth vp the depe in secrete. 8 Let all the earth feare the LORDE, and let all them that dwell in the worlde, stode in awe of him. 9 For loke what he sayeth, it is done: and loke what he comaudeth, it stondeth fast. 10 The LORDE bryngeth the councell of the Heithen to naught, and turneth the deuyces of the people. 11 But the coucell of the LORDE endureth, and the thoughtes of his hert from generacion to generacion. 12 Blessed are the people that holde the LORDE for their God, & blessed are the folke whom he hath chosen to be his heretage. 13 The LORDE loketh downe from heauen, & beholdeth all the children of men: 14 from his stronge seate he considreth all them yt dwell in the worlde. 15 He only hath fashioned all the hertes of them, & knoweth all their workes. 16 A kynge is not helped by his owne greate hoost, nether is a giaunte saued thorow the might of his owne stregth. 17 A horse is but a vayne thynge to saue a man, it is not the power of his stregth that can delyuer him. 18 Beholde, the eye of the LORDE loketh vnto them that feare him, & put their trust in his mercy. 19 That he maye delyuer their soules from death, and to fede them in the deare tyme. 20 Let oure soule paciently abyde the LORDE, for he is oure helpe and shilde. 21 So shal oure herte reioyse in him, because we haue hoped in his holy name. 22 Let thy mercifull kyndnesse (o LORDE) be vpon vs, like as we put oure trust in the.

Psalms 34:1-150:6

1 I wil allwaye geue thankes vnto the LORDE, his prayse shal euer be in my mouth. 2 My soule shall make hir boast in the LORDE: the poore oppressed shal heare therof, and be glad. 3 O prayse ye LORDE with me, and let vs magnifie his name together. 4 I sought the LORDE, and he herde me, yee he delyuered me out of all my feare. 5 They that haue an eye vnto him, shalbe lightened, & their faces shall not be ashamed. 6 This poore man cried vnto the LORDE, and he herde him, yee and delyuered him out of all his troubles. 7 The angell of the LORDE pitcheth his tente rounde aboute them that feare him, and delyuereth them. 8 O taist and se how frendly the LORDE is, blessed is the man yt trusteth in him. 9 O feare the LORDE, ye yt be his sayntes: for they that feare him, lacke nothinge. 10 The rich shal want and suffre hunger, but they which seke the LORDE, shal wat no maner of thinge, that is good. 11 Come hither (o ye children) herken vnto me, I wil teach you the feare of the LORDE. 12 Who so listeth to lyue, & wolde fayne se good dayes. 13 Let him refrayne his tonge from euell, and his lippes that they speake no gyle. 14 Let him eschue euell, and do good: Let him seke peace & ensue it. 15 For the eyes of the LORDE are ouer the rightuous, and his eares are open vnto their prayers. 16 But the face of the LORDE beholdeth them that do euel, to destroye the remembraunce of them out of the earth. 17 When the rightuous crie, the LORDE heareth them, and delyuereth the out of all their troubles. 18 The LORDE is nye vnto them yt are contrite in hert, & wil helpe soch as be of an huble sprete. 19 Greate are ye troubles of the rightuous, but the LORDE delyuereth them out of all. 20 He kepeth all their bones, so yt not one of them is broken. 21 But mi?fortune shal slaye the vngodly, and they that hate ye rightuous shal be giltie. 22 The LORDE delyuereth the soules of his seruautes, and all they that put their trust in him, shal not offende.

Psalms 35:1-150:6

1 Stryue thou with them (o LORDE) that stryue wt me, fight thou agaynst them that fight agaynst me. 2 Laye honde vpon the shylde and speare, and stonde vp to helpe me. 3 Drawe out thy swearde, and stoppe the waye agaynst them that persecute me, saye vnto my soule: I am yi helpe. 4 Let them be cofounded and put to shame, that seke after my soule: let the be turned back and brought to confucion, that ymagin myschefe for me. 5 Let the be as ye dust before the wynde, and the angell of the LORDE scaterynge the. 6 Let their waye be darcke and slippery, and the angell of the LORDE to persecute them. 7 For they haue pryuely laied their nett to destroye me without a cause, yee and made a pitte for my soule, which I neuer deserued. 8 Let a sodane destruccio come vpon him vnawarres, and ye nett that he hath layed priuely, catch him self, that he maye fall in to his owne myschefe. 9 But let my soule be ioyfull in the LORDE, and reioyse in his helpe. 10 All my bones shal saie: LORDE, who is like vnto the? which delyuerest ye poore from those that are to stronge for him, yee the poore and the nedy from his robbers. 11 False witnesses are rysen vp, & laye to my charge thinges that I knowe not. 12 They rewarde me euell for good, to the greate discomforth of my soule. 13 Neuertheles, when they were sick, I put on a sack cloth: I humbled my soule with fastinge, and my prayer turned in to myne owne bosome. 14 I behaued myself as though it had bene my frende or my brother, I wete heuely, as one yt mourneth for his mother. 15 But in my aduersite they reioyse, and gather them together: yee ye very lame come together agaynst me vnawarres, makynge mowes at me, & ceasse not. 16 With ye gredy & scornefull ypocrites, they gna?shed vpon me with theirteth. 17 LORDE, whan wilt thou loke vpo this? O restore my soule from ye wicked rumoure of the, my dearlinge from the lyons. 18 So wil I geue ye thankes in the greate congregacion, & prayse the amonge moch people. 19 O let the not triuphe ouer me, that are myne enemies for naught: O let them not wyncke wt their eyes, that hate me without a cause. 20 And why? their comonynge is not for peace, but they ymagin false wordes agaynst ye outcastes of the londe. 21 They gape vpon me wt their mouthes, sayenge: there there: we se it with oure eyes. 22 This thou seist, o LORDE: holde not thy tonge the: go not farre fro me, o LORDE. 23 Awake (LORDE) and stonde vp: auenge thou my cause, my God, and my LORDE. 24 Iudge me (o LORDE my God) acordinge to thy rightuousnesse, yt they triuphe not ouer me. 25 O let the not saye in their hertes: there there, so wolde we haue it. O let them not saye: we haue ouercome him. 26 Let them be put to confucion and shame, that reioyse at my trouble: let the be clothed with rebuke and dishonoure, that boost the selues agaynst me. 27 Let them also be glad and reioyse, that fauoure my rightuous dealinge: yee let them saye allwaye: blessed be ye LORDE, which hath pleasure in the prosperite of his seruaunt. 28 And as for my tonge, it shall be talkynge of thy rightuousnes and of thy prayse, all the daye longe.

Psalms 36:1-150:6

1 My hert sheweth me the wickednesse of the vngodly, that there is no feare of God before his eyes. 2 For he dyssembleth before his face, so longe till his abhominable synne be founde out. 3 The wordes of his mouth are vnrightuousnesse and disceate, he wil not be lerned to do good. 4 He ymagineth myschefe vpon his bedde, he will come in no good waye, ner refuse the thinge that is euell. 5 Thy mercy (O LORDE) reacheth vnto the heauen, and thy faithfulnesse vnto the cloudes. 6 Thy rightuousnesse stondeth like the stronge mountaynes, & thy iudgment like the greate depe. 7 Thou LORDE preseruest both me & beestes. How precious is thy mercy (O God) that the children of men maye put their trust vnder ye shadowe of thy wynges? 8 They shalbe satisfied with the pleteousnesse of thy house, and thou shalt geue them drynke of the ryuer of thy pleasures. 9 For by the is ye well of life, & in thy light, shall we se light. 10 O sprede forth thy louynge kyndnesse vnto them that knowe the, & thy rightuousnes vnto the that are true of hert. 11 O let not the fote of pryde ouertake me, O let not the hande of ye vngodly cast me downe. 12 As for wicked doers, they fall, they are cast downe, & are not able to stode.

Psalms 37:1-150:6

1 Frett not thy self at the vngodly, be not thou envious agaynst the euell doers. 2 For they shall soone be cut downe like ye grasse, & be wythered euen as ye grene herbe. 3 Put thou thy trust in ye LORDE, & be doinge good: so shalt thou dwell in the londe, & verely it shal fede the. 4 Delyte thou in the LORDE, & he shal geue the thy hertes desyre. 5 Comitte thy waye vnto ye LORDE, set thy hope in him, and he shal brynge it to passe. 6 Yee he shall make thy rightuousnesse as cleare as the light, & thy iust dealinge as the noone daye. 7 Holde the still in ye LORDE, and abyde pacietly vpon him: but greue not thy self at one that hath prosperite, and lyueth in abhominacion. 8 Leaue of from wrath, let go displeasure, let not thy gelousy moue the also to do euell. 9 For wicked doers shal be roted out, but they that pacietly abyde the LORDE, shal enheret the londe. 10 Suffre yet a litle whyle, & ye vngodly shalbe clene gone: thou shalt loke after his place, & he shal be awaye. 11 But the meke spreted shal possesse the earth, & haue pleasure in moch rest. 12 The vngodly layeth wayte for the iust, & gna?sheth vpon him wt his tethe. 13 But ye LORDE laugheth him to scorne, for he seith yt his daye is cominge. 14 The vngodly drawe out the swerde & bende their bowe, to cast downe ye symple & poore, and to slaye soch as go ye right waye. 15 Neuertheles, their swerde shal go thorow their owne hert, and their bowe shalbe broke. 16 A small thinge yt the rightuous hath, is better then greate riches of the vngodly. 17 For the armes of ye vngodly shalbe broken, but the LORDE vpholdeth the rightuous. 18 The LORDE knoweth the dayes of the godly, & their enheritauce shal endure for euer. 19 They shal not be cofounded in ye perlous tyme, & in ye dayes of derth they shall haue ynough. 20 As for ye vngodly, they shall perishe: & whe ye enemies of ye LORDE are in their floures, they shal cosume, yee euen as the smoke shal they cosume awaye. 21 The vngodly boroweth and paieth not agayne, but the rightuous is mercifull & liberall. 22 Soch as be blessed of him, shal possesse the londe: & they whom he curseth, shalbe roted out. 23 The LORDE ordreth a good mans goinge, & hath pleasure in his waye. 24 Though he fall, he shal not be hurte, for the LORDE vpholdeth him wt his hade. 25 I haue bene yonge, & now am olde: yet sawe I neuer the rightuous forsake, ner his sede to seke their bred. 26 The rightuous is euer mercifull, & ledeth getly, therfore shal his sede be blessed. 27 Fle fro euell, & do ye thinge that is good, so shalt thou dwell for euer. 28 For ye LORDE loueth ye thinge yt is right, he forsaketh not his sayntes, but they shal be preserued for euermore: 29 as for the sede of the vngodly, it shalbe roted out. 30 Yee the rightuous shal possesse ye lode, & dwell therin for euer. 31 The mouth of the rightuous is exercised in wy?dome, & his toge talketh of iudgment. 32 The lawe of his God is in his hert, therfore shal not his fotesteppes slyde. 33 The vngodly seyth the rightuous, & goeth aboute to slaye him. 34 But the LORDE wil not leaue him in his hodes, ner codemne him when he is iudged. 35 Hope thou in the LORDE, & kepe his waye: & he shal so promote the, that thou shalt haue the lode by enheritauce, & se, when the vngodly shall perishe. 36 I myself haue sene the vngodly in greate power, & florishinge like a grene baye tre: 37 but when I wente by, lo, he was gone: I sought him, but he coude no where be founde. 38 Kepe innocency, and take hede vnto the thinge that is right, for that shall brynge a man peace at the last. 39 As for the trasgressours, they shal perishe together, and the vngodly shal be roted out at ye last. The helpe of the rightuous commeth of the LORDE, he is their strength in the tyme of trouble. 40 The LORDE shal stode by them, and saue them: he shal delyuer them from the vngodly, and helpe the, because they put their trust in him.

Psalms 38:1-150:6

1 Pvt me not to rebuke (Oh LORDE) in thine anger: Oh chaste me not in thy heuy displeasure. 2 For thy arowes stick fast in me, and thy honde presseth me sore. 3 There is no whole parte in my body, because of thy displeasure: there is no rest in my bones, by reason of my synnes. 4 For my wickednesses are gone ouer my heade, and are like a sore burthen, to heuy forme to beare. 5 My woundes styncke & are corrupte, thorow my folishnesse. 6 I am brought into so greate trouble and misery, that I go mournynge all the daye longe. 7 For my loynes are clene dried vp, and there is no whole parte in my body. 8 I am feble and sore smytte, I roare for the very disquietnes of my hert. 9 LORDE, thou knowest all my desyre, & my gronynge is not hyd from the. 10 My hert paunteth, my strength hath fayled me, & the light of myne eyes is gone fro me. 11 My louers & frendes stonde lokynge vpon my trouble, and my kynsmen are gone a farre of. 12 They that sought after my life, and to do me euell, spake of lyes and ymagined disceate all the daye longe. 13 As for me, I was like a deaf ma, and herde not: and as one that were domme, not openynge his mouth. 14 I am become as a man that heareth not, and that can make no resistaunce wt his mouth. 15 For in the (O LORDE) is my trust, thou shalt heare me, O LORDE my God. 16 My desyre is, yt myne enemies triumphe not ouer me: for yf my fote slippe, they reioyse greatly against me. 17 I am redy to suffre trouble, and my heuynesse is euer in my sight. 18 For I cofesse my wickednesse, & my synne greueth me. 19 But myne enemies lyue, and are mightie: and they that hate me without a cause, are many in nombre. 20 They that rewarde me euell for good, speake euell of me, because I folowe the thinge that good is. 21 Forsake me not (O LORDE my God) O go not farre fro me. 22 Haist the to helpe me, O LORDE my succoure.

Psalms 39:1-150:6

1 I sayde: I wil kepe my waies, that I offended not in my tonge. 2 And so I shut my mouth, whyle the vngodly layed wayte for me. 3 I helde my tonge, I was domme, I kepte sylence, yee eue from good wordes, but it was payne and grefe to me. 4 My hert was hote within me, & whyle I was thus musynge, the fyre kyndled: so that I spake with my tonge. 5 LORDE, let me knowe myne ende, and the nombre of my dayes: that I maye be certified what I wante. 6 Beholde, thou hast made my dayes a spanne longe, and my life is as it were nothinge before the. O how vayne are all men lyuynge? 7 Sela. Yee euery man walketh as it were a shadowe, and disquieteth him self in vayne: he heapeth vp riches, and can not tell to whom he gathereth them. 8 And now LORDE, wherin shall I comforte me? my hope is in the. 9 Delyuer me from all myne offences, and make me not a scorne vnto the foolish. 10 I kepe sylece, and open not my mouth, for thou hast done it. Turne thy plages awaye fro me, for I am cosumed thorow the feare of thy hade. 11 When thou punyshest man for synne, thou chastenest him: so that his beutie consumeth awaye, like as it were a mothe. O how vayne are all men? 12 Sela. Heare my prayer o LORDE, and considre my callinge: shewe not thy self as though thou sawest not my teares. For I am a straunger and pilgrymme with the, as all my forefathers were. 13 Oh spare me a litle, that I maye refresh myself, before I go hence, and be nomore sene.

Psalms 40:1-150:6

1 I wayted paciently for the LORDE, which enclyned himself vnto me, and herde my callinge. 2 He brought me out of the horrible pitte, out of the myre and claye: he set my fete vpo the rocke, and ordred my goinges. 3 He hath put a new songe in my mouth, euen a thankesgeuynge vnto oure God. Many men seynge this, shal feare the LORDE, & put their trust in him. 4 Blessed is the man that setteth his hope in the LORDE, and turneth not vnto the proude, & to soch as go aboute with lies. 5 O LORDE my God, greate are yi wonderous workes which thou hast done: & in thy thoughtes towarde vs there maye none be lickened vnto the. 6 I wolde declare them, and speake of the: but they are so many, that they can not be tolde. 7 Sacrifice and offeringe thou woldest not haue but a body hast thou ordeined me: burntofferynges and sacrifice for synne thou hast not alowed. Then sayde I: Lo, I come. 8 In the begynnynge of the boke it is written of me, that I shulde fulfill thy wil O my God, & that am I contet to do: yee thy lawe is within my hert. 9 I wil preach of yi rightuousnesse in the greate congregacion: Lo, I wil not refrayne my lippes, o LORDE, & that thou knowest. 10 I do not hyde yi rightuousnes in my hert, my talkynge is of thy treuth and sauynge health: I kepe not thy louynge mercy and faithfulnesse backe from the greate congregacion. 11 Turne not thou thy mercy fro me o LORDE, but let thy louynge kyndnesse and treuth allwaye preserue me. 12 For innumerable troubles are come aboute me: my synnes haue taken soch holde vpon me, that I am not able to loke vp: yee they are mo in nombre then the hayres of my heade, and my hert hath fayled me. 13 O LORDE, let it be thy pleasure to deliuer me, make haist (o LORDE) to helpe me. Let them be ashamed and cofounded, that seke after my soule, to destroie it: let them fall backwarde and be put to confucion, that wysh me euell. 14 Let the soone be brought to shame, that crie ouer me: there there. 15 But let all those that seke the, be ioyfull and glad in the: and let all soch as delyte in thy sauynge health, saye allwaye: the LORDE be praysed. 16 As for me, I am poore & in mysery, but the LORDE careth for me. 17 Thou art my helper & redemer, make no longe tariege, o my God.

Psalms 41:1-150:6

1 Blessed is he, yt considreth ye poore: ye LORDE shal delyuer him in the tyme of trouble. 2 The LORDE shal preserue him, and kepe him alyue: he shal make him to prospere vpon earth, and shal not delyuer him into ye wil of his enemies. 3 The LORDE shal refresh him, when he lyeth sick vpon his bedd, yee thou makest his bed in all his sicknesse. 4 I sayde: LORDE be mercifull vnto me, heale my soule, for I haue synned agaynst the. 5 Myne enemies speake euell vpo me: whan shal he dye, and his name perishe? 6 Though he came in to se, yet meaned he falsede in his hert, heapinge myschefe vpon himself. 7 All they that hate me, runne together agaynst me, and ymagin euell agaynst me. 8 They haue geuen a wicked sentence vpon me: when he lyeth, he shal ryse vp nomore. 9 Yee euen myne owne familier frende, whom I trusted, which dyd eate my bred, hath lift vp his hele agaynst me. 10 But be thou mercifull vnto me (o LORDE) rayse thou me vp, and I shal rewarde them. 11 By this I knowe thou fauourest me, that my enemie shal not triumphe ouer me. 12 Thou hast vpholden me because of my innocency, and set me before thy face for euer. 13 O blessed be ye LORDE God of Israel, from hece forth and for euermore. Amen, Amen.

Psalms 42:1-150:6

1 Like as the hert desyreth the water brokes, so longeth my soule after the, o God. My soule is a thurste for God, yee eue for the lyuynge God: wha shal I come, & beholde the face of God? 2 My teares are my meate daye and night, whyle it is daylie sayde vnto me: where is now thy God? 3 Now when I thinke there vpo, I poure out my hert by my self: for I wolde fayne go hence with the multitude, & passe ouer with them vnto the house of God, in ye voyce of prayse & thankesgeuynge, amonge soch as kepe holy daye. 4 Why art thou so full of heuynes (o my soule) & why art thou so vnquiete within me? 5 O put thy trust in God, for I wil yet geue him thankes, for the helpe of his countenauce. 6 My God, my soule is vexed within me: therfore I remebre the londe of Iordane, & the litle hill of Hermonim. One depe calleth another wt the voyce of thy whystles, all thy wawes & water floudes are gone ouer me. 7 The LORDE hath promised his louynge kyndnesse daylie, therfore wil I prayse him in the night season, and make my prayer vnto ye God of my life. 8 I wil saye vnto God my stony rock: why hast thou forgotten me? why go I thus heuely, whyle the enemie oppresseth me? 9 Whyle my bones are broken, & whyle myne enemies cast me in the tethe, 10 daylie sayenge vnto me: where is now thy God? 11 Why art thou so heuy (o my soule) & why art thou so disquieted within me? O put thy trust in God, for I wil yet thanke him for the helpe of his countenaunce, and because he is my God.

Psalms 43:1-150:6

1 Geue sentence vpon me (o God) & defende my cause agaynst the vnholy people: Oh delyuer me from the disceatfull & wicked man. 2 For thou (o God) art my stregth: why hast thou shot me from the? Why go I then so heuely, whyle the enemie oppresseth me? 3 Oh sende out yi light & thy trueth, yt they maye lede me & brynge me vnto thy holy hill and to thy dwellinge. 4 That I maye go into the aulter of God, euen vnto the God which is my ioye & pleasure, & vpon the harpe to geue thakes vnto ye, o God, my God. 5 Why art thou so heuy (o my soule) & why art thou so disquieted within me? O put thy trust in God, for I wil yet geue him thakes for ye helpe of his countenauce, and because he is my God.

Psalms 44:1-150:6

1 We haue herde with or eares (o God) or fathers haue tolde vs, what thou hast done in their tyme, of olde. 2 How thou hast dryue out the Heithen wt thy honde, & plated the in: how thou hast destroyed the nacions & cast the out. 3 For they gat not the londe in possession thorow their owne swerde, nether was it their owne arme that helped them. 4 But thy right hade, thyne arme & the light of thy countenaunce, because thou haddest a fauoure vnto them. 5 Thou art ye kinge & my God, thou sendest helpe vnto Iacob. 6 Thorow ye, wil we ouerthrowe oure enemies: & in thy name will we treade them vnder, that ryse vp agaynst vs. 7 For I will not trust in my bowe, it is not my swerde yt shal helpe me. 8 But it is thou that sauest vs fro oure enemies, and puttest them to confucion that hate vs. 9 We will allwaye make oure boast of God, and prayse thy name for euer. 10 Sela. But now thou forsakest vs, & puttest vs to confucion, and goest not forth with oure hoostes. 11 Thou makest vs to turne oure backes vpon oure enemies, so that they which hate vs, spoile oure goodes. 12 Thou lettest vs be eaten vp like shepe, & scatrest vs amonge the Heithen. 13 Thou sellest thy people for naught, & takest no moneye for them. 14 Thou makest vs to be rebuked of or neghbours, to be laughed to scorne aud had in derision, of them that are rounde aboute vs. 15 Thou hast made vs a very byworde amonge the Heithen, & that the people shake their heades at vs. 16 My cofucion is daylie before me, & the shame of my face couereth me. 17 For the voyce of the slaunderer & blasphemer, for the enemie and auenger. 18 All this is come vpon vs, & yet haue we not forgotten the, ner behaued oure selues vnfaithfully in thy couenaunt. 19 Oure hert is not turned backe, nether oure steppes gone out of thy waye. 20 That thou smytest vs so in the place of the serpet, & couerest vs with ye shadowe of death. 21 Yf we had forgotten the name of oure God, & holde vp oure hondes to eny straunge God: Shulde not God fynde it out? for he knoweth the very secretes of the hert. 22 But for thy sake we are kylled all the daie longe, and are counted as shepe apoynted to be slayne. 23 Vp LORDE, why slepest thou? Awake, and cast vs not of for euer. 24 Wherfore hydest thou thy face? wilt thou clene forget oure misery and oppressio? 25 For oure soule is brought lowe euen vnto the dust, and oure bely cleueth vnto the grounde. 26 Arise o LORDE, helpe vs, and delyuer vs for thy mercie sake.

Psalms 45:1-150:6

1 My hert is dytinge of a good matter, I speake of that, which I haue made of the kynge: 2 My tonge is ye penne of a ready wryter. 3 Thou art the fayrest amonge the children of me, full of grace are thy lippes, therfore God blesseth the for euer. 4 Gyrde the with thy swerde vpon thy thee (o thou mightie) with worshipe and renowne. 5 Good lucke haue thou with thine honoure, ryde on with the treuth, mekenesse & rightuousnes: & thy right hode shal teach ye woderfull thinges. 6 Thy arowes are sharpe, the people shalbe subdued vnto the, euen in the myddest amonge the kynges enemies. 7 Thy seate (o God) endureth for euer: the cepter of thy kyngdome is a right cepter. 8 Thou hast loued rightuousnesse, & hated iniquite: wherfore God (which is thy God) hath anoynted the with the oyle of gladnes aboue thy felowes. 9 All thy garmentes are like myrre, Aloes & Cassia, when thou comest out of thine yuerie palaces in thy beutifull glory. 10 Kynges doughters go in thy goodly araye, & vpon thy right honde stondeth the quene in a vesture of the most fyne golde. 11 Herken (o doughter) considre, & enclyne thine eare: forget thine owne people, & thy fathers house. 12 So shal the kynge haue pleasure in thy beutie, for he is thy LORDE, & thou shalt worshipe him. 13 The doughters of Tyre shal be there with giftes, the riche amonge the people shal make their supplicacion before the. 14 The kynges doughter is all glorious within, hir clothinge is of wrought golde. 15 She shalbe brought vnto the kynge in rayment of nedle worke, and maydens after her: soch as be next her shalbe brought vnto the. 16 With ioye and gladnesse shal they be brought, and go in to the kynges palace. 17 In steade of thy fathers thou hast gotten children, whom thou shalt make prynces in all londes. I wil remembre thy name from one generacio to another: therfore shal the people geue thankes vnto the, worlde without ende.

