Bible verses about "bullying" | Bishops

Psalms 1:1-150:6

1 Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsell of the vngodly: nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seate of the scornefull 2 But his delight [is] in the lawe of God: and in [God] his lawe exerciseth himselfe day and night 3 And he shalbe lyke a tree planted by the waters syde, that bryngeth foorth her fruite in due season: and whose leafe wythereth not, for whatsoeuer he doth it shall prosper 4 [As for] the vngodly [it is] not so [with them:] but they [are] like the chaffe which the winde scattereth abrode 5 Therefore the vngodly shall not [be able to] stande in the iudgement: neither the sinners in the congregation of the righteous 6 For God knoweth the way of the righteous: and the way of the vngodly shall perishe

Psalms 2:1-150:6

1 Why do the Heathen so furiously rage together? and why do the people imagine a vayne thing 2 The kynges of the earth stande vp: and the rulers take counsell together against god, and against his annointed 3 Let vs breake [say they] their bondes a sunder: and cast away their cordes from vs 4 He that dwelleth in heauen wyll laugh them to scorne: the Lorde wyll haue them in derision 5 Then wyll he speake vnto them in his wrath: and he wyll astonie them with feare in his sore displeasure 6 [Saying] euen I haue annointed [him] my kyng: vpon my holy hyll of Sion 7 I wyll declare the decree, God sayde vnto me: thou art my sonne, this day I haue begotten thee 8 Desire of me, and I wyll geue thee the heathen for thyne inheritaunce: and the vttermost partes of the earth for thy possession 9 Thou shalt bruise them with a rod of iron: and breake them in peeces like a potters vessell 10 Wherfore be you nowe wel aduised O ye kinges: be you learned ye [that are] iudges of the earth 11 Serue ye God in feare: and reioyce ye with a trembling 12 Kisse ye the sonne lest that he be angrye, and [so] ye perishe [from] the way, if his wrath be neuer so litle kindled: blessed are all they that put their trust in hym

Psalms 3:1-150:6

1 O God howe are myne enemies increased? many do ryse vp against me 2 Many say of my soule: there is no saluation for it in God. Selah 3 But thou O God art a buckler for me: thou art my worship, and the lifter vp of my head 4 I dyd call vpon God with my voyce, and he hearde me out of his holy hyll. Selah 5 I layde me downe and slept: and I rose vp agayne, for God sustayned me 6 I wyll not be afrayde of ten thousandes of the people: that haue set [them selues] against me rounde about 7 Arise vp O God, saue thou me O my Lorde: for thou hast smitten all myne enemies vpon the cheeke bone, thou hast broken the teeth of the vngodly 8 Saluation is of God: thy blessing is vpon thy people. Selah

Psalms 4:1-150:6

1 Heare me when I call O God of my righteousnesse: thou hast set me at libertie when I was in distresse 2 O ye sonnes of men, how long [wyll ye go about to bryng] my glory to confusion? ye loue vanitie, ye seeke after lyes. Selah 3 For ye must know that God hath chosen to him selfe a godly [man]: God wyl heare when I call vnto hym 4 Be ye angry, but sinne not: commune with your owne heart in your chaumber, and be styll. Selah 5 Offer the sacrifice of righteousnesse: and put your trust in God 6 There be many that say, who wyll shewe vs [any] good? O God lift thou vp the light of thy countenaunce vpon vs 7 Thou hast put gladnesse in my heart: since the time that their corne and wine increased 8 I wyll lay me downe in peace and take my rest: for thou God only makest me to dwell in safetie

Psalms 5:1-150:6

1 Geue eare vnto my wordes O God: vnderstande thou my pensifnesse 2 Hearken thou vnto the voyce of my crying my kyng and my Lorde: for vnto thee I wyll make my prayer 3 Thou shalt heare my voyce betymes O God: I wyll early in the morning direct [a prayer] vnto thee, and I wyll looke [for helpe from thee. 4 For thou art the Lorde that hath no pleasure in wickednesse: neither can any euyll dwell with thee 5 Suche as be foolishe, can not stande in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquitie 6 Thou wilt destroy them that make a lye: God wyll abhorre both the bloodthirstie and deceiptfull man 7 As for me I wyll come into thyne house, [trusting] in the multitude of thy mercy: and in thy feare I will humble my selfe in thyne holy temple 8 Leade me O God in thy righteousnesse, because of myne enemies: make thy way playne before my face 9 For no trueth is in their mouth, their inwarde partes are very wickednesse: their throte is an open sepulchre, they flatter with their tongue 10 Destroy thou them O Lord, let them perishe through their owne counsailes: cast them out in the multitude of their vngodlinesse, for they haue rebelled against thee 11 And all they that trust in thee wyll reioyce, they wyll triumph for euer, because thou defendest them: and they that loue thy name, wyll be ioyfull in thee 12 For thou O God wylt blesse the righteous: and thou wylt compasse hym about with beneuolence, as with a shielde

Psalms 6:1-150:6

1 O God rebuke me not in thine indignation: neither chasten me in thy wrath 2 Haue mercy on me O God, for I am weake: O God heale me, for my bones be very sore 3 My soule also is greatly troubled: but O God howe long [shall I be in this case? 4 Turne thee O God, and deliuer my soule: Oh saue me for thy mercies sake 5 For in death no man remembreth thee: and in the graue who can acknowledge thee 6 I am weerie of my groning: I washe my bed euery nyght, and I water my coutche with my teares 7 Mine eye is almost put out through griefe: and worne out through all mine enemies 8 Away from me all workers of iniquitie: for God hath hearde the voyce of my weeping 9 God hath hearde my petition: God wyll receaue my prayer 10 All myne enemies shalbe confounded and sore vexed: they shalbe turned backe, they shalbe put to shame sodainlye

Psalms 7:1-150:6

1 O God my Lord, in thee I haue put my trust: saue me from all them that do persecute me, and deliuer thou me 2 Lest he like a Lion seasoneth on my soule: teareth it in peeces, hauyng no rescue 3 O God my Lord, if I haue done any such thing: or if there be any wickednesse in my handes 4 If I haue done euyll vnto hym that had peace with me: and [if] I haue [not] deliuered hym that is without a cause myne aduersarie 5 [Then] let myne enemie persecute my soule and take me: yea, let hym put me to death, and lay myne honour in the dust. Selah 6 Arise O God in thy wrath, and stand thou vp agaynst the rage of myne enemies: stirre thou for me [according] to the iudgement [whiche] thou hast geuen 7 And so shall the congregation of the people come about thee: for their sakes therfore place thy selfe on high 8 God wyll iudge the people: geue thou sentence with me O God according to my righteousnesse, and according to my perfection [that is] within me 9 My desire is, that ye wickednesse of the vngodly may come to an ende: and that thou wouldest assist the iust, who art the tryer of heartes and of reynes, O most righteous Lorde 10 My buckler is with God: who preserueth them that be vpright in heart 11 The Lorde is a righteous iudge: and the Lorde is prouoked to anger euery day 12 If the wicked wyll not turne, he wyll whet his sworde: bende his bowe, and haue it in a redinesse [to shoote 13 He hath prepared hym instrumentes of death: he hath ordayned his arrowes agaynst them that be persecutors 14 Beholde, he wyll be in trauayle of a mischiefe, for he hath conceaued a labour: but yet he shall be brought to bed of a falsehood 15 He hath made a graue and digged it: but he hym selfe wyll fall into the pit whiche he hath made 16 For his labour shall come vpon his owne head: and his wickednesse shall fall vpon his owne pate 17 I wyll prayse God accordyng to his ryghteousnesse: & I wyll sing psalmes vnto the name of the most high God

Psalms 8:1-150:6

1 O God our Lorde, howe excellent is thy name in all the earth? for that thou hast set thy glory aboue the heauens 2 Out of the mouth of very babes and sucklinges thou hast layde the foundation of thy strength for thyne aduersaries sake: that thou mightest styll the enemie and the auenger 3 For I will consider thy heauens, euen the workes of thy fingers: the moone and the starres whiche thou hast ordayned 4 What is man that thou art myndfull of him? and the sonne of man that thou visitest hym 5 Thou hast made hym somthyng inferiour to angels: thou hast crowned him with glory and worship 6 Thou makest hym to haue dominion of the workes of thy handes: and thou hast put all thinges [in subiection] vnder his feete 7 (8:7a) All sheepe and oxen, & also the beastes of the fielde 8 (8:7b) the foules of the ayre, and the fishe of the sea, and whatsoeuer swymmeth in the seas 9 (8:8) O God our Lorde: howe excellent great is thy name in all the earth

Psalms 9:1-150:6

1 I wyl prayse God with all myne heart: I wyl recite all thy marueylous workes 2 I wyll be glad & reioyce in thee: I wyll sing psalmes vnto thy name, O thou most hyest 3 For that myne enemies are returned backwarde: are fallen and perished at thy presence 4 For that thou hast geuen iudgement in my ryght and cause: thou that iudgest right, hast sit in the throne of iudgement 5 Thou hast rebuked the Heathen, and destroyed the vngodly: thou hast abolished their name for euer and euer 6 O thou enemie thou thoughtest to bryng vs to a perpetuall desolation: and to destroy our cities, so that there shoulde remayne no memory of them 7 But God wyll sit for euer: he hath prepared his throne for iudgement 8 For he wyll iudge the world in iustice: and minister iudgement vnto the people in righteousnesse 9 God also wyll be a refuge for the oppressed: euen a refuge in tyme of trouble 10 And they that knowe thy name wyll put their trust in thee: for thou O God hast neuer fayled them that seeke thee 11 Sing psalmes vnto God abiding at Sion: declare his notable actes among the people 12 For he maketh inquisition of blood: he remembreth it, and forgetteth not the complaynt of the poore 13 Haue mercy on me O God: consider the trouble whiche I suffer of them that hate me, lift me vp from the gates of death 14 That I may shewe all thy prayses within the gates of the daughter of Sion: and reioyce in thy saluation 15 The Heathen are sunke downe into the pit that they made: their owne foote is snared in the same net whiche they had layde priuily [for other. 16 God is knowen by the iudgement that he hath executed: the vngodly is trapped in ye worke of his owne handes, this ought to be considered alwayes. Selah 17 The wicked shalbe turned vnto hell: and all people that forget God 18 But the poore shall not alway be forgotten: [neither] shall the hope of the humble afflicted, perishe for euer 19 Aryse vp O God, let not man preuaile: let the Heathen in thy sight be iudged 20 Put them in feare O God: that the Heathen may knowe them selues to be but men. Selah

Psalms 10:1-150:6

1 Why standest thou so farre of O God? [why] hidest [thee] in the tyme of trouble 2 The vngodly of a wylfulnesse persecuteth the poore: [but euery one] of them shalbe taken in the craftie wylines that they haue imagined 3 For the vngodly prayseth according to his owne heartes desire: and blessing the couetous, he blasphemeth God 4 The vngodly looketh so proudly as though he cared for none at all: neither is the Lorde in all his thoughtes 5 His wayes are alwayes greeuous, but thy iudgementes are farre aboue out of his sight: [and therfore] he snuffeth at all his enemies 6 He hath sayde in his heart, tushe, I can not be remoued: for I can not [be touched] at any tyme with harme 7 His mouth is full of cursing, and of deceate, and of fraude: vnder his tongue is labour and mischiefe 8 He sitteth lurkyng in theeuishe corners of the streates: and priuily in lurking dennes he doth murther the innocent, he eyeth diligently hym that is weake 9 He lieth in wayte lurking as a Lion in his denne: he lyeth in wayte lurkyng, that he may violently carry away the afflicted, he doth carry away violentlye the afflicted, in halyng hym into his net 10 He croucheth and humbleth him selfe: so that a number of the that be weake, fall by his myght 11 He sayeth in his heart, tushe, the Lord hath forgotten: he hydeth away his face, and he wyll neuer see it 12 Aryse vp O Lorde God: lift vp thine hande, forget not the afflicted 13 Wherefore shoulde the wicked blaspheme the Lorde: [whyle] he sayeth in his heart, that thou wylt not call to accompt 14 Surely thou hast seene [this] for thou beholdest labour and spite: that thou mayest take the matter into thy hands, he that is weake leaueth it for thee, [for] thou art the helper of the fatherlesse 15 Breake thou the power of the vngodly and malitious: searche thou out his vngodlynes, and thou shalt finde none afterwarde in him 16 God is king for euer and euer: but the Heathen shall perishe out of the lande 17 O God, thou hast hearde the desire of the afflicted: [and] thou wylt settle their heart 18 Thou wylt be attentiue with thyne eare, to geue iudgement for the fatherlesse and oppressed: [so] no man in the earth shall once go about hereafter to do them violence

