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Psalms 104:29-30

29 But when thou hydest thy face, they are soroufull: yf thou takest awaye their breth, they dye, & are turned agayne to their dust. 30 Agayne, when thou lattest thy breth go forth, they are made, and so thou renuest the face of the earth.

Isaiah 2:22

22 Every man can eschue a persone moued in anger, for what doth he wysely?

Isaiah 40:7

7 When the grasse is wytthered, the floure falleth awaye. Euen so is the people as grasse, when the breath of the LORDE bloweth vpon them.

John 20:19-23

19 The same Sabbath at eue wha ye disciples were gathered together, and the dores were shut for feare of ye Iewes, came Iesus, and stode i ye myddes, & sayde vnto the: Peace be wt you. 20 And wha he had so sayde, he shewed the his hades & his syde. The were ye disciples glad, yt they sawe ye LORDE. 21 The sayde Iesus vnto the agayne: Peace be with you. Like as my father sent me, eue so sede I you. 22 And whan he had sayde yt, he brethed vpo the, and sayde vnto the: Receaue the holy goost. 23 Whose synnes soeuer ye remytte, they are remytted vnto the: and whose synnes so euer ye retayne, they are retayned.

Acts 17:25

25 nether is he worshipped with mens handes, as though he had nede of eny man, seynge he himself geueth life and breth vnto all men euery where:

Job 34:14-15

14 To whom hath he geuen his herte, for to drawe his sprete and breth vnto him? 15 All flesh shal come together vnto naught, & all me shal turne agayne vnto earth.

Psalms 150:6

6 Let euery thinge yt hath breth, prayse the LORDE. Halleluya.

Isaiah 42:5

5 For thus saieth God the LORDE vnto him (Euen he that made the heauens, and spred them abrode, & set forth the earth with hir encrease: which geueth breath vnto the people that is in it, & to them that dwel therin)

Ezekiel 37:9

9 Then sayde he vnto me: Thou sonne of man, prophecie thou towarde the wynde: prophecy, and speake to the wynde: Thus saieth the LORDE God: Come (o thou ayre) from the foure wyndes, & blowe vpon these slayne, that they maye be restored to life.

John 20:22

22 And whan he had sayde yt, he brethed vpo the, and sayde vnto the: Receaue the holy goost.

2 Timothy 3:16

16 For all scripture geue by inspiracion of God, is profitable to teach, to improue, to amende, and to instructe in righteousnes,

Job 27:3

3 My lippes shall talke of no vanite, and my tonge shal speake no disceate,

Genesis 2:7

7 And ye LORDE God shope man eue of the moulde of the earth, & brethed in to his face ye breth of life. And so was man made a lyuynge soule.

Job 33:4

4 The sprete of God hath made me, & the breth of the Allmightie hath geue me my life.

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