Psalms 46:1-150:6

1 In oure troubles and aduersite, we haue founde, that God is oure refuge, oure strength and helpe. 2 Therfore wil we not feare, though the earth fell, and though the hilles were caried in to the myddest of the see. 3 Though the waters of the see raged & were neuer so troublous, & though the mountaynes shoke at the tepest of the same. 4 Sela. For there is a floude, which wt his ryuers reioyseth ye cite of God, the holy dwellynge of the most hyest. 5 God is in ye myddest of her, therfore shall she not be remoued: for God helpeth her, & yt right early. 6 The Heithen are madd, the kyngdomes make moch adoo: but whe he sheweth his voyce, ye earth melteth awaye. 7 The LORDE of hoostes is wt vs, the God of Iacob is oure defence. 8 Sela. O come hither, & beholde ye workes of the LORDE, what destruccios he hath brought vpo ye earth. 9 He hath made warres to ceasse in all the worlde: he hath broken the bowe, he hath knapped the speare in sonder, & bret the charettes in the fyre. 10 Be still the & confesse yt I am God: I wil be exalted amonge the Heithe, & I wil be exalted vpon earth. 11 The LORDE of hoostes is wt vs, the God of Iacob is oure defence. Sela.

Psalms 47:1-150:6

1 O clappe youre hodes together (all ye people) O synge vnto God with the voyce of thakesgeuynge. 2 For the LORDE the most hyest is to be feared, & he is the greate kynge vpo all ye earth. 3 He shal subdue the people vnder vs, & the Heithe vnder oure fete. 4 He choseth vs for an heretage, the beutie of Iacob whom he loued. 5 Sela. God is gone vp wt a mery noyse, & the LORDE wt the sownde of the tropet. 6 O synge prayses, synge prayses vnto God: O synge prayses, synge prayses vnto oure kynge. 7 For God is kynge of all the earth, O synge prayses vnto him with vnderstondinge. 8 God is kynge ouer the Heithe, God sitteth in his holy seate. 9 The prynces of the people are gathered together vnto the God of Abraham: for God is farre farre hyer exalted, then the mightie lordes of the earth.

Psalms 48:1-150:6

1 Greate is ye LORDE & hyelie to be praysed, in ye cite of or God, eue vpo his holy hill. 2 The hill of Sion is like a fayre plate, wherof all the londe reioyseth: vpon the north syde lyeth the cite of the greate kinge. 3 God is well knowne in hir palaces, yt he is the defence of the same. 4 For lo, kynges are gathered, and gone by together. 5 They marveled, to se soch thinges: they were astonied, & sodely cast downe. 6 Feare came there vpon the, & sorowe as vpo a woman in hir trauayle. 7 Thou shalt breake ye shippes of the see, thorow the east wynde. 8 Like as we haue herde, so se we in the cite of the LORDE of hoostes, in the cite of or God: God vpholdeth the same for euer. 9 Sela. We wayte for thy louynge kyndnesse (o God) in the myddest of thy temple. 10 O God, acordinge vnto thy name, so is yi prayse vnto the worldes ende: thy right hode is full of rightuousnes. 11 Oh let the mout Sion reioyse, & ye doughters of Iuda be glad because of thy iudgmetes. 12 Walke aboute Sion, go rounde aboute her, and tell hir towres. 13 Marke well hir walles, set vp hir houses: that it maye be tolde them yt come after. 14 For this God is or God for euer & euer, and he shal allwaie be or gyde.

Psalms 49:1-150:6

1 O heare this, all ye people: pondre it well, all ye that dwell vpo the earth. 2 Hye & lowe, riche & poore, one wt another. 3 My mouth shal speake of wy?dome, and my hert shal muse of vnderstondinge. 4 I wil encline myne eare to the parable, & shewe my darcke speach vpon the harpe. 5 Wherfore shulde I feare the euell dayes, whe the wickednesse of my heles copaseth me rounde aboute? 6 They that put their trust in their good, & boost them selues in the multitude of their riches. 7 No man maye deliuer his brother, ner make agrement for him vnto God. 8 For it costeth more to redeme their soules, so that he must let that alone for euer. 9 Yee though he lyue loge, & se not ye graue. 10 For it shal be sene, yt soch wyse me shal dye & perishe together, as well as the ignoraunt and foolish, & leaue their goodes for other. 11 Loke what is in their houses, it cotinueth still: their dwellinge places endure from one generacion to another, & are called after their owne names vpon the earth, 12 Neuerthelesse ma abydeth not insoch honor, but is copared vnto ye brute beastes, & becometh like vnto the. 13 This waie of theirs is very foolishnesse, & yet their posterite prayse it wt their mouth. 14 Sela. They lye in the hell like shepe, death shal gnawe vpon them, & the rightuous shal haue dominacion of them in the mornynge by tymes: their stregth shal consume, & hell shalbe their dwellinge. 15 But God shal deliuer my soule from the power of hell, when he receaueth me. 16 Sela. O be not thou afrayed, whan one is made riche, & the glory of his house increased. 17 For he shal cary nothinge awaye wt him when he dyeth, nether shal his pompe folowe him. 18 Whyle he lyueth, he is counted an happie man: & so loge as he is in prosperite, me speake good of him. 19 But whe he foloweth his fathers generacion, he shal neuer se light eny more. 20 When a man is in honoure and hath no vnderstodinge, he is compared vnto the brute beastes, and becommeth like vnto them.

Psalms 50:1-150:6

1 The LORDE euen the mightie God hath spoke, & called the worlde from the rysinge vp of the sonne vnto the goinge downe of the same. 2 Out of Sion apeareth the glorious beutie of God. 3 Oure God shal come, and not kepe sylence: there goeth before him a consumynge fyre, and a mightie tempest rounde aboute him. 4 He shal call the heauens from aboue, and the earth, that he maye iudge his people. 5 Gather my sayntes together vnto me, those yt set more by the couenaunt then by eny offeringe. 6 And the heauens shal declare his rightuousnesse, for God is iudge himself. 7 Sela. Heare, o my people: let me speake, let me testifie amonge you, o Israel: I am God, euen thy God. 8 I reproue the not because of thy sacrifice, yi burntofferinges are allwaye before me. 9 I wil take no bullockes out of thy house, ner gotes out of thy foldes. 10 For all the beestes of the felde are myne, and thousandes of catell vpon the hilles. 11 I knowe all the foules vpon the mountaynes, and the wilde beastes of the felde are in my sight. 12 Yf I be hongrie, I wil not tell the: for ye whole worlde is myne, and all that therin is. 13 Thynkest thou, that I wil eate the flesh of oxen, or drynke the bloude of goates? 14 Offre vnto God prayse and thankesgeuynge, and paye thy vowes vnto the most hyest. 15 And call vpo me in the tyme of trouble, so wil I heare the, that thou shalt thanke me. 16 But vnto the vngodly sayeth God: Why doest thou preach my lawes, and takest my couenaunt in thy mouth? 17 Where as thou hatest to be refourmed, and castest my wordes behynde the? 18 Yf thou seist a thefe, thou runnest with him, and art partaker with the aduouterers. 19 Thou lettest yi mouth speake wickednesse, & thy tonge paynteth disceate. 20 Thou syttest and speakest agaynst thy brother, yee and slaundrest thine owne mothers sonne. 21 This thou doest, whyle I holde my tonge: and thinkest me to be eue soch one as thy self: but I wil reproue the, & set my self agaynst the. 22 O considre this, ye that forget God: lest I plucke you awaie, and there be none to delyuer you. 23 Who so offreth me thakes and prayse, he honoureth me: & this is the waye, wherby I wil shewe him the sauynge health of God.

Psalms 51:1-150:6

1 Haue mercy vpon me (o God) after thy goodnes, & acordinge vnto thy greate mercies, do awaye myne offences. 2 Wash me well fro my wickednesse, & clense me fro my synne. 3 For I knowlege my fautes, and my synne is euer before me. 4 Agaynst the only, agaynst the haue I synned, and done euell in thy sight: that thou mightest be iustified in thy saynges, and shuldest ouercome when thou art iudged. 5 Beholde, I was borne in wickednesse, and in synne hath my mother conceaued me. 6 But lo, thou hast a pleasure in the treuth, and hast shewed me secrete wy?dome. 7 O reconcile me with Isope, and I shal be clene: wash thou me, and I shalbe whyter then snowe. 8 Oh let me heare of ioye and gladnesse, that the bones which thou hast broken, maye reioyse. 9 Turne thy face fro my synnes, and put out all my my?dedes. 10 Make me a clene hert (o God) and renue a right sprete within me. 11 Cast me not awaie from thy presence, and take not thy holy sprete fro me. 12 O geue me the comforte of thy helpe agayne, and stablish me with thy fre sprete. 13 Then shal I teach thy wayes vnto the wicked, that synners maye be conuerted vnto the. 14 Delyuer me from bloudegyltynesse o God, thou that art the God of my health, that my tonge maye prayse thy rightuousnesse. 15 Open my lippes (O LORDE) that my mouth maye shewe thy prayse. 16 For yf thou haddest pleasure in sacrifice, I wolde geue it the: but thou delytest not in burntofferynges. 17 The sacrifice of God is a troubled sprete, a broken and a cotrite hert (o God) shalt thou not despise. 18 O be fauorable and gracious vnto Sion, that the walles of Ierusalem maye be buylded. 19 For then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifice of rightuousnesse, with the burntofferynges and oblacions: then shal they laye bullockes vpon thine aulter.

Psalms 52:1-150:6

1 Why boastest thou thy self (thou Tyraunt) that thou canst do myschefe? 2 Where as the goodnesse of God endureth yet daylie. 3 Thy tonge ymagineth wickednesse, and with lyes it cutteth like a sharpe rasoure. 4 Thou louest vngraciousnesse more the good, to talke of lyes more then rightuousnesse. 5 Sela. Thou louest to speake all wordes yt maye do hurte, O thou false toge. 6 Therfore shal God cleane destroyethe, smyte the in peces, plucke the out of thy dwellinge, and rote the out of the londe of the lyuinge. 7 Sela.The rightuous shal se this, & feare, and laugh him to scorne. 8 Lo, this is the ma, yt toke not God for his stregth, but trusted vnto the multitude of his riches, & was mightie in his wickednesse. 9 As forme, I am like a grene olyue tre in ye house of God: my trust is in the tender mercy of God for euer & euer. I wil allwaye geue thankes vnto the, for that thou hast done: and wil hope in thy name, for thy sayntes like it well.

Psalms 53:1-150:6

1 The foolish bodies saye in their hertes: Tush, there is no God. Corrupte are they, and become abhominable in their wickednesses: there is not one, that doth good. 2 God loked downe from heauen vpo the children of men, to se yf there were eny that wolde vnderstonde, or seke after God. 3 But they are all gone out of ye waye, they are all become vnprofitable: there is none yt doth good, no not one. 4 How ca they haue vnderstondinge, that are the workers of wickednes, eatinge vp my people as it were bred, & call not vpon God? 5 They are afrayed, where no feare is: for God breaketh the bones of them that besege the: thou puttest them to confucion, for God despiseth them. 6 Oh yt the sauynge health were geuen vnto Israel out of Sion: Oh that the LORDE wolde delyuer his people out of captiuyte. Then shulde Iacob reioyse, & Israel shulde be right glad.

Psalms 54:1-150:6

1 Helpe me (o God) for thy names sake, and delyuer me in thy stregth. 2 Heare my prayer (o God) considre the wordes of my mouth. 3 For straungers are rysen vp agaynst me, and the mightie (which haue not God before their eyes) seke after my soule. 4 Sela. But lo, God is my helper: it is he that vpholdeth my soule. 5 He shall rewarde euell vnto myne enemies, and in thy treuth shalt thou destroye them. 6 A frewil offeringe wil I geue the, and prayse thy name o LORDE, because it is so comfortable. 7 For thou hast delyuered me out of all my trouble, so that myne eye seyth his desyre vpo myne enemies.

Psalms 55:1-150:6

1 Heare my prayer (o God) and hyde not thy self fro my peticion. Take hede vnto me and heare me, how piteously I mourne & coplayne. 2 The enemie crieth so, & the vngodly commeth on so fast: for they are mynded to do me some myschefe, so maliciously are they set agaynst me. 3 My herte is heuy within me, and the feare of death is fallen vpon me. 4 Fearfullnesse and tremblinge are come vpon me, and an horrible drede hath ouerwhelmed me. 5 And I sayde: O that I had wynges like a doue, that I might fle somwhere, and be at rest. 6 Lo, then wolde I get me awaye farre of, and remayne in the wildernesse. 7 Sela. I wolde make haist to escape, from the stormy wynde and tempest. 8 Destroie their tonges (o LORDE) and deuyde them, for I se vnrightuousnes & strife in ye cite. 9 This goeth daye and night aboute the walles, myschefe and vyce are in the myddest of it. 10 Wickednesse is therin, disceate and gyle go not out of hir stretes. 11 Yf it were myne enemie that reuyled me, I coude beare it: or yf one that ought me euell will dyd threaten me, I wolde hyde myself from him. 12 But it is thou my companyon, my gyde and myne owne familier frede. 13 We had swete and secrete communicacion together, and louyngly walked we together in ye house of God. 14 Let death come hastely vpon them, and let them go downe quick into hell, for wickednes is amonge them in their dwellinges. 15 As for me, I will call vnto God, and the LORDE shall helpe me. 16 In the eueninge, mornynge and at noone daye wil I mourne and complayne: and he shal heare my voyce. 17 It is he that delyuereth my soule in peace, from them that laye waite for me: for they are many agaynst me. 18 Yee euen God that endureth for euer, shal heare me, and brynge them downe. Sela. For they wil not turne: and why? they feare not God. 19 Yee they laye hondes vpon soch as be at peace with him, and so thei breake his couenaunt. 20 Their mouthes are softer then butter, & yet haue they batell in their mynde: their wordes are smoother then oyle, and yet be they very swerdes. 21 O cast thy burthen (or care) vpon the LORDE, he shal norish the, and not leaue the rightuous in vnquietnesse. 22 But as for them, thou (o God) shalt cast them downe in to the pitte of destruccion. 23 The bloudthurstie and disceatfull shal not lyue out half their daies. Neuerthelesse my trust is in the.

Psalms 56:1-150:6

1 Be mercifull vnto me (o God) for men wil treade me downe: they are daylie fightinge & troublinge me. 2 Myne enemies treade me daylie vnder their fete, for they be many, yt proudly fight agaynst me. 3 Neuerthelesse, whe I am afrayed, I put my trust in the. 4 I wil comforte my self in Gods worde, yee I wil hope in God, and not feare: What can flesh then do vnto me? 5 They vexe me daylie in my wordes: all yt they ymagin, is to do me euell. 6 They holde alltogether, & kepe them selues close: they marck my steppes, how they maye catch my soule. 7 But in vayne, for it shal escape the: and why? thou (o God) in thy displeasure shalt cast downe soch people. 8 Thou tellest my flittinges, thou puttest my teares in thy botell, and nombrest them. 9 When so euer I call vpon the, myne enemies are put to flight: wherby I knowe, that thou art my God. 10 In Gods worde wil I reioyse, in the LORDES worde wil I comforte me. 11 Yee in God do I trust, & am not afraied: what ca man the do vnto me? 12 Vnto the (o God) wil I paye my vowes, vnto ye wil I geue thakes & prayse. 13 For thou hast delyuered my soule fro death, & my fete fro fallinge, yt I maye walke before God in ye light of ye lyuynge.

Psalms 57:1-150:6

1 Be mercifull vnto me (o God) be mercifull vnto me, for my soule trusteth in ye: & vnder the shadowe of thy wynges shalbe my refuge, vntill wickednesse be ouerpast. 2 I call vnto God ye most hyest, eue ye God yt shal helpe me vp agayne. 3 He shal sende fro heauen, & saue me fro the reprofe of him that wolde swalowe me vp. 4 Sela. This shal God sende, for his mercy and faithfulnesse sake. I lye with my soule amonge the cruell lyons: 5 euen amonge the children of men, whose tethe are speares and arowes, and their tonge a sharpe swerde. 6 Set vp thy self (o God) aboue the heaues, and thy glory aboue all the earth. 7 They haue layed a nett for my fete, & pressed downe my soule: they haue dygged a pyt before me, and are fallen in to it them selues. 8 Sela. My hert is ready (o God) my hert is ready, to synge and geue prayse. 9 Awake (o my glory) awake lute and harpe, I my self wil awake right early. 10 I wil geue thakes vnto the (o LORDE) amonge the people, I wil synge prayses vnto the amonge the Heithe. 11 For ye greatnes of thy mercy reacheth vnto the heauens, and thy faithfulnesse vnto the cloudes. Set vp thy self (o God) aboue the heaues, & thy glory aboue all ye earth.

Psalms 58:1-150:6

1 Yf youre myndes be vpon rightuousnesse in dede, then iudge the thinge that is right, o ye sonnes of men. 2 But ye ymagin myschefe in youre hertes, and youre hondes deale with wickednesse. 3 The vngodly are frowarde, eue from their mothers wombe: as soone as they be borne, they go astraie & speake lyes. 4 They are as furious as the serpent, euen like the deaf Adder that stoppeth hir eares. 5 That she shulde not heare the voyce of the charmer, charme he neuer so wysely. 6 Breake their teth (o God) in their mouthes, smyte the chaft bones of the lyons whelpes in sonder, o LORDE. 7 That they maye fall awaye, like water yt runneth a pace: and that when they shote their arowes, they maye be broke. 8 Let the cosume awaye like a snale, & like the vntymely frute of a woman, and let them not se the Sonne. 9 Or euer youre thornes be sharpe, the wrath shal take them awaye quycke, like a stormy wynde. 10 The rightuous shal reioyse when he seyth the vengeaunce, and shal wash his fete in the bloude of the vngodly. 11 So that men shal saye: verely, there is a rewarde for ye rightuous: doutles, there is a God that iudgeth the earth.

Psalms 59:1-150:6

1 Delyuer me fro myne enemies (o my God) & defende me fro the yt ryse vp agaynst me. 2 O delyuer me fro the wicked doers, & saue me fro the bloudthurstie me. 3 For lo, they lye waytinge for my soule: ye mightie me are gathered together against me, wt out eny offence or faute of me, o LORDE. 4 They rune & prepare the selues, wt out my faute: Arise, come thou helpe me, & beholde. 5 Stode vp o LORDE God of hoostes, thou God of Israel, to vyset all Heithen: be not mercifull vnto the yt offende of malicious wickednesse. 6 Sela. Let the go to & fro, & runne aboute the cite youlinge like dogges. 7 Beholde, they speake (agaynst me) wt their mouth, swerdes are vnder their lippes, for who reproueth the? 8 But thou (o LORDE) shalt haue them in derision, thou shalt laugh all Heithe to scorne. 9 My stregth do I ascrybe vnto the, for thou (o God) art my defender. 10 God sheweth me his goodnesse plenteously, God letteth me se my desyre vpo myne enemies. 11 Slaye the not, lest my people forget it: but scatre the abrode with thy power & put the downe, o LORDE oure defence. 12 For ye synne of their mouth, for the wordes of their lippes, & because of their pryde, let the be taken: & why? their preachinge is of cursynge & lyes. 13 Cosume them in yi wrath, cosume the yt they maye perish, & knowe yt it is God, which ruleth in Iacob and in all the worlde. 14 Sela. Let the go to & fro, & rune aboute the cite, youlinge like dogges. 15 Let the runne here & there for meate, and grudge when they haue not ynough. 16 As for me, I wil synge of thy power, ad prayse thy mercy betymes in the mornynge: for thou art my defence and refuge in the tyme of my trouble. 17 Vnto the (o my strength) wil I synge, for thou (o God) art my defence, and my merciful God.

Psalms 60:1-150:6

1 O God, thou yt hast cast vs out and scatred vs abrode, thou yt hast bene so sore displeased at vs, coforte vs agayne. 2 Thou yt hast remoued the lode & deuyded it, heale the sores therof, for it shaketh. 3 Thou hast shewed thy people heuy thinges, thou hast geuen vs a drynke off wyne, yt we slobre withall. 4 Yet hast thou geue a toke for soch as feare the, yt they maye cast it vp in ye treuth. 5 Sela. That thy beloued might be delyuered, helpe them with thy right hande, and heare me. 6 God hath spoke in his Sactuary (which thinge reioyseth me) I wil deuyde Siche, & mete out the valley of Suchoth 7 Galaad is myne, Manasses is myne, Ephraim is the strength of my heade, Iuda is my captayne. 8 Moab is my washpotte, ouer Edom wil I stretch out my shue, Philistea shal be glad of me. 9 Who will lede me in to the stronge cite? Who will bringe me in to Edom? 10 Shalt not thou do it, o God, thou yt hast cast vs out: thou God, yt wentest not out wt or hoostes? 11 O be thou oure helpe in trouble, for vayne is the helpe of man. 12 Thorow God we shal do greate actes, for it is he that shal treade downe oure enemies.

Psalms 61:1-150:6

1 Heare my crienge (o God) geue hede vnto my prayer. 2 From the endes of ye earth wil I call vnto the, whe my herte is in trouble: 3 Oh set me vp vpo an hye rocke. For thou art my hope, a stronge tower for me agaynst the enemie. 4 I will dwell in thy tabernacle for euer, that I maye be safe vnder the couerynge of thy wynges. 5 Sela. For thou (o LORDE) hast herde my desyres, thou hast geuen an heretage vnto those that feare thy name. 6 Thou shalt graunte the kynge a loge life, that his yeares maye endure thorow out all generacions. 7 That he maye dwell before God for euer: Oh let thy louynge mercy & faithfulnes preserue him. 8 So wil I allwaye synge prayses vnto thy name, yt I maye daylie perfourme my vowes.

Psalms 62:1-150:6

1 My soule wayteth only vpon God, for of him commeth my helpe. 2 He only is my stregth, my saluacion, my defence, so yt I shal not greatly fall. 3 How longe wil ye ymagin myschefe agaynst euery man? ye shal be slayne all ye sorte of you: yee as a tottringe wall shal ye be, & like a broken hedge. 4 Their deuyce is only how to put him out, their delyte is i lyes: they geue good wordes wt their mouth but curse wt their herte. 5 Sela. Neuertheles, my soule abydeth only vpon God, for he is my God. 6 He only is my stregth, my saluacion, my defence: so yt I shal not fall. 7 In God is my health, my glory, my might, & in God is my trust. 8 Oput yor trust in him allwaye (ye people) poure out yor hertes before him, for God is oure hope. 9 Sela. As for men, they are but vayne, me are disceatfull: vpo the weightes they are al together lighter then vanite itself. 10 O trust not in wronge & robbery, geue not yor selues vnto vanite: yf riches increase, set not yor herte vpon them. 11 God spake once a worde, twyse haue I herde the same: that power belongeth vnto God. 12 That thou LORDE art mercifull, & that thou rewardest euery man acordinge to his workes.

Psalms 63:1-150:6

1 O God, thou art my God: early wil I seke the. 2 My soule thursteth for the, my flesh longeth after the in a bare & drie lode, where no water is. 3 Thus do I loke for the in thy Sactuary, that I might beholde yi power & glory. 4 For thy louynge kyndnesse is better then life, my lyppes shal prayse the. 5 As loge as I liue wil I magnifie the, & lift vp my hondes in thy name. 6 My soule is satisfied eue as it were with marry & fatnesse, when my mouth prayseth the with ioyfull lippes. 7 In my bedde wil I remembre ye, & whe I wake, my talkynge shalbe of the. 8 For thou hast bene my helper, & vnder the shadowe of yi wynges wil I reioyse. 9 My soule hangeth vpon the, thy right honde vpholdeth me. 10 They seke after my soule, but in vayne, for they shal go vnder the earth. 11 They shal fall in to the swerde, & be a porcio for foxes. But ye kynge shal reioyse in God: all they that sweare by hym, shal be commeded, for the mouth of lyers shalbe stopped.