Psalms 11:1-150:6

1 In God I put my trust: howe say ye then to my soule, that she shoulde flee as a byrde from your hyll 2 For lo, the vngodly haue bende their bowe: and nocked their arrowes with the string, redy to shoote priuily at them whiche are vpright in heart 3 For if the foundations shalbe caste downe: what must the righteous do 4 But God is in his holy temple, Gods throne is in heauen: his eyes looke downe, his eye liddes tryeth the chyldren of men 5 God wyll trye the righteous: but his soule abhorreth the vngodly, and hym that delighteth in wickednes 6 Upon ye vngodly he wyl rayne snares, fire and brimstone: and tempestious stormes shalbe their portion to drinke 7 For God most righteous, loueth righteousnes: his countenaunce wyll beholde the iust

Psalms 12:1-150:6

1 Saue thou [me] O God, for there is not one godly man left: for the faythfull are diminished from among the chyldren of men 2 Euery one vseth vayne talke with his neyghbour: and speaketh with a double heart out of flatteryng lippes 3 God wyll cut away all flatteryng lippes: [and] the tongue that speaketh great thinges 4 Whiche say, we wyll preuayle with our tongue: our lippes are our owne, who is Lorde ouer vs 5 For the calamities of the oppressed, for the deepe sighyng of the poore, I wyll nowe vp sayeth God: and I wyll put in safetie, [hym] whom the [wicked] hath snared 6 The wordes of God be wordes pure, as the siluer tryed in a furnace of earth: and purified seuen times 7 [Wherfore] thou wylt kepe the godly, O God: thou wylt preserue euery one of them from this generation for euer 8 The vngodly walke on euery side: when the worst sort be exalted amongst the chyldren of men

Psalms 13:1-150:6

1 Howe long wylt thou forget me O God, for euer? howe long wilt thou hyde thy face from me 2 Howe long shall I seke counsayle in my soule, and be so vexed in mine heart euery day? howe long shall myne enemie triumph ouer me 3 Loke downe and heare me O God my Lorde: lighten myne eyes, lest that I sleepe in death 4 Lest myne enemie say, I haue preuayled agaynst hym: lest they that trouble me reioyce yf I shoulde be remoued 5 (13:5a) But I repose my trust in thy mercie, and my heart is ioyfull in thy saluation 6 (13:5b) I wyll syng to God, because he hath rewarded me

Psalms 14:1-150:6

1 The foole hath sayde in his heart there is no God: they haue corrupted [them selues] and done an abhominable worke, there is not one that doth good 2 God loked downe from heauen vpon the children of men: to see yf there were any that did vnderstande [and] seke after the Lorde 3 But they are all gone out of the way, they are altogether become abhominable: there is none that doth good, no not one 4 Do not all the workers of iniquitie know, deuouryng my people as though they deuoured bread: that they call not vpon God 5 Hereafter they shalbe taken with a great feare: for the Lorde is in the generation of the righteous 6 As for nowe ye make a mocke at the counsayle of the poore: because he reposeth his trust in God 7 Who shall geue saluation vnto Israel: out of Sion? (14:8) When God will deliuer his people out of captiuitie: [then] wyll Iacob reioyce, and Israel be glad

Psalms 15:1-150:6

1 O God, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle? who shall rest vppon thy holy hyll 2 Euen he that leadeth an vncorrupt life: and doth the thyng that is iust, and speaketh the trueth from his heart 3 He that backbyteth not with his tongue: nor doth any euil to his felowe, nor rayseth a slaunder vpon his neyghbour 4 He that dispiseth in his eyes the reprobate: and honoureth them that feare God. (15:5) He that hath sworne to his owne hurt: and yet wyll not go from his oth 5 (15:6) He that geueth not his money vpon vsurie: nor taketh rewarde agaynst the innocent. (15:7) He that doth these thynges: shall neuer at any tyme be remoued

Psalms 16:1-150:6

1 Preserue me O Lorde: for I haue reposed my trust in thee 2 Thou hast sayde [O my soule] vnto God, thou art my Lorde: my weldoing [can do] thee no good 3 But all my delyght is [to do good] vnto the saintes that are in the earth: and vnto such as excell in vertue 4 As for them that runne [after] another [God] they shall haue great trouble: I wyll not offer their drynke offerynges of blood, neither wyll I make mention of their names within my lyppes 5 O God, thou thy selfe art the portion of myne inheritaunce and of my cup: thou wylt mayntayne my lot 6 My lot is fallen vnto me in a pleasaut [grounde:] I [haue] a goodly heritage 7 I wyll prayse God who gaue me counsayle: my reines also do instruct me in the nyght season 8 I haue set God alwayes before me: for he is on my ryght hande, [therfore] I shall not be remoued 9 Wherfore my heart is glad: my glory reioyceth, my fleshe also shall rest in a securitie 10 For thou wylt not leaue my soule in hell: neither wylt thou suffer thyne holy one to see corruption 11 Thou wylt cause me to knowe the path of lyfe: in thy presence is the fulnesse of ioy, and at thy right hand there be pleasures for euermore

Psalms 17:1-150:6

1 Heare thou O God of iustice, be attentiue vnto my complaynt: geue eare vnto my prayer, not [proceeding] out of fayned lyppes 2 Let iudgement come foorth for me from thy face: and let thine eyes loke vpon equitie 3 Thou hast proued myne heart, thou hast visited [it] in the nyght season: thou hast tryed me, and founde no [wickednesse, for] I purposed that nothyng shoulde scape my mouth 4 As touchyng [other] mens workes: through the wordes of thy lyppes I haue kept me from the way of the violent 5 O holde thou vp my goynges in thy pathes: that my footesteppes slyp not 6 I call vpon thee O God, for thou wilt heare me: incline thine eare to me, hearken vnto my wordes 7 Shewe thy marueylous louyng kindnesse: thou that art the sauiour of them that trust in thee, from such as ryse vp agaynst thy ryght hande 8 Kepe me as the apple of an eye, hyde me vnder the shadowe of thy wynges: from the face of the vngodly that go about to destroy me, [from] myne enemies that compasse me rounde about to take away my soule 9 They haue inclosed [them selues] in their owne fat: with their mouth they speake proude thynges 10 They haue nowe compassed me on euery syde [where] our way [lyeth]: they toote with their eyes to ouerthrow [me] downe on the grounde 11 His [doynges] be lyke a lions that is greedy to take a pray: and as a lions whelpe lurkyng in secrete places 12 Aryse O God, preuent his commyng, make hym to bowe: delyuer thou my soule from the vngodly [which is] thy sworde 13 [Deliuer thou] me O God from men [which be] thy hande: from men, from the worlde, whose portion [is] in this lyfe, whose bellyes thou fyllest with thy priuie [treasure] 14 Whose children haue aboundaunce: & they leaue enough of that they haue remaynyng to their babes 15 But as for me, I will beholde thy face in ryghteousnesse: I shalbe satisfied when I awake vp after thy lykenesse

Psalms 18:1-150:6

1 (18:1a) I wyll entirely loue thee O God my strength 2 (18:1b) God is my stony rocke & my fortresse, and my delyuerer: my Lorde, my castell in whom I wyll trust, my buckler, the horne of my saluation, & my refuge 3 (18:2) I wyll call vpon God, who is most worthy to be praysed: so I shall be safe from myne enemies 4 (18:3) The panges of death haue compassed me about: and the outragiousnes of the wicked haue astonyed me with feare 5 (18:4) The panges of a graue haue compassed me about: the snares of death ouertoke me 6 (18:5) But in this my distresse I dyd call vppon God, and I made my complaynt vnto my Lorde: he hearde my voyce out of his temple, and my crye came before his face, euen vnto his eares 7 (18:6) The earth trembled and quaked: the very foundations of the hylles tottered and shooke, because he was wroth 8 (18:7) In his anger a smoke ascended vp: and a fire out of his mouth dyd cosume, and euery cole therof dyd set a fire 9 (18:8) He bowed the heauens also, and he came downe: and it was darke vnder his feete 10 (18:9) He ridde vpon the Cherub, and he dyd flee: he came fleeyng vpon the wynges of the wynde 11 (18:10) For his secrete place he dyd put darkenesse: and for his pauilion rounde about hym, he dyd put darknesse of waters in cloudes of the ayre 12 (18:11) His cloudes, haylestones, and coles of fire: fell downe before hym after lyghtnyng 13 (18:12) God also thundred out of heauen: and the most hyghest made his voyce to sounde, haylestones, and coles of fire 14 (18:13) He shot out his arrowes, and scattered them: he cast foorth much lyghtnynges, and destroyed them 15 (18:14) And the bottomes of waters appeared, and the foundations of the rounde worlde were discouered at thy chidyng, O God: at the blast of the breath of thine anger 16 (18:15) He hath sent downe from aboue to fetch me: he hath taken me out of many waters 17 (18:16) He hath deliuered me from my strong enemie: and from them which hate me, for they were to stout for me 18 (18:17) They preuented me in the day of my trouble: but God was vnto me a sure stay 19 (18:18) He brought me also foorth into a place of libertie: he brought me foorth, because he had a fauour vnto me 20 (18:19) God rewarded me after my righteous dealyng: accordyng to the cleannesse of myne handes he recompensed me 21 (18:20) Because I had kept the wayes of God: and had not wickedly shronke from my God 22 (18:21) For all his lawes were before me: and I reiected none of his commaundementes from me 23 (18:22) And I was sounde & pure towardes hym: and I was weery lest I shoulde offende hym with my wickednesse 24 (18:23) Therfore hath God rewarded me after my righteous dealyng: and accordyng to my cleannesse of my handes in his syght 25 (18:24) With the holy thou wylt be holy: with a perfect man thou wylt be perfect 26 (18:25) With the cleane thou wylt be cleane: and with the frowarde thou wylt be frowarde 27 (18:26) For thou hast saued the people oppressed: and thou hast brought downe the hygh lokes of the proude 28 (18:27) Thou also hast lyghtened my candell: God my Lorde hath made my darknesse to be lyght 29 (18:28) For in thee I haue discomfited an hoast of men: and with the helpe of my Lorde I haue skipped ouer the wall 30 (18:29) The way of the Lorde is a perfect way, the worde of God is tryed in the fire: he is a shielde vnto all them that put their trust in hym 31 (18:30) For who is a Lorde besides God: or who hath any strength besides our Lorde 32 (18:31) It is God that hath gyrded me with valiauntnesse of warre: and he hath made my way playne 33 (18:32) He hath made my feete lyke Hartes feete: and he hath set me vp on hygh 34 (18:33) He hath taught my handes to fyght: and myne armes to breake a bowe of steele 35 (18:34) Thou hast geuen me the shielde of thy saluation: thy ryght hande also hath helde me vp, and through thy great gentlenesse I haue increased 36 (18:35) Thou hast made me roomth inough for to go on: so that my feete haue not slypt 37 (18:36) I haue pursued myne enemies and onertaken them: neither dyd I returne backe vntyll I had destroyed them 38 (18:37) I smote them downe, and they are not able to aryse: they haue taken such a fall vnder my feete 39 (18:38) Thou hast gyrded me with strength vnto battayle: thou hast made them to bowe downe vnder me who haue rysen vp agaynst me 40 (18:39) Thou hast geuen me myne enemies neckes: and I haue destroyed them that hated me 41 (18:40) They cryed, but there was none to saue them: they cryed vnto God, but he dyd not heare them 42 (18:41) I dyd beat them to powder, like vnto dust in a wynde: I haue brought them as lowe as durt in the streates 43 (18:42a) Thou hast deliuered me from sedition of the people, and thou hast made me head of the heathen: a people whom I haue not knowen serueth me 44 (18:42b) assoone as they hearde of me, they obeyed me 45 (18:43) Children of a straunger haue made a lie vnto me: the heartes of the children of a straunger hath fayled them, and they feared in their [strong] holdes 46 (18:44) God lyueth, and he [is] my strength most worthy of blisse: and the Lorde of my saluation ought to be magnified 47 (18:45) It is God that hath geuen me power to take auengeaunce: and he hath subdued the people vnder me 48 (18:46) It is he that is the aucthour of my deliuerie from myne enemies: and he hath set me vp aboue them that rose agaynst me, he hath ridde me from the wicked man 49 (18:47) For this cause I wyll acknowledge thee O God among the gentiles: and syng psalmes vnto thy name 50 (18:48) Who hath wonderfull oft deliuered his kyng: and he hath done mercifully vnto Dauid his annoynted, and vnto his seede for euermore

