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1 Samuel 14:1-52

  1 H3117 Now it came to pass upon a day, H3129 that Jonathan H1121 the son H7586 of Saul H559 said H5288 unto the young man H5375 that bore H3627 his armour, H3212 Come, H5674 and let us go over H6430 to the Philistines' H4673 garrison, H5676 that is on the other side. H5046 But he told H1 not his father.
  2 H7586 And Saul H3427 stayed H7097 in the outermost H1390 part of Gibeah H7416 under a pomegranate tree H4051 which is in Migron: H5971 and the people H8337 that were with him were about six H3967 hundred H376 men;
  3 H281 And Ahiah, H1121 the son H285 of Ahitub, H350 I–chabod's H251 brother, H1121 the son H6372 of Phinehas, H1121 the son H5941 of Eli, H3068 the Lord's H3548 priest H7887 in Shiloh, H5375 wearing H646 an ephod. H5971 And the people H3045 knew H3129 not that Jonathan H1980 was gone.
  4 H4569 And between the passages, H3129 by which Jonathan H1245 sought H5674 to go over H6430 unto the Philistines' H4673 garrison, H8127 there was a sharp H5553 rock H5676 on the one side, H8127 and a sharp H5553 rock H5676 on the other side: H8034 and the name H259 of the one H949 was Bozez, H8034 and the name H259 of the other H5573 Seneh.
  5 H8127 The forefront H259 of the one H4690 was situated H6828 northward H4136 over against H4363 Michmash, H259 and the other H5045 southward H4136 over against H1387 Gibeah.
  6 H3083 And Jonathan H559 said H5288 to the young man H5375 that bore H3627 his armour, H3212 Come, H5674 and let us go over H4673 unto the garrison H6189 of these uncircumcised: H3068 it may be that the Lord H6213 will work H4622 for us: for there is no restraint H3068 to the Lord H3467 to save H7227 by many H4592 or by few.
  7 H5375 And his armor bearer H559 said H6213 unto him, Do H3824 all that is in your heart: H5186 turn H3824 you; behold, I am with you according to your heart.
  8 H559 Then said H3083 Jonathan, H5674 Behold, we will pass over H582 unto these men, H1540 and we will discover ourselves unto them.
  9 H559 If they say H1826 thus unto us, Stay H5060 until we come H5975 to you; then we will stand still H5927 in our place, and will not go up unto them.
  10 H559 But if they say H5927 thus, Come up H5927 unto us; then we will go up: H3068 for the Lord H5414 has delivered H3027 them into our hand: H226 and this shall be a sign unto us.
  11 H8147 And both H1540 of them discovered H4673 themselves unto the garrison H6430 of the Philistines: H6430 and the Philistines H559 said, H5680 Behold, the Hebrews H3318 come forth H2356 out of the holes H2244 where they had hid themselves.
  12 H582 And the men H4675 of the garrison H6030 answered H3129 Jonathan H5375 and his armor bearer, H559 and said, H5927 Come up H3045 to us, and we will show H1697 you a thing. H3129 And Jonathan H559 said H5375 unto his armor bearer, H5927 Come up H310 after H3068 me: for the Lord H5414 has delivered H3027 them into the hand H3478 of Israel.
  13 H3129 And Jonathan H5927 climbed up H3027 upon his hands H7272 and upon his feet, H5375 and his armor bearer H310 after H5307 him: and they fell H6440 before H3129 Jonathan; H5375 and his armor bearer H4191 killed H310 after him.
  14 H7223 And that first H4347 slaughter, H3129 which Jonathan H5375 and his armor bearer H5221 made, H6242 was about twenty H376 men, H2677 inside as it were an half H4618 acre H7704 of land, H6776 which a yoke of oxen might plow.
  15 H2731 And there was trembling H4264 in the army, H7704 in the field, H5971 and among all the people: H4673 the garrison, H7843 and the spoilers, H2729 they also trembled, H776 and the earth H7264 quaked: H430 so it was a very great H2731 trembling.
