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Genesis 29:31

31 And seeing is Yahweh that Leah is hated, and opening is He her womb. Yet Rachel is barren.

Genesis 31:1-55

1 And hearing is Jacob the words of Laban's sons, saying, "Taking is Jacob all which was our father's. And from that which is our father's he makes all this glory. 2 And seeing is Jacob the face of Laban, and behold! It is not with him as heretofore. 3 And saying is Yahweh to Jacob, "Return to the land of your forefathers and to your kindred, and come will I to be with you. 4 And sending is Jacob and calling Rachel and Leah to the field, to his flock. 5 And saying is he to them, "Seeing am I the face of your father, that it is not toward me as heretofore. And the Elohim of my father came to stand by me. 6 And you know that with all my vigor I served your father. 7 Yet your father trifles with me, and varied my hire at ten countings. Yet the Elohim did not allow him to do evil withal. 8 If thus he is saying: `The speckled shall be your hire,' then bear do all the flock speckled. And if thus he is saying: `The striped shall be your hire,' then bear do all the flock striped. 9 And rescuing is the Elohim the cattle of your father and is giving them to me. 10 And coming is it at the season that the flock is warm with desire, that I am lifting my eyes and seeing in a dream and, behold! The he-goats and the rams that go up on the small cattle are striped, speckled, and dappled. 11 And saying to me is a messenger of the Elohim in a dream. `Jacob!' And saying am I,`Behold me!. 12 And saying is He, `Lift your eyes, pray, and see that all the he-goats and the rams going up on the small cattle are striped, speckled, and dappled, for I see all that Laban is doing to you. 13 I am the El of Beth-El, where you anointed the monument and where you vowed a vow to Me. And now, rise, fare forth from this land, and return to the land of your kindred, and I will come to be with you.. 14 And answering are Rachel and Leah, and saying are they to him, "Is there further for us a portion and allotment in the household of our father? 15 Are not we reckoned as foreigners by him? For he sold us, and devouring is he, even devouring our money. 16 For all the riches and the glory which the Elohim rescues from our father, ours is it and our sons'. And now, all that the Elohim says to you, do. 17 And rising is Jacob, and lifting his wives and his sons on camels, 18 and leading away all his cattle, and all his goods which he got, the cattle he acquired, which he got in Padan, Syria, to come to Isaac, his father, to the land of Canaan. 19 And Laban goes to shear his flock. And stealing is Rachel the household elohim which are her father's. 20 And stealing is Jacob the heart out of Laban, the Syrian, on failing to tell him that he is running away. 21 And away is he running, he and all which is his. And rising is he and crossing the stream, and is setting his face toward mount Gilead. 22 And it is being told Laban, the Syrian, on the third day, that Jacob ran away. 23 And taking is he all his brethren with him, and is pursuing after him a way of seven days, and hard is he following after him in mount Gilead. 24 And coming is the Elohim to Laban, the Syrian, in a dream in the night. And saying is He to him, "Beware, you, lest you be speaking with Jacob from good unto evil!" 25 And Laban is overtaking Jacob. And Jacob pitches his tent in the mount. And Laban pitches with his brethren in mount Gilead. 26 And saying is Laban to Jacob, "What have you done? And stealing are you my heart, and leading away my daughters as captives of the sword!" 27 Why hide to run away and steal from me, and not tell me, that I could send you with rejoicing and with songs and with tambourine and with harp? 28 And you did not let me kiss my sons and my daughters. Now, silly are you to do so. 29 Forsooth! Disposed is my hand to do to you evil. Yet the Elohim of your father yesternight spoke to me, saying, `Beware, you, of speaking with Jacob from good unto evil!. 30 And now, go, yea, go, for you long longingly for the household of your father. Why have you stolen my elohim? 31 And answering is Jacob and saying to Laban, "For I feared, for I said, lest you may be snatching your daughters from me, and all that is mine. 32 With whom you are finding your elohim, not live shall he. In front of our brethren, identify what is yours, withal, and take it to you.Yet not know did Jacob that Rachel, his wife, had stolen them. 33 And coming is Laban into Jacob's tent, and into Leah's tent and into the two maidservant's tent, and does not find them. And forth is he faring from Leah's tent and is coming into Rachel's tent. 34 Yet Rachel took the household elohim and placed them in the saddle basket of the camel, and she is sitting on them. And feeling is Laban all the tent, yet did not find them. 35 And saying is she to her father, "It must not be hot in the eyes of my lord that I cannot rise before you, for the way of women is on me.And searching is Laban in all the tent, yet he does not find the household elohim. 36 And hot is Jacob, and contending is he with Laban. And answering is Jacob and saying to Laban, "What is my transgression and what is my sin, that you dash after me, and that you feel all the furnishings of my tent? 37 And what have you found of all the furnishings of your house? Place it thus in front of my brethren and your brethren, and correct will they the matter between us two. 38 This twenty years am I with you. Your ewes and your she-goats were not bereaved, and the rams of your flock I did not eat. 39 That which was torn to pieces, I did not bring to you. I was made a sin offering for it! From my hand you sought it, be it stolen by day or stolen by night!" 40 So became I: In the day the drought devoured me, and the ice in the night, and flit did my sleep from my eyes. 41 This, for me, was twenty years in your household. I served you fourteen years for your two daughters, and six years for your flock, and vary did you my hire at ten countings. 42 Unless the Elohim of my father, the Elohim of Abraham, and the Awe of Isaac had come to be with me, then now you would have sent me away empty-handed. The humiliation and the weariness of my palms the Elohim sees, and correcting you was He yesternight. 43 And answering is Laban and saying to Jacob, "The daughters are my daughters, and the sons my sons, and the flock my flock, and all that you are seeing, mine is it, and my daughters'. What shall I do for these today, or for their sons which they have borne? 44 Yet now, go. Contract will we a covenant, I and you, and it will become a witness between me and you.And saying is he to him, "Behold! No one is with us. Behold! The Elohim is Witness between me and you. 45 And taking is Jacob a stone and is raising it for a monument. 46 And saying is Jacob to his brethren, "Pick up stones.And they are picking up stones and making a mound. And eating are they and drinking there on the mound. And saying to him is Laban, "This mound is witness between me and you today. 47 And calling it is Laban Igr-shedutha. And Jacob calls it Galeed. 48 And saying is Laban to Jacob, "Behold! This mound and this monument which I raised, is witness between me and you today. 49 Therefore he calls its name Galeed and the Mizpah which says: "Watching is Yahweh between me and you, when we are concealed, each man from his associate. 50 Should you humiliate my daughters, and should you take wives over my daughters, then not a man is with us. See! The Elohim is Witness between me and you. 51 And saying is Laban to Jacob, "Behold this mound! And behold the monument which I aim to be between me and you. 52 Witness is this mound, and witness is the monument, that I should not be passing this mound to you, and you should not be passing this mound and this monument to me, for evil!" 53 The Elohim of Abraham and the Elohim of Nahor, the Elohim of the forefathers, shall judge between us.And swearing is Jacob by the Awe of his father Isaac. 54 And sacrificing is Jacob a sacrifice in the mountain. And calling is he his brethren to eat bread. And eating are they bread and lodging in the mountain. 55 And early is Laban rising in the morning, and kissing is he his sons and his daughters and blessing them. And going is Laban, and returning to his place.

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