Psalms 19:1-150:6

1 The heauens declare the glorie of God: and the firmament sheweth his handy worke 2 A day occasioneth talke therof vnto a day: and a night teacheth knoweledge vnto a nyght 3 (19:3a) No language, no wordes, no voyce of theirs is hearde 4 (19:3b) yet their sounde goeth into all landes, and their wordes into the endes of the worlde. (19:4a) In them he hath set a tabernacle for the sunne 5 (19:4b) which commeth foorth as a bridegrome out of his chamber, and reioyceth as a giaunt to runne his course 6 (19:5) His settyng foorth is from the vtmost part of heauen, and his circuite vnto the vtmost part therof: and there is nothing hyd from his heat 7 (19:6) The lawe of God is perfect, conuerting the soule: the testimonie of God is sure, and geueth wisdome vnto the simple 8 (19:7) The statutes of God are right, and reioyce the heart: the commaundement of God is pure, and geueth light vnto the eyes 9 (19:8) The feare of God is sincere, & endureth for euer: the iudgementes of God are trueth, they be iust in all poyntes 10 (19:9) They are more to be desired then golde, yea then much fine golde: they are also sweeter then hony and the hony combe 11 (19:10) Moreouer, by them thy seruaunt is well aduertised: and in kepyng of them there is a great rewarde 12 (19:11) Who can knowe his owne errours? Oh cleanse thou me from those that I am not priuie of 13 (19:12) Kepe thy seruaunt also from presumptuous [sinnes] let them not raigne ouer me: so I shall be perfect & voyde from all haynous offence 14 (19:13) Let the wordes of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight O God: my strength and my redeemer

Psalms 20:1-150:6

1 God heare thee in the day of trouble: the name of the Lorde of Iacob defende thee 2 Let him sende thee helpe from the sanctuarie: and ayde thee out of Sion 3 Let him remember all thy offeringes: and turne into asshes thy burnt sacrifices. Selah 4 Let him graunt thee thy heartes desire: and accomplishe all thy deuice 5 We wyll reioyce in thy saluation, and triumph in the name of our Lorde: for God wyll perfourme all thy petitions 6 Nowe I knowe that God wyll saue his annoynted, he wyll heare him from his heauenly sanctuarie: there is saluation in the mightinesse of his right hande 7 Some [put their trust] in chariotes, and some in horses: but we wyll remember the name of God our Lorde 8 They shalbe made to bowe and fall: but we shall arise, and stande vpright 9 Saue thou O God: that the king may heare vs in the day when we call

Psalms 21:1-150:6

1 The kyng ought to reioyce in thy strength O God: and he ought to be exceedyng glad of thy saluation 2 Thou hast geuen him his heartes desire: and hast not denied him the request of his lippes. Selah 3 For thou hast preuented him with good blessinges: and hast set a crowne of pure golde vpon his head 4 He asked life of thee, and thou gauest him long dayes: euen for euer and euer 5 His honour is great through thy saluation: thou hast layde glorie and great worship vpon him 6 For thou hast placed him to be blessinges for euer: and hast made him glad with the ioy of thy countenaunce 7 Because the king trusteth in God, and in the mercie of the most highest: he shal not miscarie 8 Thine hande wyll finde out all thine enemies: thy right hande wyll finde out them that hate thee 9 Thou wilt make them like a burnyng furnace in tyme of thy furie: God wyll destroy them in his wrath, and fire shall consume them 10 Thou wilt roote their fruite out of the earth: and their seede from among the children of men 11 For they intended mischiefe agaynst thee, and imagined a craftie deuice: [but] they coulde not [bring it to passe. 12 Therfore thou wilt put them to flight: [and] direct thine arrowes agaynst their faces 13 Be thou exalted O God accordyng to thine owne might: so we wyll sing, and with psalmes we wyll prayse thy power

Psalms 22:1-150:6

1 My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? [why] art thou so farre from my health, and from the wordes of my complaynt 2 O my God I crye all the day tyme, and in the night season, and I ceasse not: but thou hearest not 3 And yet thou most holy: sittest to receaue the prayers of Israel 4 Our fathers hoped in thee: they trusted in thee, & thou didst deliuer them 5 They called vpon thee, and they were helped: they did put their trust in thee, and they were not confounded 6 But as for me I am a worme and no man: a very scorne of men, and an outcast of the people 7 All they that see me, laugh me to scorne: they do make a mowe, and nod their head [at me. 8 [Saying] he referreth [all] to God, [loking that God] wyll deliuer him [and] rescue him: for he delighteth only in him 9 But thou art he that tokest me out of my mothers wombe: thou causedst me to trust in thee, suckyng my mothers breastes 10 I haue ben left vnto thee euer since I was borne: thou art my God euen from my mothers wombe 11 O go not far fro me, for trouble is harde at hande: and there is none to helpe me 12 Many oxen are come about me: fat [bulles] of Bashan close me in on euery syde 13 They gape vpon me with their mouthes: as it were a rampyng and a roryng lion 14 I am as [it were] into water resolued, and all my bones are out of ioynt: my heart also is like waxe melted in the middest of my bowels 15 My strength is dried vp like a potsheard, & my tongue cleaueth to my gummes: and thou hast brought me into the dust of death 16 (22:16a) For dogges are come about me, the assemble of the wicked lay siege agaynst me: they haue pearced my handes and my feete 17 (22:16b) I may tell all my bones. (22:17a) They stande staring & gasing vpon me 18 (22:17b) they part my garmentes among them, and they cast lottes vpon my vesture 19 (22:18) But be not thou farre from me O God: thou art my strength, make haste to helpe me 20 (22:19) Delyuer my soule from the sworde: and my dearlyng from the dogges pawes 21 (22:20) Saue me from the Lions mouth: delyuer me from the hornes of the Unicornes 22 (22:21) I wyll declare thy name vnto my brethren: I wyll prayse thee in the middest of the congregation 23 (22:22) [Saying] prayse ye God ye that feare hym: glorifie hym all ye of the seede of Iacob, and stande in awe of hym all ye of the seede of Israel 24 (22:23) For he hath not dispised nor abhorred the affliction of the poore: he hath not hyd his face from hym, but he hearde hym when he cryed vnto hym 25 (22:24) My prayse shalbe of thee in the great congregation: I wyll perfourme my vowes in the syght of them that feare hym 26 (22:25) The poore shall eate, and be satisfied: they that seeke after God shall prayse hym, your heart shall lyue for euer 27 (22:26) All the endes of the worlde shall remember them selues and be turned vnto God: and all the kinredes of the nations shall worshyp before thy face 28 (22:27) For the kingdome is Gods: and he is the gouernour ouer the nations 29 (22:28) All such as be fat vpon the earth shall eate and worshyp: all they that go downe [in] to the dust shall knele before hym, although he preserued not his owne lyfe 30 (22:29) The posteritie shall serue hym: they shalbe counted vnto the Lorde for a generation 31 (22:30) They wyll come and declare his righteousnesse vnto a people that shalbe borne: for he hath done it

Psalms 23:1-150:6

1 (23:1a) God is my sheephearde, therfore I can lacke nothyng 2 (23:1b) he wyll cause me to repose my selfe in pasture full of grasse, and he wyll leade me vnto calme waters 3 (23:2) He wyll conuert my soule: he wyll bring me foorth into the pathes of righteousnesse for his name sake 4 (23:3) Yea though I walke through the valley of the shadowe of death, I wyll feare no euyll: for thou art with me, thy rodde and thy staffe be the thynges that do comfort me 5 (23:4) Thou wylt prepare a table before me in the presence of myne aduersaries: thou hast annoynted my head with oyle, and my cup shalbe brymme full 6 (23:5) Truely felicitie and mercie shal folowe me all the dayes of my lyfe: and I wyll dwell in the house of God for a long tyme

Psalms 24:1-150:6

1 The earth is Gods and all that therin is: the worlde, & they that dwell therin 2 For he hath laide the foundation of it vpon the seas: and he hath set it sure vpon the fluddes 3 Who shal ascende into the hyll of God? or who shall ryse vp in his holy place 4 [Euen he that hath] cleane handes, and a pure heart: & that hath not taken his soule in vayne, nor sworne disceiptfully 5 He shall receaue a blessyng from God: and ryghteousnesse from the Lorde of his saluation 6 This is the generation of them that seke hym: euen of them that seke thy face [in] Iacob. Selah 7 Lyft vp your heades O ye gates, and be ye lyft vp ye euerlastyng doores and the kyng of glorie shall enter in 8 Who is this kyng of glorie? it is God both strong & mightie, it is God mightie in battayle 9 Lyft vp your heades (O ye gates) and be you lyft vp ye euerlastyng doores: and the kyng of glorie shall enter in 10 Who is this kyng of glorie? euen the God of hostes, he is the kyng of glorie. Selah

Psalms 25:1-150:6

1 (25:1a) I lyft vp my soule vnto thee O God 2 (25:1b) I put my trust in thee my Lorde: let me not be confounded, neither let myne enemies triumph ouer me 3 (25:2) Yea, let not all them that hope in thee be put to shame: let them be put to shame who without a cause do trayterously transgresse 4 (25:3a) Make me to knowe thy wayes O God, and teache me thy pathes 5 (25:3b) leade me foorth in thy trueth and teache me, for thou art the Lorde of my saluation, I haue wayted for thee al the day long 6 (25:4) Call to remembraunce O God thy tender mercies & thy louyng kindnesse: for they haue ben for euer 7 (25:5) Oh remember not thou the sinnes and offences of my youth: but accordyng to thy mercie euen of thy goodnesse O God remember me 8 (25:6) Gratious and ryghteous is God: therfore he wyll teache sinners in the way 9 (25:7) He wyll guide the meke in iudgement: and teache the humble his way 10 (25:8) All the pathes of God are mercie and trueth: vnto such as kepe his couenaunt and his testimonies 11 (25:9) Pardon thou therfore for thy name sake O God my wickednesse: for it is very great 12 (25:10) What man is he that feareth God? [God] wyll teache hym in the way that he shall choose 13 (25:11) His soule shall rest all nyght at ease: and his seede shall inherite the lande 14 (25:12) The secrete of God is among them that feare hym: and he wyll make knowen vnto them his couenaunt 15 (25:13) Myne eyes be alwayes [turned] vnto God: for he wyll take my feete out of the net 16 (25:14) Turne thy face vnto me, and haue mercie vpon me: for I am desolate and in miserie 17 (25:15) The sorowes of myne heart are encreased: O bryng thou me out of my distresse 18 (25:16) Loke thou vpon myne aduersitie and vpon my labour: and forgeue me all my sinne 19 (25:17) Consider myne enemies, for they do multiplie: and they beare a tirannous hate against me 20 (25:18) O kepe my soule and deliuer me, lest I shalbe confounded: for I haue put my trust in thee 21 (25:19) Let integritie and vprighteous dealing kepe me safe: for I haue wayted after thee 22 (25:20) O God redeeme Israel: out of all his aduersities

Psalms 26:1-150:6

1 Iudge thou me O God, for I haue walked in my perfection: my trust also hath ben in God [therfore] I shall not fall 2 Examine me O God and proue me: trye out my reynes and my heart 3 For thy louing kindnes is before mine eyes: and I wyll walke in thy trueth 4 I haue not sit [in company] with vayne persons: neither haue I entred [once acquaintaunce] with dissemblers 5 I haue hated the congregation of the malitious: and I wyll not sit amongst the vngodly 6 I haue wasshed my handes in innocencie: and [so] I haue gone about thine aulter O God 7 That in a publique confession I myght heare: and set foorth all thy wonderous workes 8 O God, I haue loued the habitation of thine house: and the place where thine honour dwelleth 9 O gather not my soule with sinners: nor my life with bloodie men 10 In whose handes is wickednes: and their right hande is full of gyftes 11 But as for me I wyll walke in my perfection: O redeeme me, and be mercyfull vnto me 12 My foote standeth vpon a playne [grounde: therfore] I wyll blesse God in the congregations