Psalms 64:1-150:6

1 Heare my voyce (o God) in my coplaynte, preserue my life fro feare of ye enemie. 2 Hyde me from the gatheringe together of ye frowarde, fro ye heape of wicked doers. 3 Which whette their tuges like a swerde, & shute wt their venimous wordes like as wt arowes. 4 That they maye preuely hurte ye innocet, & sodely to hit him wt out eny feare. 5 They haue deuysed myschefe, and commoned amonge them selues, how they maye laye snares: tush (saye they) who shall se them? 6 They ymagin wickednesse, and kepe it secrete amonge them selues, euery man in ye depe of his herte. 7 But God shall sodenly shute with an arowe, yt they shall be wounded. 8 Yee their owne tunges shall make them fall, In so moch that who so seyth the, shal laugh the to scorne. 9 And all men that se it, shal saye: this hath God done for they shal perceaue, yt it is his worke. 10 The rightuous shal reioyse in the LORDE, and put his trust in him: and all they yt are true off herte, shalbe glad therof.

Psalms 65:1-150:6

1 Thou (o God) art praysed in Sion, and vnto the is the vowe perfourmed. 2 Thou hearest the prayer, therfore cometh all flesh vnto the. 3 Oure my?dedes preuayle agaynst vs, oh be thou mercyfull vnto oure synnes. 4 Blessed is the man who thou chosest and receauest vnto the, that he maye dwell in thy courte: he shall be satisfied with the pleasures of thy house, euen off thy holy temple. 5 Heare vs acordinge vnto thy woderfull rightuousnesse, o God oure saluacio: thou that art the hope of all the endes of ye earth, and off the brode see. 6 Which in his strength setteth fast the moutaynes, & is gyrded aboute with power. 7 Which stilleth ye ragige of the see, the roaringe off his wawes, and the woodnes of the people. 8 They that dwell in ye vttemost partes are afrayed at thy tokens, thou makest both the mornynge and euenynge starres to prayse ye. 9 Thou visetest the earth, thou watrest it, and makest it very plenteous. 10 The ryuer of God is full of waters, thou preparest man his corne, ad thus thou prouydest for the earth. 11 Thou watrest hir forowes, thou breakest the harde clottes therof, thou makest it soft with ye droppes of rayne, and blessest the increase of it. 12 Thou crownest the yeare with thy good, and thy fotesteppes droppe fatnesse. 13 The dwellinges of the wildernes are fatt also, yt they droppe withall, & the litle hilles are pleasaunt on euery syde. The foldes are full of shepe, the valleys stonde so thicke with corne yt they laugh and synge.

Psalms 66:1-150:6

1 O be ioyfull in God (all ye lodes) synge prayses vnto the honor of his name make his prayse to be glorious. 2 Saye vnto God: O how wonderfull are thy workes? thorow the greatnesse of thy power shal thine enemies be confouded. 3 O yt all the worlde wolde worshipe the, synge of the and prayse thy name. 4 Sela. O come hither and beholde the workes of God, which is so wonderfull in his doinges amonge the children of men. 5 He turned the see in to drye lode, so that they wente thorow the water on fote: therfore wil we reioyse in him. 6 He ruleth with his power for euer, his eyes beholde the people: the rennagates shal not be able to exalte them selues. 7 Sela. O magnifie or God (ye people) make ye voyce off his prayse to be herde. 8 Which holdeth or soule in life, and suffreth not oure fete to slippe. 9 For thou (o God) hast proued vs, thou hast tried vs like as syluer is tried. 10 Thou hast brought vs in to captiuyte, and layed trouble vpon or loynes. 11 Thou hast suffred men to ryde ouer or heades, 12 we wete thorow fyre and water, butt thou hast brought vs out, and refreshed vs. 13 Therfore will I go into thy house wt bretofferinges, to paye the my vowes, 14 which I promised wt my lippes, and spake with my mouth, when I was in trouble. 15 I wil offre vnto the fatte brentsacrifices with the smoke of rames, I will offre bullockes and goates. 16 Sela. O come hither and herke (all ye that feare God) I wil tell you, what he hath done for my soule. 17 I called vnto hi wt my mouth and gaue him prayses with my tuge. 18 (Yff I enclyne vnto wickednes with my herte, ye LORDE wil not heare me.) 19 Therfore God hath herde me, ad considred the voyce off my prayer. 20 Praysed be God, which hath not cast out my prayer, ner turned his mercy fro me.

Psalms 67:1-150:6

1 God be mercifull vnto vs, blesse vs, & shewe the light off his countenauce apon vs. 2 Sela. That we maye knowe yi waye vpo earth, yi sauynge health amonge all Heithen. 3 Let the people prayse the (o God) yee let all people prayse the. 4 O let the people reioyse and be glad, that thou iudgest the folke rightuously, and gouernest the nacions vpo earth. 5 Let the people prayse the (o God) let all people prayse the. 6 God (euen oure owne God) geue vs his blessinge, that the earth maye bringe forth hir increase 7 God blesse vs, and let all the endes of ye worlde feare him.

Psalms 68:1-150:6

1 Let God aryse, so shal his enemies be scatered, and they that hate him, shal fle before him. 2 Like as the smoke vanisheth, so shalt thou dryue them awaye: and like as waxe melteth at the fyre, so shall the vngodly perish at the presence off God. 3 But the rightuous shal be glad & reioyse before God, they shalbe mery & ioyful. 4 Oh synge vnto God, synge prayses vnto his name: magnifie him yt rydeth aboue the heaues (whose name is ye LORDE) & reioyse before hi. 5 He is a father of ye fatherlesse, he is a defender of widdowes: eue God in his holy habitacio. 6 He is the God yt maketh me to be of one mynde in a house, & bryngeth ye presoners out of captiuite in due season, but letteth ye rennagates cotinue in scarcenesse. 7 O God, when thou wetest forth before yi people, whe thou wetest thorow ye wildernes. 8 Sela. The earth shoke, & ye heauens dropped at the presence of God in Sinai, at ye presence of God which is ye God of Israel. 9 Thou o God sendest a gracious rayne vpon thyne enheritauce, & refreshest it, when it is drye. 10 That thy beastes maye dwell therin, which thou of thy goodnes hast prepared for the poore. 11 The LORDE shal geue the worde, wt greate hoostes of Euagelistes. 12 Kinges wt their armies shal fle, & they of ye housholde shal deuyde ye spoyle. 13 Yf so be yt ye lye amoge the pales, the doues fethers shalbe couered with syluer, & hir winges of the color of golde. 14 When the Allmightie setteth kynges vpo the earth, it shalbe cleare euen in the darcknesse. 15 The hill of Basan is Gods hill, the hill of Basan is a pleteous hill. 16 Why hoppe ye so, ye greate hilles? It pleaseth God to dwell vpo this hill, yee the LORDE wil abyde in it for euer. 17 The charettes of God are many M. tymes a thousande, the LORDE is amoge them in the holy Sinai. 18 Thou art gone vp an hye, thou hast led captyuite captyue, & receaued giftes for me: Yee euen for thy enemies, that they might dwell with the LORDE God. 19 Praysed be the LORDE daylie, eue ye God which helpeth vs, & poureth his benefites vpo vs. 20 Sela. The God yt is or Sauior, eue God the LORDE by who we escape death. 21 The God that smyteth his enemies vpo the heades & vpon the hayrie scalpes: soch as go on still in their wikednes. 22 The LORDE hath sayde: some wil I bringe agayne from Basan, some wil I bringe agayne fro the depe of the see. 23 That thy fote maye be dipped in the bloude of thine enemies, & that thy dogges maye licke it vp. 24 It is well sene (o God how thou goest, how thou my God and kynge goest in the Sanctuary. 25 The syngers go before, and then the mynstrells amonge the maydens with the tymbrels. 26 O geue thankes vnto God the LORDE in the congregacion, for the welles of Israel. 27 There litle Beniamin, the prynces of Iuda, the prynces of Zabulo, and the prynces of Nephthali beare rule amoge them. 28 Thy God hath comitted stregth vnto the, stablish the thinge (o God) that thou hast wrought in vs. 29 For thy teples sake at Ierusalem shal kynges brynge presentes vnto the. 30 Reproue the beestes amonge the redes, the heape of bulles with the calues: those that dryue for money. Oh scatre the people that delyte in batayle. 31 The prynces shal come out of Egipte, the Morians lode shal stretch out hir hondes vnto God. 32 Synge vnto God, o ye kyngdomes of the earth: o synge prayses vnto the LORDE. 33 Sela. Which sytteth in the heauens ouer all fro the begynnge: Lo, he shal sende out his voyce, yee and that a mightie voyce. 34 Ascrybe ye the power vnto God, his glory is in Israel, and his might in the cloudes. 35 God is wonderfull in his Sanctuary, he is the God of Israel, he will geue strength and power vnto his people. Blessed be God.

Psalms 69:1-150:6

1 Helpe me (o God) for the waters are come in eue vnto my soule. 2 I sticke fast in the depe myre, where no grounde is: I am come into depe waters, and the floudes wil drowne me. 3 I am weery of crienge, my throte is drye, my sight fayleth me, for waytinge so longe vpon my God. 4 They yt hate me without a cause, are mo then the hayres of my heade: they that are myne enemies & wolde destroye me giltlesse, are mightie: 5 I am fayne to paye the thinges yt I neuer toke. God, thou knowest my symplenesse, and my fautes are not hyd from the. 6 Let not them that trust in the (o LORDE God of hoostes) be ashamed for my cause: let not those yt seke the, be confounded thorow me, o God of Israel. 7 And why? for thy sake do I suffre reprofe, shame couereth my face. 8 I am become a straunger vnto my brethren, and an aleaunt vnto my mothers children. 9 For the zele of thine house hath euen eaten me, and the rebukes of them that rebuked the, is fallen vpon me. 10 I wepte and chastened my self wt fastinge, and that was turned to my reprofe. 11 I put on a sackecloth, and therfore they iested vpon me. 12 They that satt in the gate, spake agaynst me, and the dronckardes made songes vpon me. 13 But LORDE, I made my prayer vnto the in an acceptable tyme: 14 Heare me (o God) with thy greate mercy & sure helpe. 15 Take me out of the myre, yt I syncke not: Oh let me be delyuered fro the yt hate me, & out of ye depe waters. 16 Lest ye water floude drowne me, that the depe swalowe me not vp, & yt the pitte shut not hir mouth vpon me. 17 Heare me (o LORDE) for thy louynge kyndnesse is confortable: turne the vnto me acordinge vnto yi greate mercy. 18 Hyde not thy face from thy seruaut, for I am in trouble: O haist ye to helpe me. 19 Drawe nye vnto my soule, and saue it: Oh delyuer me because of myne enemies. 20 Thou knowest my reprofe, my shame & my dishonor: my aduersaries are all in thy sight. 21 The rebuke breaketh my hert, & maketh me heuy: I loke for some to haue pitie vpon me, but there is no man: & for some to coforte me, but I fynde none. 22 They gaue me gall to eate, & whe I was thurstie, they gaue me vyneger to drynke. 23 Let their table be made a snare to take them selues withall, an occasion to fall & a rewarde vnto them. 24 Let their eyes be blynded, that they se not: & euer bowe downe their backes. 25 Poure out thy indignacion vpon them, & let thy wrothfull displeasure take holde of them. 26 Let their habitacion be voyde, & no man to dwell in their tentes. 27 For they persecute him whom thou hast smytten, & besyde thy woundes they haue geuen him moo. 28 Let them fall fro one wickednesse to another, & not come into thy rightuousnesse. 29 Let the be wyped out of ye boke of the lyuinge, & not be written amonge the rightuous. 30 As for me, I am poore & in heuynesse, let thy helpe defende me, o God. 31 That I maye prayse ye name of God with a songe, & magnifie it with thankesgeuynge. 32 This shal please the LORDE better then a bullocke, that hath hornes & hoffes. 33 O considre this & be glad (ye that be in aduersite) seke after God, & yor soule shal lyue. 34 For the LORDE heareth the poore, & despyset not his presoners. 35 Let heauen & earth praise him, the see & all that moueth therin. 36 For God wil saue Sion, & buylde the cities of Iuda, that men maye dwell there, & haue the in possession. The sede of his seruauntes shal iheret it, & they that loue his name, shal dwell therin.

Psalms 70:1-150:6

1 Haist the (o God) to delyuer me, & to helpe me, o LORDE. 2 Let the be shamed & confounded that seke after my soule: let them be turned backwarde & put to confucio, that wysh me euell. 3 Let them soone be brought to shame, yt crie ouer me: there there. 4 But let all those that seke the, be ioyfull & glad in the: and let all soch as delyte in thy sauynge health, saye alwaye: ye LORDE be praysed. 5 As for me, I am poore & in misery, haist the God for to helpe me. Thou art my helpe, my redemer & my God: oh make no longe tarienge.

Psalms 71:1-150:6

1 In the, o LORDE, is my trust, let me neuer be put to cofucio, but rydde me & delyuer me thorow thy rightuousnesse: encline thine eare vnto me, & helpe me. 2 Be thou my stronge holde (where vnto I maye allwaye fle) thou that hast promised to helpe me: for thou art my house of defence & my castell. 3 Delyuer me (o my God) out of ye hade of the vngodly, out of the hande of the vnrightuous & cruell man. 4 For thou (o LORDE God) art the thinge that I loge for, thou art my hope euen fro my youth. 5 I haue leaned vpo ye euer sens I was borne, thou art he that toke me out of my mothers wombe, therfore is my prayse allwaye of the. 6 I am become a wonder vnto the multitude, but my sure trust is in the. 7 Oh let my mouth be fylled with thy prayse & honoure all the daye loge. 8 Cast me not awaye in myne olde age, forsake me not when my strength fayleth me. 9 For myne enemies speake agaynst me, & they that laye wayte for my soule, take their councell together, sayenge: God hath forsake him, persecute him, take him, for there is none to helpe him. 10 Go not farre fro me, o God: my God, haist the to helpe me. 11 Let them be cofounded & perish, that are agaynst my soule: let the be couered with shame & dishonoure, that seke to do me euell. 12 As for me, I wil pacietly abyde allwaye, & wil euer encrease thy prayse. 13 My mouth shal speake of thy rightuousnesse & sauynge health all the daye loge, for I knowe no ende therof. 14 Let me go in (o LORDE God) & I wil make mencion of thy power and rightuousnesse only. 15 Thou (o God) hast lerned me fro my youth vp vntill now, therfore wil I tell of yi wonderous workes. 16 Forsake me not (o God) in myne olde age, when I am gray headed: vntill I haue shewed thyne arme vnto childers children, & thy power to all them that are yet for to come. 17 Thy rightuousnes (o God) is very hie, thou that doest greate thinges: o God, who is like vnto the? 18 O what greate troubles & aduersite hast thou shewed me? & yet didest thou turne & refresh me, yee & broughtest me from the depe of the earth agayne. 19 Thou hast brought me to greate honoure, & comforted me on euery syde. 20 Therfore wil I prayse the & thy faithfulnesse (o God) playege vpon the lute, vnto the wil I synge vpon the harpe. o thou holy one of Israel. 21 My lippes wolde fayne synge prayses vnto the: 22 & so wolde my soule, whom thou hast delyuered. 23 My tonge talketh of thy rightuousnesse all the daye longe, 24 for they are confounded & brought vnto shame, yt sought to do me euel.

Psalms 72:1-150:6

1 Geue the kinge thy iudgmet (o God) and thy rightuousnesse vnto the kynges sonne. 2 That he maye gouerne thy people acordinge vnto right, and defende thy poore. 3 That the mountaynes maye brynge peace, and the litle hilles rightuousnes vnto the people. 4 He shal kepe the symple folke by their right, defende the childre of the poore, and punysh the wrongeous doer. 5 Thou shalt be feared as longe as ye Sonne and the Moone endureth, from one generacion to another. 6 He shal come downe like the rayne in to a flese of woll, and like the droppes that water ye earth. 7 In his tyme shal rightuousnesse florish, yee and abundauce of peace, so longe as the Moone endureth. 8 His dominion shalbe from the one see to the other, and from the floude vnto the worldes ende. 9 They that dwell in the wildernes, shal knele before him, & his enemies shal licke the dust. 10 The kynges of the see and of the Iles shal brynge presentes, ye kinges of Araby & Saba shall offre giftes. 11 All kynges shal worshipe him, & all Heithe shal do him seruyce. 12 For he shal deliuer the poore whe he crieth, & the nedy yt hath no helpe. 13 He shall be fauorable to the symple & poore, he shal preserue the soules of soch as be in aduersite. 14 He shal deliuer their soules from extorcion & wronge, & deare shal their bloude be in his sight. 15 He shal lyue, & vnto him shalbe geue of ye golde of Arabia: Prayer shal be made euer vnto him, & daylie shal he be praysed. 16 There shalbe an heape of corne in the earth hye vpon the hilles, his frute shal shake like Libanus, 17 & shal be grene in the cite, like grasse vpo the earth. 18 His name shal endure for euer, his name shal remayne vnder the sonne amonge the posterites, which shalbe blessed thorow him, & all the Heithen shal prayse him. 19 Blessed be the LORDE God, euen the God of Israel, which only doth woderous thinges. 20 And blessed be the name of his maiesty for euer, and all londes be fulfilled with his glory. Amen, Amen.

Psalms 73:1-150:6

1 O how louynge is God vnto Israel, to soch as are of a clene hert? 2 Neuerthelesse my fete were allmost gone, my treadinges had wel nye slipte. 3 And why. I was greued at ye wicked, to se the vngodly in soch prosperite. 4 For they are in no parell of death, but stonde fast like a palace. 5 They come in no misfortune like other folke, nether are they plaged like other men. 6 And this is the cause that they be so puft vp in pryde, & ouerwhelmed with cruelte and vnrigthuousnesse. 7 Their eyes swell for fatnesse, they do euen what they lyst. 8 Corrupte are they, and speake blasphemies maliciously, proude and presumptuous are their wordes. 9 They stretch forth their mouth vnto the heauen, & their tonge goeth thorow the worlde. 10 Therfore fall the people vnto them, and there out sucke they no small auauntage. 11 Tush (saye they) how shulde God perceaue it? is there knowlege in the most hyest? 12 Lo, these are the vngodly, these prospere in the worlde, these haue riches in possession. 13 Shulde I then clense my hert in vayne (thought I) & wash my hondes in innocency? 14 Wherfore shulde I be then punyshed daylie, & be chastened euery mornynge? 15 Yee I had allmost also sayde euen as they: but lo, then shulde I haue condemned the generacion of thy children. 16 Then thought I to vnderstonde this, but it was to harde for me. 17 Vntill I wete in to ye Sanctuary of God, & considered the ende of these men. 18 Namely, how thou hast set the in a slippery place, that thou maiest cast the downe headlynges & destroye the. 19 O how sodenly do they consume, perish, & come to a fearfull ende? 20 Yee euen like as a dreame when one awaketh, so makest thou their ymage to vanish out of the cite. 21 Thus my hert was greued, & it wente euen thorow my reynes. 22 So foolish was I and ignoraunt, and as it were a beest before the. 23 Neuerthelesse, I am allwaye by the, thou holdest me by my right hande. 24 Thou ledest me with thy coucel, and afterwarde receauest me vnto glory. 25 O what is there prepared for me in heauen? there is nothinge vpo earth, that I desyre in comparison of the. 26 My flesh and my herte fayleth, but God is the strength of my hert, and my porcion for euer. 27 For lo, they that forsake the, shal perishe, thou destroyest all them that committe fornicacion agaynst the. 28 But it is good for me, to holde me fast by God, to put my trust in the LORDE God, and to speake of all thy workes.

Psalms 74:1-150:6

1 O God, wherfore doest thou cast vs so cleane awaye? why is yi wrath so hote agaynst ye shepe of yi pasture? 2 O thynke vpon thy congregacion, whom thou hast purchased fro the begynnynge: 3 the staff of thine inheritaunce, whom thou hast redemed, euen this hill of Sion wherin thou dwellest. 4 Treade vpon them with thy fete, & cast them downe to the grounde, for the enemie hath destroyed alltogether in the Sactuary. 5 Thy aduersaries roare in thy houses, & set vp their banners for tokens. 6 Men maye se the axes glister aboue, like as those that hewe in the wod. 7 They cutt downe all the sylinge worke of ye Sactuary wt bylles & axes. 8 They haue set fyre vpon yi Sactuary they haue defiled ye dwellynge place of yi name, eue vnto the groude. 9 Yee they saye in their hertes: Let vs spoyle the all together, thus haue they brent vp all the houses of God in the londe. 10 We se oure tokens nomore, there is not one prophet more, no not one that vnderstondeth enymore. 11 Oh God, how loge shal the aduersary do this dishonoure, how loge shal the enemie blaspheme thy name? foreuer? 12 Why withdrawest thou thine honde? why pluckest thou not thy right hode out of thy bosome, to consume thine enemies? 13 But God is my kynge of olde, the helpe that is done vpon earth he doth it himself. 14 Thou denydest ye see thorow thy power, thou breakest the heades of the dragos in the waters. 15 Thou smytest the heades of Leuiathan in peces, & geuest him to be meate for the people in the wildernesse. 16 Thou dyggest vp welles & brokes, thou dryest vp mightie waters. 17 The daye is thyne, & the night is thine: thou hast prepared the lightes & the Sonne. 18 Thou hast set all ye borders of the earth thou hast made both Sommer & wynter. 19 Remembre this (o LORDE) how the enemie rebuketh, & how the foolish people blaspheme thy name. 20 O delyuer not the soule of thy turtle doue vnto the beestes, & forget not the congregacon of the poore for euer. 21 Loke vpon the couenaunt, for the darcke houses of the earth are full of wickednesse. 22 O let not the symple go awaye ashamed, for the poore & nedy geue prayses vnto thy name. 23 Aryse (o God) & manteyne thine owne cause, remembre how the foolish ma blasphemeth the daylie. Forget not the voyce of thine enemies, for the presumpcion of them that hate the, increaseth euer more & more.

Psalms 75:1-150:6

1 Unto the (o God) will we geue thakes, yee vnto the wyll we geue thankes, 2 & seynge thy name is so nye, we will tell of thy wonderous workes. 3 When I maye get a conuenient tyme, I shal iudge acordinge vnto right. 4 The earth is weake & all that is therin, but I beare vp hir pilers. 5 Sela. I sayde vnto the madde people: deale not so madly, & to the vngodly: set not vp youre hornes. 6 Set not vp youre hornes an hye, & speake not with a stiff necke. 7 For promocio commeth nether from the east ner from the west, ner yet fro the wyldernesse. 8 And why? God is the iudge: he putteth downe one & setteth vp another. 9 For in the honde of the LORDE there is a cuppe full of stronge wyne, & he poureth out of the same: As for the dregges therof, all ye vngodly of the earth shal drynke them, & sucke them out. 10 But I wil talke of the God of Iacob, & prayse him for euer. All the hornes of the vngodly will I breake, & ye hornes of the rightuous shalbe exalted.

Psalms 76:1-150:6

1 In Iuda is God knowne, his name is greate in Israel. 2 At Salem is his tabernacle, & his dwellinge in Sion. 3 There breaketh he the arowes of the bowe, ye shylde, the swerde & the whole battayll. 4 Sela. Thou art of more honoure & might the the hilles of robbers. 5 The proude shalbe robbed & slepe their slepe, & ye mightie shalbe able to do nothinge with their hodes. 6 Whe thou rebukest them (o God of Iacob) both the charettes & horsmen shal fall on slepe. 7 Thou art feareful, for who maye abyde in yi sight, when thou art angrie? 8 When thou lattest thy iudgment be herde from heauen, the erth trembleth & is still. 9 Yee when God aryseth to geue iudgment, & to helpe all them that be in aduersite vpon earth. 10 Sela. When thou punyshest one man, he must knowlege, that thou art redy to punysh other mo. 11 Loke what ye promyse vnto the LORDE youre God, se that kepe it, all ye that be roude aboute him: brynge presentes vnto him yt ought to be feared. 12 Which taketh awaye the breth of prynces, & is wonderfull amoge the kynges of the earth.

Psalms 77:1-150:6

1 I cried vnto God with my voyce, yee euen vnto God cried I with my voyce, & he herde me. 2 In the tyme of my trouble I sought the LORDE, I helde vp my hondes vnto him in the night season, for my soule refused all other comforte. 3 When I was in heuynesse, I thought vpo God: whe my hert was vexed, then dyd I speake. 4 Sela. Thou heldest myne eyes wakynge, I was so feble, that I coude not speake, 5 Then remembred I the tymes of olde, & the yeares that were past. 6 I called to remembraunce my songe in the night, I commoned with myne owne herte, and sought out my sprete. 7 Wil the LORDE cast out for euer? Wil he be nomore intreated? 8 Is his mercy cleane gone? Is his promyse come vtterly to an ende for euermore? 9 Hath the LORDE forgotten to be gracious? Or, hath he shut vp his louynge kyndnesse in displeasure? 10 Sela. At the last I came to this poynte, that I thought: O why art thou so foolish? the right honde of the most hyest can chaunge all. 11 Therfore wil I remembre the workes of the LORDE, and call to mynde thy wonders of olde tyme. 12 I wil speake of all thy workes, and my talkynge shalbe of thy doinges. 13 Thy waye (o God) is holy, who is so greate & mightie as God? 14 Thou art the God, that doth wonders, thou hast declared thy power amonge the people. 15 Thou with thine arme hast delyuered thy people, euen the sonnes of Iacob and Ioseph. 16 Sela. The waters sawe ye (o God) ye waters sawe ye, & were afrayed: ye depthes were moued. 17 The thicke cloudes poured out water, ye cloudes thodered, and thy arowes wente abrode. 18 Thy thonder was herde rounde aboute, the lighteninges shone vpon the grounde, the earth was moued and shoke withall. 19 Thy waye was in the see, and thy pathes in the greate waters, yet coude no man knowe thy fotesteppes. 20 Thou leddest thy people like a flocke of shepe, by the honde of Moses and Aaron.

