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1 Corinthians 2:6-10

6 And we speake wisedome among the that are perfite: not the wisedome of this world, neither of the princes of this world, which come to naught 7 But we speake the wisedome of God in a misterie [euen] the hyd [wisedome] which God ordeyned before the worlde, vnto our glorie 8 Which none of ye princes of this world knewe: For had they knowen it, they woulde not haue crucified the Lorde of glorie 9 But as it is written: The eye hath not seen, & the eare hath not heard, neither haue entred into the heart of man, the thynges which God hath prepared for them that loue hym 10 But God hath reuealed the vnto vs by his spirite: For the spirite searcheth all thinges, yea the deepe thinges of God

1 Corinthians 1:21

21 For after that the world through wisedome knewe not God, in the wisedome of God: it pleased God through foolishnesse of preachyng to saue them that beleue

Acts 17:18

18 Then certaine philosophers of the Epicures, and of the Stoickes disputed with hym. And some saide: What wyll this babler say? Other some, he seemeth to be a setter foorth of newe gods: because he preached vnto them Iesus, and the resurrection

Colossians 2:16-19

16 Let no man therfore iudge you in meate, or in drinke, or in part of an holyday, or of the newe moone, or of the Sabboth [dayes] 17 Which are shadowes of thynges to come: but the body (is) of Christe 18 Let no man begile you of victorie, in the humblenesse and worshippyng of Angels, intrudyng (hym selfe into those thinges) which he hath not seene, causelesse puft vp with his fleshly mynde 19 And holdeth not the head, wherof all the body by ioyntes & bandes supported and knit together, encreaseth with the encrease of God

1 Corinthians 2:1-5

1 And I brethren, when I came to you, came not in gloriousnesse of wordes, or of wisedome, shewing vnto you the testimonie of God 2 For I esteemed not to knowe any thyng among you saue Iesus Christe, and hym crucified 3 And I was among you in weaknesse, and in feare, and in much tremblyng 4 And my wordes and my preachyng was not with entysing wordes of mans wisedome, but in shewyng of the spirite, and of power 5 That your fayth should not stande in the wisedome of men, but in the power of God

1 Timothy 6:20

20 O Timotheus, saue that which is geuen thee to kepe, auoydyng prophane [and] vayne bablynges, and oppositions of science, falslie so called

1 Corinthians 2:13

13 Which thynges also we speake, not in the wordes which mans wisedome teacheth, but which ye holy ghost teacheth, comparyng spirituall thynges with spirituall thynges

Titus 3:9-10

9 But foolishe questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and striuinges about the lawe, auoyde: for they are vnprofitable and vayne 10 A man that is an aucthour of sectes, after the first and the seconde admonition, auoyde

Colossians 2:8

8 Beware lest any man spoyle you through philosophie & vayne deceipt, after the tradition of men, and after the rudimentes of the worlde, and not after Christe

Job 28:1-28

1 There is a place wher siluer is brought out of, and where golde is tryed 2 Where yron is digged out of the grounde, & stones resolued to metall 3 The darkenesse shall once come to an ende: he can seke out the grounde of all thinges, the stones, the darke, and the shadowe of death 4 He causeth the fluddes to breake out against the inhabitant, and the waters forgotten of the foote, beyng hygher then man, are gone away 5 Out of the same earth commeth bread, and vnder it as it were fire is turned vp 6 The stones of it are a place of Saphires, and the dust of it is golde 7 There is a way that the birdes knowe not, that no vultures eye hath seene 8 Wherin the lions whelpes walke not, and where no lion commeth 9 [There] putteth he his hande vpon the stonie rockes, and ouerthroweth the mountaynes by the rootes 10 Riuers flowe out of the rockes, & loke what is pleasaunt, his eye seeth it 11 He bindeth the fluddes that they do not ouerflow: and the thing that is hid bringeth he to light 12 Where then is wysdome founde? and where is the place of vnderstanding 13 Ueryly no man can tell howe worthy a thing she is, neither is she found in the lande of them that lyue 14 The deepe sayth, She is not in me: the sea sayth, She is not with me 15 She can not be gotten for golde, neither may the price of her be bought with any siluer 16 No wedges of gold of Ophir, no precious Onix stones, no Saphires may be valued with her 17 No, neither golde nor christall shall be equall vnto it, nor her exchaunge shalbe for the plate of fine golde 18 No mention shalbe made of Corall nor of the Gabis: for wisdome is more precious then pearles 19 The Topas of Ethiopia shall not be equall vnto it, neither shall it be valued with the wedge of pure golde 20 Whence then commeth wysdome? and where is the place of vnderstanding 21 She is hid from the eyes of all men liuing, yea & from the foules of the ayre 22 Destruction and death say, We haue hearde the fame therof with our eares 23 But God seeth her way, and knoweth her place 24 For he beholdeth the endes of the worlde, and loketh vpon all that is vnder heauen 25 When he wayed the windes and measured the waters 26 When he made a decree for the rayne, and a way for the lightninges of the thunder 27 Then dyd he see her, then declared he her, prepared her, and knewe her 28 And vnto man he sayd: To feare the Lorde is wysdome, and to forsake euyll is vnderstanding

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