Psalms 27:1-150:6

1 God is my lyght and saluation, whom then shall I feare? God is the strength of my life, of whom then shall I be afraide 2 When the malitious approched neare vnto me for to eate vp my fleshe: mine enemies and foes stumbled and fell 3 Though an hoast of men were layde in campe against me, yet shall not mine heart be afraide: and though there rose vp warre against me, [yet] I wyll put my trust in this 4 I haue desired one thyng of God, whiche once agayne I wyll earnestly require: euen that I may dwell in the house of God all the dayes of my life, to beholde the beautifulnes of God, and to seeke [it] in his temple 5 For in the time of aduersitie he shall hide me in his tabernacle: yea in the secrete [place] of his pauilion he shall hide me, and set me vp vpon a rocke of stone 6 And nowe he shall lift vp my head aboue mine enemies rounde about me: therfore I wyll offer in his tabernacle a sacrifice of great ioy, I wyll sing and prayse God with psalmes 7 Hearken vnto my voyce O god, [when] I crye [vnto thee]: haue mercy vpon me and heare me 8 My heart hath sayde vnto thee [according to this thy commaundement] seeke ye my face: thy face O God wyll I seeke 9 O hide not thou thy face from me, nor cast thy seruaunt away in a displeasure: thou hast ben my succour, leaue me not, neither forsake me O Lorde of my saluation 10 For my father and mother forsoke me: and God did take me vp 11 Teache me thy way O God: and leade me in a right path, because of mine enemies 12 Deliuer me not into mine aduersaries handes: for there are false witnesses rysen vp against me, and such as speake wrong 13 If I had not beleued [veryly] to see the goodnes of God in the lande of the liuing: [their spite had kylled me. 14 Attende thou [therfore] vpon God, be of a good courage, and he will comfort thine heart: [I say] attende thou vpon God

Psalms 28:1-150:6

1 Vnto thee I crye O God my strength, make not as though thou were deafe at me: lest if thou holdest thy peace, I become like them that go downe into the graue 2 Heare the voyce of my humble petitions when I crye vnto thee: when I holde vp my handes towarde thy holy place where thy arke is 3 Take me not away with the vngodlye, and with the workers of iniquitie: whiche speake of peace to their neighbours, but mischiefe is in their heartes 4 Rewarde them accordyng to their deedes: and according to the wickednes of their owne inuentions. (28:5) Recompence them after the worke of their handes: pay them home that they haue deserued 5 (28:6) For they geue not their minde to vnderstande the doynges of God and the worke of his handes: [therefore] he wyll breake them downe, and not buylde them vp 6 (28:7) Blessed be God: for he hath hearde the voyce of mine humble petitions 7 (28:8) God is my strength and my shielde, my heart hath trusted in him, and I am helped: therefore my heart skippeth for ioy, and in my song I wyll prayse hym 8 (28:9) God is their strength: and the strength that saueth his annoynted 9 (28:10) O saue thy people, and geue thy blessing vnto thine inheritaunce: feede them and exalt them for euermore

Psalms 29:1-150:6

1 A tribute vnto God O ye sonnes of princes: attribute vnto God glory and strength 2 Geue to God glory [due] vnto his name: worship God with holy honour 3 The voyce of God is aboue waters: it is the Lorde of glory that thundreth, it is God that ruleth the sea 4 The voyce of God is with power: the voyce of God is with honour 5 The voyce of God breaketh the Cedar trees: yea God breaketh the Cedars of Libanus 6 And he maketh them to skip like a calfe: Libanus also and Sirion like a young vnicorne 7 (29:7a) The voyce of God casteth out flambes of fire 8 (29:7b) the voyce of God maketh the wyldernesse to tremble, God maketh the wyldernesse of Cades to tremble 9 (29:8) The voyce of God maketh Hindes to cast their calfe, and maketh woods to be bare: therefore euery man setteth foorth his glory in his temple 10 (29:9) God sitteth in the flud: and God wil sit king for euer 11 (29:10) God wyll geue strength vnto his people: God wyll blesse his people in peace

Psalms 30:1-150:6

1 I wyll exalt thee O God, for thou hast exalted me: and hast not made my foes to triumph ouer me 2 O God my Lord I cryed vnto thee: and thou hast healed me 3 Thou God hast raysed vp my soule from the graue: thou hast preserued my life from them that go downe into ye pit 4 Sing psalmes vnto god ye his saintes: and make your confession vnto the remembraunce of his holynes 5 For a litle short time [passeth] in his anger, a life is [spente] in his good wyll: at euening weeping shall begin the night, but ioy commeth in the morning 6 (30:6a) And in my prosperitie I saide, I shall neuer haue a fal 7 (30:6b) thou God of thy goodnes hadst made my hyll so strong 8 (30:7) [Neuerthelesse, when] thou dydst turne thy face, I was troubled: [then] I cryed vnto thee O God, then made I my humble prayers to thee my Lorde 9 (30:8) [Saying] what profite is there in my blood when I go downe to the pit? shal the dust geue thankes vnto thee? or shall it declare thy trueth 10 (30:9) Heare me O God, and haue mercy vppon me: O God be thou my helper 11 (30:10) [And foorthwith] thou hast turned my mourning into dauncing: thou hast put of my sackcloth, and gyrded me with gladnes 12 (30:11) Therfore my glory shal sing psalmes vnto thee and not ceasse: O God my Lorde I wyll prayse thee for euer

Psalms 31:1-150:6

1 In thee O God I haue put my trust, let me neuer be confounded: deliuer me in thy righteousnes 2 Bowe downe thine eare to me, make hast to deliuer me: be vnto me a strong rocke and a house of defence, that thou mayest saue me 3 For thou art my strong rocke and fortresse: euen for thy name sake conduct me, and direct me 4 Take me out of the net that they haue layde priuily for me: for thou art my strength 5 Into thy hande I commende my spirite: [for] thou hast redeemed me O God the Lorde of trueth 6 I haue hated them that obserue superstitious vanities: and my trust hath ben in God 7 I wyll be glad and reioyce in thy louing kindnes: for that thou hast considered my trouble, and hast knowen my soule in aduersities 8 Thou hast not shut me vp into the hande of the enemie: [but] hast set my feete in a large roome 9 Haue mercy vpon me O God, for I am in distresse: mine eye, my soule, and my belly be consumed for very heauinesse 10 For my life is wasted with sorow, and mine eares with mourning: my strength fayleth me because of mine iniquitie, and my bones are putrified 11 I became a reprofe among al mine enemies, but especially among my neighbours: and they of mine acquaintaunce were afraide of me, and they that dyd see me without, conueyed them selues quickly fro me 12 I became cleane forgotten as a dead man out of minde: I became like a broken vessell 13 For I haue hearde the villanie of the multitude, and feare was on euery side [me]: whyle they conspired together against me, [and] toke their counsell to take away my life 14 But my hope hath ben in thee O God: I haue sayd thou art my Lorde 15 My time is in thy hande, deliuer me from the hande of mine enemies: and from them that persecute me 16 Cause thy countenaunce to shine vppon thy seruaunt: saue me for thy mercies sake 17 Let me not be confounded O God, for I haue called vpon thee: let the vngodlye be put to confusion, and be put to scilence in the graue 18 Let the lying lippes be put to scilence: which speake against ye righteous greeuous thinges with disdaine & contempt 19 Howe plentifull is thy goodnes which thou hast layde vp for them that feare thee? [and whiche] thou hast prepared for them that put their trust in thee before the sonnes of men 20 Thou hydest them priuily in thyne owne presence from the raginges of [all] men: thou kepest them secretly [as] in a tabernacle from the strife of tongues 21 Blessed be God: for he hath shewed me marueylous great kindnes in a strong citie 22 And when I fled with al haste, I said I am cast out of the sight of thine eyes: neuerthelesse, thou heardest the voyce of my prayer when I cryed vnto thee 23 Loue God all ye his saintes: [for] God preserueth them that are faythfull, and rewardeth most aboundauntly the proude doer 24 All ye that put your trust in God be ye of a good courage: and he wyll comfort your heart

Psalms 32:1-150:6

1 Blessed is he whose wickednes is forgeuen: and whose sinne is couered 2 Blessed is ye man vnto whom God imputeth no vnrighteousnes: & in whose spirit there is no guile 3 For whyle I helde my tongue: my bones consumed away through my dayly roaring 4 For thy hande is heauie vpon me day and night: and my moysture is like the drouth in sommer. Selah 5 [Therfore] I haue made knowen my faultes vnto thee, and my righteousnes haue I not hid: I sayd I will confesse my wickednes vnto God, and thou forgauest the vnrighteousnes of my sinne. Selah 6 For this shall euery one that is godly make his prayer vnto thee in the time when thou mayest be founde: so that in the great water fluddes they shal not come nye hym 7 Thou art my refuge, thou wylt preserue me from trouble: thou wylt compasse me about with songes of deliueraunce. Selah 8 I will geue thee wise instructions, and teach thee in the way wherin thou shalt go: & I wil guyde thee with mine eye 9 Be ye not lyke a horse [or] lyke a mule whiche haue no vnderstanding: whose mouthes must be holden with bit and brydle, lest they fall vpon thee 10 Great plagues remaine for the vngodly: but who so putteth his trust in God, mercy imbraceth him on euery side 11 Be glad in God, & reioyce O ye righteous: be ioyfull also all ye that be vpright of heart

Psalms 33:1-150:6

1 Reioyce in God O ye righteous: for prayse becommeth well the iust 2 Confesse [it] to god with the harpe: sing psalmes vnto hym with the viall, and with the instrument of ten stringes 3 Sing vnto him a new song: do it cunningly, make a sweete noyse with your musicall instrumentes alowde 4 For the word of God is right: and euery worke of his done in fayth 5 He loueth righteousnes & iudgement: the earth is ful of the goodnes of God 6 By the worde of God are the heauens made: and all the hoastes of them by the breath of his mouth 7 He gathereth the waters of the sea together as it were vpon an heape: and layeth vp the deepe as treasures 8 Let all the earth feare God: let all they that dwell in the worlde stande in awe of him 9 For he spake and it was: he commauded, and it was brought to passe 10 God bringeth the counsell of the Heathen to naught: and maketh the deuises of the people to be of none effect 11 The counsayle of God shall endure for euer: and the thoughtes of his heart from generation to generation 12 Blessed is the nation that hath God to be their Lorde: that people hath he chosen to be an inheritaunce for him 13 (33:13a) God looketh downe from heauen, and beholdeth all the chyldren of me 14 (33:13b) from the place where he resteth: he eyeth diligently euery dweller on the earth 15 (33:14) He fashioneth their heartes together: he vnderstandeth al their workes 16 (33:15) A king is not saued by the multitude of an hoast: a man of great myght escapeth not by much strength 17 (33:16) A horse for to saue is vanitie: and he can deliuer none by his great strength 18 (33:17) Beholde, the eye of God is vpon them that feare hym: and vpon them that wayteth after his mercy 19 (33:18) To deliuer their soules from death: and to preserue their liues in dearth 20 (33:19) Our soule wayteth after God: he is our ayde and shielde 21 (33:20) For our heart shall reioyce in him: because we haue put our trust in his holy name 22 (33:21) Let thy louing kindnes O God be vppon vs: like as we haue put our trust in thee

Psalms 34:1-150:6

1 I wyll alway blesse God: his prayse shall euer be in my mouth 2 My soule shal glory in God: the humble shall heare therof and be glad 3 Magnifie God with me: and let vs exalt his name [all] together 4 Carefully I sought God, & he hearde me: yea he deliuered me out of all my feare 5 Let them turne their eyes on him, and make speede to come vnto hym: and their faces shall not be ashamed 6 [Lo] this same poore man hath cryed: and God hath hearde hym, and saued hym out of all his troubles 7 The angell of God campeth rounde about them that feare hym: and deliuereth them 8 O taste and see how gracious God is: blessed is the man that trusteth in him 9 Feare God ye that be his saintes: for they that feare him lacke nothing 10 Young Lions do lacke and suffer hunger: but they whiche seeke God, shall want no maner of thing that is good 11 Come ye chyldren and hearken vnto me: I will teache you the feare of God 12 What man is he that listeth to liue: [and] woulde fayne see good dayes 13 Kepe thy tongue from euill: and thy lippes that they speake no guyle 14 Eschewe euill & do good: seeke peace and ensue it 15 The eyes of God [are] ouer the righteous: and his eares [are open] vnto their prayers 16 The countenaunce of God is against them that do euill: to roote out the remembraunce of them from of the earth 17 The righteous crye, and God heareth them: and deliuereth them out of all their troubles 18 God is nye vnto them that are of a contrite heart: and saueth such as be of an humble spirite 19 Great are the troubles of the righteous: but God deliuereth him out of all 20 He kepeth all his bones: so that no one of them is broken 21 Malice shal put the vngodly to death: and they that hate the righteous, shalbe brought to naught 22 God redeemeth the soules of his seruauntes: and al they that put their trust in him, shall not be brought to naught