Psalms 78:1-150:6

1 Heare my lawe (o my people) encline yor eares vnto ye wordes of my mouth. 2 I wil open my mouth in parables, and speake of thinges of olde. 3 Which we haue herde and knowne, and soch as oure fathers haue tolde vs. 4 That we shulde not hyde them from the children of the generacions to come: but to shewe the honoure of the LORDE, his might and wonderfull workes that he hath done. 5 He made a couenaunt with Iacob, and gaue Israel a lawe, which he comaunded oure forefathers to teach their children. 6 That their posterite might knowe it, and the children which were yet vnborne. 7 To the intent yt when they came vp, they might shewe their children the same. 8 That they also might put their trust in God, & not to forget what he had done, but to kepe his comaundementes. 9 And not to be as their forefathers, a frowarde and ouerthwarte generacion, a generacion that set not their herte a right, and whose sprete was not true towarde God. 10 Like as the children of Ephraim, which beynge harnessed and carienge bowes, turned them selues backe in the tyme of battayll. 11 They kepte not the couenaut of God, & wolde not walke in his lawe. 12 They forgat what he had done, and the wonderfull workes that he had shewed for them. 13 Maruelous thinges dyd he in the sight of their fathers in the londe of Egipte, euen in the felde of Zoan. 14 He deuyded the see and let them go thorow it, and made the waters to stonde like a wall. 15 In the daye tyme he led them with a cloude, and all the night thorow with a light of fyre. 16 He cloaue the hard rockes in the wildernesse, and gaue them drynke therof, as it had bene out of the greate deapth. 17 He brought waters out of the stony rocke, so that they gusshed out like the ryuers. 18 Yet for all this they synned agaynst him, and prouoked the most hyest in the wildernesse. 19 They tempted God in their hertes, and requyred meate for their lust, 20 For they spake agaynst God and sayde: Yee yee, God shal prepare a table in the wyldernesse, shall he? 21 Lo, he smote the stony rocke, that the watery streames gusshed out, and the streames flowed withall: but how can he geue bred and prouyde flesh for his people? 22 When the LORDE herde this, he was wroth: so the fyre was kyndled in Iacob, and heuy displeasure agaynst Israel. 23 Because they beleued not in God, and put not their trust in his helpe. 24 So he commauded the cloudes aboue, and opened the dores of heauen. 25 He rayned downe Manna vpo them for to eate, and gaue them bred from heauen. 26 Then ate they angels fode, for he sent them meate ynough. 27 He caused the east wynde to blowe vnder the heauen, and thorow his power he brought in the south wynde. 28 He made flesh to rayne vpon them as thicke as dust, and fethered foules like the sonde of ye see. 29 He let it fall amoge their tetes roude aboute their habitacios. 30 So they ate & were fylled, for he gaue them their owne desyre. They were not dispoynted of their lust. 31 But whyle ye meate was yet in theyr mouthes: The heuy wrath of God came vpo the, slewe ye welthiest of the, & smote downe ye chosen men of Israel. 32 But for all this they synned yet more, and beleued not his woderous workes. 33 Therfore their dayes were consumed in vanite, and sodenly their yeares were gone. 34 When he slewe them, they sought him, and turned them early vnto God. 35 They thought then that God was their socoure, and that the hye God was their redemer. 36 Neuerthelesse, they dyd but flater him in their mouthes, and dissembled with him in their tonges. 37 For their herte was not whole with him, nether continued they in his couenaunt. 38 But he was so mercifull, that he forgaue their mysdedes, and destroyed them not: 39 Yee many a tyme turned he his wrath awaye, and wolde not suffre his whole displeasure to aryse. 40 For he considered yt they were but flesh: euen a wynde that passeth awaye, and commeth not agayne. 41 O how oft haue they greued him in the wildernesse? How many a tyme haue they prouoked him in the deserte? 42 They turned backe & tempted God, and moued the holy one in Israel. 43 They thought not of his hade, in ye daye when he delyuered them from the hande of ye enemie. 44 How he had wrought his miracles in Egipte, and his woders in the londe of Zoan. 45 How he turned their waters in to bloude, so that they might not drynke of the ryuers. 46 How he sent lyse amonge them, to eate them vp, and frogges to destroye them. 47 How he gaue their frutes vnto the catirpiller, and their laboure vnto the greshopper. 48 How he bett downe their vynyardes with hayle stones, and their Molbery trees with the frost. 49 How he smote their catell with haylestones, and their flockes with hote thoder boltes. 50 How he sent vpon them ye furiousnesse of his wrath, anger & displeasure: with trouble and fallinge in of euel angels. 51 When he made a waye to his fearfull indignacio, and spared not their soules from death, yee and gaue their catell ouer to the pestilence. 52 When he smote all the firstborne in Egipte, the most principall and mightiest in ye dwellinges of Ham. 53 But as for his owne people, he led them forth like shepe, and caried them in the wyldernesse like a flocke. 54 He brought them out safely, that they shulde not feare, and ouerwhelmed their enemies with the see. 55 He caried them vnto the borders of his Sanctuary: euen in to this hill, which he purchased with his right hande. 56 He dyd cast out the Heithen before them, caused their londe to be deuyded amonge them for an heretage, and made ye tribes of Israel to dwell in their tetes. 57 For all this they tempted and displeased the most hye God, and kepte not his couenaunt. 58 But turned their backes and fell awaye like their forefathers, startinge asyde like a broken bowe. 59 And so they greued him with their hie places, & prouoked him with their ymages. 60 When God herde this, he was wroth, and toke sore displeasure at Israel. 61 So that he forsoke the tabernacle in Silo, euen his habitacion wherin he dwelt amonge men. 62 He delyuered their power in to captiuyte, and their glory in to the enemies hode. 63 He gaue his people ouer in to the swerde, for he was wroth with his heretage. 64 The fyre consumed their yonge men, and their maydes were not geuen to mariage. 65 Their prestes were slayne with the swerde, and there were no wyddowes to make lamentacion. 66 So the LORDE awaked as one out of slepe, and like a giaunte refreshed with wyne. 67 He smote his enemies in ye hynder partes, and put them to a perpetuall shame. 68 He refused the tabernacle of Ioseph, and chose not the trybe of Ephraim. 69 Neuerthelesse, he chose ye trybe of Iuda, eue the hill of Sion which he loued. 70 And there he buylded his temple on hye, and layed ye foundacion of it like ye grounde, that it might perpetually endure. 71 He chose Dauid also his seruaut, and toke him awaye from the shepe foldes. 72 As he was folowinge the yowes greate with yonge, he toke him, that he might fede Iacob his people, and Israel his enheritaunce. So he fed them with a faithfull and true hert, and ruled them with all ye diligence of his power.

Psalms 79:1-150:6

1 O God, ye Heithen are fallen in to thine heretage: thy holy temple haue they defyled, and made Ierusalem an heape of stones. 2 The deed bodies of thy seruauntes haue they geuen vnto ye foules of the ayre to be deuoured, and the flesh of thy sayntes vnto ye beestes of the londe. 3 Their bloude haue they shed like water on euery syde of Ierusalem, and there was no ma to burie them. 4 We are become an open shame vnto oure enemies, a very scorne and derision vnto them that are rounde aboute vs. 5 LORDE, how longe wilt thou be angrie? shal thy gelousy burne like fyre for euer? 6 Poure out thy indignacion vpon the Heithen that knowe the not, and vpon the kyngdomes that call not vpon thy name. 7 For they haue deuoured Iacob, and layed waiste his dwellinge place. 8 O remebre not oure olde synnes, but haue mercy vpon vs (& that soone) for we are come to greate mysery. 9 Helpe vs (O God or Sauyor) for ye glory of yi name: o delyuer vs, & forgeue vs or synnes for yi names sake. 10 Wherfore shall ye Heithe saye: where is now their God? 11 O let the vengeaunce of thy seruauntes bloude that is shed, be openly shewed vpon the Heithe in oure sight. 12 O let the soroufull sighinge of the presoners come before the, and acordinge vnto ye power of thine arme, preserue those yt are appoynted to dye. 13 And for the blasphemy wher wt or neghbours haue blasphemed ye, rewarde the (o LORDE) seuefolde in to their bosome. So we yt be yi people & shepe of thy pasture, shal geue the thankes for euer, & wil allwaye be shewinge forth thy prayse more & more.

Psalms 80:1-150:6

1 Heare o thou shepherde of Israel, thou yt ledest Iacob like a flocke of shepe: shewe yi self, thou yt syttest vpo ye Cherubins. 2 Before Ephraim, Be Iamin & Manasses: stere vp thy power & come helpe vs. 3 Turne vs agayne (o God) shewe the light of thy countenauce & we shalbe whole. 4 O LORDE God of hoostes, how loge wilt thou be angrie ouer the prayer of thy people? 5 Thou hast fed the with the bred of teares, yee thou hast geuen the pleteousnes of teares to drynke. 6 Thou hast made vs a very strife vnto or neghbours, & or enemies laugh vs to scorne. 7 Turne vs agayne (thou God of hoostes) shewe the light of thy coutenauce, & we shalbe whole. 8 Thou hast brought a vynyarde out of Egipte, thou didest cast out ye Heithe, & plate it. 9 Thou maydest rowme for it, & caused it to take rote, so yt it fylled the lode. 10 The hilles were couered with the shadowe of it, & so were the stronge Cedretrees wt the bowes therof. 11 She stretched out hir brauches vnto the see, & hir bowes vnto the water: 12 Why hast thou then broken downe hir hedge, that all they which go by, plucke of hir grapes? 13 The wilde bore out of the wod hath wrutt it vp, & the beestes of the felde haue deuoured it. 14 Turne ye agayne (thou God of hoostes) loke downe from heauen, beholde & viset this vynyarde. 15 Manteyne it, that thy right hode hath plated, & the sonne whom thou maydest so moch of for thy self. 16 For why? it is bret with fyre, & lyeth waist: o let the perishe at the rebuke of thy wrath. 17 Let thy honde be vpon the man of thy right honde, & vpon the man who thou maydest so moch off for thine owne self. 18 And so wil not we go backe from the: oh let vs lyue, & we shal call vpon thy name. 19 Turne vs agayne o LORDE God of hoostes, shewe the light of thy coutenauce, & we shal be whole.

Psalms 81:1-150:6

1 Synge merely vnto God which is or stregth make a chearful noyse vnto ye God of Iacob. 2 Take ye psalme, brynge hither the tabret, the mery harpe & lute. 3 Blowe vp the tropettes in the new Moone, vpon or solepne feast daye. 4 For this is the vse in Israel, & a lawe of the God of Iacob. 5 This he ordened in Ioseph for a testimony, when he came out of Egipte, & had herde a strauge laguage. 6 When he eased his shulder from the burthe, & when his hondes were delyuered fro the pottes. 7 Whe thou calldest vpon me in trouble, I helped the & herde the, what tyme as the storme fell vpo the, 8 I proued the also at the water of strife. 9 Sela. Heare o my people, for I assure the o Israel, yf thou wilt herken vnto me: 10 There shal no straunge God be in the, nether shalt thou worshipe eny other God. 11 I am the LORDE thy God, which brought the out of the lode of Egipte: ope thy mouth wyde, & I shal fyll it. 12 But my people wolde not heare my voyce, & Israel wolde not obeye me. 13 So I gaue the vp vnto their owne hertes lust, & let the folowe their owne ymaginacions. 14 Oy my people wolde obeye me, for yf Israel wolde walke in my wayes. 15 I shulde soone put downe their enemies, & turne myne hode agaynst their aduersaries. 16 The haters of ye LORDE shulde mysse Israel, but their tyme shulde endure for euer. He shulde fede them with the fynest wheate floure, & satisfie them with hony out of the stony rocke.

Psalms 82:1-150:6

1 God stondeth in the congregacion of the goddes, & is a iudge amonge the iudges. 2 How longe wil ye geue wroge iudgment, & accepte the personnes of the vngodly? 3 Sela. Defende the poore & fatherlesse, se that soch as be in nede & necessite haue right. 4 Delyuer the outcaste & poore, & saue hym from the hande of the vngodly. 5 Neuertheles, they wil not be lerned & vnderstonde, but walke on still in darcknesse: therfore must all the foundacions of the londe be moued. 6 I haue sayde: ye are goddes, ye all are the childre of ye most hyest. 7 But ye shal dye like men, & fall like one of the tyrauntes. 8 Aryse (o God) & iudge thou the earth, for all Heithen are thine by enheritaunce.

Psalms 83:1-150:6

1 Holde not thy tonge (o God) kepe not still sylece,, refrayne not yi self, o God. 2 For lo, thy enemies make a murmuringe, & they yt hate the, lift vp their heade. 3 They ymagin craftely agaynst thy people, & take councell agaynst thy secrete ones. 4 Come (saye they) let vs rote them out from amonge the people, that the name of Israel maye be put out of remebraunce. 5 For they haue cast their heades together with one consent, & are cofederate agaynst the. 6 The tabernacles of the Edomites & Ismaelites, the Moabites & Hagarenes. 7 Gebal, Ammon and Amalech: the Philistynes with them that dwell at Tyre. 8 Assur also is ioyned vnto the & helpe the children of Loth. 9 Sela. But do thou to them as vnto the Madianites, vnto Sisera and vnto Iabin by ye broke of Cyson. 10 Which perished at Endor, & became as the doge of ye earth. 11 Make their prynces like Oreb and Zeeb: Yee make all their prynces like as Zebea and Salmana. 12 Which saye: we wil haue the houses of God in possession? 13 O my God, make them like vnto a whele, and as the stuble before the wynde. 14 Like as a fyre that burneth vp the wodd, & as the flame that consumeth the mountaynes. 15 Persecute them euen so with thy tempest, & make them afrayed with thy storme. 16 Make their faces ashamed (o LORDE) yt they maye seke thy name. 17 Let the be cofounded & vexed euer more & more: Let the be put to shame & perish. 18 That they maye knowe, that thou art alone, that thy name is the LORDE, and that thou only art the most hyest ouer all the earth.

Psalms 84:1-150:6

1 O how amiable are yi dwelliges, thou LORDE of hoostes? 2 My soule hath a desyre & loginge for ye courte of ye LORDE, my hert & my flesh reioyse in ye lyuynge God. 3 For the sparow hath founde hir an house, & the swalowe a nest, where she maye laye hir yoge: eue yi aulters O LORDE of hoostes, my kynge & my God. 4 O how blessed are they that dwell in thy house, they are allwaye praysinge ye. 5 Blessed are ye men whose stregth is in ye, in whose herte are yt wayes. 6 Which goinge thorow the vale of mysery, vse it for a well, and the poles are fylled with water. 7 They go from strength to strength and so the God of Gods apeareth vnto the in Sion. 8 O LORDE God of hoostes, heare my prayer: herken o God of Iacob. 9 Beholde o God oure defence, loke vpon the face of thyne anoynted. 10 For one daye in thy courte is better then a thousande: 11 I had rather be a dore keper in the house of my God, then to dwell in the tentes of the vngodly. 12 For the LORDE God is a light and defence, the LORDE wil geue grace & worshipe, and no good thinge shal he witholde from them, that lyue a godly life. O LORDE God of hoostes, blessed is the man, yt putteth his trust in the.

Psalms 85:1-150:6

1 Lorde, thou barest a loue vnto thy londe, thou didest bringe agayne the captiuyte of Iacob. 2 Thou diddest forgeue the offence of thy people, and couerdest all their synnes. 3 Sela. Thou tokest awaye all thy displeasure, & turnedest thy self from thy wrothful indignacion. 4 Turne vs then (o God or Sauioure) & let thine anger ceasse from vs. 5 Wilt thou be displeased at vs for euer? wilt thou stretch out thy wrath from one generacion to another? 6 Wilt thou not turne agayne, & quycken vs, that thy people maye reioyse in the? 7 Shew us thy mercy, O Lord : and grant vs thy salvation. 8 I wil herken what the LORDE God wil saie, for he shal speake peace vnto his people and to his sayntes, that they turne not them selues vnto foolishnes. 9 For his saluacion is nye them that feare him, so that glory shal dwell in oure londe. 10 Mercy and trueth are met together, rightuousnesse and peace kysse ech other. 11 Trueth shal ryse out of ye earth, and rightuousnesse shall loke downe from heauen. 12 And why? the LORDE shal shewe louinge kyndnesse, and oure londe shal geue hir encrease. 13 Rightuousnesse shal go before him, and prepare the waye for his commynge.

Psalms 86:1-150:6

1 Bowe downe thine eare (o LORDE) and heare me, for I am cofortles and poore. 2 O kepe my soule, for I am holy: my God, helpe thy seruaunt that putteth his trust in the. 3 Be mercifull vnto me (o LORDE) for I call daylie vpon the. 4 Coforte the soule of thy seruaunt, for vnto the (o LORDE) do I lift vp my soule. 5 For thou LORDE art good and gracious, & of greate mercy vnto all them that call vpon the. 6 Geue eare LORDE vnto my prayer, and pondre my humble desyre. 7 In the tyme of my trouble I call vpon the, for thou hearest me. 8 Amonge the goddes there is none like the o LORDE, there is not one that ca do as thou doest. 9 All nacions whom thou hast made, shall come and worshipe before the o LORDE, and shal glorifie thy name. 10 For thou art greate, thou doest wonderous thinges, thou art God alone. 11 Lede me in thy waye (o LORDE) that I maye walke in thy trueth: O let my hert delyte in fearynge thy name. 12 I thanke the o LORDE my God, & wil prayse thy name for euer. 13 For greate is thy mercy towarde me, thou hast delyuered my soule from ye nethermost hell. 14 O God, the proude are rysen agaynst me, and the cogregacion of ye mightie seketh after my soule, & set not ye before their eyes. 15 But thou (o LORDE God) art full of compassion and mercy, longesuffrynge, greate in goodnesse & trueth. 16 O turne the then vnto me, haue mercy vpo me: geue thy strength vnto thy seruaunt, & helpe the sonne of thy handmayde. 17 Shewe some toke vpon me for good, that they which hate me, maye se it and be ashamed: because thou LORDE hast helped me, & comforted me.

Psalms 87:1-150:6

1 Hir foundacions are vpo the holy hilles: the LORDE loueth the gates of Sion more, the all ye dwelliges of Iacob. 2 Very excellet thiges are spoke of ye, thou cite of God. 3 Sela. I wil thinke vpo Rahab & Babilo, so that they shal knowe me: 4 Yee the Philistynes also & they of Tyre with the Morians. Lo, there was he borne. 5 And of Sion it shalbe reported, that he was borne in her, euen the most hyest which hath buylded her. 6 The LORDE shal cause it be preached & written amonge the people, that he was borne there. 7 Sela. Therfore the dwellinge of all syngers & daunsers is in the.

Psalms 88:1-150:6

1 O Lorde God my Sauyor, I crie daye & night before the: Oh let my prayer entre in to thy presence, encline thine eare vnto my callynge. 2 For my soule is full of trouble, & my life draweth nye vnto hell. 3 I am couted as one of the that go downe vnto the pytte, I am eue as a ma that hath no stregth. 4 Fre amoge the deed, like vnto the yt lye in the graue, which be out of remembrauce, and are cutt awaye from thy honde. 5 Thou hast layed me in the lowest pytte, in ye darcknesse and in the depe. 6 Thy indignacion lieth hard vpon me, and thou vexest me with all thy floudes. 7 Sela. Thou hast put awaye myne acquataunce farre fro me, & made me to be abhorred of them: 8 I am so fast in preson, that I can not get forth. 9 My sight fayleth for very trouble: LORDE, I call daylie vpo the, and stretch out my hondes vnto the. 10 Doest thou shewe wonders amonge the deed? Can the physicias rayse them vp agayne, that they maye prayse the? 11 Maye thy louynge kyndnes be shewed in the graue, or thy faithfulnesse in destruccion? 12 Maye thy wonderous workes be knowne in the darcke, or thy righteousnes in the londe where all thinges are forgotte? 13 Vnto the I crie (o LORDE) and early cometh my prayer before the. 14 LORDE, why puttest thou awaye my soule? Wherfore hydest thou thy face fro me? 15 My strength is gone for very sorow and misery, with fearfulnesse do I beare thy burthens. 16 Thy wroth full displeasure goeth ouer me, the feare of the oppresseth me. 17 They come rounde aboute me daylie like water, and compase me together on euery syde. 18 My louers and fredes hast thou put awaye fro me, and turned awaye myne acquantaunce.

Psalms 89:1-150:6

1 My songe shal be allwaye of the louynge kyndnesse of the LORDE, wt my mouth wil I euer be shewinge thy faithfulnesse fro one generacion to another. 2 For I haue sayde: mercy shal be set vp for euer, thy faithfulnesse shalt thou stablish in the heauens. 3 I haue made a couenaunt with my chosen, I haue sworne vnto Dauid my seruaunt. 4 Thy sede wil I stablish for euer, and set vp thy Trone from one generacion to another. 5 Sela. O LORDE, the very heaues shal prayse thy wonderous workes, yee & thy faithfulnes in ye congregacion of the sayntes. 6 For who is he amonge the cloudes, that maye be copared vnto the LORDE? 7 Yee what is he amonge the goddes, that is like vnto the LORDE? 8 God is greatly to be feared in the councell of the sayntes, & to be had in reuerence of all the that are aboute him. 9 O LORDE God of hoostes, who is like vnto the in power? thy trueth is rounde aboute the. 10 Thou rulest the pryde of the see, thou stillest the wawes therof, whe they arise. 11 Thou breakest the proude, like one that is wounded, thou scatrest thine enemies abrode with thy mightie arme. 12 The heaues are thine, the earth is thine: thou hast layed the foundacio of the roude worlde and all that therin is. 13 Thou hast made the north and the south, Tabor and Hermon shal reioyse in thy name. 14 Thou hast a mightie arme, stronge is thy hande, and hye is thy right hande. 15 Rightuousnes and equite is the habitacion of thy seate, mercy and trueth go before thy face. 16 Blessed is the people (o LORDE) that can reioyse in the, and walketh in the light of thy countenaunce. 17 Their delite is in thy name all the daye longe, and thorow thy rightuousnesse they shalbe exalted. 18 For thou art the glory of their strength, & thorow thy fauoure shalt thou lift vp oure hornes. 19 The LORDE is oure defence, and the holy one of Israel is oure kynge. 20 Thou spakest somtyme in visios vnto thy sayntes, and saydest: I haue layed helpe vpon one that is mightie, I haue exalted one chosen out of the people. 21 I haue founde Dauid my seruaut, with my holy oyle haue I anoynted him. 22 My honde shal holde him fast, and my arme shal strength him. 23 The enemie shal not ouercome him, and the sonne of wickednesse shal not hurte him. 24 I shal smyte downe his foes before his face, and plage them that hate him. 25 My trueth also & my mercy shalbe with him, and in my name shal his horne be exalted. 26 I wil set his honde in the see, and his right honde in the floudes. 27 He shal call me: thou art my father, my God, and the strength of my saluacion. 28 And I wil make him my firstborne, hyer then the kinges of the earth. 29 My mercy wil I kepe for him for euermore, and my couenaunt shall stonde fast with him. 30 His sede wil I make to endure for euer, yee and his Trone as the dayes of heauen. 31 But yf his childre forsake my lawe, and walke not in my iudgmentes. 32 Yf they breake myne ordinaunces, and kepe not my commaundementes. 33 I wil vyset their offences with the rodde, and their synnes with scourges. 34 Neuerthelesse, my louynge kyndnesse wil I not vtterly take from him, ner fuffre my trueth to fayle. 35 My couenaunt wil I not breake, ner disanulle the thinge yt is gone out of my lippes. 36 I haue sworne once by my holynesse, that I wil not fayle Dauid. 37 His sede shal endure for euer, and his seate also like as the Sonne before me. 38 He shal stonde fast for euermore as the Moone, and as the faithfull witnesse in heauen. 39 Sela. But now thou forsakest and abhorrest thyne anoynted, and art displeased at him. 40 Thou hast turned backe the couenaunt of thy seruaunt, and cast his crowne to the grounde. 41 Thou hast ouerthrowne all his hedges, and broke downe his stronge holdes. 42 Al they that go by, spoyle him, he is become a rebuke vnto his neghbours. 43 Thou settest vp the right hade of his enemies, and makest all his aduersaryes to reioyse. 44 Thou hast taken awaye the strength of his swerde, and geuest him not victory in the battayll. 45 Thou hast put out his glory, and cast his Trone downe to the grounde. 46 The dayes of his youth hast thou shortened, and couered him with dishonoure. 47 Sela. LORDE, how longe wilt thou hyde thy self? For euer? shal thy wrath burne like fyre? 48 O remembre how shorte my tyme is, hast thou made all men for naught? 49 What man is he that lyueth, and shal not se death? Maye a ma delyuer his owne soule from the honde of hell? 50 Sela. LORDE, where are thy olde louynge kyndnesses, which thou sworest vnto Dauid in thy trueth? 51 Remebre LORDE the rebuke that ye multitude of the people do vnto thy seruauntes, & how I haue borne it in my bosome. 52 Wher wt thine enemies blasphemethe, & slauder ye fotesteppes of yi anoynted. Thankes be to the LORDE for euermore: Amen, Amen.

