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Genesis 4:1-26

  1 H120 And Adam H3045 knew H2332 Eve H802 his wife; H2029 and she conceived, H3205 and gave birth to H7014 Cain, H559 and said, H7069 I have gotten H376 a man H854 from H3068 the Lord.
  2 H3254 And she again H3205 gave birth to H251 his brother H1893 Abel. H1893 And Abel H7462 was a keeper H6629 of sheep, H7014 but Cain H5647 was a tiller H127 of the ground.
  3 H7093 And in process H3117 of time H7014 it came to pass, that Cain H935 brought H6529 of the fruit H127 of the ground H4503 an offering H3068 unto the Lord.
  4 H1893 And Abel, H1931 he H935 also brought H1062 of the firstborn H6629 of his flock H2459 and of the fat H3068 there. And the Lord H8159 had respect H1893 unto Abel H4503 and to his offering:
  5 H7014 But unto Cain H4503 and to his offering H8159 he had not respect. H7014 And Cain H3966 was very H2734 angry, H6440 and his face H5307 fell.
  6 H3068 And the Lord H559 said H7014 unto Cain, H2734 Why are you angry? H6440 And why is your face H5307 fallen?
  7 H518 If H3190 you do well, H7613 shall you not be accepted? H3190 And if you do not well, H2403 sin H7257 crouches H6607 at the door. H8669 And to you shall be his desire, H4910 but you shall rule over him.
  8 H7014 And Cain H559 talked H413 with H1893 Abel H251 his brother: H7704 and it came to pass, when they were in the field, H7014 that Cain H6965 rose up H413 against H1893 Abel H251 his brother, H2026 and killed him.
  9 H3068 And the Lord H559 said H7014 unto Cain, H335 Where H1893 is Abel H251 your brother? H559 And he said, H3045 I know H251 not: Am I my brother's H8104 keeper?
  10 H559 And he said, H4100 What H6213 have you done? H6963 The voice H251 of your brother's H1818 blood H6817 cries H127 unto me from the ground.
  11 H779 And now are you cursed H127 from the earth, H6475 which has opened H6310 her mouth H3947 to receive H251 your brother's H1818 blood H3027 from your hand;
  12 H3588 When H5647 you till H127 the ground, H3254 it shall not henceforth H5414 yield H3581 unto you her strength; H5128 a fugitive H5110 and a vagabond H776 shall you be in the earth.
  13 H7014 And Cain H559 said H3068 unto the Lord, H5771 My punishment H1419 is greater H5375 than I can carry.
  14 H1644 Behold, you have driven me out H3117 this day H6440 from the face H127 of the earth; H5921 and from H6440 your face H5641 shall I be hidden; H5128 and I shall be a fugitive H5110 and a vagabond H776 in the earth; H1961 and it shall come to pass, H4672 that every one that finds me H2026 shall kill me.
  15 H3068 And the Lord H559 said H3651 to him, Therefore H2026 whoever slays H7014 Cain, H5358 vengeance shall be taken H7659 on him sevenfold. H3068 And the Lord H7760 set H226 a mark H7014 upon Cain, H1115 lest H4672 any finding H5221 him should kill him.
  16 H7014 And Cain H3318 went out H6440 from the presence H3068 of the Lord, H3427 and lived H776 in the land H5113 of Nod, H6926 on the east H5731 of Eden.
  17 H7014 And Cain H3045 knew H802 his wife; H2029 and she conceived, H3205 and bore H2585 Enoch: H1129 and he built H5892 a city, H7121 and called H8034 the name H5892 of the city, H8034 after the name H1121 of his son, H2585 Enoch.
  18 H2585 And unto Enoch H3205 was born H5897 Irad: H5897 and Irad H3205 fathered H4232 Mehujael: H4232 and Mehujael H3205 fathered H4967 Methusael: H4967 and Methusael H3205 fathered H3929 Lamech.
  19 H3929 And Lamech H3947 took H8147 unto him two H802 wives: H8034 the name H259 of the one H5711 was Adah, H8034 and the name H8145 of the other H6741 Zillah.
  20 H5711 And Adah H3205 gave birth to H2989 Jabal: H1 he was the father H3427 of such as live H168 in tents, H4735 and of such as have cattle.
  21 H251 And his brother's H8034 name H3106 was Jubal: H1 he was the father H8610 of all such as handle H3658 the harp H5748 and organ.
  22 H6741 And Zillah, H3205 she also gave birth to H8423 Tubal–cain, H3913 a instructer H2794 of every artificer H5178 in brass H1270 and iron: H269 and the sister H8423 of Tubal–cain H5279 was Naamah.
  23 H3929 And Lamech H559 said H802 unto his wives, H5711 Adah H6741 and Zillah, H8085 Hear H6963 my voice; H5647 you until H3929 of Lamech, H238 listen H565 unto my speech: H2026 for I have slain H376 a man H6482 for my wounding, H3206 and a young man H2250 for my hurt.
  24 H3588 If H7014 Cain H5358 shall be avenged H7659 seven times, H3929 truly Lamech H7657 seventy H7651 and seven times.
  25 H120 And Adam H3045 knew H802 his wife H5750 again; H3205 and she gave birth to H1121 a son, H7121 and called H8034 his name H8352 Seth: H430 For God, H7896 said she, has appointed H312 me another H2233 seed H8478 instead H1893 of Abel, H3588 whom H7014 Cain H2026 killed.
  26 H8352 And to Seth, H1931 to him H3205 also there was born H1121 a son; H7121 and he called H8034 his name H583 Enos: H2490 then began men H7121 to call H8034 upon the name H3068 of the Lord.