Psalms 35:1-150:6

1 Pleade thou my cause O God, with them that striue with me: and fight thou agaynst them that fight against me 2 Lay hand vppon a shielde & buckler: and stande vp to helpe me 3 Bryng foorth the speare, and stop [the way] against them that persecute me: say vnto my soule, I am thy saluation 4 Let them be confounded and put to shame that seeke after my soule: let them be turned backe and brought to cofusion, that imagine mischiefe for me 5 Let them be as dust before the winde: and let the angell of God scatter [them. 6 Let their way be darke and slipperie: & let the angell of God persecute them 7 For without a cause they haue priuily layde for me a pit [full] of their nettes: without a cause they haue made a digyng vnto my soule 8 Let a sodayne destruction come vpon hym vnawares: and his net that he hath layde priuily catch hym selfe, let him fall into it with [his owne] destruction 9 [And] my soule shalbe ioyfull in God: it shall reioyce in his saluation 10 All my bones shall say, God who is lyke vnto thee? whiche deliuerest the poore from hym that is to strong for him: yea the poore and him that is in miserie, from him that spoyleth him 11 False witnesse did rise vp: they layde thinges to my charge that I know not 12 They rewarded me euill for good: to the great discomfort of my soule 13 Neuerthelesse, when they were sicke I did put on sackcloth: I afflicted my soule with fasting, and my prayer returned into myne owne bosome 14 I kept them company whersoeuer they went, as though they had ben my frende or brother: I went heauyly, as one that mourned for his mother 15 But in mine aduersitie they reioysed and gathered them together: yea, the very abiectes came together against me, yer I wyst they rented me a peeces and ceassed not 16 With hypocrites, scoffers, and parasites: they gnashed vpon me with their teeth 17 Lorde howe long wylt thou looke [vpon this]: O deliuer my soule from their raginges, and my dearling from Lions whelpes 18 So I wyll confesse it vnto thee in a great congregation: I will prayse thee among muche people 19 O let not my deceiptfull enemies triumph ouer me: let them not winke with an eye, that hate me without a cause 20 For they speake not peace: but they imagine deceiptfull wordes agaynst them that [liue] quietly in the lande 21 They gaped vpon me with their mouthes: and said this is well, this is wel, our eye hath seene 22 Thou hast seene [this] O God, holde not thy tongue [then:] go not farre from me O Lorde 23 Stirre thou and awake O my God and my Lorde: to iudge my cause and controuersie 24 Iudge me according to thy righteousnesse O God my Lorde: and let them not triumph ouer me 25 Let them not say in their heart, it is as we woulde haue it: neither let them say, we haue deuoured hym 26 Let them be put to confusion & shame [all] together that reioyce at my trouble: let them be clothed with rebuke and dishonour that exalt them selues against me 27 Let them triumph with gladnesse and reioyce that be delighted with my righteousnesse: let them say alwayes, blessed be God whiche hath pleasure in the prosperitie of his seruaunt 28 And my tongue shalbe talking of thy righteousnesse: and of thy prayse all the day long

Psalms 36:1-150:6

1 The wickednes of the vngodly speaketh in the middest of my heart: that there is no feare of the Lorde before his eyes 2 For he flattereth him selfe in his owne sight: so that his iniquitie is found worthy of hatred 3 The wordes of his mouth are vnrighteous and full of deceipt: he hath left of to behaue him selfe wisely & to do good 4 He imagineth mischiefe vpon his bed, & setteth him selfe in no good way: neither doth he abhorre any thing yt is euil 5 Thy mercy O God reacheth vnto heauen: [and] thy faythfulnes vnto the cloudes 6 Thy righteousnes is like the mountaynes of God: thy iudgementes are a great deapth, thou sauest both man and beast O God 7 How excellent is thy mercy O Lord: therefore the chyldren of men shall put their trust vnder the shadowe of thy winges 8 They shalbe satisfied with the plenteousnesse of thy house: and thou shalt geue them drinke out of the riuer of thy delicates 9 For with thee is the fountaine of lyfe: and in thy light shall we see light 10 O continue foorth thy louing kindnesse vnto them that knowe thee: and thy righteousnes vnto them that are of an vpright heart 11 O let not the foote of pryde reache vnto me: and let not the hande of the vngodly make me to moue [out of my place 12 There be the workers of iniquitie fallen: they are cast downe, and shall not be able to rise vp

Psalms 37:1-150:6

1 Fret not thy selfe because of the vngodly: neither be thou enuious against the euyll doers 2 For they shall soone be cut downe like the grasse: and be withered euen as the greene hearbe 3 Put thou thy trust in God, and be doing good: dwell in the land, and feede in trueth 4 Delight thou also in God: and he shall geue thee thy heartes desire 5 Commit thy way vnto God: and put thy trust in hym, and he shall bryng it to passe 6 He shall make thy righteousnesse appeare as cleare as the light: and thy iust dealing as the noone tyde 7 Holde thee still in God, and wayte paciently vpon him: fret not thy selfe at him whose way doth prosper, at the man that doth abhominations 8 Leaue of from wrath, and let go displeasure: fret not thy selfe, lest thou be moued to do euill 9 For the malitious doers shalbe rooted out: and they that paciently wayte after God, they shall inherite the lande 10 [Looke] at them yet a litle whyle, and the vngodly shalbe cleane gone: thou shalt looke after his place, and he shall not be [there 11 But the meeke spirited shall possesse the earth: and shalbe delighted in the aboundaunce of peace 12 The vngodly busieth his head [all] against the iust: and gnasheth vpon him with his teeth 13 The Lorde shall laugh him to scorne: for he seeth that his day is comming 14 The vngodly haue drawen out the sworde, and haue bended their bowe: to cast downe the poore and needie, and to slay such as be of right conuersation 15 But their sworde shal go thorow their owne heart: & their bow shalbe broken 16 A small thing that the righteous hath: is better then great riches of ye vngodly 17 For the armes of the vngodly shalbe broken: and God vpholdeth the righteous 18 God knoweth the dayes of them that be perfect: and their inheritaunce shall endure for euer 19 They shall not be confounded in the perilous tyme: and in the dayes of dearth they shall haue inough 20 As for the vngodly they shall perishe, and the enemies of God shall consume as the fat of lambes: yea, euen with the smoke they shall vanishe away 21 The vngodly boroweth and payeth not agayne: but the righteous geueth mercifully and liberally 22 Suche as be blessed of God shall possesse the lande: and they that be cursed of hym, shalbe rooted out 23 The pathes of man is directed by God: and his way pleaseth 24 Though he fall, he shall not be vndone: for God vpholdeth him with his hande 25 I haue ben a young chylde, and nowe I am olde: and yet sawe I neuer the righteous forsaken, nor his seede begyng bread 26 The righteous is euer mercifull and lendeth: and his seede is blessed 27 Flee from euill & do good: and dwell for euer 28 For God loueth iudgement, he forsaketh not his saintes: they are preserued for euermore, but the seede of the vngodlye shalbe rooted vp 29 The righteous shal inherite the land: and dwell therin for euer 30 The mouth of the righteous is exercised in wysdome: and his tongue wyll be talking of iudgement 31 The lawe of his God is in his heart: therfore his feete shall not slide 32 The vngodly spyeth the righteous: and seeketh [occasion] to slay hym 33 God wyll not leaue him in his hande: nor suffer hym to be condemned when he is iudged 34 Wayte thou on God & kepe his way, and he wyll promote thee, that thou mayest possesse the lande: when the vngodly shalbe cut of, thou shalt see it 35 I my selfe haue seene the vngodly in great power: and florishing lyke a greene bay tree 36 And he vanished away, so that he could be no more seene: I sought hym, but he coulde no where be founde 37 Marke hym that is perfect, and beholde him that is iust: for the ende of suche a man is peace 38 As for wicked transgressours, they shalbe destroyed [all] together: and the ende of the vngodly shalbe rooted vp at the last 39 But saluation of the righteous commeth of God: whiche is also their strength in time of trouble 40 And God wyll ayde them and deliuer them, he wyl deliuer them from the vngodly: and he wyll saue them, because they put their trust in him

Psalms 38:1-150:6

1 Rebuke me not O God in thyne anger: neither chasten me in thy heauie displeasure 2 For thyne arrowes sticke fast in me: and thy hande presseth me sore 3 There is no helath in my flesh through thy displeasure: neither is there any rest in my bones by reason of my sinne 4 For my manyfolde wickednes is gone ouer my head: and like a sore burthen is to heauie for me to beare 5 My woundes stinke and are corrupt: through my foolishnes 6 I am become crooked, and am exceedingly pulled downe: I go a mourning all the day long 7 For my loynes are filled with heate: and there is no whole part in my body 8 I am feeble and sore smitten: I haue rored for the very disquietnesse of my heart 9 Lorde thou knowest all my desire: and my gronyng is not hyd from thee 10 My heart panteth, my strength hath fayled me: and the lyght of myne eyes is gone from me 11 My louers and my neygbours dyd stande on the other syde lokyng vpon my plague: and my kinsmen stoode a farre of 12 They also that sought after my lyfe layde snares [for me]: and they that went about to do me euyll, talked of wickednesse, and imagined deceipt all the day long 13 As for me, as one deafe I woulde not heare: and [I was] as one that is dumbe [who] coulde not open his mouth 14 I became euen as a man that heareth not: and who hath no replies in his mouth 15 For on thee O God I haue wayted: thou shalt aunswere for me O Lorde my God 16 For I sayde [heare me] lest that they shoulde triumph on me: who auaunce [them selues] greatly agaynst me when my foote doth slyp 17 Because I am disposed to a haltyng: and my sorowe is euer in my syght 18 Because I confesse my wickednesse: and am sory for my sinne 19 But myne enemies lyuyng [without payne] are mightie: & they that hate me wrongfully are increased in number 20 They also that rewarde euyl for good are agaynst me: because I folowe the thyng that is good 21 Forsake me not O God: O my Lorde be not thou farre fro me 22 Haste thee to helpe me: O Lorde my saluation

Psalms 39:1-150:6

1 I sayde [to my selfe] I wyll take heede to my wayes, that I offende not in my tongue: I wyll kepe my mouth as it were with a brydell, whylest the vngodly is in my syght 2 I became dumbe through scilence, I helde my peace from speakyng of good wordes: but the more was my sorowe increased 3 My heart was hotte within me, and whyle I was thus musyng the fire kyndled: and [at the last] I spake with my tongue 4 O God make me to knowe mine ende, and the number of my dayes: that I may be certified howe long I haue to lyue 5 Behold thou hast made my dayes as it were an hand breadth long, & mine age is euen as nothing before thee: truely euery man is al [together] vanitie. Selah 6 Truely man walketh in a vayne shadowe, truely he [and all his] do disquiet them selues in vayne: he heapeth vp riches, & can not tel who shal vse them 7 And nowe Lord what wayte I after? truely my hope is euen in thee 8 Delyuer me from all my offences: and make me not a rebuke vnto the foolishe 9 I became dumbe, and opened not my mouth: for it was thy doyng 10 Take thy plague away from me: I am euen consumed by the meanes of thy heauy hande 11 Thou doest chasten man, rebukyng him for sinne: thou as a moth doest consume his excellencie, for in very deede euery man is but vanitie. Selah 12 Heare my prayer O God, and geue eares to my crying, holde not thy peace at my teares: for I am a strauger with thee, and a soiourner as all my fathers were 13 Oh spare me a litle, that I may recouer my strength: before I go hence, and be no more [seene.