Psalms 90:1-150:6

1 Lorde, thou art oure refuge from one generacion to another. 2 Before the mountaynes were brought forth, or euer the earth & the worlde were made, thou art God from euerlastinge and worlde withoute ende. 3 Thou turnest man to destruccion, Agayne, thou sayest: come agayne ye children of men. 4 For a thousande yeares in thy sight are but as yesterdaye that is past, and like as it were a night watch. 5 As soone as thou scatrest them, they are euen as a slepe, and fade awaye sodenly like the grasse. 6 In the mornynge it is grene and groweth vp, but in the euenynge it is cutt downe and wythered. 7 For we consume awaye in thy displeasure, and are afrayed at thy wrothfull indignacion. 8 Thou settest oure mi?dedes before the, and oure secrete synnes in the light of thy countenaunce. 9 For when thou art angrie, all or dayes are gone, we brynge or yeares to an ende, as it were a tayle that is tolde. 10 The dayes of oure age are iij. score yeares & ten: & though men be so stronge that they come to iiij. score yeares, yet is their strength then but laboure and sorowe: so soone passeth it awaye, & we are gone. 11 But who regardeth the power of thy wrath, thy fearfull & terrible displeasure? 12 O teach vs to nombre oure dayes, that we maye applie oure hertes vnto wy?dome. 13 Turne the agayne (o LORDE) at the last, and be gracious vnto thy seruauntes. 14 O satisfie vs with thy mercy, and that soone: so shal we reioyse and be glad all the dayes of oure life. 15 Comforte vs agayne, now after the tyme that thou hast plaged vs, and for the yeares wherin we haue suffred aduersite. 16 Shewe thy seruauntes thy worke, & their children thy glory. 17 And the glorious maiesty of the LORDE oure God be vpon vs: O prospere thou the worke of oure hondes vpon vs, o prospere thou oure hondy worke.

Psalms 91:1-150:6

1 Who so dwelleth vnder ye defence of the most hyest, & abydeth vnder ye shadowe of ye allmightie: 2 He shal saye vnto ye LORDE: o my hope, & my stronge holde, my God, in who I wil trust. 3 For he shal deliuer the fro the snare of the hunter, & fro the noysome pestilence. 4 He shal couer the vnder his wynges, that thou mayest be safe vnder his fethers: his faithfulnesse and trueth shal be thy shylde and buckler. 5 So yt thou shalt not nede to be afrayed for eny bugges by night, ner for arowe that flyeth by daye. 6 For the pestilece that crepeth in ye darcknesse, ner for the sicknesse yt destroyeth in the noone daye. 7 A thousande shal fall besyde the, and ten thousande at thy right honde, but it shal not come nye the. 8 Yee with thyne eyes shalt thou beholde, and se the rewarde of the vngodly. 9 For thou LORDE art my hope, thou hast set thy house of defence very hye. 10 There shal no euell happen vnto the, nether shal eny plage come nye thy dwellinge. 11 For he shall geue his angels charge ouer the, to kepe the in all thy wayes. 12 They shal beare the in their hondes, that thou hurte not thy fote agaynst a stone. 13 Thou shalt go vpo the Lyon and Adder, the yonge Lyon and the Dragon shalt thou treade vnder thy fete. 14 Because he hath set his loue vpon me, I shal delyuer him: I shal defende him, for he hath knowne my name. 15 When he calleth vpon me, I shall heare him: yee I am with him in his trouble, wherout I wil delyuer him, and brynge him to honoure. 16 With loge life wil I satisfie him, & shewe him my saluacion.

Psalms 92:1-150:6

1 It is a good thinge to geue thankes vnto the LORDE, and to synge prayses vnto yi name, o most hyest. 2 To tell of thy louynge kyndnesse early in the mornynge, and of thy trueth in the night season. 3 Vpon an instrumet of ten strynges, vpon the lute and with a songe vpon the harpe. 4 For thou LORDE hast made me glad thorow thy workes, and I wil reioyse ouer the operacion of thy hondes. 5 O LORDE, how glorious are thy workes, thy thoughtes are very depe. 6 An vnwyse man wil not knowe this, & a foole wil not vnderstode it. 7 That the vngodly are grene as the grasse, and that all the workes of wickednes do florish, to be destroyed for euer. 8 But thou LORDE o most hyest, abydest worlde without ende. 9 For lo, thy enemies (o LORDE) lo, thy enemies shal perishe, and all the workers of wickednes shalbe scatred abrode. 10 But my horne shalbe exalted like the horne of an Vnicorne, & shal be anoynted with fresh oyle. 11 Myne eye also shal se his lust of myne enemies, 12 & myne eare shall heare his desyre of the wicked yt ryse vp agaynst me. 13 The rightuous shal florish like a palme tre, and growe like a Cedre of Libanus. 14 Soch as be planted in the house of the LORDE,be frutefull, plenteous & grene. 15 That they maye shewe, how true the LORDE my stregth is, and that there is no vnrightuousnesse in him.

Psalms 93:1-150:6

1 The LORDE is kynge, and hath put on glorious apparell, the LORDE hath put on his apparell, & gyrded himself with stregth: 2 he hath made the rounde worlde so sure, that it can not be moued. 3 From that tyme forth hath yi seate bene prepared, thou art from euerlastinge. 4 The floudes aryse (o LORDE) the floudes lift vp their noyse, ye floudes lift vp their wawes. 5 The wawes of the see are mightie, & rage horribly: but yet the LORDE that dwelleth on hye, is mightier. Thy testimonies (o LORDE) are very sure, holynesse becommeth thyne house for euer.

Psalms 94:1-150:6

1 O Lorde God, to whom vengeaunce belogeth: thou God to whom vengeaunce belongeth, shewe thy self. 2 Arise thou iudge of the worlde, & rewarde the proude after their deseruynge. 3 LORDE, how longe shal the vngodly, how longe shal the vngodly tryumphe? 4 How longe shal all wicked doers speake so di?daynedly, and make soch proude boastynge? 5 They smyte downe thy people (o LORDE) and trouble thine heretage. 6 They murthur the widdowe and the straunger, and put the fatherlesse to death. 7 And yet they saie: Tush, the LORDE seyth not, the God of Iacob regardeth it not. 8 Take hede, ye vnwise amonge the people: o ye fooles, when wil ye vnderstonde? 9 He that planted the eare, shal he not heare? he that made the eye, shal not he se? 10 He that nurtureth the Heithen, and teacheth a man knowlege, shal not he punysh? 11 The LORDE knoweth the thoughtes of men, that they are but vayne. 12 Blessed is the ma, whom thou lernest (o LORDE) and teachest him in thy lawe. 13 That thou mayest geue him pacience in tyme of aduersite, vntill the pytte be dygged vp for the vngodly. 14 For the LORDE wil not fayle his people, nether wil he forsake his inheritaunce. 15 And why? iudgment shalbe turned agayne vnto rightuousnesse, and all soch as be true of hert shal folowe it. 16 Who ryseth vp with me agaynst the wicked? who taketh my parte agaynst the euell doers? 17 Yf the LORDE had not helped me, my soule had allmost bene put to sylence. 18 When I sayde: my fote hath slipped, thy mercy (o LORDE) helde me vp. 19 In ye multitude of the sorowes that I had in my herte, thy comfortes haue refreshed my soule. 20 Wilt thou haue eny thinge to do with the stole of wickednesse, which ymagineth myschefe in the lawe? 21 They gather them together agaynst the soule of the rightuous, & condemne the innocent bloude. 22 But the LORDE is my refuge, my God is the stregth of my confidece. 23 He shal recompence the their wickednesse, and destroye them in their owne malice: yee the LORDE oure God shal destroye them.

Psalms 95:1-150:6

1 O come, let vs prayse the LORDE, let vs hertely reioyse in the strength of oure saluacion. 2 Let vs come before his presence with thakesgeuynge, & shewe oure self glad in him wt psalmes. 3 For the LORDE is a greate God, and a greate kynge aboue all goddes. 4 In his honde are all ye corners of the earth, and the strength of the hilles is his also. 5 The see is his, for he made it, and his hondes prepared the drie lode. 6 O come, let vs worshipe and bowe downe oure selues: Let vs knele before the LORDE oure maker. 7 For he is oure God: as for vs, we are the people of his pasture, and the shepe of his hodes. 8 Todaye yf ye wil heare his voyce, harde not youre hertes, as whe ye prouoked in tyme of temptacion in the wildernes. 9 Where yor fathers tepted me, proued me, and sawe my workes. 10 XL. yeares longe was I greued with that generacion, & sayde: they euer erre in their hertes, they verely haue not knowne my wayes. 11 Therfore I sware vnto the in my wrath, that they shulde not enter in to my rest.

Psalms 96:1-150:6

1 O synge vnto the LORDE a new songe, synge vnto the LORDE all the whole earth. 2 Synge vnto ye LORDE, & prayse his name, be tellynge of his saluacion from daye to daye. 3 Declare his honoure amonge the Heithe, and his wonders amonge all people. 4 For ye LORDE is greate, and can not worthely be praysed: he is more to be feared then all goddes. 5 As for all ye goddes of the Heithe, they be but Idols, but it is the LORDE that made the heaues. 6 Thankesgeuynge and worshipe are before him, power and honoure are in his Sanctuary. 7 Ascrybe vnto the LORDE (o ye kinredes of the Heithen) ascrybe vnto the LORDE worshipe and strength. 8 Ascrybe vnto the LORDE the honoure of his name, brynge presentes, and come in to his courte. 9 O worshipe the LORDE in the beutye of holynesse, let the whole earth stonde in awe of him. 10 Tell it out amonge the Heithe, that the LORDE is kynge: and that it is he which hath made the rounde worlde so fast, that it cannot be moued, and how that he shal iudge the people rightuously. 11 Let the heaues reioyse, and let the earth be glad: let the see make a noyse, yee & all that therin is. 12 Let the felde be ioyfull and all that is in it, let all the trees of the wodd leape for ioye. 13 Before the LORDE, for he commeth: for he cometh to iudge the earth: yee with rightuousnesse shal he iudge the worlde, and ye people with his trueth.

Psalms 97:1-150:6

1 The LORDE is kynge, the earth maye be glad therof: yee the multitude of the Iles maie be glad therof. 2 Cloudes and darcknesse are rounde aboute him, rightuousnesse and iudgment are the habitacion of his seate. 3 There goeth a fyre before him, to burne vp his enemies on euery syde. 4 His lightenynges geue shyne vnto the worlde, the earth seyth it & is afraied. 5 The hilles melt like wax at the presence of ye LORDE, at the presence of the LORDE of the whole earth. 6 The very heauens declare his rightuousnes, & all people se his glory. 7 Cofounded be all they that worshipe ymages, and delite in their Idols: worshipe him all ye goddes. 8 Sion heareh of it and reioyseth: yee all ye doughters of Iuda are glad because of thy iudgmentes, o LORDE. 9 For thou LORDE art the most hyest ouer all the earth, thou art exalted farre aboue all goddes. 10 O ye that loue the LORDE, se that ye hate the thinge which is euell: the LORDE preserueth the soules of his sayntes, he shal delyuer the from the honde of the vngodly. 11 There is spronge vp a light for the rightuous, and a ioyfull gladnesse for soch as be true herted. 12 Reioyse therfore in the LORDE, ye rightuous: and geue thankes for a remembraunce of his holynesse.

Psalms 98:1-150:6

1 O synge vnto the LORDE a new songe, for he hath done maruelous thinges. 2 With his owne right honde and with his holy arme hath he gotten the victory. 3 The LORDE hath declared his sauynge health, and his rightuousnes hath he openly shewed in the sight of the Heithe. 4 He hath remembred his mercy and trueth towarde the house of Israel: so that all the endes of the worlde se the sauynge health of oure God. 5 Shewe youre self ioyfull vnto the LORDE all ye londes, synge, reioyse and geue thankes. 6 Prayse the LORDE vpon the harpe, synge to the harpe with a psalme of thankesgeuynge. 7 With trompettes also & shawmes: O shewe youre selues ioyfull before the LORDE the kynge. 8 Let the see make a noyse and all yt therin is, yee the whole worlde & all that dwell therin. 9 Let the floudes clappe their hondes, and let all the hilles be ioyfull together. Before the LORDE, for he is come to iudge the earth. Yee with rightuousnes shall he iudge the worlde, and the people with equite.

Psalms 99:1-150:6

1 The LORDE is kynge, be the people neuer so vnpacient: he sytteth vpon the Cherubins, be the earth neuer so vnquiete. 2 The LORDE is greate in Sion, & hye aboue all people. 3 O let men geue thakes vnto thy greate & wonderful name, for it is holy. 4 The kynges power loueth iudgment, thou preparest equite, thou executest iudgmet & rightuousnes in Iacob. 5 O magnifie the LORDE or God, fall downe before his fote stole, for he his holy. 6 Moses & Aaron amonge his prestes, & Samuel amonge soch as call vpo his name: these called vpon the LORDE, & he herde the. 7 He spake vnto the out of the cloudy piler, for they kepte his testimonies, & the lawe that he gaue them. 8 Thou herdest the (o LORDE or God) thou forgauest the o God, & punyshedst their owne invencions. 9 O magnifie the LORDE oure God, and worshipe him vpo his holy hill, for the LORDE oure God is holy.

Psalms 100:1-150:6

1 O be ioyfull in God (all ye lodes) serue the LORDE wt gladnes, come before his presence wt ioye. 2 Be ye sure, yt the LORDE he is God: 3 It is he yt hath made vs, & not we oure selues: we are but his people, & the shepe of his pasture. 4 go youre waye in to his gates the with thankesgeuynge, & in to his courtes wt prayse: be thakfull vnto him, & speake good of his name. 5 For the LORDE is gracious, his mercy is euerlastinge, and his treuth endureth from generacion to generacion.

Psalms 101:1-150:6

1 My songe shalbe of mercy and iudgment, yee vnto the (o LORDE) wil I synge. 2 O let me haue vnderstondinge in the waye of godlynesse, vntill the tyme that thou come vnto me: & so shal I walke in my house wt an innocent herte. 3 I wil take no wicked thinge in honde, I hate the synne of vnfaithfulnesse, it shal not cleue vnto me. 4 A frowarde herte shal departe fro me, I wil not knowe a wicked personne. 5 Who so preuely slaundreth his neghboure, him wil I destroye: Who so hath a proude loke & an hye stomacke, I maye not awaye with him. 6 Myne eyes shal loke for soch as be faithfull in the londe, yt they maye dwell with me: and who so ledeth a godly life, shalbe my seruaunt. 7 There shall no disceatfull personne dwell in my house, he that telleth lyes shal not tary in my sight. 8 I shal soone destroye all the vngodly of the londe, that all wicked doers maye be roted out of the cite of the LORDE.

Psalms 102:1-150:6

1 Heare my prayer (o LORDE) and let my criege come vnto the. 2 Hyde not thy face fro me in the tyme of my trouble: enclyne thine eares vnto me when I call, O heare me, and that right soone. 3 For my dayes are consumed awaye like smoke, & my bones are brent vp as it were a fyre brande. 4 My hert is smytte downe and wythered like grasse, so that I forget to eate my bred. 5 For the voyce of my gronynge, my bone wil scarse cleue to my flesh. 6 I am become like a Pellicane in the wildernes, and like an Oule in a broken wall. 7 I wake, and am euen as it were a sparow sittinge alone vpon the house toppe. 8 Myne enemies reuyle me all the daye longe, they laugh me to scorne, and are sworne together against me. 9 I eate ashes with my bred, and mengle my drynke with wepynge. 10 And that because of ye indignacion and wrath, for thou hast taken me vp, and cast me awaye. 11 My dayes are gone like a shadowe, and I am wythered like grasse. 12 But thou (o LORDE) endurest for euer, and thy remembraunce thorow out all generacions. 13 Arise therfore and haue mercy vpon Sion, for it is tyme to haue mercy vpon her, yee the tyme is come. 14 And why? thy seruauntes haue a loue to hir stones, & it pitieth them to se her in the dust. 15 The Heithen shal feare thy name (o LORDE) and all the kynges of the earth thy maiesty. 16 For the LORDE shal buylde vp Sion, and shal apeare in his glory. 17 He turneth him vnto the prayer of the poore destitute, and despyseth not their desyre. 18 This shalbe written for those yt come after, that the people which shalbe borne, maye prayse the LORDE. 19 For He loketh downe from his Sanctuary, out of the heauen doth the LORDE beholde the earth. 20 That he maye heare the mournynges of soch as be in captiuyte, and delyuer the children of death. 21 That they maie preach the name of the LORDE in Sion, and his worshipe at Ierusalem. 22 When the people are gathered together, and the kyngdomes also to serue ye LORDE. 23 He hath brought downe my strength in my iourney, and shortened my dayes. 24 Yet wil I saye: O my God, take me not awaye in ye myddest of myne age: as for thy yeares, they endure thorow out all generacions. 25 Thou LORDE in the begynnynge hast layed ye foundacion of the earth, and the heauens are the workes of thy hondes. 26 They shal perishe, but thou shalt endure: they all shall wexe olde as doth a garment, 27 & as a vesture shalt thou chaunge the, and they shalbe chaunged. But thou art the same, and thy yeares shal not fayle. 28 The children of thy seruauntes shall contynue, & their sede shal prospere in yi sight.

Psalms 103:1-150:6

1 Prayse the LORDE (o my soule) & all that is within me prayse his holy name. 2 Prayse the LORDE o my soule, & forget not all his benefites. 3 Which forgeueth all thy synnes, and healeth all thy infirmities. 4 Which saueth thy life from destruccion, and crowneth the with mercy & louynge kyndnesse. 5 Which satisfieth thy desyre with good thinges, makynge the yonge and lusty as an Aegle. 6 The LORDE executeth rightuousnesse and iudgment, for all them yt suffre wronge. 7 He shewed his wayes vnto Moses, and his workes vnto the children of Israel. 8 The LORDE is full of compassion and mercy, longe sufferinge, and of greate goodnesse. 9 He wil not allwaye be chydinge, nether wil he kepe his anger for euer. 10 He hath not dealt with vs after oure synnes, ner rewarded vs acordinge to oure wickednesses. 11 For loke how hye the heaue is in comparison of the earth, so greate is his mercy also towarde them that feare him. 12 Loke how wyde the east is from the west, so farre hath he set oure synnes from vs. 13 Yee like as a father pitieth his owne children, euen so is the LORDE mercifull vnto the that feare him. 14 For he knoweth wherof we be made, he remembreth that we are but dust. 15 That a man in his tyme is but as is grasse, & florisheth as a floure of the felde. 16 For as soone as the wynde goeth ouer it, it gone, and the place therof knoweth it nomore. 17 But the mercifull goodnesse of ye LORDE endureth for euer and euer, vpon them yt feare him, and his rightuousnesse vpon their childers children. 18 Soch as kepe his couenaunt, and thinke vpon his commaundementes to do them. 19 The LORDE hath prepared his seate in heaue, and his kyngdome ruleth ouer all. 20 O prayse the LORDE ye angels of his, ye that be mightie instregth, fulfillinge his commaundement, that me maye heare the voyce of his wordes. 21 O prayse the LORDE all ye his hoostes, ye seruauntes of his, that do his pleasure. 22 O speake good of the LORDE all ye workes of his, in euery place of his dominion: prayse thou the LORDE, o my soule.

Psalms 104:1-150:6

1 Prayse the LORDE o my soule: O LORDE my God, thou art become exceadinge glorious, thou art clothed with maiesty and honoure. 2 Thou deckest thy self with light, as it were wt a garment, thou spredest out the heauen like a curtayne. 3 Thou voltest it aboue with waters, thou makest the cloudes thy charet, and goest vpon the wynges of the wynde. 4 Thou makest thine angels spretes, and thy ministers flammes of fyre. 5 Thou hast layed ye earth vpon hir foundacion, that it neuer moueth at eny tyme. 6 Thou couerest it with the depe like as with a garmet, so that the waters stonde aboue the hilles. 7 But at thy rebuke they fle, at the voyce of thy thonder they are afrayed. 8 Then are the hilles sene alofte, & the valleys beneth in their place which thou hast appoynted for the. 9 Thou hast set them their boundes, which they maie not passe, that they turne not agayne to couer ye earth. 10 Thou causest the welles to sprynge vp amonge the valleys, and the waters runne amonge ye hilles. 11 That all the beastes of the felde maye haue drynke, & that the wylde asses maye quench their thyrste. 12 Aboue vpon the hilles haue the foules of the ayre their habitacion, and synge amonge the braunches. 13 Thou watrest the hylles from aboue, the erth is fylled with ye frutes of thy workes. 14 Thou bryngest forth grasse for the catell, and grene herbe for the seruyce of men. 15 Thou bryngest fode out of the earth: wyne to make glad ye herte of ma, oyle to make him a chearfull countenaunce, & bred to strength mans herte. 16 The trees of the LORDE are full of sappe, euen the trees of Libanus which he hath planted. 17 There make the byrdes their nestes, and the fyrre trees are a dwellinge for the storcke. 18 The hilles are a refuge for the wylde goates, and so are the stony rockes for ye conyes. 19 Thou hast appoynted the Moone for certayne seasons, the Sonne knoweth his goinge downe. 20 Thou makest darcknesse, that it maye be night, wherin all the beastes of the forest do moue. 21 Yee and the yonge lyons which roare after the praye, and seke their meate at God. 22 But when the Sonne ariseth, they get them awaye together, and lye them downe in their dennes. 23 Then goeth man forth to his worke, and to till his londe vntill the euenynge. 24 O LORDE, how manifolde are thy workes, right wysely hast thou made the all: yee the earth is full of thy riches. 25 So is this greate and wyde see also, wherin are thinges crepinge innumerable, both small and greate beastes. 26 There go the shippes ouer, and there is that Leuiathan, whom thou hast made, to take his pastyme therin. 27 They wayte all vpo the, that thou mayest geue them meate in due season. 28 Whe thou geuest it them, they gather it: whe thou openest thine honde, they are fylled with good. 29 But when thou hydest thy face, they are soroufull: yf thou takest awaye their breth, they dye, & are turned agayne to their dust. 30 Agayne, when thou lattest thy breth go forth, they are made, and so thou renuest the face of the earth. 31 The glorious magesty of the LORDE endureth for euer, and the LORDE reioyseth in his workes. 32 The earth trebleth at the loke of him, he doth but touch ye hilles and they smoke. 33 I will synge vnto the LORDE as longe as I lyue, I wil prayse my God whyle I haue my beinge. 34 O that my wordes might please him, for my ioye is in the LORDE. 35 As for synners, they shalbe cosumed out of the earth, and the vngodly shal come to an ende: but prayse thou the LORDE, o my soule. Halleluya.

