Bible verses about "blacks" | CKJV_Strongs

Song of Songs 1:6

  6 H7200 Look H7840 not upon me, because I am black, H8121 because the sun H7805 has looked H517 upon me: my mother's H1121 sons H2787 were angry H7760 with me; they made H5201 me the keeper H3754 of the vineyards; H3754 but my own vineyard H5201 have I not kept.

Acts 10:34

  34 G1161 Then G4074 Peter G455 opened G4750 his mouth, G2036 and said, G1909 Of G225 a truth G2638 I perceive G3754 that G2316 God G2076 is G3756 no G4381 respecter of persons:

Acts 13:1

  1 G1161 Now G2258 there were G2596 in G1577 the church G5607 that was G1722 at G490 Antioch G5100 certain G4396 prophets G2532 and G1320 teachers; G5037 as G921 Barnabas, G2532 and G4826 Simeon G2564 that was called G3526 Niger, G2532 and G3066 Lucius G2956 of Cyrene, G5037 and G3127 Manaen, G4939 which had been brought up with G2264 Herod G5076 the tetrarch, G2532 and G4569 Saul.

Romans 2:11

  11 G1063 For G2076 there is G3756 no G4382 respect of persons G3844 with G2316 God.

Luke 23:26

  26 G2532 And G5613 as G520 they led G846 him G520 away, G1949 they laid hold upon G5100 one G4613 Simon, G2956 a Cyrenian, G2064 coming out G575 of G68 the country, G2007 and G846 on him G2007 they laid G4716 the cross, G5342 that he might bear G3693 it after G2424 Jesus.

Song of Songs 1:5

  5 H7838 I am black, H5000 but fitting, H1323 O you daughters H3389 of Jerusalem, H168 as the tents H6938 of Kedar, H3407 as the curtains H8010 of Solomon.

Numbers 12:1

  1 H4813 And Miriam H175 and Aaron H1696 spoke H4872 against Moses H182 because of H3571 the Ethiopian H802 woman H3947 whom he had married: H3947 for he had married H3571 an Ethiopian H802 woman.

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