Psalms 40:1-150:6

1 I wayted patiently vpon God, and he enclined vnto me [his eare]: and heard my crying 2 He brought me also out of an horrible pyt, out of the dirtie mire: and set my feete vpon a rocke, and directed my goynges 3 And he hath put a newe song in my mouth: euen a thankesgeuyng vnto our Lorde 4 Many shall see it, and feare: and shall put their trust in God 5 Blessed is the man that hath set his hope in God: and turned not vnto the proude, and to such as decline to lyes 6 O God my Lord, great are thy wonderous workes which thou hast done: & none can count in order thy benefites towarde vs, yf I woulde declare them and speake of them, they shoulde be mo then I am able to expresse 7 Thou wouldest haue no sacrifice or offeryng, but thou hast opened myne eares: thou hast not required burnt offerynges and sacrifice for sinne 8 Then sayde I, lo I am come: in the booke of thy lawe it is written of me that I shoulde fulfyll thy wyll O my God, I am content to do it, yea thy lawe is within the middest of my brest 9 I haue declared thy righteousnes in a great congregatio: lo I wil not refraine my lippes O God thou knowest [it. 10 I haue not hyd thy ryghteousnesse within my heart: my talkyng hath ben of thy trueth and of thy saluation. (40:11) I haue not concealed thy louyng mercie and trueth: from the great congregation 11 (40:12) Withdrawe not thou thy mercie from me O God: let thy louyng kyndnesse and thy trueth alway preserue me 12 (40:13) For innumerable troubles are come about me, my sinnes haue taken such holde vpon me that I am not able to loke vp: yea they are mo in number then the heeres of my head, & my heart hath fayled me 13 (40:14) O God let it be thy pleasure to deliuer me: make haste O God to helpe me 14 (40:15) Let them be ashamed and confounded together that seke after my soule to destroy it: let them be dryuen backwarde & be put to rebuke that wyshe me euyll 15 (40:16) Let them be desolate in recompence of their shame: that say vnto me, fye vpon thee, fye vpon thee 16 (40:17) Let all those that seeke thee be glad and ioyfull in thee: and let such as loue thy saluation, say alway God be magnified 17 (40:18) As for me I am afflicted and needye, but God careth for me: thou art my ayde and delyuerer, O my God make no long tarying

Psalms 41:1-150:6

1 Blessed is he that considereth ye poore: God wyll delyuer hym in the tyme of trouble 2 God wyll preserue hym & kepe him aliue: he shalbe blessed vpon the earth, and [thou O God] wylt not deliuer him into the wyll of his enemies 3 God wyll comfort hym when he lyeth sicke vpon his bed: thou [O God] wylt turne vpside downe all his bed in his sicknesse 4 I sayde, O God be mercifull vnto me: heale my soule, for I haue sinned agaynst thee 5 Myne enemies speake euyl of me: when shall he dye, and his name perishe 6 But yf [any of them] came to visite me, he spake vanitie: his heart conceaued vngodlynesse within hym selfe, & when he came foorth a doores he vttered it 7 All they that hated me whispered together: they imagined euyl agaynst me 8 [They sayde] some great mischiefe is lyghted vpon hym: and he that lyeth sicke on his bed, shall ryse vp no more 9 Yea besides this, euen myne owne friende whom I trusted: which dyd also eate of my bread, hath kicked very much agaynst me 10 But be thou mercifull vnto me O God: rayse me vp agayne, and I shall rewarde them 11 By this I knowe thou fauouredst me: in that myne enemie doth not triumph agaynst me 12 And when I am in my best case, thou vpholdest me: and thou wylt set me before thy face for euer 13 Blessed be God the Lorde of Israel: worlde without ende, Amen, Amen

Psalms 42:1-150:6

1 Lyke as the Hart brayeth for water brookes: so panteth my soule after thee O God 2 My soule is a thirst for the Lorde, yea euen for the lyuyng Lorde: when shall I come to appeare before the face of the Lorde 3 My teares haue ben my meate day and nyght: whyle they dayly say vnto me where is [nowe] thy God 4 And I powred out of me my very heart, remembryng this howe that before tyme I haue passed with a great number, bringyng the vnto the house of the Lord: with a voyce of ioy & prayse, [& with] a company that kept holy day 5 Why art thou so discouraged O my soule, & why art thou so vnquiet within me? attende thou vpon the Lorde, for I will yet acknowledge him only to be a present saluation 6 My Lorde, my soule is discouraged within me: because I remember thee from the lande of Iordane, and from the litle hyll Hermonim 7 One deepe calleth another at the noyse of thy water pypes: all thy waues and stormes are gone ouer me 8 God wyll graunt his louing kindnesse on the day tyme: and in the nyght season I wyll syng of hym, and make my prayer vnto the Lorde of my lyfe 9 I wyll say vnto the Lorde of my strength: why hast thou forgotten me, why go I thus heauyly through the oppression of myne enemie 10 It was as a sworde in my bones, when myne enemies dyd cast me in the teeth: in saying dayly vnto me, where is nowe thy Lorde 11 Why art thou so discouraged O my soule, & why art thou so vnquiet within me? attende thou vpon the Lorde, for I wil yet acknowledge him to be only my present saluation, and my Lorde

Psalms 43:1-150:6

1 Iudge me O Lorde, and debate my cause with an vnnaturall people: oh delyuer me from the deceiptfull and wicked man 2 For thou art the Lord of my strength: why hast thou reiect me, and why go I thus heauyly through the oppression of myne enemie 3 Sende foorth thy light and thy trueth: that they may leade me and direct me vnto thy holy hyll, & to thy tabernacles 4 And I wyll go vnto the aulter of the Lorde, euen vnto the Lorde of my ioy & gladnesse: and vpon the harpe I will acknowledge thee O Lorde my Lord 5 Why art thou so discouraged O my soule, & why art thou so vnquiet within me? attende thou vpon the Lorde, for I wyll yet acknowledge hym [to be] only my present saluation, & my Lorde

Psalms 44:1-150:6

1 We haue hearde with our eares O Lorde: our fathers haue tolde vs what workes thou hast done in their daies in the olde tyme 2 Howe thou hast driuen out the heathen with thy hande and planted them in: howe thou hast destroyed the nations & placed them 3 For they gat not the lande in possession through their owne sworde: neither was it their owne arme that saued them. (44:4) But thy ryght hande, and thine arme, & the lyght of thy countenaunce: because thou hadst a fauour vnto them 4 (44:5) Thou art my kyng O Lorde: commaunde that Iacob be saued 5 (44:6) Through thee we wyll ouerthrowe our enemies: and in thy name we wyll treade them vnder that ryse vp agaynst vs 6 (44:7) For I wyll not trust in my bowe: and it is not my sworde that can saue me 7 (44:8) But it is thou that sauest vs from our enemies: and thou puttest them to confusion that hate vs 8 (44:9) We make our boast of God all the day long: and we wyll confesse thy name for euer. Selah 9 (44:10) But nowe thou art farre of, and thou puttest vs to confusion: neither goest thou foorth with our armies 10 (44:11) Thou makest vs to turne away backwarde from the enemie: so that they which hate vs, do make vs a spoyle vnto them 11 (44:12) Thou hast delyuered vs as sheepe to be eaten: and thou hast scattered vs among the heathen 12 (44:13) Thou hast solde thy people for naught: and thou hast taken no money for them 13 (44:14) Thou hast made vs a rebuke to our neighbours: to be laughed to scorne and had in derision of them that are rounde about vs 14 (44:15) Thou hast made vs [to be] a fable among the heathen: [and to be such] that the people shake their head at vs 15 (44:16a) My confusion is dayly before me, and the shame of my face couereth me 16 (44:16b) for [to heare] the voyce of the slaunderer & blasphemer, and for to see the enemie and the auenger 17 [And though] all this be come vpon vs: [yet] we do not forget thee, nor shewe our selues to be false in thy couenaunt 18 (44:18a) Our heart is not turned backe, neither our steppes be declined out of thy pathes 19 (44:18b) no not when thou hast smitten vs in the place of dragons, and couered vs with the shadowe of death 20 (44:19a) If we had forgotten the name of our Lorde, and holden vp our handes to any straunge god 21 (44:19b) woulde not God searche it out? for he knoweth the very secretes of the heart 22 (44:20) For thy sake also are we kylled all the day long: and are counted as sheepe appoynted to be slayne 23 (44:21a) Stirre vp O Lorde, why slepest thou? awake & be not absent from vs for euer 24 (44:21b) wherfore hydest thou thy face, and forgettest our miserie and tribulation 25 (44:22) For our soule is brought lowe vnto the dust: our belly cleaueth vnto the grounde 26 (44:23) Aryse vp thou our ayde, and redeeme vs: for thy louyng kindnesse sake

Psalms 45:1-150:6

1 My heart is endityng of a good matter: I wyll dedicate my workes vnto the king, my tongue is as the penne of a redy writer 2 Thou art fayrer then the children of men, full of grace are thy lippes: because the Lorde hath blessed thee for euer 3 Girde thee with thy sworde vpon thy thygh O thou most mightie: [that is] with thy glorie and thy maiestie 4 Prosper thou with thy maiestie, ryde on the worde of trueth and of affliction for ryghteousnesse sake: and thy ryght hande shall teache thee terrible thynges 5 Thyne arrowes are sharpe: a people the kynges enemies shall submit in heart them selues vnto thee 6 Thy throne O Lorde endureth for euer and euer: the scepter of ryghteousnesse is the scepter of thy kyngdome 7 Thou hast loued iustice and hated vngodlynesse: wherfore the Lorde euen thy Lorde hath annoynted thee with the oyle of gladnesse more then thy felowes 8 All thy garmentes smell of Myrre, Aloes, and Cassia, out of the iuorie palaces: wherby they haue made thee glad 9 Kynges daughters are amongst thy honourable women: vpon thy ryght hande standeth the queene in a vesture of golde of Ophir 10 Hearken O daughter and consider, encline thine eare: forget also thine owne people and thy fathers house 11 So shall the kyng haue pleasure in thy beautie: for he is thy Lorde, and worship thou hym 12 And the daughter of Tyre shall come with a present: the riche among the people shall make their earnest prayer before thee 13 The kynges daughter is all glorious within: her clothyng is of wrought golde 14 She shalbe brought vnto the kyng in rayment of needle worke: the virgins that folowe her and her company shalbe brought vnto thee 15 With ioy and gladnesse shall they be brought: [and] shal enter into the kinges palace 16 In steade of thy fathers, thou shalt haue children: whom thou mayst make princes in all landes 17 I wyll remember thy name from one generation vnto another: therfore shall the people prayse thee worlde without ende

Psalms 46:1-150:6

1 The Lorde is our refuge & strength: a helpe very easyly founde in troubles 2 Therfore we wyll not feare though the earth be transposed: and though the hilles rushe into the middest of the sea 3 Though the waters thereof rage and swell: and though the mountaynes shake at the surges of the same. Selah 4 [Yet] the fludde by his ryuers shall make glad the citie of God: the holy place of the tabernacles of the most hyghest 5 God is in the myddest of her, therfore she can not be remoued: the Lorde wyll helpe her, and that ryght early 6 The heathen make much a do, and the kyngdomes are moued: but [God] shewed his voyce, and the earth melted away 7 The God of hoastes is with vs: the Lorde of Iacob is our refuge. Selah 8 O come hither and beholde the workes of God: what distructions he hath brought vpon the earth 9 He maketh warres to ceasse in all the worlde: he breaketh the bowe, & knappeth the speare in sunder, and burneth the charettes in the fire 10 Be styll then, and knowe that I am the Lorde: I wyll be exalted among the heathen, I wyll be exalted in the earth 11 The God of hoastes is with vs: the Lorde of Iacob is our refuge. Selah

Psalms 47:1-150:6

1 Clap your handes all ye people: make a noise vnto the Lorde with a ioyfull voyce 2 For God is hygh and terrible: he is the great king vpon all the earth 3 He wyll subdue the people vnder vs: and the nations vnder our feete 4 He hath chosen for vs our inheritaunce: the glorie of Iacob who he loued. Selah 5 The Lorde ascendeth in a triumph: [and] God with the sounde of a trumpet 6 Syng psalmes to the Lorde, syng psalmes: syng psalmes to our kyng, sing psalmes 7 For the Lorde is kyng of all the earth: syng psalmes [all you that haue] skyll 8 God raigneth ouer the heathen: God sitteth vpon his holy throne 9 The princes of the people are assembled together [for to be] the people of the God of Abraham: for the shieldes of the earth be Gods, who is hyghly exalted

