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Psalms 23:1-6

1 {A Davidic Psalm{ Yahweh is my Shepherd; Nothing shall I lack. 2 In verdant oases, He is making me recline; Beside restful waters, He is conducting me." 3 He is restoring my soul; He is guiding me in the routes of righteousness, on account of His Name." 4 Even though I should walk in the ravine of blackest shadow, I shall not fear evil, For You are with me; Your club and Your staff, they are comforting me." 5 You are arranging a table before me in front of my foes; You have sleeked my head with oil; My cup is satiated. 6 Yea, goodness and benignity, they shall pursue me all the days of my life, And I will dwell in the House of Yahweh for the length of my days."

Revelation 22:3

3 And there shall be no more any doom, and the throne of God and of the Lambkin shall be in it. And His slaves shall be offering divine service to Him."

Isaiah 65:25

25 Then a wolf and a lambkin will graze alike, and the lion, as the beeve, will eat crushed straw, and the serpent has soil for its bread. They will not do evil, nor ruin in all My holy mountain,says Yahweh."

Isaiah 53:7

7 Hard pressed is He and being humbled, yet He is not opening His mouth. As a flockling to slaughter is He fetched, and as a ewe before her shearers is mute, so He is not opening His mouth."

Exodus 12:5

5 A flawless flockling, a year old male, shall you come to have. From the he-lambs or from the goats shall you take it.

Revelation 12:11

11 And they conquer him through the blood of the Lambkin, and through the word of their testimony, and they love not their soul, until death."

Genesis 22:7

7 And speaking is Isaac to Abraham, his father, and saying, "My father!"And saying is he, "Behold me, my son.And saying is he, "Behold the fire and the wood, yet where is the flockling for the ascent offering?

Revelation 5:11-12

11 And I perceived, and I hear a sound as of many messengers around the throne and the animals and the elders, and their number was ten thousand ten thousand and a thousand thousand, 12 saying with a loud voice, "Worthy is the Lambkin slain To get power and riches and wisdom and strength And honor and glory and blessing!"

John 1:36

36 And, looking at Jesus walking, he is saying, "Lo! the Lamb of God!"

Genesis 1:1

1 1Created by the Elohim were the heavens and the earth.

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