  16 H6822 And the watchmen H7586 of Saul H1390 in Gibeah H1144 of Benjamin H7200 looked; H1995 and, behold, the multitude H4127 melted away, H3212 and they went H1986 on beating down one another.
  17 H559 Then said H7586 Saul H5971 unto the people H6485 that were with him, Number H7200 now, and see H1980 who is gone H6485 from us. And when they had numbered, H3129 behold, Jonathan H5375 and his armor bearer were not there.
  18 H7586 And Saul H559 said H281 unto Ahiah, H5066 Bring here H727 the ark H430 of God. H727 For the ark H430 of God H3117 was at that time H1121 with the sons H3478 of Israel.
  19 H7586 And it came to pass, while Saul H1696 talked H3548 unto the priest, H1995 that the noise H4264 that was in the army H6430 of the Philistines H3212 went H1980 on H7227 and increased: H7586 and Saul H559 said H3548 unto the priest, H622 Withdraw H3027 your hand.
  20 H7586 And Saul H5971 and all the people H2199 that were with him assembled H935 themselves, and they came H4421 to the battle: H376 and, behold, every man's H2719 sword H7453 was against his fellow, H3966 and there was a very H1419 great H4103 confusion.
  21 H5680 Moreover the Hebrews H6430 that were with the Philistines H865 before H8032 that time, H5927 which went up H4264 with them into the camp H5439 from the country round about, H3478 even they also turned to be with the Israelites H7586 that were with Saul H3129 and Jonathan.
  22 H376 Likewise all the men H3478 of Israel H2244 which had hid H2022 themselves in mountain H669 Ephraim, H8085 when they heard H6430 that the Philistines H5127 fled, H1692 even they also followed hard H310 after H4421 them in the battle.
  23 H3068 So the Lord H3467 saved H3478 Israel H3117 that day: H4421 and the battle H5674 passed over H1007 unto Beth–aven.
  24 H376 And the men H3478 of Israel H5065 were distressed H3117 that day: H7586 for Saul H422 had adjured H5971 the people, H559 saying, H779 Cursed H376 be the man H398 that eat H3899 any food H6153 until evening, H5358 that I may be avenged H341 on my enemies. H5971 So none of the people H2938 tasted H3899 any food.
  25 H776 And all they of the land H935 came H3293 to a wood; H1706 and there was honey H6440 upon H7704 the ground.
  26 H5971 And when the people H935 were come H3293 into the wood, H1706 behold, the honey H1982 dropped; H5381 but no man put H3027 his hand H6310 to his mouth: H5971 for the people H3372 feared H7621 the oath.
  27 H3129 But Jonathan H8085 heard H1 not when his father H7650 commanded H5971 the people H7650 with the oath: H7971 why he put forth H7097 the end H4294 of the rod H3027 that was in his hand, H2881 and dipped H3295 it in an honeycomb, H7725 and put H3027 his hand H6310 to his mouth; H5869 and his eyes H215 were enlightened.
  28 H6030 Then answered H376 one H5971 of the people, H559 and said, H1 Your father H7650 directly H7650 commanded H5971 the people H7650 with an oath, H559 saying, H779 Cursed H376 be the man H398 that eat H3899 any food H3117 this day. H5971 And the people H5774 were faint.
  29 H559 Then said H3129 Jonathan, H1 My father H5916 has troubled H776 the land: H7200 see, H5869 I pray you, how my eyes H215 have been enlightened, H2938 because I tasted H4592 a little H1706 of this honey.
  30 H637 How much more, H3863 if haply H5971 the people H398 had eaten H398 freely H3117 to day H7998 of the plunder H341 of their enemies H4672 which they found? H7235 for had there not been now a much greater H4347 slaughter H6430 among the Philistines?
  31 H5221 And they struck H6430 the Philistines H3117 that day H4363 from Michmash H357 to Aijalon: H5971 and the people H3966 were very H5774 faint.