Psalms 48:1-150:6

1 Great is God, and hyghly to be praysed: in the citie of our Lorde, his holy hyll 2 The hyll of Sion is fayre in situation, and the ioy of the whole earth: vpon the north syde lyeth the citie of the great king 3 God is well knowen in her palaces: as a most sure refuge 4 (48:4a) For lo kinges did assemble, and passe by together 5 (48:4b) they them selues sawe it, lykewyse they marueyled, they were astonyed with feare, and sodenly in haste they were gone away 6 (48:5) A feare came there vpon them and sorowe: as vpon a woman in her childe trauayle 7 (48:6) Thou didst breake the shippes of the sea: through the east wynde 8 (48:7) Lyke as we haue hearde, so haue we seene in the citie of God of hoastes: in the citie of our Lorde, God vpholdeth the same for euer. Selah 9 (48:8) O Lorde we haue wayted: for thy louyng kindnesse in the myddest of thy temple 10 (48:9) O Lorde, accordyng to thy name, so is thy prayse vnto the worldes ende: thy ryght hande is full of iustice 11 (48:10) Mount Sion shall reioyce, and the daughters of Iuda shalbe glad: because of thy iudgementes 12 (48:11) Compasse about Sion, and go rounde about her: and tell the towres therof 13 (48:12) Marke well her bulwarkes, beholde her hygh palaces: that ye may tell it to your posteritie 14 (48:13) For this God is our God for euer and euer: he wyll be our guide vnto death

Psalms 49:1-150:6

1 Heare this all ye people: geue eare all ye that dwell in the worlde 2 As well lowe as high: riche and poore, one with another 3 My mouth shall vtter wisdome: the cogitations of myne heart [wyll bryng foorth] knowledge 4 I wyll encline myne eare to a parable: I wyll open my darke sentence vpon a harpe 5 Wherfore shoulde I feare in euyll dayes? the wickednesse of my heeles [then] would compasse me round about 6 There be some that put their trust in their goodes: and boast them selues in the multitude of their riches 7 But no man at all can redeeme his brother: nor geue a raunsome vnto God for hym 8 (49:8a) For the redemption of their soule is very costly, and must be let alone for euer 9 (49:8b) yea though he lyue long and see not the graue 10 (49:9) For he seeth that wyse men dye: and that the foole and ignoraunt perishe together, and leaue their riches for other 11 (49:10) And yet they thynke that their houses shall continue for euer, and that their dwellyng places shall endure from one generation to another: [therfore] they call landes after their owne names 12 (49:11) Neuerthelesse, man can not abyde in [such] honour: he is but lyke vnto bruite beastes that perishe 13 (49:12) This their way is their foolishnesse: yet their posteritie prayse their saying. Selah 14 (49:13) They shalbe put into a graue [dead] as a sheepe, death shall feede on them: but the ryghteous shall haue dominion of them in the mornyng, their beautie shall consume away, hell [shall receaue them] from their house 15 (49:14) But God wyll delyuer my soule from the place of hell: for he wyll receaue me. Selah 16 (49:15) Be not thou afrayde though one be made riche: or yf the glorie of his house be encreased 17 (49:16) For he shall cary nothyng away with hym when he dyeth: neither shall his pompe folowe after hym 18 (49:17) For whyle he lyued he counted him selfe an happy man: and so long as thou doest well vnto thy selfe, men wyll speake good of thee 19 (49:18) But he shal folowe the generations of his fathers: and shall neuer see lyght 20 (49:19) A man is in an honourable state, but he wyll not vnderstande it: he is lyke [herein] vnto bruite beastes that perishe

Psalms 50:1-150:6

1 The most mightie Lorde God hath spoken: and called the earth from the rysyng vp of the sunne, vnto the goyng downe therof 2 Out of Sion: hath the Lorde appeared in perfect beautie 3 Our Lorde commeth, and he wyll not kepe scilence: there goeth before hym a consumyng fire, and a mightie tempest is sturred rounde about hym 4 He calleth from aboue the heauen and the earth: that he may iudge his people 5 Gather my saintes together vnto me: those that haue made a couenaunt with me with sacrifice 6 And the heauens shall declare his ryghteousnesse: for God is iudge hym selfe. Selah 7 Heare O my people, and I wil speake: I my selfe wyll testifie vnto thee O Israel, I am the Lorde, euen thy Lorde 8 I wyll not reproue thee because of thy sacrifices, or for thy burnt offerynges: [for that they be not] alway before me 9 I wyll take no bullocke out of thy house: nor goates out of thy foldes 10 For all the beastes of the forest are myne: and so are the cattel vpon a thousande hylles 11 I knowe all the foules vpon the mountaynes: and the wylde beastes of the fielde are at my commaundement 12 If I be hungry, I wyll not tell thee: for the whole worlde is myne, and all that is therin 13 Thinkest thou that I will eate bulles fleshe: and drynke the blood of goates 14 Offer vnto God prayse: and pay thy vowes vnto the most hyghest 15 And call vpon me in the tyme of trouble: I wyll heare thee, and thou shalt glorifie me 16 But the Lorde sayd vnto the vngodly: why doest thou preache my lawes, and takest my couenaunt in thy mouth 17 Seyng that thou hatest discipline: and hast cast my wordes behynde thee 18 When thou sawest a thiefe, thou dydst consent vnto hym: and thou hast ben partaker with the adulterers 19 Thou hast let thy mouth speake wickednesse: and with thy tongue thou hast set foorth deceipt 20 Thou sattest and spakedst agaynst thy brother: yea and hast slaundered thine owne mothers sonne 21 These thynges hast thou done and I helde my tongue, thou thoughtest that I am euen such a one as thou thy selfe art: but I wyll reproue thee, and I wyll set foorth in order before thine eyes [all that thou hast done. 22 Consider this I pray you, ye that forget the Lorde: lest I plucke you away, and there be none to delyuer you 23 Who so offereth vnto me thankes and prayse, he honoureth me: and to hym that ordereth his conuersation ryght, I wyll shewe the saluation of God

Psalms 51:1-150:6

1 Haue mercie on me O Lorde accordyng to thy louyng kindnesse: accordyng vnto the multitudes of thy mercies wype out my wickednesse 2 Washe me throughly from myne iniquitie: and clense me from my sinne 3 For I do acknowledge my wickednesse: and my sinne is euer before me 4 Agaynst thee, only agaynst thee I haue sinned and done this euyll in thy sight: that thou mightest be iustified in thy saying, and founde pure when thou art iudged 5 Beholde, I was ingendred in iniquitie: and in sinne my mother conceaued me 6 Neuerthelesse, lo thou requirest trueth in the inwarde partes [of me]: & [therfore] thou wylt make me learne wisdome in the secrete [part of myne heart. 7 Purge thou me with hyssop and I shalbe cleane: washe thou me, and I shalbe whyter then snowe 8 Make thou me to heare [some] ioy and gladnesse: let the bones reioyce which thou hast broken 9 Turne thy face from my sinnes: and wype out all my misdeedes 10 Make thou vnto me a cleane heart O Lorde: and renue thou a ryght spirite within me 11 Cast me not away from thy presence: and take not thy holy spirite from me 12 Geue me agayne the comfort of thy saluation: and confirme me with a free wyllyng spirite 13 Then wyll I teache thy wayes vnto the wicked: and sinners shalbe conuerted vnto thee 14 Deliuer me from blood O Lorde, the Lorde of my saluation: and my tongue shall sing with a ioyfull noyse of thy iustice 15 O Lorde open thou my lippes: and my mouth shall set foorth thy prayse 16 For thou desirest no sacrifice, els I would geue it thee: thou delightest not in a burnt offering 17 Sacrifices for God is a mortified spirite: O Lorde thou wylt not despise a mortified and an humble heart 18 Be thou beneficiall vnto Sion, according to thy gracious good wyll: buylde thou the walles of Hierusalem 19 Then shalt thou be pleased with the sacrifices of righteousnes, with burnt offeringes and oblations: then wyll they offer young bullockes vpon thyne aulter

Psalms 52:1-150:6

1 Why boastest thy self thou tiraunt of mischiefe? the goodnes of God dayly endureth 2 Thy tongue imagineth wickednes: [and] deceaueth like a sharpe raser 3 Thou hast loued vngratiousnes more then goodnes: and to talke of falshood more then of righteousnes. Selah 4 Thou hast loued to speake all wordes that may do hurt: O thou deceiptfull tongue 5 Therfore the Lord wyll destroy thee for euer: he wyll take thee and plucke thee out of thy dwelling, and roote thee out of the lande of the liuing. Selah 6 The righteous also shall see this: and they wyll be afraide and laugh hym to scorne 7 [Saying] lo this is the man that put not the Lorde [to be] his strength: but trusted vnto the multitude of his riches, and strengthed him selfe in his wickednesse 8 As for me I am lyke a greene oliue tree in the house of the Lorde: my trust is in the tender mercy of the Lorde for euer and euer 9 I will alway confesse it vnto thee, for that thou hast done it: and I wyll hope in thy name, for it is good in the sight of thy saintes

Psalms 53:1-150:6

1 The foole hath sayde in his heart there is no God: they haue corrupted them selues, & haue made their wickednes abhominable, he is not that doeth good 2 The Lorde looked downe from heauen vpon the chyldren of men: to see if there were any that did vnderstand and seeke after the Lorde 3 But they dyd all go out of the way, they dyd altogether become abhomible: there was also none that would do good, no not one 4 Wyll not the workers of iniquitie vnderstande, eating vp my people [as if] they eated bread: that they do not call vpon God 5 They shalbe greatly there afraide [where] no cause of feare is: for the Lord wyll breake the bones of hym that besiegeth thee, thou wylt put [them] to shame, because the Lorde hath despised them 6 Who is he that wyll geue saluation vnto Israel out of Sion? when the Lord wyll reduce his people out of captiuitie, Iacob wyll reioyce, and Israel wyll be glad

Psalms 54:1-150:6

1 Saue me O Lorde for thy name sake: iudge me accordyng to thy mightie power 2 Heare my prayer O Lord: and hearken vnto the wordes of my mouth 3 For straungers are rysen vp against me: and tirauntes whiche haue not the Lorde before their eyes, seeke after my soule. Selah 4 Behold, God is an ayde vnto me: the Lorde is with them that vpholde my soule 5 He wyll rewarde euyll vnto mine enemies: destroy thou them according to thy trueth 6 I wyll sacrifice vnto thee with a true wyllyng heart: I wyll confesse thy name O God, because it is good 7 For he hath deliuered me out of all my trouble: and mine eye hath seene [auengaunce] vpon mine enemies

Psalms 55:1-150:6

1 O Lorde geue eare vnto my prayer: and hide not thy selfe from my petition 2 Take heede vnto me, and heare me: I can not choose but mourne in my prayer, and make a noyse 3 [Deliuer me] from the voyce of the enemie, and from the present affliction of the wicked: for they are minded to do me mischiefe, and are set malitiously against me 4 My heart trembleth within me: and the feare of death is fallen vpon me 5 Fearefulnes and trembling are come vpon me: and an horrible dread hath ouerwhelmed me 6 And I sayde, O that I had wynges like a doue: for then woulde I flee away, and be at rest 7 Lo, then woulde I fleeing get me away farre of: and remayne in the wyldernesse. Selah 8 Then woulde I make hast to escape: from the stormie wynde, [and] from the tempest 9 Destroy their tongues O Lorde, and deuide [them]: for I haue seene oppression and strife in the citie 10 They do compasse it day and night within the walles: mischiefe also and labour, are in the midst of it 11 Malice is in the midst of it: disceipt and guyle go not out of her streates 12 Truely he was not mine enemie that hath done me this dishonour, for then I coulde haue borne it: neither was he one that seemed to hate me that dyd magnifie hym selfe against me, for then I woulde haue hyd my selfe from him 13 But it was euen thou whom I esteemed as my selfe: my guyde, and myne owne familier companion 14 We delighted greatly to conferre our secretes together: we walked deuoutly in the house of God felowe lyke 15 Let death sodainly come vpon them, let them go downe quicke into hell: for wickednes is in their dwellinges and among them 16 As for me I wyll crye vnto the Lord: and God wyll saue me 17 In the euening and morning, and at noone day wyll I pray, and that most instantly: and he wyll heare my voyce 18 He hath redeemed my soule through peace from the battayle that was against me: for there were many with me 19 The Lorde who sitteth [a ruler] from the beginning, wyll heare [me] and afflict them, Selah: forsomuche as there is no chaunge in them, and for that they do not feare God 20 He layde his handes vpon such as be at peace with him: and he brake his couenaunt 21 The [wordes] of his mouth were softer then butter, yet warre was in his heart: his wordes were smother then oyle, and yet be they very swordes 22 O cast thy burthen vpon God, and he wyll vpholde thee: he wyll not suffer at any time the righteous to moue 23 [And as for] them: thou O Lorde wylt hurle headlong into the pit of destruction. (55:24) The bloodthirstie and deceiptfull men shal not liue out halfe their dayes: neuerthelesse I wyll put my full trust in thee