Psalms 105:1-150:6

1 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, and call vpon his name: tell the people what thinges he hath done. 2 O let youre songes be of him: prayse him, and let youre talkynge be of all his wonderous workes. 3 Geue his holy name a good reporte, let their hertes reioyse that seke the LORDE. 4 Seke the LORDE, and his strength, seke his face euermore. 5 Remembre the maruelous workes that he hath done, his wonders and the iudgmentes of his mouth. 6 O ye sede of Abraham his seruaunt, ye children of Iacob his chosen. 7 He is the LORDE oure God, whose punyshmentes are thorow out all the worlde. 8 He is allwaye myndfull of his couenaunt, and promyse that he made to a thousande generacions. 9 Yee the couenaunt that he made wt Abraham, and the ooth that he swore vnto Isaac. 10 And apoynted the same vnto Iacob for a lawe, and to Israel for an euerlastinge testament. 11 Sayenge: vnto the wil I geue the londe of Canaan, the lott of youre heretage. 12 When there was yet but a fewe of them, and they straungers therin. 13 What tyme as they wente from one nacion to another, from one kyngdome to another. 14 He suffred no man to hurte them, but reproued euen kynges for their sakes. 15 Touch not myne anoynted, do my prophetes no harme. 16 Morouer he called for a derth vpon the lode, and destroyed all the prouysion of bred. 17 But he had sent a man before them, euen Ioseph which was solde to be a bonde seruaunt. 18 They hurte his fete in the stockes, the yron pearsed his herte. 19 Vntill the tyme that his worde came, and till the worde of ye LORDE had tried him. 20 Then sent the kinge and caused him be delyuered, the prynce of the people bad let him go. 21 He made him lorde of his house, & ruler of all his substaunce. 22 That he might enfourme his prynces after his wil, and teach his Senatours wysdome. 23 Israel also came in to Egipte, and Iacob was a straunger in the lode of Ham. 24 But he increased his people exceadingly, and made them stronger then their enemies. 25 Whose hert turned, so that they hated his people, and dealt vntruly with his seruauntes. 26 Then sent he Moses his seruaunt, and Aaron whom he had chosen. 27 These dyd his tokens amoge them, and wonders in the londe of Ham. 28 He sent darcknesse and it was darcke, for they were not obedient vnto his worde. 29 He turned their waters in to bloude, and slewe their fishe. 30 Their londe brought forth frogges, yee euen in their kynges chambers. 31 He spake the worde, & their came all maner of flies & lise in all their quarters. 32 He gaue them hale stones for rayne, and flammes of fyre in their lode. 33 He smote their vynyardes & fige trees, and destroyed the trees that were in their coastes. 34 He spake ye worde, and their came greshoppers & catirpillers innumerable. 35 These ate vp all the grasse in their lode, and deuoured the frutes of their groude. 36 He smote all ye first borne in their lode, euen the chefe of all their substaunce. 37 He brought them forth wt syluer & golde, there was not one feble personne amoge their trybes. 38 Egipte was glad of their departinge, for they were afraied of the. 39 e spred out a cloude to be a couerynge, and fyre to geue light in the night season. 40 At their desyre, there came quales, and he fylled them with the bred of heaue. 41 He opened the rocke of stone, & the waters flowed out: so that ryuers ranne in the wildernesse. 42 For why, he remembred his holy promyse which he had made vnto Abraham his seruaunt. 43 Thus he brought forth his people with ioye, and his chosen with gladnesse. 44 And gaue them the lodes of the Heithe, where they toke the labours of the people in possession. 45 That they might kepe his statutes, and obserue his lawes. Halleluya. Halleluya.

Psalms 106:1-150:6

1 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer. 2 Who can expresse ye noble actes of the LORDE, or shewe forth all his prayse? 3 Blessed are they that allwaye kepe iudgment, and do rightuousnes. 4 Remembre vs (o LORDE) acordinge to the fauoure that thou bearest vnto thy people: o vyset vs wt thy sauinge health. 5 That we might se the pleasure of thy chosen, that we might reioyse in the gladnesse of thy people, and geue thankes with thine enheritaunce. 6 We haue synned with oure fathers, we haue done amysse, we haue dealt wickedly. 7 Oure fathers regarded not thy wonders in Egipte, they kepte not thy greate goodnesse in remebraunce: but were dishobediet at the see, eue at the reed see.

Psalms 34:12-18

12 Who so listeth to lyue, & wolde fayne se good dayes. 13 Let him refrayne his tonge from euell, and his lippes that they speake no gyle. 14 Let him eschue euell, and do good: Let him seke peace & ensue it. 15 For the eyes of the LORDE are ouer the rightuous, and his eares are open vnto their prayers. 16 But the face of the LORDE beholdeth them that do euel, to destroye the remembraunce of them out of the earth. 17 When the rightuous crie, the LORDE heareth them, and delyuereth the out of all their troubles. 18 The LORDE is nye vnto them yt are contrite in hert, & wil helpe soch as be of an huble sprete.

Psalms 82:4

4 Delyuer the outcaste & poore, & saue hym from the hande of the vngodly.

Psalms 106:8-150:6

8 Neuertheles, he helped the for his names sake, that he might make his power to be knowne. 9 He rebuked the reed see, and it was dried vp: so he led the thorow the depe as in a wildernesse. 10 Thus he saued them from the honde of the hater, & delyuered them from the honde of the enemie. 11 As for those yt troubled them, the waters ouerwhelmed the, there was not one of the left. 12 Then beleued they in his worde, and songe prayse vnto him. 13 But within a whyle they forgat his workes, & wolde not abyde his councell. 14 A lust came vpo them in the wildernesse, so that they tempted God in the deserte. 15 Yet he gaue them their desyre, and sent the ynough at their willes. 16 They angred Moses in the tetes, and Aaron the saynte of the LORDE. 17 So the earth opened & swalowed vp Dathan, and couered the congregacio of Abiram. 18 The fyre was kyndled in their company, the flame brent vp the vngodly. 19 They made a calfe in Horeb, and worshipped the molte ymage. 20 Thus they turned his glory into the similitude of a calfe, yt eateth haye. 21 They forgat God their Sauior, which had done so greate thinges in Egipte. 22 Wonderous workes in the londe of Ham, and fearfull thinges in the reed see. 23 So he sayde he wolde haue destroyed them, had not Moses his chosen stonde before him in yt gappe: to turne awaie his wrothfull indignacion, lest he shulde destroye the. 24 Yee they thought scorne of yt pleasaunt londe, and gaue no credence vnto his worde. 25 But murmured in their tentes, and herkened not vnto the voyce of the LORDE. 26 Then lift he vp his honde agaynst them, to ouerthrowe them in the wildernes. 27 To cast out their sede amonge the nacions, and to scater them in the londes. 28 They ioyned them selues vnto Baal Peor, and ate the offeringes of the deed. 29 Thus they prouoked him vnto anger with their owne invecions, and the plage was greate amonge them. 30 Then stode vp Phineas and excuted iustice, & so the plage ceased. 31 And that was counted vnto him for rightuousnesse, amonge all posterites for euermore. 32 They angerd him also at the waters of strife, so that Moses was punyshed for their sakes. 33 Because they prouoked his sprete, and he tolde the planely with his lippes. 34 Nether destroyed they the Heithen, as the LORDE commaunded them. 35 But were mengled amonge the Heithen, and lerned their workes. 36 In so moch that they worshipped their ymages, which turned to their owne decaye. 37 Yee they offred their sonnes & their doughters vnto deuels. 38 And shed the innocent bloude of their sonnes and of their doughters, whom they offred vnto the ymages of Canaan, so that the londe was defyled with bloude. 39 Thus were they stayned wt their owne workes, and wente a whoringe with their owne invencions. 40 Therfore was the wrath of the LORDE kyndled agaynst his people, in so moch that he abhorred his owne enheritaunce. 41 And gaue them ouer in to the honde of the Heithe, and they that hated them, were lordes ouer them. 42 Their enemies oppressed the, and had them in subieccion. 43 Many a tyme dyd he delyuer them, but they prouoked him with their owne invecions, and were brought downe for their wickednesse. 44 Neuerthelesse whe he sawe their aduersite, he herde their complaynte. 45 He thought vpo his couenaunt, and pitied the, acordinge vnto the multitude of his mercies. 46 Yee he made all those yt had led them awaye captiue, to pitie them. 47 Delyuer vs (o LORDE oure God) & gather vs from amoge the Heithen: that we maye geue thankes to thy holy name, & make oure boast of thy prayse. 48 Blessed be the LORDE God of Israel from euerlastinge and worlde without ende, and let all people saye: Amen, Amen. Halleluya.

Psalms 107:1-150:6

1 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer. 2 Let them geue thakes whom the LORDE hath redemed, & delyuered from the hande of the enemie. 3 And gathered the out of the londes, fro the east, fro the west, fro the north & from the south. 4 They wente astraye in the wildernesse in an vntroden waye, & founde no cite to dwell in. 5 Hongrie & thirstie, & their soule faynted in the. 6 So they cried vnto the LORDE in their trouble, & he delyuered the from their distresse. 7 He led the forth by ye right waie, yt they might go to ye cite where they dwelt. 8 O that me wolde prayse the goodnesse of the LORDE, & the wonders that he doth for the childre of me. 9 For he satisfied the emptie soule, & fylled the hongrie soule wt good. 10 Soch as sat in darcknesse and in the shadowe of death, beynge fast bounde in misery & yron. 11 Because they were not obediet to the comaundementes of God, but lightly regarded the councell of the most highest. 12 Their herte was vexed with labor, they fell downe, & there was none to helpe them. 13 So they cried vnto the LORDE in their trouble, & he delyuered them out of their distresse. 14 He brought the out of darcknesse & out of the shadowe of death, & brake their bondes in sonder. 15 O that men wolde prayse the goodnesse of the LORDE, & the woders that he doth for the childre of men. 16 For he hath broken the gates of brasse, & smitte the barres of yron in sonder. 17 Foolish me were plaged for their offence, & because of their wickednesse. 18 Their soule abhorred all maner of meate, they were eue harde at deathes dore. 19 So they cried vnto the LORDE in their trouble, & he delyuered the out of their distresse. 20 He sent his worde & healed the, & saued the from destruccion. 21 O that men wolde prayse the goodnesse of the LORDE, & the wonders that he doth for the children of men. 22 That they wolde offre vnto him the sacrifice of thankesgeuynge, and tell out his workes with gladnes. 23 They that go downe to the see in shippes, & occupie their busynesse in greate waters. 24 These men se the workes of the LORDE, & his wonders in the depe. 25 For at his worde, the stormy wynde aryseth, and lifteth vp the wawes therof. 26 They are caried vp to the heauen, & downe agayne to the depe, their soule melteth awaye in the trouble. 27 They rele to and fro, they stacker like a droncken man, and are at their wittes ende. 28 So they crie vnto the LORDE in their trouble, & he delyuereth the out of their distresse. 29 He maketh the storme to ceasse, so that the wawes are still. 30 The are they glad because they be at rest, & so he bryngeth them vnto the hauen where they wolde be. 31 O that men wolde prayse the goodnes of the LORDE, and the wonders that he doth for the children of men. 32 That they wolde exalte him in the cogregacion of the people, & loaue him in the seate of the elders. 33 Which turneth the floudes in to drie londe, and drieth vp the water sprynges. 34 A frutefull londe maketh he baren, for the wickednesse of them that dwell therin. 35 Agayne, he maketh the wildernes a stondinge water, and water sprynges of a drye grounde. 36 There he setteth the hongrie, that they maye buylde them a cite to dwell in. 37 That they maye sowe their groude, plante vynyaydes, to yelde them frutes of increase. 38 He blesseth them, so that they multiplie exceadingly, and suffreth not their catell to decrease. 39 Whe they are minished & brought lowe thorow oppressio, thorow eny plage or trouble. 40 Though he suffre the to be euell intreated thorow tyrauntes, or let them wandre out of the waye in the wildernesse: 41 Yet helpeth he the poore out of misery (at the last) and maketh him an housholde like a flocke of shepe. 42 The rightuous wil cosidre this and reioyse, the mouth of all wickednesse shall be stopped. 43 Who so is wyse, and pondreth these thinges well, shall vnderstonde the louynge kyndnesses of the LORDE.

Psalms 108:1-150:6

1 O God, my hert is ready to synge, & to geue prayse. 2 Awake (o my glory) awake lute & harpe, I my selfe will awake right early. 3 I wil geue thakes vnto the (o LORDE) amonge the people, I wil synge prayses vnto the amonge the Heithe. 4 For the greatnesse of thy mercy is higher then the heauens, and thy faithfulnesse reacheth vnto the cloudes. 5 Set vp thy self (o God) aboue the heaues, & thy glory aboue all the earth. 6 That thy beloued maye be delyuered: helpe then with thy right hande, & heare me. 7 God hath spoken in his Sanctuary (which thinge reioyseth me.) I will deuyde Sichem, and mete out the valley of Suchoth. 8 Galaad is myne, Manasses is myne, Ephraim is the stregth of my heade, 9 Iuda is my captaine. Moab is my wash potte, ouer Edom wil I stretch out my shue, Philistea shal be glad of me. 10 Who wil lede me in to the stronge cite? Who wil brynge me in to Edom? 11 Shalt not thou do it (o God) which hast cast vs out: thou God, yt wentest not forth with oure hoostes? 12 O be thou or helpe in trouble, for vayne is the helpe of man. 13 Thorow God we shall do greate actes, for it is he yt shal treade downe oure enemies.

Psalms 109:1-150:6

1 Holde not thy toge, o God of my prayse. For the mouth of the vngodly, yee and the mouth of the disceatfull is opened vpon me, 2 and speake agaynst me with false toges. They compase me aboute with wordes of hatred, & fight agaynst me without a cause. 3 For the loue that I had vnto them, they take now my contrary parte, but I geue my self vnto prayer. 4 Thus they rewarde me euell for good, & hatred for my good will. 5 Set an vngodly man to be ruler ouer him, & let Satan stonde at his right hande. 6 When sentence is geuen vpon him, let him be codempned, and let his prayer be turned in to synne. 7 Let his dayes be fewe, and his bishopricke another take. 8 Let his children be fatherlesse, & his wife a wyddowe. 9 Let his children be vagabundes, and begg their bred: let them seke it, as they that be destroyed. 10 Let the extorcioner cosume all that he hath, and let straungers spoyle his laboure. 11 Let there be no man to petie, ner to haue compassion vpon his fatherlesse children. 12 Let his ende be destruccion, and in the nexte generacion let his name be clene put out. 13 Let the wickednesse of his fathers be had in remembraunce in the sight of the LORDE, and let not the synne of his mother be done awaye. 14 Let them be allwaye before the LORDE, but as for the memoriall of them selues, let it perish from out of the earth. 15 And that because his mynde was not to do good, but persecuted the poore helplesse, and him that was vexed at the herte, to slaye him. 16 His delite was in cursynge, and therfore shall it happe vnto him: he loued not blessynge, and that shall be farre fro him. 17 He clothed him self with cursynge like as with a rayment: yee it wente in to his bowels like water, and like oyle in to his bones. 18 Let it be vnto him as the cloke that he hath vpon him, and as the gyrdle that he is gyrded withall. 19 Let it thus happen from the LORDE vnto myne enemies, and to those that speake euell agaynst my soule. 20 But deale thou with me (o LORDE God) acordinge vnto thy name, for swete is thy mercy. 21 O delyuer me, for I am helplesse & poore, & my herte is wounded within me, 22 I go hence like ye shadowe that departeth, and am dryuen awaye as ye greshoppers. 23 My knees are weake thorow fastinge, my flesh is dried vp for want of fatnesse. 24 I am become a rebuke vnto them, they loke vpo me and shake their heades. 25 Helpe me o LORDE my God, oh saue me for thy mercies sake. 26 That they maye knowe, how that this is thy hande, and that thou hast done it. 27 Though they curse, yet blesse thou: 28 and let them be cofounded, that ryse vp agaynst me, but let thy seruaunt reioyse. 29 Let myne aduersaries be clothed with their owne shame, as with a cloake. 30 As for me, I wil geue thankes vnto the LORDE with my mouth, and prayse him amonge the multitude. 31 For he stondeth at the right hande of the poore, to saue him from soch as condempne his soule.

Psalms 110:1-150:6

1 The LORDE sayde vnto my LORDE: Syt thou on my right hande, vntill I make thine enemies thy fotestole. 2 The LORDE shal sende the rodde of thy power out of Sion, be thou ruler euen in ye myddest amonge thine enemies. 3 In the daye of thy power shal thy people offre the frewill offeringes with an holy worshipe, ye dewe of thy byrth is of the wobe of the mornynge. 4 The LORDE sware, and wil not repent: Thou art a prest for euer after ye order of Melchisedec. 5 The LORDE vpon thy right honde, shal smyte euen kynges in the daye of his wrath. 6 He shal be iudge amoge the Heithen, he shal fyll them with deed bodies, and smyte in sonder the heades ouer dyuerse countres. 7 He shal drynke of the broke in the waye, therfore shal he lift vp his heade.

Psalms 111:1-150:6

1 I wil geue thankes vnto the LORDE with my whole herte: secretly amonge the faithfull, and in the congregacion. 2 The workes of the LORDE are greate, sought out of all the that haue pleasure therin. 3 His worke is worthy to be praysed and had in honoure, and his rightuousnesse endureth for euer. 4 The mercifull & gracious LORDE hath so done his marvelous workes, yt they ought to be had in remebrauce. 5 He geueth meate vnto the yt feare him, he is euer myndfull of his couenaut. 6 He sheweth his people the power of his workes, that he maye geue them the heretage of the Heithen. 7 The workes of his hodes are verite & iudgment, all his comaundemetes are true. 8 They stonde fast for euer & euer, & are done in trueth & equite. 9 He sent redempcion vnto his people, he hath commaunded his couenaunt for euer, holy & reuerent is his name. 10 The feare of the LORDE is the begynnynge of wy?dome, a good vnderstondinge haue all they that do therafter: the prayse of it endureth for euer.

Psalms 112:1-150:6

1 Blessed is the man yt feareth the LORDE, & hath greate delite in his commaundementes. 2 His sede shall be mightie vpon earth, the generacion of the faithfull shalbe blessed. 3 Riches & pleteousnesse shalbe in his house, & his rightuousnes endureth for euer. 4 Vnto the godly there ariseth vp light in the darcknesse: he is merciful, louynge & rightuous. 5 Wel is him that is mercifull, & lendeth gladly, & podreth his wordes wt discrecion. 6 For he shal neuer be moued, the rightuous shal be had in an euerlastinge remembraunce. 7 He wil not be afrayed for eny euell tydinges, his herte stondeth fast, & beleueth in ye LORDE. 8 His herte is stablished, he wil not shrencke, vntill he se his desyre vpon his enemies. 9 He hath sparsed abrode, & geue to the poore, his rightuousnes remayneth for euer, his horne shalbe exalted wt honor. 10 The vngodly shal se it, & it shal greue him: he shall gnash wt his teth & consume awaye, & the desyre of the vngodly shal perish.

Psalms 113:1-150:6

1 Prayse the LORDE (O ye seruauntes) O prayse the name of the LORDE. 2 Blessed be the name of the LORDE, fro this tyme forth for euermore. 3 The LORDES name is worthy to be praysed, fro the rysinge vp of the Sonne vnto the goinge downe of the same. 4 The LORDE is hye aboue all Heithen, and his glory aboue the heaues. 5 Who is like vnto the LORDE oure God, yt hath his dwellinge so hye, 6 which humbleth himself, to beholde that is in heauen and earth? 7 Which taketh vp the symple out of the dust, and lifteth the poore out of the myre. 8 That he maye set him amonge the prynces, euen amonge the prynces of his people. 9 Which maketh the baren woman to kepe house, and to be a ioyfull mother of children. Halleluya.

Psalms 114:1-150:6

1 When Israel came out of Egipte, & the house of Iacob from amonge that straunge people. 2 Iuda was his Sactuary, Israel his dominion. 3 The see sawe that, and fled, Iordan turned backe. 4 The mountaynes skipped like rammes, & the litle hilles like yonge shepe. 5 What ayled the (o thou see) that thou fleddest? and thou Iordan, that thou turnedest backe? 6 Ye mountaynes, that ye skipped like rammes? and ye litle hilles, like yonge shepe? 7 The earth trembled at the presence of the LORDE, at the presence of the God of Iacob. 8 Which turned the harde rocke in to a stondinge water, & the flynt stone in to a sprynginge well.

Psalms 115:1-150:6

1 Not vnto vs (o LORDE) not vnto vs, but vnto thy name geue the prayse, for thy louinge mercy and faithfulnes. 2 Wherfore shal the Heithen saye: where is now their God? 3 As for oure God, he is in heauen, he doth what soeuer it pleaseth him. 4 Their ymages are but syluer and golde, euen the worke of mens hodes. 5 They haue mouthes, and speake not: eyes haue they, but they se not. 6 They haue eares, and heare not: noses haue they, but they smell not. 7 They haue handes and handle not, fete haue they, but they can not go, nether can they speake thorow their throte. 8 They that made them, are like vnto them, and so are all soch as put their trust in them. 9 But let Israel trust in ye LORDE, for he is their sucoure & defence. 10 Let the house of Aaron put their trust in ye LORDE, for he is their sucoure & defence. 11 They that feare the LORDE, let the put their trust in the LORDE, for he is their sucoure and defence. 12 The LORDE is myndefull of vs, & blesseth vs: he blesseth ye house of Israel, he blesseth ye house of Aaron. 13 Yee he blesseth all them that feare the LORDE, both small & greate. 14 The LORDE encrease you more & more: you, and youre childre. 15 For ye are ye blessed of the LORDE, which made heauen & earth. 16 All the whole heauens are the LORDES, but the earth hath he geue vnto ye childre of men. 17 The deed prayse not the (o LORDE) nether all they that go downe in to sylence. 18 But we will prayse the LORDE, from this tyme forth for euermore. Halleluya.

Psalms 116:1-150:6

1 I am wel pleased, yt the LORDE hath herde ye voyce of my prayer. 2 That he hath enclyned his eare vnto me, therfore wil I call vpo him as longe as I lyue. 3 The snares of death copased me rounde aboute, the paynes of hell gat holde vpon me, 4 I founde trouble and heuynesse. Then called I vpon ye name of the LORDE: o LORDE, delyuer my soule. 5 Gracious is ye LORDE & rightuous, yee oure God is mercifull. 6 The LORDE preserueth ye symple, I was brought downe, and he helped me. 7 Turne agayne then vnto thy rest (o my soule) for the LORDE hath geuen the thy desyre. 8 And why? thou hast delyuered my soule from death, myne eyes from teares, and my fete from fallinge. 9 I wil walke before ye LORDE, in the londe of the lyuynge. 10 I beleued, and therfore haue I spoke, but I was sore troubled. 11 I sayde in my haist: All men are lyers. 12 What rewarde shal I geue vnto ye LORDE, for all the benefites yt he hath done vnto me? 13 I wil receaue the cuppe of saluacio, and call vpon the name of the LORDE. 14 I wil paye my vowes in the presence of all his people, right deare in the sight of ye LORDE is the death of his sayntes. 15 O LORDE, I am thy seruaunt, I am thy seruaunt, 16 and the sonne of thy handmayden, thou hast broken my bondes in sonder. 17 I wil offre the the sacrifice of thankes geuynge, and wil call vpon the name of the LORDE. 18 I wil paye my vowes vnto the LORDE in the sight of all his people, 19 in the courtes of the LORDES house, eue in the myddest of the, o Ierusalem. Halleluya.

Psalms 117:1-150:6

1 O prayse the LORDE all ye Gentiles, laude him all ye people. 2 For his mercifull kyndnes is euer more and more towarde vs, & the trueth of the LORDE endureth for euer. Halleluya.

Psalms 118:1-150:6

1 O Geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer. 2 Let Israel now confesse, yt his mercy endureth for euer. 3 Let the house of Aaron now confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 4 Yee let the now that feare the LORDE, confesse, that his mercy endureth for euer. 5 I called vpon the LORDE in trouble, and the LORDE herde me at large. 6 The LORDE is my helper, I wil not feare what man doeth vnto me. 7 The LORDE is my helper, & I shal se my desyre vpon myne enemies. 8 It is better to trust in the LORDE, then to put eny confidence in man. 9 It is better to trust in the LORDE, then to put eny confidece in prynces. 10 All Heithen compased me rounde aboute, but in the name of the LORDE wil I destroye the. 11 They kepte me in on euery syde, but in the name of the LORDE, I wil destroye them. 12 They came aboute me like bees, & were as hote as the fyre in the thornes, but in the name of the LORDE I wil destroye them. 13 They thrust at me, that I might fall, but the LORDE was my helpe. 14 The LORDE is my stregth, & my songe, & is become my saluacion. 15 The voyce of ioye & myrth is in the dwellynges of ye rightuous, for ye right hande of the LORDE hath gotte the victory. 16 The right hande of the LORDE hath the preemynence, the right hade of the LORDE hath gotte the victory. 17 I wil not dye, but lyue, and declare the workes of the LORDE. 18 The LORDE hath chastened & correcte me, but he hath not geuen me ouer vnto death. 19 Open me the gates of rightuousnes, yt I maye go in there thorow, & geue thakes vnto the LORDE. 20 This is the dore of the LORDE, the rightuous shall entre in thorow it. 21 I thanke the, yt thou hast herde me, & art become my saluacio. 22 The same stone which the buylders refused, is become the heade stone in the corner. 23 This was the LORDES doinge, & it is maruelous in or eyes. 24 This is the daye which the LORDE hath made, let vs reioyse and be glad in it. 25 Helpe now o LORDE, o LORDE sende vs now prosperite. 26 Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the LORDE, we wish you good lucke, ye that be of the house of the LORDE. 27 God is the LORDE, & hath shewed vs light: O garnish the solempne feast with grene braunches, eue vnto the hornes of ye aulter. 28 Thou art my God, & I wil thanke the: thou art my God, and I wil prayse the. 29 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, & his mercy endureth for euer.