  32 H5971 And the people H5860 flew H7998 upon the plunder, H3947 and took H6629 sheep, H1241 and oxen, H1121 and calves, H7819 and killed H776 them on the ground: H5971 and the people H398 did eat H1818 them with the blood.
  33 H5046 Then they told H7586 Saul, H559 saying, H5971 Behold, the people H2398 sin H3068 against the Lord, H398 in that they eat H1818 with the blood. H559 And he said, H898 You have transgressed: H1556 roll H1419 a great H68 stone H3117 unto me this day.
  34 H7586 And Saul H559 said, H6327 Disperse H5971 yourselves among the people, H559 and say H5066 unto them, Bring me here H376 every man H7794 his ox, H376 and every man H7716 his sheep, H7819 and kill H398 them here, and eat; H2398 and sin H3068 not against the Lord H398 in eating H1818 with the blood. H5971 And all the people H5066 brought H376 every man H7794 his ox H3027 with him H3915 that night, H7819 and killed them there.
  35 H7586 And Saul H1129 built H4196 an altar H3068 unto the Lord: H2490 the same was the first H4196 altar H1129 that he built H3068 unto the Lord.
  36 H7586 And Saul H559 said, H3381 Let us go down H310 after H6430 the Philistines H3915 by night, H962 and plunder H1242 them until the morning H216 light, H7604 and let us not leave H376 a man H559 of them. And they said, H6213 Do H5869 whatever seems H2896 good H559 unto you. Then said H3548 the priest, H7126 Let us draw near H1988 here H430 unto God.
  37 H7586 And Saul H7592 asked H430 counsel of God, H3381 Shall I go down H310 after H6430 the Philistines? H5414 will you deliver H3027 them into the hand H3478 of Israel? H6030 But he answered H3117 him not that day.
  38 H7586 And Saul H559 said, H5066 Draw you near H1988 here, H6438 all the chief H5971 of the people: H3045 and know H7200 and see H4100 where H2403 this sin H3117 has been this day.
  39 H3068 For, as the Lord H2416 lives, H3467 which saves H3478 Israel, H3426 though it be H3129 in Jonathan H1121 my son, H4191 he shall surely H4191 die. H5971 But there was not a man among all the people H6030 that answered him.
  40 H559 Then said H3478 he unto all Israel, H259 Be you on one H5676 side, H3129 and I and Jonathan H1121 my son H259 will be on the other H5676 side. H5971 And the people H559 said H7586 unto Saul, H6213 Do H5869 what seems H2896 good unto you.
  41 H7586 Therefore Saul H559 said H3068 unto the Lord H430 God H3478 of Israel, H3051 Give H8549 a perfect H7586 lot. And Saul H3129 and Jonathan H3920 were taken: H5971 but the people H3318 escaped.
  42 H7586 And Saul H559 said, H5307 Cast H3129 lots between me and Jonathan H1121 my son. H3129 And Jonathan H3920 was taken.
  43 H7586 Then Saul H559 said H3129 to Jonathan, H5046 Tell H6213 me what you have done. H3129 And Jonathan H5046 told H559 him, and said, H2938 I did but H2938 taste H4592 a little H1706 honey H7097 with the end H4294 of the rod H3027 that was in my hand, H2009 and, behold, H4191 I must die.
  44 H7586 And Saul H559 answered, H430 God H6213 do so H3254 and more also: H4191 for you shall surely H4191 die, H3129 Jonathan.
  45 H5971 And the people H559 said H7586 unto Saul, H3129 Shall Jonathan H4191 die, H6213 who has worked H1419 this great H3444 salvation H3478 in Israel? H2486 God forbid: H3068 as the Lord H2416 lives, H8185 there shall not one hair H7218 of his head H5307 fall H776 to the ground; H6213 for he has worked H430 with God H3117 this day. H5971 So the people H6299 rescued H3129 Jonathan, H4191 that he died not.