Exodus 22:1-31

  1 H376 If a man H1589 shall steal H7794 an ox, H7716 or a sheep, H2873 and kill H4376 it, or sell H7999 it; he shall restore H2568 five H1241 oxen H7794 for an ox, H702 and four H6629 sheep H7716 for a sheep.
  2 H1590 If a thief H4672 be found H4290 breaking in, H5221 and be struck H4191 that he die, H1818 there shall no blood be shed for him.
  3 H8121 If the sun H2224 be risen H1818 upon him, there shall be blood H7999 shed for him; for he should make full H7999 restitution; H4376 if he have nothing, then he shall be sold H1591 for his theft.
  4 H1591 If the theft H4672 be certainly H4672 found H3027 in his hand H2416 alive, H7794 whether it be ox, H2543 or donkey, H7716 or sheep; H7999 he shall restore H8147 double.
  5 H376 If a man H7704 shall cause a field H3754 or vineyard H1197 to be eaten, H7971 and shall put H1165 in his animal, H1197 and shall feed H312 in another man's H7704 field; H4315 of the best H7704 of his own field, H4315 and of the best H3754 of his own vineyard, H7999 shall he make restitution.
  6 H784 If fire H3318 break out, H4672 and catch H6975 in thorns, H1430 so that the stacks of corn, H7054 or the standing corn, H7704 or the field, H398 be consumed H1197 therewith; he that kindled H1200 the fire H7999 shall surely H7999 make restitution.
  7 H376 If a man H5414 shall deliver H7453 unto his two H3701 money H3627 or stuff H8104 to keep, H1589 and it be stolen H376 out of the man's H1004 house; H1590 if the thief H4672 be found, H7999 let him pay H8147 double.
  8 H1590 If the thief H3808 be not H4672 found, H1167 then the master H1004 of the house H7126 shall be brought H430 unto the judges, H7971 to see whether he have put H3027 his hand H7453 unto his neighbour's H4399 goods.
  9 H1697 For all manner H6588 of trespass, H7794 whether it be for ox, H2543 for donkey, H7716 for sheep, H8008 for stew, H9 or for any manner of lost thing, H559 which another challengeth H1697 to be his, the cause H8147 of both parties H935 shall come H430 before the judges; H430 and whom the judges H7561 shall condemn, H7999 he shall pay H8147 double H7453 unto his two.
  10 H376 If a man H5414 deliver H7453 unto his two H2543 a donkey, H7794 or an ox, H7716 or a sheep, H929 or any animal, H8104 to keep; H4191 and it die, H7665 or be hurt, H7617 or driven away, H7200 no man seeing it:
  11 H7621 Then shall an oath H3068 of the Lord H8147 be between them both, H7971 that he has not put H3027 his hand H7453 unto his neighbour's H4399 goods; H1167 and the owner H3947 of it shall accept H7999 there and he shall not make it good.
  12 H1589 And if it be stolen H7999 from him, he shall make restitution H1167 unto the owner there
  13 H2963 If it be torn in pieces, H935 then let him bring H5707 it for witness, H7999 and he shall not make good H2966 that which was torn.
  14 H376 And if a man H7592 borrow H7453 commits of his two, H7665 and it be hurt, H4191 or die, H1167 the owner H5973 there being not with it, H7999 he shall surely H7999 make it good.
  15 H1167 But if the owner H7999 there be with it, he shall not make it good: H7916 if it be an hired H935 thing, it came H7939 for his hire.
  16 H376 And if a man H6601 entice H1330 a maid H781 that is not married, H7901 and lie H4117 with her, he shall surely H4117 endow H802 her to be his wife.