Psalms 119:1-150:6

1 Blessed are those yt be vndefiled in the waye: which walke in the lawe of ye LORDE. 2 Blessed are they that kepe his testimonies, & seke him with their whole herte. 3 Which walke in his wayes, & do no wickednesse. 4 Thou hast geuen strayte charge to kepe thy commaundementes. 5 O that my wayes were stablished to kepe thy statutes. 6 So shulde I not be confounded, whyle I haue respecte vnto all thy commaundementes. 7 I wil thanke the with an vnfayned herte, because I am lerned in the iudgmentes of thy rightuousnesse. 8 I wil kepe thy statutes, o forsake me not vtterly. 9 Where withall shall a yonge man clense his waye? Euen by rulinge himself after thy worde. 10 With my whole herte do I seke ye, O let me not go wronge out of thy comaundemetes. 11 Thy wordes haue I hyd within my herte, yt I shulde not synne agaynst the. 12 Praysed be thou O LORDE, O teach me thy statutes. 13 With my lippes wil I be tellynge out all the iudgmentes of thy mouth. 14 I haue as greate delite in the waye of thy testimonies, as in all maner of riches. 15 I wil exercise my self in thy comaundementes, & haue respecte vnto thy fotepathes. 16 My delite shalbe in thy statutes, I will not forget thy wordes. 17 O do well vnto thy seruaunt, that I maye lyue and kepe thy wordes. 18 Open thou myne eyes, & so shal I spie out wonderous thinges in yi lawe. 19 I am a strauger vpo earth, O hyde not thy commaundementes fro me. 20 My soule breaketh out, for the very feruent desyre that I haue allwaye vnto thy iudgmentes. 21 Thou rebukest the proude, cursed are they that departe from thy commaundemetes 22 O turne fro me shame & rebuke, for I kepe thy testimonies. 23 Prynces also syt & speake agaynst me, but thy seruaut is occupied in thy statutes. 24 In thy testimonies is my delite, they are my councelers. 25 My soule cleueth to the dust, O quicken thou me acordinge to thy worde. 26 I knowleged my wayes, & thou herdest me, O teach me then thy statutes. 27 Make me to vnderstonde the waye of thy commaundemetes, & so shal I talke of thy wonderous workes. 28 My soule melteth awaye for very heuynesse, o set me vp acordinge vnto thy worde. 29 Take fro me the waye of lyenge, & graunte me thy lawe. 30 I haue chosen the waye of treuth, thy iudgmentes haue I layed before me. 31 I sticke vnto thy testimonies, o LORDE cofounde me not. 32 I wil rune the waye of thy commaundementes, when thou hast comforted my herte. 33 Teach me o LORDE the waye of thy statutes, and I shal kepe it vnto the ende. 34 O geue me vnderstondinge, and I shal kepe yi lawe, yee I shal kepe it with my whole herte. 35 Lede me in the path of thy commaundemetes, for that is my desyre, 36 Enclyne myne herte vnto thy testimonies, & not to cuvetousnes. 37 O turne awaye myne eyes, lest they beholde vanite, & quicke me in thy waie. 38 O stablish thy worde in thy seruaunt, yt I maye feare the. 39 Take awaye the rebuke yt I am afraied of, for thy iudgmetes are amiable. 40 Beholde, my delite is in thy commaudemetes, o quycke me in thy rightuousnesse. 41 Let thy louynge mercy come vnto me (o LORDE) and thy sauynge health acordinge vnto thy worde. 42 That I maye geue answere vnto my blasphemers, for my trust is in yi worde. 43 O take not ye worde of treuth vtterly out of my mouth, for my hope is in thy iudgmentes. 44 So shal I allwaye kepe thy lawe, yee for euer and euer. 45 And I wil walke at liberty, for I seke thy commaundementes. 46 I wil speake of thy testimonies euen before kynges, and wil not be ashamed. 47 My delite shalbe in thy commaundementes, which I loue. 48 My hondes also will I lift vp vnto thy commaundemetes which I loue, & my talkynge shalbe of thy statutes. 49 O thynke vpon thy seruaunt as concernynge yi worde, wherin thou hast caused me to put my trust. 50 For it is my comforte in my trouble, yee thy worde quyckeneth me. 51 The proude haue me greatly in derision, yet shrencke not I from thy lawe. 52 I remembre thy euerlastinge iudgmentes (o LORDE) and am comforted. 53 I am horribly afrayed for ye vngodly, that forsake thy lawe. 54 Thy statutes are my songes in the house of my pilgremage. 55 I thynke vpon thy name (o LORDE) in the night season, and kepe thy lawe. 56 It is myne owne, for I kepe thy commaundementes. 57 Thou art my porcion (o LORDE) I am purposed to kepe thy lawe. 58 I make myne humble peticion in thy presence wt my whole herte, o be mercifull vnto me acordinge vnto yi worde. 59 I call myne owne wayes to remembraunce, and turne my fete in to thy testimonies. 60 I make haist, and prolonge not the tyme, to kepe thy commaundemetes. 61 The congregacions of the vngodly haue robbed me, but I forget not thy lawe. 62 At mydnight stonde I vp, to geue thakes vnto the, for the iudgmentes of thy rightuousnesse. 63 I am a companyon of all them that feare the, and kepe thy commaundementes. 64 The earth (o LORDE) is full of thy mercy, O teach me thy statutes. 65 O LORDE, thou hast dealt frendly with thy seruaunt, acordinge vnto thy worde. 66 O lerne me kyndnesse, nourtoure & knowlege, for I beleue thy commaundementes. 67 Before I was troubled, I wente wronge, but now I kepe thy worde. 68 Thou art good and frendly, O teach me thy statutes. 69 The proude ymagin lyes vpon me, but I kepe thy commaundemetes with my whole herte. 70 Their herte is as fat as brawne, but my delite is in thy lawe. 71 It is good for me that I haue bene in trouble, that I maye lerne thy statutes. 72 The lawe of thy mouth is dearer vnto me, the thousandes of golde & syluer. 73 Thy hades haue made me and fashioned me, O geue me vnderstondinge, that I maye lerne thy commaundementes. 74 They that feare the, wil be glad when they se me, because I put my trust in thy worde. 75 I knowe (o LORDE) yt thy iudgmentes are right, and yt thou of very faithfulnesse hast caused me be troubled. 76 O let thy mercifull kyndnesse be my comforte, acordinge to the promyse that thou hast made vnto thy seruaunt. 77 O let thy louynge mercies come vnto me, that I maye lyue, for thy lawe is my delyte. 78 Let the proude be confounded, which handle so falsly agaynst me. 79 But let soch as feare the, & knowe thy testimonies, be turned vnto me. 80 O let my herte be vndefyled in thy statutes, that I be not ashamed. 81 My soule longeth for thy sauynge health, for my trust is in thy worde. 82 Myne eyes loge sore for thy worde, sayege: Oh when wilt thou coforte me? 83 For I am become like a botell in ye smoke, yet do not I forget thy statutes. 84 How many are the dayes of thy seruaunt? Whe wilt thou be auenged of my aduersaries? 85 The proude haue dygged pittes for me, which are not after thy lawe. 86 All thy commaundemetes are true, they persecute me falsly, O be thou my helpe. 87 They haue almost made an ende of me vpon earth, but I forsake not thy commaundemetes. 88 O quycke me after yi louinge kyndnes, & so shall I kepe the testimonies of thy mouth. 89 O LORDE, thy worde endureth for euer in heaue. 90 Thy treuth also remayneth from one generacion to another: thou hast layed the foundacion of the earth, and it abydeth. 91 They cotinue this daye acordinge to thy ordinaunce, for all thinges serue the. 92 Yf my delyte were not in thy lawe, I shulde perishe in my trouble. 93 I wil neuer forget thy comaundementes, for with the thou quyckenest me. 94 I am thine, oh helpe me, for I seke thy commaundementes. 95 The vngodly laye wayte for me to destroye me, but I considre thy testimonies. 96 I se that all thinges come to an ende, but thy commaundemet is exceadinge brode. 97 O what a loue haue I vnto thy lawe? all the daye longe is my talkynge of it. 98 Thou thorow thy commaundement hast made me wyser the myne enemies, for it is euer by me. 99 I haue more vnderstondinge then all my teachers, for thy testimonies are my studye. 100 Yee I am wyser then the aged, for I kepe thy comaundementes. 101 I refrayne my fete from euery euell waye, that I maye kepe thy wordes. 102 I shrenck not from thy iudgmentes, for thou teachest me. 103 O how swete are thy wordes vnto my throte? Yee more the hony vnto my mouth. 104 Thorow thy commaundementes I get vnderstondinge, therfore I hate all false wayes. 105 Thy worde is a lanterne vnto my fete & a light vnto my pathes. 106 I haue sworne & am sted fastly purposed, to kepe the iudgmetes of thy rightuousnesse. 107 I am troubled aboue measure, quycken me (o LORDE) acordinge vnto thy worde. 108 Let the frewil offeringes of my mouth please the (o LORDE) & teach me yi iudgmetes. 109 My soule is allwaye in my hode, yet do not I forget thy lawe. 110 The vngodly haue laied a snare for me, but yet swarue not I fro thy comaundemetes. 111 Thy testimonies haue I claymed as myne heretage for euer: & why? they are the very ioye of my herte. 112 I applye myne herte to fulfill thy statutes all waye, euen vnto the ende. 113 I hate ye vngodly, but thy lawe do I loue. 114 Thou art my defence & shylde, my trust is in thy worde. 115 Awaye fro me ye wicked, I wil kepe the commaundementes of my God. 116 O stablish me acordinge vnto thy worde, yt I maye lyue, & let me not be disapoynted of my hope. 117 Holde thou me vp, & I shall be safe: yee I shal euer be talkynge of thy statutes. 118 Thou treadest downe all the yt departe from thy statutes, for they ymagin but disceate. 119 Thou puttest awaye all the vngodly of the earth like drosse, therfore I loue thy testimonies. 120 My flesh trebleth for feare of the, and I am afrayed of thy iudgmetes. 121 I deale wt the thinge yt is laufull & right, O geue me not ouer vnto my oppressours. 122 Be thou suertie for thy seruaut to do him good, that the proude do me no wronge. 123 Myne eyes are waysted awaye wt lokynge for thy health, & for ye worde of thy rightuousnesse. 124 O deale with thy seruaunt acordinge vnto thy louynge mercy, and teach me thy statutes. 125 I am thy seruaunt, O graunte me vnderstodinge, that I maye knowe thy testimonies. 126 It is tyme for the (o LORDE) to laye to thine hode, for they haue destroyed thy lawe. 127 For I loue thy comaundemetes aboue golde and precious stone. 128 Therfore holde I straight all thy commaundemetes, and all false wayes I vtterly abhorre. 129 Thy testimonies are wonderfull, therfore doth my soule kepe them. 130 When thy worde goeth forth, it geueth light and vnderstodinge, eue vnto babes. 131 I ope my mouth & drawe in my breth, for I desyre thy commaundemetes. 132 O loke thou vpon me, and be mercyfull, as thou vsest to do vnto those yt loue yi name. 133 Ordre my goinges after thy worde, that no wickednesse raigne in me. 134 O delyuer me from the wrogeous dealinges of me, and so shal I kepe thy commaundemetes. 135 Shewe the light of thy countenaunce vnto thy seruaunt, and lerne me thy statutes. 136 Myne eyes gusshe out with water, because men kepe not thy lawe. 137 Rightuous art thou (o LORDE) & true is yi iudgmet. 138 The testimonies that thou hast commauded, are exceadinge rightuous and true. 139 My zele hath euen consumed me, because myne enemies haue forgotten thy wordes. 140 Thy worde is tried to the vttermost, & thy seruaunte loueth it. 141 I am small and of no reputacio, yet do not I forget thy comaudementes. 142 Thy rightuousnesse is an euerlastinge rightuousnes, and thy lawe is true. 143 Trouble and heuynesse haue take holde vpo me, yet is my delite in thy commaundementes. 144 The rightuousnes of thy testimonies is euerlastinge, o graunte me vnderstondinge, and I shal lyue. 145 I call wt my whole herte, heare me (o LORDE) I wil kepe thy statutes. 146 Yee euen vpo the do I call, helpe me, and I shal kepe yi testimonies. 147 Early in ye mornynge do I crie vnto the, for in thy worde is my trust. 148 Myne eyes preuete ye night watches, yt I might be occupied in thy wordes. 149 Heare my voyce (o LORDE) acordige vnto thy louynge kyndnesse, quycke me acordige as thou art wot. 150 They drawe nye yt of malice persecute me, & are farre fro yi lawe. 151 Be thou nye at hode also (o LORDE) for thy promises are faithfull. 152 As concernynge thy testimonies, I haue knowne euer sens the begynnynge, that thou hast grounded them for euer. 153 O considre my aduersite, & delyuer me, for I do not forget thy lawe. 154 Manteyne thou my cause and defende me, quycken me acordinge vnto thy worde. 155 Health is farre fro the vngodly, for they regarde not thy statutes. 156 Greate is thy mercy (o LORDE) quycken me as thou art wont. 157 Many there are that trouble me, and persecute me, yet do not I swarue fro thy testimonies. 158 It greueth me, whan I se, that the transgressours kepe not thy lawe. 159 Considre (LORDE) how I loue thy comaundementes, O quycken me wt thy louinge kyndnesse. 160 Thy worde is true from euerlastinge, all the iudgmentes of thy rightuousnesse endure for euermore. 161 The prynces persecute me without cause, but my herte stodeth in awe of thy wordes. 162 I am as glad of thy worde, as one yt fyndeth greate spoyles. 163 As for lyes, I hate & abhorre them, but thy lawe do I loue 164 Seuen tymes a daye do I prayse the, because of thy rightuous iudgmentes. 165 Greate is the peace yt they haue which loue yi lawe, & they are not offended at it. 166 LORDE, I loke for yi sauynge health, & do after thy comaundemetes. 167 My soule kepeth thy testimonies, & loueth the exceadingly. 168 I kepe thy comaundemetes & testimonies, for all my wayes are before the. 169 Let my coplaynte come before the (o LORDE) geue me vnderstondinge, acordinge vnto thy worde. 170 Oh let my supplicacio come before the, delyuer me acordinge to thy promyse. 171 My lippes shall speake of thy prayse, seynge thou hast taught me thy statutes. 172 Yee my toge shall synge of thy worde, for all thy comaundemetes are right. 173 Let thy hade helpe me, for I haue chosen thy comaudementes. 174 I longe for thy sauynge health (o LORDE) & in thy lawe is my delyte. 175 Oh let my soule lyue & prayse the, yt thy iudgmentes maye helpe me. 176 I go astraye, like a shepe that is lost: Oh seke thy seruaunt, for I do not forget thy commaundementes.

Psalms 120:1-150:6

1 When I am in trouble, I call vpon ye LORDE, & he answereth me. 2 Delyuer my soule (o LORDE) fro lyenge lippes, & fro a disceatfull toge. 3 What rewarde shalbe geuen or done vnto the, thou false tonge? 4 Euen mightie & sharpe arowes, wt hote burnige coales. 5 Wo is me yt my banishmet endureth sologe: I dwell in the tabernacles of the soroufull. 6 My soule hath loge dwelt amonge them, that be enemies vnto peace. 7 I laboured for peace, but when I spake therof, they made them to batayll.

Psalms 121:1-150:6

1 I lift vp myne eyes vnto the hilles, fro whence commeth my helpe? 2 My helpe cometh euen from the LORDE, which hath made heauen and earth. 3 He will not suffre thy fote to be moued, and he yt kepeth the, slepeth not. 4 Beholde, he that kepeth Israel, doth nether slombre ner slepe. 5 The LORDE himself is thy keper, the LORDE is thy defence vpon yi right honde. 6 So that the Sonne shal not burne the by daye, nether the Moone by night. 7 The LORDE preserueth the from all euell, yee it is the LORDE thath kepeth thy soule. 8 The LORDE preserueth thy goinge out and thy comynge in, from this tyme forth for euermore.

Psalms 122:1-150:6

1 I was glad, when they sayde vnto me: we wil go in to the house of the LORDE. 2 Oure fete shal stonde in thy gates, O Ierusalem. 3 Ierusale is buylded as a cite, that is at vnite in it self. 4 For there ye trybes go vp, euen the trybes of the LORDE: to testifie vnto Israel, to geue thanckes vnto the name of the LORDE. 5 For there is the seate of iudgement, eue the seate of the house of Dauid. 6 O praye for the peace of Ierusale, they shal prospere that loue the. 7 Peace be within yi walles, and plenteousnes within thy palaces, 8 For my brethren and companyons sakes, I wil wish the prosperite. 9 Yee because of ye house of the LORDE oure God, I wil seke to do the good.

Psalms 123:1-150:6

1 Unto the lift I vp myne eyes, thou yt dwellest in the heauens. 2 Beholde, euen as the eyes of seruautes loke vnto the handes of their masters: and as the eyes of a mayden vnto the handes of hir mastresse, euen so oure eyes wayte vpon the LORDE or God, vntill he haue mercy vpo vs. 3 Haue mercy vpo vs (o LORDE) haue mercy vpon vs, for we are vtterly despysed. 4 Oure soule is fylled wt the scornefull reprofe of the welthy, & with ye despitefulnesse of the proude.

Psalms 124:1-150:6

1 If the LORDE had not bene of oure syde (now maye Israel saye) Yf the LORDE had not bene of oure syde, whe me rose vp agaynst vs: 2 They had swalowed vs vp quycke, when they were so wrothfully displeased at vs. 3 Yee the waters had drowned vs, the streame had gone ouer oure soule. 4 The depe waters of the proude had gone eue vnto oure soule. 5 But praysed be ye LORDE, which hath not geuen vs ouer for a pray vnto their teth. 6 Oure soule is escaped, euen as a byrde out of the snare of ye fouler: 7 ye snare is broke, and we are delyuered. 8 Oure helpe stodeth in the name of the LORDE, which hath made heauen and earth.

Psalms 125:1-150:6

1 They that put their trust in ye LORDE, are eue as the mount Sion, which maye not be remoued, but stodeth fast for euer. 2 The hilles stonde aboute Ierusalem, euen so stondeth the LORDE rounde aboute his people, fro this tyme forth for euermore. 3 That the rodd of the vngodly come not into the lott of the rightuous, lest the rightuous put their honde vnto wickednesse. 4 Do wel (o LORDE) vnto those that be good and true of herte. 5 As for soch as turne backe vnto their owne wickednesse, the LORDE shal lede them forth with the euell doers: but peace be vpon Israel.

Psalms 126:1-150:6

1 When the LORDE turneth agayne ye captiuyte of Sion, then shal we be like vnto them that dreame. 2 The shal oure mouth be fylled with laughter, and oure tonge with ioye. 3 Then shal it be sayed amonge the Heithen: the LORDE hath done greate thinges for them. 4 Yee the LORDE hath done greate thinges for vs allready, wherof we reioyse. 5 Turne oure captiuyte (o LORDE) as the ryuers in the south. 6 They that sowe in teeres, shal reape in ioye. He yt now goeth his waye wepige & beareth forth good sede, shal come agayne with ioye, and brynge his sheaues with him.

Psalms 127:1-150:6

1 Excepte the LORDE buylde the house, their labour is but lost that buylde it. 2 Excepte the LORDE kepe the cite, the watchman waketh but in vayne. 3 It is but lost labour that ye ryse vp early, and take no rest, but eate the bred of carefulnesse: for loke to whom it pleaseth him, he geueth it in slepe. 4 Lo, children and ye frute of the wombe are an heretage and gift, that cometh of the LORDE. 5 Like as the arowes in the hode of the giaute, eue so are the yonge childre. Happie is the ma, yt hath his quyuer full of them: they shal not be ashamed, when they speake with their enemies in the gate.

Psalms 128:1-150:6

1 Blessed are all they that feare the LORDE, & walke in his wayes. 2 For thou shalt eate the laboures of thine owne hondes: o well is the, happie art thou. 3 Thy wife shalbe as a frutefull vyne vpon the walles of thy house. 4 Thy children like the olyue braunches roude aboute yi table. 5 Lo, thus shal ye ma be blessed, yt feareth the LORDE. 6 The LORDE shal so blesse the out of Sion, that thou shalt se Ierusale in prosperite all thy life longe. Yee that thou shalt se thy childers childre, & peace vpo Israel.

Psalms 129:1-150:6

1 Many a tyme haue they fought agaynst me fro my youth vp (maye Israel now saie). 2 Yee many a tyme haue they fought agaist me fro my youth vp, but they haue not ouercome me. 3 The plowers plowed vpo my backe, & made loge forowes. 4 But the rightous LORDE hath hewen ye yocke of ye vngodly in peces. 5 Let them be confounded & turned backwarde, as many as haue euell will at Sion. 6 Let the be eue as the haye vpon the house toppes, which wythereth afore it be pluckte vp. 7 Wherof the mower fylleth not his hande, nether he that byndeth vp the sheaues, his bosome. 8 So that they which go by, saye not so moch as: the LORDE prospere you, we wish you good lucke in the name of the LORDE.

Psalms 130:1-150:6

1 Ovt of the depe call I vnto the (o LORDE) LORDE heare my voyce. 2 Oh let thine eares considre well the voyce of my complaynte. 3 Yf thou (LORDE) wilt be extreme to marcke what is done amysse, Oh LORDE, who maye abyde it? 4 But there is mercy with the, that thou mayest be feared. 5 I loke for the LORDE, my soule doth wayte for him, and in his worde is my trust. 6 My soule doth paciently abyde the LORDE, fro the one mornynge to the other. 7 Let Israel trust in the LORDE, for with the LORDE there is mercy and plenteous redempcion. 8 And he shal redeme Israel from all his synnes.

Psalms 131:1-150:6

1 Lorde, I am not hye mynded, I haue no proude lokes. 2 I do not exercise myself in greate matters, which are to hye for me. 3 But I refrayne my soule and kepe it lowe, like as a childe yt is weened from his mother, yee my soule is euen as a weened childe. Let Israel trust in the LORDE, fro this tyme forth for euermore.

Psalms 132:1-150:6

1 Lorde, remembre Dauid and all his trouble. 2 How he swore vnto ye LORDE, & vowed a vowe vnto ye mightie one of Iacob: 3 I wil not come within the tabernacle of my house, ner clymme vp i to my bedde. 4 I wil not suffre myne eyes to slepe, ner myne eye lyddes to slober. 5 Vntill I fynde out a place for the LORDE, an habitacio for the mightie one of Iacob. 6 Lo, we herde of the same at Ephrata, & foude it in ye wod. 7 We wil go into his tabernacle, & fall downe before his fotestole. 8 Arise (o LORDE) in to thy restinge place, thou & ye arke of yi stregth. 9 Let thy prestes be clothed with rightuousnesse, and let thy sayntes reioyse. 10 For thy seruaunte Dauids sake turne not awaye the presence of thine anoynted. 11 The LORDE hath made a faithfull ooth vnto Dauid, & he shal not shrenke from it: 12 Of the frute of thy body shal I set vpon thy seate. 13 Yf thy children wil kepe my couenaunt, & my testimony yt I shal lerne the, their childre also shal syt vpo thy seate for euermore. 14 For the LORDE hath chosen Sio, to be an habitacio for him self hath he chosen her. 15 This shalbe my rest, here wil I dwel, for I haue a delite therin. 16 I will blesse hir vytales wt increase, & wil satisfie hir poore with bred. 17 I wil decke hir prestes with health, & hir sayntes shal reioyse & be glad. 18 There shall I make the horne of Dauid to florish, I haue ordened a lanterne for myne anoynted. As for his enemies, I shal clothe the wt shame, but vpon himself shal his crowne florish.

Psalms 133:1-150:6

1 Beholde, how good & ioyfull a thinge it is, brethre to dwell together in vnite. It is like yt precious oyntment vpon the heade, that ranne downe vnto the beerd, eue vnto Aarons beerd, & wete downe to the skyrtes of his clothinge. 2 Like the dewe of Hermon, which fell vpon the hill of Sion. 3 For there the LORDE promised his blessynge, and life for euermore.

Psalms 134:1-150:6

1 Beholde, O prayse the LORDE all ye seruauntes of the LORDE, ye that by night stode in the house of the LORDE. 2 O lift vp youre handes in the Sanctuary, and prayse the LORDE. 3 The LORDE yt made heauen & earth, blesse the out of Sion.