  46 H7586 Then Saul H5927 went up H310 from following H6430 the Philistines: H6430 and the Philistines H1980 went H4725 to their own place.
  47 H7586 So Saul H3920 took H4410 the kingdom H3478 over Israel, H3898 and fought H341 against all his enemies H5439 on every side, H4124 against Moab, H1121 and against the sons H5983 of Ammon, H123 and against Edom, H4428 and against the kings H6678 of Zobah, H6430 and against the Philistines: H6437 and wherever he turned H7561 himself, he troubled them.
  48 H6213 And he gathered H2428 an army, H5221 and struck H6002 the Amalekites, H5337 and delivered H3478 Israel H3027 out of the hands H8154 of them that spoiled them.
  49 H1121 Now the sons H7586 of Saul H3129 were Jonathan, H3440 and Ishui, H4444 and Melchi–shua: H8034 and the names H8147 of his two H1323 daughters H8034 were these; the name H1067 of the firstborn H4764 Merab, H8034 and the name H6996 of the younger H4324 Michal:
  50 H8034 And the name H7586 of Saul's H802 wife H293 was Ahinoam, H1323 the daughter H290 of Ahimaaz: H8034 and the name H8269 of the captain H6635 of his army H74 was Abner, H1121 the son H5369 of Ner, H7586 Saul's H1730 uncle.
  51 H7027 And Kish H1 was the father H7586 of Saul; H5369 and Ner H1 the father H74 of Abner H1121 was the son H22 of Abiel.
  52 H2389 And there was severe H4421 war H6430 against the Philistines H3117 all the days H7586 of Saul: H7586 and when Saul H7200 saw H1368 any strong H376 man, H2428 or any valiant H1121 man, H622 he took him unto him.

1 Samuel 13:1-23

  1 H7586 Saul H4427 reigned H1121 one year; H4427 and when he had reigned H8147 two H8141 years H3478 over Israel,
  2 H7586 Saul H977 chose H7969 him three H505 thousand H3478 men of Israel; H505 whereof two thousand H7586 were with Saul H4363 in Michmash H2022 and in mountain H1008 Beth–el, H505 and a thousand H3129 were with Jonathan H1390 in Gibeah H1144 of Benjamin: H3499 and the rest H5971 of the people H7971 he sent H376 every man H168 to his tent.
  3 H3129 And Jonathan H5221 struck H5333 the garrison H6430 of the Philistines H1387 that was in Geba, H6430 and the Philistines H8085 heard H7586 of it. And Saul H8628 blew H7782 the trumpet H776 throughout all the land, H559 saying, H5680 Let the Hebrews H8085 hear.
  4 H3478 And all Israel H8085 heard H559 say H7586 that Saul H5221 had struck H5333 a garrison H6430 of the Philistines, H3478 and that Israel H887 also was had in abomination H6430 with the Philistines. H5971 And the people H6817 were called together H310 after H7586 Saul H1537 to Gilgal.
  5 H6430 And the Philistines H622 gathered themselves together H3898 to fight H3478 with Israel, H7970 thirty H505 thousand H7393 chariots, H8337 and six H505 thousand H6571 horsemen, H5971 and people H2344 as the sand H3220 which is on the sea H8193 shore H7230 in multitude: H5927 and they came up, H2583 and pitched H4363 in Michmash, H6926 eastward H1007 from Beth–aven.
  6 H376 When the men H3478 of Israel H7200 saw H6887 that they were in a narrow, H5971 (for the people H5065 were distressed,) H5971 then the people H2244 did hide H4631 themselves in caves, H2337 and in thickets, H5553 and in rocks, H6877 and in high places, H953 and in pits.
  7 H5680 And some of the Hebrews H5674 went over H3383 Jordan H776 to the land H1410 of Gad H1568 and Gilead. H7586 As for Saul, H1537 he was yet in Gilgal, H5971 and all the people H310 followed H2729 him trembling.
