Bible verses about "debating" | Bishops

Proverbs 18:13

13 He that geueth sentence in a matter before he heare it, the same to hym is folly and shame

1 Corinthians 2:7-9

7 But we speake the wisedome of God in a misterie [euen] the hyd [wisedome] which God ordeyned before the worlde, vnto our glorie 8 Which none of ye princes of this world knewe: For had they knowen it, they woulde not haue crucified the Lorde of glorie 9 But as it is written: The eye hath not seen, & the eare hath not heard, neither haue entred into the heart of man, the thynges which God hath prepared for them that loue hym

James 1:13-14

13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God, for God can not be tempted with euyl, neither tempteth he any man 14 But euery man is tempted, when he is drawen away, & entised of his owne concupiscence

2 Timothy 4:2

2 Preache the worde, be instant in season, out of season: Improue, rebuke, exhort in all long sufferyng and doctrine

2 Timothy 2:14

14 Of these thynges put them in remembraunce, testifie before the Lorde, that they striue not about wordes to no profite, [but] to the peruertyng of ye hearers

2 John 1:9-10

9 Whosoeuer transgresseth, and bideth not in the doctrine of Christe, hath not God: He that endureth in the doctrine of Christe, hath both the father and the sonne 10 If there come any vnto you, and bring not this learnyng, hym receaue not to house: neither byd hym God speede

John 13:34-35

34 A newe commaundement geue I vnto you, that ye loue together, as I haue loued you, that euen so ye loue one another 35 By this shall all men knowe that ye are my disciples, yf ye haue loue one to another

Colossians 2:1-23

1 For I woulde that ye knew what great fight I haue for you, and for them that are at Laodicea, and for as many as haue not seene my face in the fleshe 2 That their heartes myght be comforted, beyng knyt together in loue, and in al riches of certaintie of vnderstanding, to knowe the misterie of God, and of the father, and of Christe 3 In whom are hyd all the treasures of wisdome and knowledge 4 This I say, lest any man shoulde begyle you with perswasion of wordes 5 For though I be absent in the fleshe, yet am I with you in the spirite, ioying and beholdyng your order, and your stedfast fayth in Christe 6 As ye haue therfore receaued Christe Iesus the Lorde, [so] walke ye in hym 7 Rooted and built in hym, & stablished in the fayth, as ye haue ben taught, aboundyng therin with thankes geuing 8 Beware lest any man spoyle you through philosophie & vayne deceipt, after the tradition of men, and after the rudimentes of the worlde, and not after Christe 9 For in hym dwelleth all the fulnesse of the Godhead bodyly 10 And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principalitie and power 11 In whom also ye are circumcised with circumcisio made without handes, by puttyng of the body of sinnes of the fleshe, in the circumcision of Christe 12 Buried with him in baptisme, in who ye are also risen agayne through ye fayth of the operation of God, who hath raysed hym from the dead 13 And ye beyng dead to sinne and to the vncircumcision of your fleshe, hath he quickened with him, forgeuyng all your trepasses 14 And puttyng out the hande writing of ordinaunces, that was agaynst vs, and that hath he taken out of the way, fastenyng it to his crosse 15 Spoylyng all principalities & powers, hath made a shewe of them openly, triumphyng ouer them in it 16 Let no man therfore iudge you in meate, or in drinke, or in part of an holyday, or of the newe moone, or of the Sabboth [dayes] 17 Which are shadowes of thynges to come: but the body (is) of Christe 18 Let no man begile you of victorie, in the humblenesse and worshippyng of Angels, intrudyng (hym selfe into those thinges) which he hath not seene, causelesse puft vp with his fleshly mynde 19 And holdeth not the head, wherof all the body by ioyntes & bandes supported and knit together, encreaseth with the encrease of God 20 Wherfore, yf ye be dead with Christe from ye rudimentes of the world: why, as though lyuyng in the worlde, are ye led with traditions 21 Touche not, taste not, handle not 22 Which all be in corruption, in abusyng after the commaundementes and doctrines of men 23 Which thynges haue a shewe of wisdome, in superstition & humblenesse of mynde, and in hurtyng of the body, not in any honour to the satisfiyng of ye flesh

2 Timothy 3:16

16 All scripture is geuen by inspiration of God, and [is] profitable to doctrine, to reproue, to correction, to instruction which is in ryghteousnesse

Acts 19:9

9 But when diuers waxed harde hearted, and beleued not, but spake euyll of the way [of the Lorde) and that before the multitude, he departed from them, & seperated ye disciples. And he disputed dayly in the scoole of one called Tyrannus

Romans 14:1

1 Hym that is weake in the fayth, receaue: not to iudgementes of disputyng

Titus 3:9

9 But foolishe questions, and genealogies, and contentions, and striuinges about the lawe, auoyde: for they are vnprofitable and vayne

1 Peter 3:15-16

15 But sanctifie the Lorde God in your heartes. Be redy alwayes to geue an aunswere to euery man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you 16 And that with mekenesse and feare, hauyng a good conscience: that where as they backebite you as euyll doers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conuersation in Christe

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