Psalms 135:1-150:6

1 O prayse ye name of ye LORDE, praise it o ye seruautes of ye LORDE. 2 Ye yt stode iu ye house of ye LORDE, in the courtes of the house of oure God. 3 O prayse the LORDE, for the LORDE is gracious: o synge prayses vnto his name, for it is louely. 4 For why, the LORDE hath chosen Iacob vnto him self, & Israel for his owne possessio. 5 For I knowe yt ye LORDE is greate. & yt or LORDE is aboue all goddes. 6 What so euer ye LORDE pleaseth, yt doth he in heaue & in earth, in the see & in all depe places. 7 He bryngeth forth the cloudes from the endes of the worlde, he turneth ye lighteniges vnto rayne, bringige the wyndes out of their treasuries. 8 Which smote the firstborne of Egipte, both of man and beest. 9 He hath sent tokens and wonders in to the myddest of the (o thou londe of Egipte) vpon Pharao and all his seruauntes. 10 Which smote dyuerse nacions, & slewe mightie kynges. 11 Sihon kynge of ye Amorites, Og the kynge of Basan, and all the kyngdomes of Canaa. 12 And gaue their lode for an heretage, for an heretage vnto Israel his people. 13 Thy name (o LORDE) endureth for euer, so doth thy memoriall (o LORDE) from one generacion to another. 14 For the LORDE wil auege his people, & be gracious vnto his seruautes. 15 As for the ymages of the Heithe, they are but syluer and golde, the worke of mens hades. 16 They haue mouthes, & speake not: eyes haue they, but they se not. 17 They haue eares, and yet they heare not, nether is there eny breth i their mouthes. 18 They that make them, are like vnto them, & so are all they that put their trust in the. 19 Prayse the LORDE ye house of Israel, prayse the LORDE ye house of Aaron. 20 Prayse the LORDE ye house of Leui, ye that feare ye LORDE, prayse the LORDE. 21 Praysed be the LORDE out of Sion, which dwelleth at Ierusale. Halleluya.

Psalms 136:1-150:6

1 O geue thankes vnto the LORDE, for he is gracious, and his mercy endureth for euer. 2 O geue thakes vnto the God of all goddes, for his mercy endureth for euer. 3 O thanke the LORDE of all lordes, for his mercy endureth for euer. 4 Which only doth greate wonders, for his mercy endureth for euer. 5 Which by his wysdome made the heauens, for his mercy endureth for euer. 6 Which layed out the earth aboue the waters, for his mercy endureth for euer. 7 Which hath made greate lightes, for his mercy endureth for euer. 8 The Sonne to rule the daye, for his mercy endureth for euer. 9 The Moone and the starres to gouerne the night, for his mercy endureth for euer. 10 Which smote Egipte with their firstborne, for his mercy endureth for euer. 11 And brought out Israel from amonge them, for his mercy endureth for euer. 12 With a mightie hade and a stretched out arme, for his mercy endureth for euer. 13 Which deuyded the reed see in to partes, for his mercy endureth for euer. 14 And made Israel to go thorow ye myddest of it, for his mercy endureth for euer 15 But as for Pharao and his hoost, he ouerthrewe them in the reed see, for his mercy endureth for euer. 16 Which led his people thorow the wyldernesse, for his mercy endureth for euer. 17 Which smote greate kynges, for his mercy endureth for euer. 18 Yee and slewe mightie kynges, for his mercy endureth for euer. 19 Sihon kynge of the Amorites, for his mercy endureth for euer. 20 And Og the kynge of Basan, for his mercy endureth for euer. 21 And gaue a waye their londe for an heretage, for his mercy endureth for euer. 22 Euen for an heretage vnto Israel his seruaunt, for his mercy endureth for euer. 23 Which remebreth vs, whe we are in trouble, for his mercy endureth for euer. 24 Which geueth foode vnto all flesh, for his mercy endureth for euer. 25 O geue thankes vnto the God of heauen, for his mercy endureth for euer. 26 (Omitted Text)

Psalms 137:1-150:6

1 By the waters of Babilon we sat downe and wepte, when we remebred Sion. 2 As for oure harpes, we hanged them vp vpon the trees, that are therin. 3 The, they that led vs awaye captyue, requyred of vs a songe and melody in or heuynes: synge vs one of the songes of Sion. 4 How shal we synge the LORDES songe in a strauge lode? 5 Yf I forget the (o Ierusalem) let my right hande be forgotten. 6 Yf I do not remembre the, let my tonge cleue to the rofe of my mouth: yee yf I preferre not Ierusalem in my myrth. 7 Remembre the childre of Edom (o LORDE) in the daye of Ierusalem, how they sayde: downe with it, downe with it, eue to the grounde. 8 O doughter Babilo, thou shalt come to misery thy self: yee happie shal he be, that rewardeth ye as thou hast serued vs. 9 Blessed shal he be, that taketh thy children, and throweth them agaynst the stones

Psalms 138:1-150:6

1 I wil geue thakes vnto the (o LORDE) with my whole hert, euen before the goddes wil I synge prayses vnto the. 2 I wil worshippe towarde thy holy teple, and prayse thy name because of thy louynge kyndnesse and treuth, for thou hast magnified thy worde, acordynge vnto thy greate name. 3 When I call vpo the, thou hearest me, and endewest my soule with moch stregth. 4 All the kynges of the earth shal prayse the (o LORDE) when they heare the wordes of thy mouth. 5 Yee they shal synge in the wayes of the LORDE, that greate is the glory of the LORDE. 6 For though the LORDE be hye, yet hath he respecte vnto ye lowly: as for ye proude, he beholdeth him afarre off. 7 Though I walke i ye myddest of trouble, yet shalt thou refresh me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hade vpo the furiousnes of myne enemies, & yi righthande shal saue me. 8 The LORDE shal make good for me, yee thy mercy (o LORDE) endureth for euer: despyse not then the worke of thine owne handes.

Psalms 139:1-150:6

1 O Lorde, thou searchest me out, and knowest me. Thou knowest my downe syttinge & my vprisynge, thou vnderstodest my thoughtes a farre of. 2 Thou art aboute my path & aboute my bedd, & spyest out all my wayes. 3 For lo, there is not a worde i my toge, but thou (o LORDE) knowest it alltogether. 4 Thou hast fashioned me behinde & before, & layed thine hode vpon me. 5 Soch knowlege is to wonderfull & excellet for me, I can not atteyne vnto it. 6 Whither shal I go then from thy sprete? Or, whither shal I fle from thy presence? 7 Yf I clymme vp in to heauen, thou art there: yf I go downe to hell, thou art there also. 8 Yf I take the wynges of the mornynge, & remayne in the vttemost parte of the see: 9 Euen there also shal thy honde lede me, and thy right hande shal holde me. 10 Yf I saye: peradueture the darcknesse shal couer me, then shal my night be turned to daye. 11 Yee the darcknesse is no darcknesse with the, but the night is as cleare as the daye, the darcknesse & light are both alike. 12 For my reynes are thyne, thou hast couered me in my mothers wombe. 13 I wil geue thakes vnto the, for I am woderously made: maruelous are thy workes, and that my soule knoweth right well. 14 My bones are not hyd from the, though I be made secretly, and fashioned beneth in the earth. 15 Thine eyes se myne vnparfitnesse, they stonde all writte i thy boke: 16 my dayes were fashioned, when as yet there was not one of them 17 How deare are yi coucels vnto me o God? O how greate is the summe of them? 18 Yf I tell them, they are mo in nombre then the sonde: when I wake vp, I am present with the. 19 Wilt thou not slaye ye wicked (oh God) that the bloudethyrstie mighte departe fro me? 20 For they speake vnright of the, thine enemies exalte them selues presumptuously. 21 I hate them (o LORDE) that hate the, & I maye not awaye with those that ryse vp agaynst the? 22 Yee I hate them right sore, therfore are they myne enemies. 23 Trye me (o God) and seke the grounde of myne hert: proue me, & examen my thoughtes. 24 Loke well, yf there be eny waye of wickednesse in me, & lede me in the waye euerlastinge.

Psalms 140:1-150:6

1 Delyuer me (o LORDE) from the euell men, oh preserue me from the wicked men. 2 Which ymagin myschefe in their hertes, & stere vp strife all the daye longe. 3 They sharpen their tonges like a serpent, Adders poyson is vnder their lippes. 4 Sela. Kepe me (o LORDE) from the hande of the vngodly, preserue me from the wicked men, which are purposed to ouerthrowe my goinges. 5 The proude haue layed a snare for me, & spred a nett abrode with coardes, yee & sett trappes in my waye. 6 Sela. But my sayenge is vnto the LORDE: thou art my God, heare the voyce of my prayer o LORDE. 7 O LORDE God, thou strength of my health, thou hast couered my heade in ye daye of battayll. 8 Let not ye vngodly haue his desyre (o LORDE) let him not haue his purpose, lest they be to proude. 9 Sela. Let the myschefe of their owne lippes fall vpon ye head of the, yt copase me aboute. 10 Let hote burnynge coales fall vpo the, let the be cast in to the fyre, and in to the pytt, that they neuer ryse vp agayne. 11 A man full of wordes shal not prospere vpon earth: a malicious & wicked person shal be hunted awaye and destroyed. 12 Sure I am, that the LORDE wil auenge the poore, and manteyne the cause of the helplesse. 13 The rightuous also shal geue thakes vnto thy name, & the iust shal continue in thy sight.

Psalms 141:1-150:6

1 Lorde, I call vpon the: haist the vnto me, and consider my voyce, whe I crie vnto the. 2 Let my prayer be set forth in thy sight as the incese, and let the liftinge vp of my hades be an euenynge sacrifice. 3 Set a watch (o LORDE) before my mouth, yee a watch at the dore of my lippes. 4 O let not myne hert be enclyned to eny euell thige, to be mynded as the vngodly or wicked men, lest I eate of soch thinges as please the 5 Let the rightuous (rather) smyte me frendly, and reproue me: 6 so wil I take it, as though he had poured oyle vpo my heade: it shal not hurte my heade, yee I wil praye yet for their wickednesse. 7 Their iudges stoble at the stone, yet heare they my wordes, yt they be ioyfull. 8 Oure bones lye scatered before ye pytt, like as when one graueth and dyggeth vp the grounde. 9 But myne eyes loke vnto ye, o LORDE God: in the is my trust, oh cast not out my soule. 10 Kepe me fro ye snare which they haue layed for me, and fro the trappes of the wicked doers. Let the vngodly fall in to their owne nettes together, vntill I be gone by them.

Psalms 142:1-150:6

1 I crie vnto the LORDE with my voyce, yee eue vnto the LORDE do I make my supplicacion. I poure out my complaynte before him, and shewe him of my trouble. 2 When my sprete is in heuynesse, for thou knowest my path: in the waye where in I walke, haue they preuely layed a snare for me. 3 I loke vpon my right honde & se, there is no man that wil knowe me. I haue no place to fle vnto, no man careth for my soule. 4 Therfore do I crie vnto the (o LORDE) and saye: thou art my hope and my porcion, in the londe of the lyuynge. 5 Cosidre my complaynte, for I am brought very lowe. 6 Oh delyuer me fro my persecuters, for they are to stronge for me: 7 Brynge my soule out of preson, that I maye geue thakes vnto thy name: which thinge yf thou wilt graute me, then shal the rightuous resorte vnto my copany.

Psalms 143:1-150:6

1 Heare my prayer (o LORDE) considre my desyre: answere me for thy treuth & rightuousnesse sake. 2 And entre not in to iudgment with thy seruaunt, for in thy sight shal no man lyuynge be iustified. 3 For the enemie persecuteth my soule, he smyteth my life downe to the grounde, he layeth me in the darcknesse, as the deed men of the worlde. 4 Therfore is my sprete vexed within me, and my herte within me is desolate. 5 Yet do I remebre the tymes past, I muse vpo all yi workes, yee I exercise my self in the workes of thy hondes. 6 I stretch forth my hondes vnto the, my soule crieth vnto the out of the thyrstie londe. 7 Sela. Heare me (o LORDE) and that soone, for my sprete waxeth faynte: hyde not yi face fro me, lest I be like vnto the that go downe in to the graue. 8 Oh let me heare thy louynge kyndnesse by tymes in the mornynge, for in the is my trust: shewe thou me the waye that I shulde walke in, for I lift vp my soule vnto the. 9 Delyuer me (o LORDE) fro myne enemies, for I resorte vnto the. 10 Teach me to do the thinge that pleaseth the, for thou art my God: let thy louynge sprete lede me forth vnto the londe of rightuousnesse. 11 Quycke me (o LORDE) for thy names sake, and for thy rightuousnesse sake brynge my soule out of trouble. 12 And of thy goodnesse scater myne enemies abrode, and destroye all them that vexe my soule, for I am thy seruaunt.

Psalms 144:1-150:6

1 Blessed be the LORDE my refuge, which teacheth my hades to warre, & my fyngers to fight. 2 My hope and my castell, my defence and my delyuerer, my shylde in whom I trust, which gouerneth the people that is vnder me. 3 LORDE, what is ma, that thou hast soch respecte vnto him? Or the sonne of man, that thou so regardest him? 4 Man is like a thinge of naught, his tyme passeth awaye like a shadowe. 5 Bowe thy heaues (o LORDE) & come downe, touch the mountaynes, yt they maye smoke withall. 6 Sende forth the lightenynge & scater the, shute out thine arowes and consume them. 7 Sende downe thine hande from aboue, delyuer me and take me out of ye greate waters, from the hande of straunge childre. 8 Whose mouth talketh of vanite, & their right hade is a righthande of falsede. 9 That I maye synge a new songe vnto the (o God) & synge prayses vnto the vpon a tenstrynged lute, 10 Thou that geuest victory vnto kynges, and hast delyuered Dauid thy seruaunt from the parell of the swerde. 11 Saue me and delyuer me from the honde of straunge childre, whose mouth talketh of vanite, and their right hande is a right hande of falsede. 12 That or sonnes maye growe vp as the yoge plantes, and that oure doughters maye be as the polished corners of the temple. 13 That or garners maye be full and plenteous with all maner of stoare: that or shepe maye brynge forth thousandes and hundreth thousands in oure villages. 14 That oure oxen maye be stronge to laboure, that there be no myschaunce, no decaye, and no complayninge in oure stretes. 15 Happie are the people that be in soch a case: yee blessed are the people, which haue the LORDE for their God.

Psalms 145:1-150:6

1 I wil magnifie the (o my God & kynge) I wil prayse yi name for euer & euer. 2 Euery daye wil I geue thankes vnto the, and prayse yi name for euer and euer. 3 Greate is the LORDE, & maruelous worthy to be praysed, there is no ende of his greatnesse. 4 One generacion shal prayse thy workes vnto another, and declare thy power. 5 As for me I wil be talkige of thy worshipe, thy glory, thy prayse and woderous workes. 6 So that men shal speake of the might of thy maruelous actes, and tell of yi greatnes. 7 The memoriall of yi abundaunt kyndnes shalbe shewed, and me shal synge of thy righteousnesse. 8 The LORDE is gracious and mercifull, longe sufferynge & of greate goodnesse. 9 The LORDE is louynge vnto euery man, and his mercy is ouer all his workes. 10 All thy workes prayse the (o LORDE) and thy sayntes geue thankes vnto the. 11 They shewe the glory of thy kyngdome, and talke of yi power. 12 That yi power, thy glory & mightynesse of thy kyngdome might be knowne vnto men. 13 Thy kyngdome is an euerlastinge kyngdome, & thy dominion endureth thorow out all ages. 14 The LORDE vpholdeth all soch as shulde fall, and lifteth vp all those that be downe. 15 The eyes of all wayte vpon the, and thou geuest them their meate in due season. 16 Thou openest thine hade, and fyllest all thinges lyuynge with plenteousnesse. 17 The LORDE is righteous in all his wayes, & holy in all his workes. 18 The LORDE is nye vnto all them that call vpon him, yee all soch as call vpon him faithfully. 19 He fulfilleth the desyre of them that feare him, he heareth their crie, and helpeth them. 20 The LORDE preserueth all them that loue him, but scatereth abrode all the vngodly. 21 My mouth shal speake the prayse of the LORDE, And let all flesh geue thankes vnto his holy name for euer and euer. Halleluya.

Psalms 146:1-150:6

1 Prayse the LORDE (o my soule:) whyle I lyue wil I prayse the LORDE, yee as loge as I haue eny beynge, I wil synge prayses vnto my God. 2 O put not yor trust in prynces, ner in the childe of man, for there is no helpe in the. 3 For when ye breth of man goeth forth, he shal turne agayne to his earth, and so all his thoughtes perishe. 4 Blessed is he that hath ye God of Iacob for his helpe, and whose hope is in the LORDE his God. 5 Which made heauen and earth, ye see and all that therin is, which kepeth his promise for euer 6 Which helpeth them to right yt suffre wronge, which fedeth ye hongrie. 7 The LORDE lowseth men out of preson, the LORDE geueth sight to the blynde. 8 The LORDE helpeth the vp that are fallen, the LORDE loueth the righteous. 9 The LORDE careth for the straungers, he defendeth ye fatherlesse and wyddowe: as for the waye of ye vngodly, he turneth it vpsyde downe. 10 The LORDE thy God (o Sion) is kynge for euermore, and thorow out all generacions. Halleluya.

Psalms 147:1-150:6

1 O prayse the LORDE, for it is a good thinge to synge prayses vnto or God: yee a ioyfull and pleasaunt thinge is it to be thankfull. 2 The LORDE shal buylde vp Ierusale, & gather together ye outcastes of Israel. 3 He healeth the contrite in herte, and byndeth vp their woundes. 4 He telleth the nombre of the starres, and calleth them all by their names. 5 Greate is or LORDE, and greate is his power, yee his wy?dome is infinite. 6 The LORDE setteth vp ye meke, & bryngeth ye vngodly downe to ye groude 7 O synge vnto ye LORDE wt thankesgeuynge, synge prayses vpo ye harpe vnto or God. 8 Which couereth ye heauen wt cloudes, prepareth rayne for ye earth, & maketh ye grasse to growe vpon the mountaynes. 9 Which geueth foder vnto ye catell, & fedeth ye yonge rauens yt call vpo him. 10 He hath no pleasure in the strength of an horse, nether delyteth he in eny mas legges. 11 But the LORDES delyte is in them that feare him, and put their trust in his mercy. 12 Prayse ye LORDE o Ierusale, prayse yi God o Sion. 13 For he maketh fast ye barres of yi gates, & blesseth yi childre within ye. 14 He maketh peace in yi borders, & fylleth ye with ye flor of wheate. 15 He sendeth forth his comaundemet vpo earth, his worde runeth swiftly. 16 He geueth snowe like woll, & scatereth ye horefrost like ashes. 17 He casteth forth his yse like morsels, who is able to abyde his frost? 18 He sendeth out his worde and melteth them, he bloweth wt his wynde, & the waters flowe. 19 He sheweth his worde vnto Iacob, his statutes & ordinaunces vnto Israel. 20 He hath not dealte so wt all the Heithen, nether haue they knowlege of his lawes. Halleluya.

Psalms 148:1-150:6

1 O prayse the LORDE of heauen, prayse him in the heyth. 2 Prayse him all ye angels of his, prayse hi all his hoost. 3 Prayse him Sonne & Moone, prayse him all ye starres & light. 4 Prayse him all ye heauens, & ye waters yt be vnder the heauens. 5 Let them prayse the name of the LORDE, for he comaunded, & they were made. 6 He hath made the fast for euer and euer, he hath geue them a lawe which shal not be broke. 7 Prayse the LORDE vpon earth, ye whalfishes and all depes. 8 Fyre and hayle, snowe & vapors wynde and storme, fulfillynge his worde. 9 Mountaynes and all hilles, frutefull trees & all Ceders. 10 Beastes and all catell, wormes & fethered foules. 11 Kynges of the earth & all people, princes & all iudges of ye worlde. 12 Yonge men & maydes, olde men and children. 13 Let them prayse the name of the LORDE, for his name only is excellent, and his prayse aboue heauen and earth. 14 He exalteth the horne of his people, all his sayntes shal prayse him, the children of Israel, euen the people that serueth him. Halleluya.

Psalms 149:1-150:6

1 Halleluya. O synge vnto ye LORDE a new songe, let the cogregacion of sayntes prayse him. 2 Let Israel reioyse in him that made him, and let the children of Sion be ioyfull in their kynge. 3 Let them prayse his name in the dauce, let them synge prayses vnto him with tabrettes and harpes. 4 For the LORDE hath pleasure in his people, and helpeth the mekeharted. 5 Let the sayntes be ioyfull with glory, let them reioyse in their beddes. 6 Let the prayses of God be in their mouth, and sharpe swerdes in their handes. 7 To be auenged of the Heithe, & to rebuke the people. 8 To bynde their kynges in cheynes, & their nobles with lynckes of yron. 9 That they maye be auenged of them, as it is written, Soch honoure haue all his sayntes. Halleluya.

Psalms 150:1-6

1 Halleluya. O prayse the LORDE in his Sanctuary, prayse him in the firmament of his power. 2 Prayse him in his noble actes, prayse him in his excellet greatnesse. 3 Prayse him in the sounde of the trompet, prayse him vpo the lute and harpe. 4 Prayse him in the cymbals and daunse, prayse him vpon the strynges and pype. 5 Prayse him vpo the welltuned cymbals, prayse him vpon the loude cymbals. 6 Let euery thinge yt hath breth, prayse the LORDE. Halleluya.

Isaiah 41:11-13

11 Beholde, all they that resist the, shal come to confucion and shame: and thine aduersaries shalbe destroyed & brought to naught. 12 So that who so seketh after them, shal not fynde them. Thy destroyers shal perish, & so shall they that vndertake to make batell agaynst the. 13 For I thy LORDE & God, wil strength thy right honde. Euen I that saye vnto the: Feare not, I will helpe the.

Matthew 5:38-41

38 Ye haue herde howe it is sayde: An eye for an eye, a toth for a toth. 39 But I saye vnto you: that ye resist not euell. But whosoeuer geueth the a blowe on thy right cheke, turne to him the other also. 40 And yf eny man will sue the at the lawe, & take awaye thy coate, let him haue thy cloake also. 41 And who so compelleth the to go a myle, go wt hym twayne.

Psalms 18:3

3 The sorowes of death copassed me, & the brokes of vngodlynes made me afrayed.

Matthew 5:11

11 Blessed are ye when men reuyle you, and persecute you, and falsly say all manner of yuell saynges against you for my sake.

Ephesians 4:29

29 Let no filthy communicacion proceade out of youre mouth, but that which is good to edifye withall, wha nede is, that it be gracious to heare.

Proverbs 6:16-19

16 There be sixe thinges, which the LORDE hateth, & the seuenth he vtterly abhorreth: 17 A proude loke, a dyssemblynge tonge, hades that shed innocent bloude, 18 an herte yt goeth aboute wt wicked ymaginacios, fete that be swift in rennynge to do myschefe, 19 a false wytnesse yt bringeth vp lyes, & soch one as soweth discorde amonge brethren.

1 John 2:9

9 He that sayeth he is in lighte, and hateth his brother, is yet in darknesse.

Deuteronomy 31:6

6 Be manly and stroge, feare not, and be not afrayed of them. For the LORDE thy God himselfe shal go with the, and shal not fayle the, ner forsake the.

1 John 3:15

15 Who soeuer hateth his brother, is a mansleyer. And ye knowe that a mansleyer hath not eternall life abydinge in him.

Romans 12:19-20

19 Dearly beloued, auenge not youre selues, but geue rowme vnto the wrath off God. For it is wrytte: Vengeaunce is myne, and I wil rewarde, sayeth ye LORDE. 20 Therfore yf thine enemye hunger, fede him: Yf he thyrst, geue him drinke. For in so doinge thou shalt heape coales of fyre vpo his heade.

Matthew 5:43-48

43 Ye haue herde, how it is saide: thou shalt loue thyne neghboure, & hate thyne enemy. 44 But I saye vnto you: loue youre enemies: Blesse the that cursse you: Do good to the that hate you: Praye for the which do you wronge and persecute you, 45 that ye maye be the chyldern of youre father which is in heauen: for he maketh his sonne to aryse on the euel and on the good, and sendeth his rayne on the iust and vniuste. 46 For yf ye loue them which loue you, what rewarde shall ye haue? Do not the Publicans eue so? 47 And yf ye be frendly to youre brethren onlye: what singuler thynge do ye? Do not the Publicans also lyke wyse? 48 Ye shall therfore be perfecte, euen as youre father in heaue is perfecte.

2 Timothy 1:7

7 For God hath not geuen vs the sprete of feare, but of power, and of loue, and of right vnderstondynge.

Leviticus 19:18

18 Thou shalt not auenge thy self, ner beare euell will agaynst the childre of thy people. Thou shalt loue thy neghboure, as thy self: for I am the LORDE.

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