Bible verses about "elohim" | Bishops

Psalms 2:7

7 I wyll declare the decree, God sayde vnto me: thou art my sonne, this day I haue begotten thee

Isaiah 9:6

6 For vnto vs a chylde is borne, and vnto vs a sonne is geuen, vpon his shoulder doth the rule lye, and he is called with his owne name wonderfull, the geuer of counsell, the mightie God, the euerlasting father, the prince of peace

John 1:1

1 In the begynnyng was the worde, & the worde was with God: and that worde was God

1 Corinthians 8:6

6 Yet vnto vs is there but one God, [which is] the father, of whom are all thinges, and we in him, and one Lorde Iesus Christe, by whom are al thinges, and we by him

Deuteronomy 6:4

4 Heare O Israel, the Lorde our God is Lorde only

Psalms 110:1

Genesis 1:1

1 In the beginnyng GOD created ye heauen and the earth

Genesis 1:26

26 God saide: let vs make man in our image, after our lykenesse, and let them haue rule of the fisshe of the sea, & of the foule of the ayre, and of cattell, & of all the earth, and of euery creepyng thyng that creepeth vpon the earth

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