Bible verses about "blacks" | Coverdale

Song of Songs 1:6

6 but yet am I faire & welfauoured withal. Maruell not at me yt I am so black, & why? ye Sonne hath shyned vpo me. For whan my mothers childre had euell wil at me, they made me ye keper of the vynyarde. Thus was I fayne to kepe a vynyarde, which was not myne owne.

Acts 10:34

34 Peter opened his mouth, & sayde: Now perceaue I of a trueth, that God hath no respecte of personnes,

Acts 13:1

1 There were at Antioche in the congregacion, prophetes and teachers, as Barnabas, and Simon called Niger, and Lucius of Cyren, and Manahen Herodes the Tetrachas norsfelowe, and Saul.

Romans 2:11

11 For there is no respecte of personnes before God: Who so euer haue synned without lawe,

Luke 23:26

26 And as they led him awaye, they toke one Simon of Cyren (which came from the felde) and layed ye crosse vpon him, to beare it after Iesus.

Song of Songs 1:5

5 I am black (o ye doughters of Ierusale) like as the tentes of the Cedarenes, and as the hanginges of Salomon:

Numbers 12:1

1 And Miriam & Aaron spake agaynst Moses because of his wife the Morian which he had taken, because he had take a Morian to wife,

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