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Genesis 21:2

2 And Sara was with childe, and bare Abraham a sonne in his olde age, euen in the tyme appoynted, like as God had spoken vnto him afore.

Genesis 15:6

6 Abram beleued the LORDE, and yt was counted vnto him for righteousnes.

Genesis 25:1

1 Abraham toke another wife called Ketura,

Genesis 17:5

5 Therfore shalt thou nomore be called Abram, but thy name shal be Abraham: For I haue made the a father of many nacions,

Genesis 25:7

7 This is the age of Abraham which he lyued: euen an hundreth and fyue and seuentye yeare, 8 and fell sicke and dyed in a good age, whan he was olde, & had lyued ynough and was gathered vnto his people. 9 And his sonnes Isaac and Ismael buried him in the dubble caue in the felde of Ephron the sonne of Zoar the Hethite, which lyeth ouer before Mamre, 10 in the felde that Abraham bought of the Hethites. There was Abraham buried with Sara his wife.

John 8:58

58 Iesus sayde vnto the: Verely verely I saye vnto you: Or euer Abraham was, I am.

Romans 4:13

13 For the promes (that he shulde be ye heyre of the worlde) was not made vnto Abraham or to his sede thorow the lawe, but thorow the righteousnes of faith.

Galatians 3:29

29 Yf ye be Christes, the are ye Abrahas sede and heyres acordynge to the promes.

Hebrews 11:17

17 By faith Abraha offered vp Isaac, wha he was tempted, and gaue ouer his onely begotten sonne, in whom he had receaued the promyses,

Hebrews 11:8

8 By faith Abraham (wha he was called) obeyed, to go out in to the place, which he shulde afterwarde receaue to inheritaunce: and he wente out, not knowynge whither he shulde go.

James 2:23

23 & the scripture was fulfilled which faith: Abraha beleued God and it was reputed vnto him for rightewesnes: and he was called ye frende of God.

Genesis 18:1-16

1 Annd the LORDE apeared vnto him in the Okegroue of Mamre, as he sat in his tent dore in the heate of ye daie. 2 And as he lift vp his eyes, and loked, beholde, there stode thre men ouer agaynst him. And whan he sawe them, he ranne to mete them from his tent dore, and bowed him self downe vpon the grounde, 3 and sayde: LORDE, yf I haue founde fauoure in thy sight, go not by yi seruaut. 4 There shalbe brought you a litle water, & ye shall wash yor fete, & rest youre selues vnder the tre. 5 And I wyll fet you a morsell of bred, to comforte youre hertes withall, and then shall ye go youre wayes, for therfore are ye come to youre seruaunt. They sayde: do euen so as thou hast spoken: 6 Abraham wente a pace in to the tent to Sara, and sayde: Make haist, & mengle thre peckes of fyne meele, knede it, and bake cakes. 7 And he ranne to the beastes, & fet a calf that was tender and good, and gaue it vnto a yonge man, which made it ready at once. 8 And he toke butter and mylke and of the calfe that he had prepared, and set it before the, stode him self by them vnder the tre, & they ate. 9 Then saide they vnto him: where is Sara thy wyfe? He answered: within in ye tent. 10 Then sayde he: aboute this tyme twolue moneth, (yf I lyue) I will come to the agayne, and Sara thy wyfe shal haue a sonne. And Sara herde that out of the tent dore, which was behynde his backe. 11 And Abraham and Sara were both olde, & well stryken in age: so that it wente nomore with Sara after ye maner of wemen: 12 therfore laughed she within hir self, and sayde: Now that I am olde & my lorde olde also, shal I yet geue my self to lust? 13 Then sayde ye LORDE vnto Abraham: Wherfore doth Sara laugh, and saye: Is this true in dede, that I shal beare, and yet am olde? 14 Shulde eny soch thinge be to harde for the LORDE? Aboute this tyme (yf I lyue) I wil come to the agayne, & Sara shal haue a sonne. 15 Then Sara denyed it, and sayde: I laughed not, for she was afrayed. But he sayde: It is not so, thou dyddest laughe. 16 Then the men stode vp from thence, and turned them towarde Sodome: and Abraham wente with them, to brynge them on their waye.

Galatians 3:6-9

6 Euen as Abraha beleued God, and it was counted vnto him for righteousnes. 7 Thus ye knowe, that they which are of faith, are Abrahams children. 8 The scripture sawe afore hade, that God iustifieth the Heythen thorow faith. Therfore shewed it glad tydinges afore vnto Abraham, and sayde: In the shal all the Heythen be blessed. 9 So then they which be of faith, are blessed with faithfull Abraham.

Genesis 12:1-20

1 And ye LORDE sayde vnto Abram: Get the out of thy countre, and from thy kynred, and out of thy fathers house, in to a londe which I wil shew the. 2 And I wil make of the a mightie people, and wyll blesse the, and make the a greate name, yee thou shalt be a very blessynge. 3 I wil blesse them that blesse the, and curse them that curse the: and in the shal all the generacions of the earth be blessed. 4 Then wente Abram out, as the LORDE commaunded him, and Lot wente with him. Fyue & seuentie yeare olde was Abra, whan he wente out of Haran. 5 So Abram toke Sarai his wife, and Lot his brothers sonne, wt all their goodes which they had gotten, and soules which they begat in Hara, and departed to go in to ye londe of Canaan. 6 And whe they were come in to the same londe, he wente thorow, tyll he came vnto the place of Sichem, and vnto the Okegroue of More: for ye Cananites dwelt in ye lode at ye same time. 7 Then the LORDE appeared vnto Abra, & sayde: This londe wil I geue vnto yi sede. And there he buylded an aulter vnto ye LORDE, which appeared vnto him. 8 The brake he vp fro thece, vnto a mountayne yt laye on ye east syde of the cite of Bethel, & pitched his tent: so yt he had Bethel on the west side, and Ay on ye east syde: & there buylded he an altare also vnto the LORDE, & called vpon the name of the LORDE. 9 Afterwarde departed Abram farther, & toke his iourneye southwarde. 10 But there came a derth in the londe. Then wente Abram downe in to Egipte to kepe himself there as a straunger, for the derth was sore in the londe. 11 And whan he was come nye for to entre in to Egipte, he sayde vnto Sarai his wife: Beholde, I knowe yt thou art a fayre woman to loke vpon. 12 Now whan the Egipcians se the, they wil saye: She is his wife, and so shal they slaye me, and saue the alyue. 13 Therfore (I pray ye) saye thou art my sister, that I maye fare the better by reason of the, and that my soule maye lyue for thy sake. 14 Now whan he came in to Egipte, ye Egipcians sawe ye woman, yt she was very faire: 15 & Pharaos prynces sawe her also, & praysed her before him. Then was she brought in to Pharaos house, 16 and Abram was well intreated for hir sake: and he had shepe, oxe, and he Asses, seruauntes, maydes, she Asses and Camels. 17 But ye LORDE plaged Pharao & his house wt greate plages, because of Sarai Abras wife. 18 Then Pharao called Abra vnto him, and sayde: Why hast thou dealt thus wt me? Wherfore toldest thou not me at the first, yt she was thy wife? 19 Why saydest thou then, that she was yi sister? Wherfore I toke her to my wife. And now lo, there is yi wife, take her, and go thy waye. 20 He gaue his officers also a charge ouer him, to conveye him out, and his wife, and all that he had.

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