  17 H1 If her father H3985 utterly H3985 refuse H5414 to give H8254 her unto him, he shall pay H3701 money H4119 according to the dowry H1330 of virgins.
  18 H3784 You shall not allow a witch H2421 to live.
  19 H7901 Whoever lies H929 with a animal H4191 shall surely H4191 be put to death.
  20 H2076 He that sacrifices H430 unto any god, H1115 except H3068 unto the Lord H2763 only, he shall be utterly destroyed.
  21 H3238 You shall neither wrong H1616 a stranger, H3905 nor oppress H1616 him: for you were strangers H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt.
  22 H6031 You shall not afflict H490 any widow, H3490 or fatherless child.
  23 H518 If H6031 you afflict H6031 them in any wise, H6817 and they cry H6817 at all H8085 unto me, I will surely H8085 hear H6818 their cry;
  24 H639 And my wrath H2734 shall wax hot, H2026 and I will kill H2719 you with the sword; H802 and your wives H490 shall be widows, H1121 and your sons H3490 fatherless.
  25 H3867 If you lend H3701 money H5971 to any of my people H6041 that is poor H5383 by you you shall not be to him as a creditor, H7760 neither shall you lay H5392 upon him interest.
  26 H2254 If you at all H2254 take H7453 your neighbour's H8008 clothes H2254 to pledge, H7725 you shall deliver H5704 it unto him before H8121 that the sun H935 goes down:
  27 H3682 For that is his covering H8071 only, it is his clothes H5785 for his skin: H7901 where shall he sleep? H6817 and it shall come to pass, when he cries H8085 unto me, that I will hear; H2587 for I am gracious.
  28 H7043 You shall not revile H430 God, H779 nor curse H5387 the ruler H5971 of your people.
  29 H309 You shall not delay H4395 to offer the first of your ripe fruits, H1831 and of your juices: H1060 the firstborn H1121 of your sons H5414 shall you give unto me.
  30 H3651 Likewise H6213 shall you do H7794 with your oxen, H6629 and with your sheep: H7651 seven H3117 days H517 it shall be with his mother; H8066 on the eighth H3117 day H5414 you shall give it me.
  31 H6944 And you shall be holy H582 men H398 unto me: neither shall you eat H1320 any flesh H2966 that is torn of animals H7704 in the field; H7993 you shall cast H3611 it to the dogs.

Matthew 26:52-54

  52 G5119 Then G3004 said G2424 Jesus G846 to him, G654 Put up G4675 your G3162 sword G1519 into G846 his G5117 place: G1063 for G3956 all G2983 they that take G3162 the sword G622 shall perish G1722 by G3162 the sword.
  53 G1380 Think G3754 that G1410 I can G3756 not G737 now G3870 pray G3962 to G3450 my G3962 Father, G2532 and G3936 he shall immediately give G3427 me G4119 more G2228 than G1427 twelve G3003 legions G32 of angels?
  54 G4459 But how G3767 then G4137 would G1124 the scriptures G4137 be fulfilled, G3754 that G3779 thus G1163 it must G1096 be?

Romans 13:4

  4 G1063 For G2076 he is G1249 the minister G2316 of God G4671 to you G1519 for G18 good. G1161 But G1437 if G4160 you do G2556 that which is evil, G5399 be afraid; G1063 for G5409 he bears G3756 not G3162 the sword G1500 in vain: G1063 for G2076 he is G1249 the minister G2316 of God, G1558 a revenger G1519 to G3709 execute wrath G4238 upon him that does G2556 evil.

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