Bible verses about "contemporary christian music" | CKJV_Strongs

Hebrews 5:14

  14 G1161 But G4731 strong G5160 food G2076 belongs G5046 to them that are of full age, G2192 even those who G1223 by reason of G1838 use G2192 have G145 their senses G1128 exercised G4314 to G1253 discern G5037 both G2570 good G2532 and G2556 evil.

Luke 16:15

  15 G2532 And G2036 he said G846 to them, G5210 You G2075 are G3588 they which G1344 justify G1438 yourselves G1799 before G444 men; G1161 but G2316 God G1097 knows G5216 your G2588 hearts: G3754 for G3588 that which G5308 is highly esteemed G1722 among G444 men G2076 is G946 abomination G1799 in the sight G2316 of God.

John 4:24

  24 G2316 God G4151 is a Spirit: G2532 and G4352 they that worship G846 him G1163 must G4352 worship G1722 him in G4151 spirit G2532 and G225 in truth.

Psalms 33:3

  3 H7891 Sing H2319 unto him a new H7892 song; H5059 play H3190 skillfully H8643 with a loud noise.

Romans 12:2

  2 G2532 And G4964 be G3361 not G4964 conformed G165 to G5129 this G165 world: G235 but G3339 be you transformed G342 by the renewing G3563 of G5216 your G3563 mind, G1519 that G5209 you G1381 may prove G5101 what G2307 is that G18 good, G2532 and G2101 acceptable, G2532 and G5046 perfect, G2307 will G2316 of God.

Psalms 150:1-6

  1 H1984 Praise H3050 you the Lord. H1984 Praise H410 God H6944 in his sanctuary: H1984 praise H7549 him in the heavens H5797 of his power.
  2 H1984 Praise H1369 him for his mighty acts: H1984 praise H7230 him according to his excellent H1433 greatness.
  3 H1984 Praise H8629 him with the sound H7782 of the trumpet: H1984 praise H5035 him with the psaltery H3658 and harp.
  4 H1984 Praise H8596 him with the tambourine H4234 and dance: H1984 praise H4482 him with stringed instruments H5748 and organs.
  5 H1984 Praise H8088 him upon the loud H6767 cymbals: H1984 praise H8643 him upon the high sounding H6767 cymbals.
  6 H5397 Let every thing that has breath H1984 praise H3050 the Lord. H1984 Praise H3050 you the Lord.

Colossians 3:16

  16 G1774 Let G3056 the word G5547 of Christ G1774 live G1722 in G5213 you G4146 richly G1722 in G3956 all G4678 wisdom; G1321 teaching G2532 and G3560 admonishing G1438 one another G5568 in psalms G2532 and G5215 hymns G2532 and G4152 spiritual G5603 songs, G103 singing G1722 with G5485 grace G1722 in G5216 your G2588 hearts G2962 to the Lord.

Ephesians 5:19

  19 G2980 Speaking G1438 to yourselves G5568 in psalms G2532 and G5215 hymns G2532 and G4152 spiritual G5603 songs, G103 singing G2532 and G5567 making melody G1722 in G5216 your G2588 heart G2962 to the Lord;

James 4:4

  4 G3432 You adulterers G2532 and G3428 adulteresses, G1492 know you G3756 not G3754 that G5373 the friendship G2889 of the world G2076 is G2189 enmity G2316 with God? G3739 whoever G302   G3767 therefore G1014 will G1511 be G5384 a friend G2889 of the world G2525 is G2190 the enemy G2316 of God.

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