  8 H3176 And he stayed H7651 seven H3117 days, H4150 according to the set time H8050 that Samuel H8050 had appointed: but Samuel H935 came H1537 not to Gilgal; H5971 and the people H6327 were scattered from him.
  9 H7586 And Saul H559 said, H5066 Bring here H5930 a burnt offering H8002 to me, and peace offerings. H5927 And he offered H5930 the burnt offering.
  10 H3615 And it came to pass, that as soon as he had made an end H5927 of offering H5930 the burnt offering, H8050 behold, Samuel H935 came; H7586 and Saul H3318 went out H7125 to meet H1288 him, that he might greet him.
  11 H8050 And Samuel H559 said, H6213 What have you done? H7586 And Saul H559 said, H7200 Because I saw H5971 that the people H5310 were scattered H935 from me, and that you came H3117 not inside the days H4150 appointed, H6430 and that the Philistines H622 gathered themselves together H4363 at Michmash;
  12 H559 Therefore said H6430 I, The Philistines H3381 will come down H1537 now upon me to Gilgal, H2470 and I have not made supplication H6440 unto H3068 the Lord: H662 I forced H5927 myself therefore, and offered H5930 a burnt offering.
  13 H8050 And Samuel H559 said H7586 to Saul, H5528 You have done foolishly: H8104 you have not kept H4687 the commandment H3068 of the Lord H430 your God, H6680 which he commanded H3068 you: for now would the Lord H3559 have established H4467 your kingdom H3478 upon Israel H5704 for H5769 ever.
  14 H4467 But now your kingdom H6965 shall not continue: H3068 the Lord H1245 has sought H376 him a man H3824 after his own heart, H3068 and the Lord H6680 has commanded H5057 him to be captain H5971 over his people, H8104 because you have not kept H3068 that which the Lord H6680 commanded you.
  15 H8050 And Samuel H6965 arose, H5927 and gat him up H1537 from Gilgal H1390 unto Gibeah H1144 of Benjamin. H7586 And Saul H6485 numbered H5971 the people H4672 that were present H8337 with him, about six H3967 hundred H376 men.
  16 H7586 And Saul, H3129 and Jonathan H1121 his son, H5971 and the people H4672 that were present H3427 with them, lived H1387 in Gibeah H1144 of Benjamin: H6430 but the Philistines H2583 encamped H4363 in Michmash.
  17 H7843 And the spoilers H3318 came out H4264 of the camp H6430 of the Philistines H7969 in three H7218 companies: H259 one H7218 company H6437 turned H1870 unto the way H6084 that leads to Ophrah, H776 unto the land H7777 of Shual:
  18 H259 And another H7218 company H6437 turned H1870 the way H1032 to Beth–horon: H259 and another H7218 company H6437 turned H1870 to the way H1366 of the border H8259 that looks H1516 to the valley H6650 of Zeboim H4057 toward the wilderness.
  19 H2796 Now there was no smith H4672 found H776 throughout all the land H3478 of Israel: H6430 for the Philistines H559 said, H5680 Lest the Hebrews H6213 make H2719 them swords H2595 or spears:
  20 H3478 But all the Israelites H3381 went down H6430 to the Philistines, H3913 to sharpen H376 every man H4282 his share, H855 and his coulter, H7134 and his axe, H4281 and his mattock.
  21 H6477 Yet they had a file H4281 for the mattocks, H855 and for the coulters, H7969 and for the forks, H7134 and for the axes, H5324 and to sharpen H1861 the goads.
  22 H3117 So it came to pass in the day H4421 of battle, H2719 that there was neither sword H2595 nor spear H4672 found H3027 in the hand H5971 of any of the people H7586 that were with Saul H3129 and Jonathan: H7586 but with Saul H3129 and with Jonathan H1121 his son H4672 was there found.
  23 H4673 And the garrison H6430 of the Philistines H3318 went out H4569 to the passage H4363 of Michmash.

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