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Psalms 37:1-40

1 Frett not thy self at the vngodly, be not thou envious agaynst the euell doers. 2 For they shall soone be cut downe like ye grasse, & be wythered euen as ye grene herbe. 3 Put thou thy trust in ye LORDE, & be doinge good: so shalt thou dwell in the londe, & verely it shal fede the. 4 Delyte thou in the LORDE, & he shal geue the thy hertes desyre. 5 Comitte thy waye vnto ye LORDE, set thy hope in him, and he shal brynge it to passe. 6 Yee he shall make thy rightuousnesse as cleare as the light, & thy iust dealinge as the noone daye. 7 Holde the still in ye LORDE, and abyde pacietly vpon him: but greue not thy self at one that hath prosperite, and lyueth in abhominacion. 8 Leaue of from wrath, let go displeasure, let not thy gelousy moue the also to do euell. 9 For wicked doers shal be roted out, but they that pacietly abyde the LORDE, shal enheret the londe. 10 Suffre yet a litle whyle, & ye vngodly shalbe clene gone: thou shalt loke after his place, & he shal be awaye. 11 But the meke spreted shal possesse the earth, & haue pleasure in moch rest. 12 The vngodly layeth wayte for the iust, & gna?sheth vpon him wt his tethe. 13 But ye LORDE laugheth him to scorne, for he seith yt his daye is cominge. 14 The vngodly drawe out the swerde & bende their bowe, to cast downe ye symple & poore, and to slaye soch as go ye right waye. 15 Neuertheles, their swerde shal go thorow their owne hert, and their bowe shalbe broke. 16 A small thinge yt the rightuous hath, is better then greate riches of the vngodly. 17 For the armes of ye vngodly shalbe broken, but the LORDE vpholdeth the rightuous. 18 The LORDE knoweth the dayes of the godly, & their enheritauce shal endure for euer. 19 They shal not be cofounded in ye perlous tyme, & in ye dayes of derth they shall haue ynough. 20 As for ye vngodly, they shall perishe: & whe ye enemies of ye LORDE are in their floures, they shal cosume, yee euen as the smoke shal they cosume awaye. 21 The vngodly boroweth and paieth not agayne, but the rightuous is mercifull & liberall. 22 Soch as be blessed of him, shal possesse the londe: & they whom he curseth, shalbe roted out. 23 The LORDE ordreth a good mans goinge, & hath pleasure in his waye. 24 Though he fall, he shal not be hurte, for the LORDE vpholdeth him wt his hade. 25 I haue bene yonge, & now am olde: yet sawe I neuer the rightuous forsake, ner his sede to seke their bred. 26 The rightuous is euer mercifull, & ledeth getly, therfore shal his sede be blessed. 27 Fle fro euell, & do ye thinge that is good, so shalt thou dwell for euer. 28 For ye LORDE loueth ye thinge yt is right, he forsaketh not his sayntes, but they shal be preserued for euermore: 29 as for the sede of the vngodly, it shalbe roted out. 30 Yee the rightuous shal possesse ye lode, & dwell therin for euer. 31 The mouth of the rightuous is exercised in wy?dome, & his toge talketh of iudgment. 32 The lawe of his God is in his hert, therfore shal not his fotesteppes slyde. 33 The vngodly seyth the rightuous, & goeth aboute to slaye him. 34 But the LORDE wil not leaue him in his hodes, ner codemne him when he is iudged. 35 Hope thou in the LORDE, & kepe his waye: & he shal so promote the, that thou shalt haue the lode by enheritauce, & se, when the vngodly shall perishe. 36 I myself haue sene the vngodly in greate power, & florishinge like a grene baye tre: 37 but when I wente by, lo, he was gone: I sought him, but he coude no where be founde. 38 Kepe innocency, and take hede vnto the thinge that is right, for that shall brynge a man peace at the last. 39 As for the trasgressours, they shal perishe together, and the vngodly shal be roted out at ye last. The helpe of the rightuous commeth of the LORDE, he is their strength in the tyme of trouble. 40 The LORDE shal stode by them, and saue them: he shal delyuer them from the vngodly, and helpe the, because they put their trust in him.

Proverbs 15:1

1 A softe aswere putteth downe displeasure, but frowarde wordes prouoke vnto anger.

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