Psalms 56:1-150:6

1 Be mercifull vnto me O Lorde: for man goeth about to deuour me, he dayly fyghtyng, oppresseth me 2 Myne enemies are dayly in hande to swalowe me vp: for they be many that fight against me, O thou most highest 3 [Neuerthelesse] at all times as I am afraide: I put my whole trust in thee 4 In the Lord I wyll prayse his word: in the Lorde I haue put my trust, and I wyll not feare what flesh can do vnto me 5 My wordes dayly put me to sorow: all that they do imagine, is to do me euill 6 They flocke together, they kepe them selues close: they marke my steppes, that they may lye in wayte for my soule 7 Shall they escape for their wickednes? O Lorde in thy displeasure cast downe headlong this people 8 Thou hast numbred my flittinges, thou hast put my teares in thy bottell: [are] not these thinges [noted] in thy booke 9 Whensoeuer I call vpon thee, then shall myne enemies be put to flight: this I know, for the Lorde is on my side 10 In the Lord I wyll prayse the word: In God I wyll prayse the worde 11 In the Lorde I put my trust: I wyll not be afraide what man can do vnto me 12 O Lorde, thy vowes be vpon me: vnto thee wyll I geue thankes & praise 13 For thou hast deliuered my soule from death, and my feete from falling: that I may walke before the Lorde in the light of the liuing

Psalms 57:1-150:6

1 Be mercifull vnto me O Lorde, be mercifull vnto me: for my soule trusteth in thee, and vnder the shadowe of thy wynges wyll I trust, vntyll this tiranny be ouerpast 2 I wyll call vnto the most high Lorde: euen vnto the Lord that wil perfourme the cause which I haue in hande 3 He wyll sende from heauen, and saue me from the reproofe of him that woulde deuour me vp, Selah: the Lorde wyll sende foorth his mercie and trueth 4 My soule is among Lions, and I lye among those that are set on fire: among the children of men whose teeth are speares and arrowes, and their tongue a sharpe sword 5 Exalt thy selfe O God aboue the heauen: thy glory is aboue all the earth 6 They haue prepared a net for my feete, that some man might presse downe my soule: they haue digged a pit before me, and are fallen into the midst of it them selues. Selah 7 My heart is redy O Lorde, my heart is redy: I wyll sing, and prayse thee in singing of psalmes 8 Bestirre thee O my glory, bestirre thee O Lute and Harpe: I my selfe wil bestirre me right early in the morning 9 I wyll prayse thee O Lorde among the people: and I wyll sing psalmes vnto thee among the nations 10 For the greatnes of thy mercie reacheth vnto the heauens: and thy trueth vnto the cloudes 11 Exalt thy selfe O Lord aboue the heauens: let thy glory be aboue al the earth

Psalms 58:1-150:6

1 O ye that consult together, pronounce ye truely the thing that is iust? O ye sonnes of men iudge you according to equitie 2 Nay, rather ye imagine mischiefe in your heart: your handes waygh as in a ballaunce wickednes vpon the earth 3 The vngodly are straungers euen from their mothers wombe: assoone as they be borne, they go astray and speake a lye 4 (58:4a) They haue poyson [within them] lyke to the poyson of a serpent: they be lyke the deafe adder that stoppeth her eares 5 (58:4b) and wyll not heare the voyce of charmers, though he be neuer so skilfull in charming 6 (58:5) Breake their teeth O Lorde in their mouthes: smite a sunder the chawe bones of Lions O God 7 (58:6) Let them be dissolued as into water, let them come to naught of them selues: and when they shoote their arrowes, let them be as broken 8 (58:7) Let them creepe away lyke a snayle that foorthwith consumeth to naught: or lyke the vntimely fruite of a woman, let them not see the sunne 9 (58:8) As a greene thorne [kindled with fyre, goeth out] before your pottes be made whot: euen so let a furious rage bring him to naught 10 (58:9) The righteous wyll reioyce when he seeth the vengeaunce: he wyll washe his foote steppes in the blood of the vngodly 11 (58:10) And euery man shall say, veryly there is a rewarde for the righteous: doubtlesse there is a God that iudgeth in the earth

Psalms 59:1-150:6

1 Deliuer me from myne enemies O Lorde: defende me fro them that rise vp against me 2 Deliuer me from the workers of iniquitie: and saue me from the blood thirstie men 3 For lo, they lye in wayte for my soule: men of power are gathered together against me who haue committed no wickednes nor fault O God 4 When no fault is done, they runne and set them selues in order: arise to meete me and beholde 5 And thou O God Lorde of hoastes, Lorde of Israel: awake to visite all Heathen, and be not mercifull vnto all them that offend of malice. Selah 6 They go to and from at euening: they barke lyke a dogge, and runne about through the citie 7 Behold they speake with their mouth, swordes are in their lippes: for [say they] who doth heare [vs? 8 But thou O God wylt haue them in derision: thou wylt laugh all Heathen to scorne 9 I wyl reserue his strength for thee: for thou O Lorde art my refuge 10 My mercifull Lord wyll preuent me: the Lord will let me see [my desire] vpon mine enemies 11 Slay them not, lest my people forget it: but in thy stoutnes scatter them like vagaboundes, and put them downe O God our defence 12 The wordes of their lippes [be] the sinne of their mouth: O let them be taken in their pryde, for they speake nothing but curses and lies 13 Consume them in thy wrath, consume them that nothing of them remayne: and let them knowe that it is the Lord that ruleth in Iacob, & vnto the endes of the worlde. Selah 14 And let them gad vp and downe at euening: let them barke lyke a dogge, and go about the citie 15 Let them runne here and there for meate: and go to bed if they be not satisfied 16 As for me I wyll sing of thy power, and wyll prayse thy louing kindnes betimes in the morning: for thou hast ben my defence and refuge in the day of my trouble 17 Unto thee O my strength will I sing psalmes: for thou O Lorde art my refuge, and my mercyfull Lorde

Psalms 60:1-150:6

1 O Lorde thou hast cast vs out, thou hast dispearsed vs, thou art displeased: O turne thee vnto vs agayne 2 Thou hast made the land to tremble, thou hast cleft it asunder: heale the breaches therof, for it is redy to fall downe 3 Thou hast made thy people see heauie thinges: thou hast geuen vs wyne to drinke, that maketh vs tremble 4 But to suche as feare thee: thou hast geuen a banner to be lyfted vp on high for the trueth sake. Selah 5 [Therfore] that thy beloued may be deliuered: helpe me with thy right hand, and heare me 6 The Lorde hath spoken in his holynes (whereof I wyll reioyce) this: I wyll deuide Sichem, and measure the valley of Sucoth 7 Gilead shalbe myne, and Manasses shalbe myne: Ephraim also shalbe the strength of my head, and Iuda my law geuer 8 Moab shalbe my washpot: ouer Edom I wyll cast my shoe, Philistea be thou glad of me 9 Who wyll leade me into the stong citie? who wyll bring me into Edom 10 Hast not thou remoued vs from thence O Lorde? and wylt not thou O Lorde go out with our hoastes 11 Geue vs ayde against trouble: for the sauing helpe of man is but vayne 12 Thorowe the Lorde we wyll do valiaunt actes: for he him selfe wyll treade downe our enemies

Psalms 61:1-150:6

1 Heare my crying O Lorde: geue eare vnto my prayer 2 From the endes of the earth I wyll call vnto thee when my heart is in heauines: oh set me vp on the rocke that is higher then I 3 For thou hast ben my hope: [and] a strong towre [for me] against the face of the enemie 4 I wyll dwell in thy tabernacle for euer: my trust shalbe vnder the couering of thy wynges. Selah 5 For thou O Lorde hast hearde my vowes: and hast geuen an heritage vnto those that feare thy name 6 Thou wilt adde dayes vnto the kings dayes: and his yeres shalbe a generation and a generation 7 He shall dwell before the Lorde for euer: O appoynt thy louing mercy and faithfulnes, that thei may preserue him 8 So wyll I sing psalmes vnto thy name: that I may day by day perfourme my vowes

Psalms 62:1-150:6

1 My soule truly only stayeth vpon the Lorde: for of him commeth my saluation 2 He onlye is my rocke and my sauing helpe: he is my refuge, so that I can not be remoued greatly 3 Howe long wyll ye imagine mischiefe against euery man? ye shalbe slayne all the sort of you: [ye shalbe] as a tottering wall, [and like] a broken hedge 4 They deuise only howe to thrust [him] from his promotion: they delight in a lye, they blesse with their mouth, and curse with their heart. Selah 5 [Neuerthelesse] O my soule, stay thou only vpon the Lorde: for my confidence is in him 6 He only is my rocke and my sauing helpe: he is my refuge, so that I can not be remoued 7 In the Lorde is my health and my glory: my trust is in the Lorde the fortresse of my force 8 O ye people, put your trust in hym alway: powre out your heartes before him, for the Lorde is our hope. Selah 9 As for the chyldren of men, they be onlye but vanitie, the chyldren of lordes be but a lye: vpon the wayghtes they [be] altogether [lighter] then vanitie in selfe 10 O trust not in wrong [dealing] and spoyling: geue not your selues vnto vanitie, if riches encrease, set not your heart [vpon them. 11 (62:11a) The Lord spake it once, [but] I haue hearde it twise, that power and mercy belongeth to thee O Lorde God 12 (62:11b) for thou rewardest euery man according to his worke

Psalms 63:1-150:6

1 O Lorde thou art my Lorde: early in the morning I do seeke thee. (63:2) My soule thirsteth for thee: my fleshe also longeth after thee in a baren and drye lande [where] no water is 2 (63:3) [To see thee] euen so [as] I haue seene thee in the sanctuary: that I might beholde thy power and glory 3 (63:4) For thy louing kindnes is better then life [itselfe]: my lippes shall prayse thee 4 (63:5) As long as I liue I wyll blesse thee on this maner: and in thy name I wyll lyft vp my handes 5 (63:6) My soule is satisfied euen as it were with mary and fatnes: and my mouth prayseth thee with ioyfull lippes 6 (63:7) Haue I not remembred thee in my bed: and thought vpon thee when I was waking 7 (63:8) Because thou hast ben my helper: therfore vnder the shadowe of thy wynges do I reioyce 8 (63:9) My soule cleaueth fast vnto thee: thy right hande hath vpholden me 9 (63:10) And they [that] seeke my soule to oppresse [it]: shall go vnder the earth 10 (63:11) Euery one of them shalbe killed with the edge of a sworde: and they shalbe a portion for Foxes 11 (63:12) But the king shal reioyce in the Lord, al they shal glory that sweare by him: for the mouth of all them that speake a lye, shalbe stopped

Psalms 64:1-150:6

1 O Lorde heare my voyce in my prayer: preserue my life from feare of the enemie 2 Hyde me from the secrete [counsayles] of the malitious: from the conspiracie of the workers of iniquitie 3 Who haue whet their tongue lyke a sword: who haue drawne their arrow, euen a bitter worde 4 That they may priuily shoote at hym which is perfect: they do sodenly shoote at hym and feare not 5 They courage them selues in mischiefe: and comune among them selues how they may lay snares, and say, who shall see them 6 They searche out howe to do wrong, they put in practise fully that they haue diligently searched out: yea euen the secretes and bottome of euery one of their heartes 7 But the Lorde wyll sodenly shoote at them with a [swyft] arrowe: their plagues shalbe [apparaunt. 8 Yea they shall cause their owne tongues to be a meanes for to destroy the selues: insomuch that who so seeth them, shal desire to flee away [from them 9 And all men that see it shall say, this hath God done: for they shall well perceaue that it is his worke 10 The righteous wyll reioyce in God, and put his trust in hym: and all they that be vpright hearted wylbe glad

Psalms 65:1-150:6

1 O Lorde thou wylt be greatly praysed in Sion: and vnto thee shal vowes be perfourme 2 Thou that hearest a prayer: vnto thee shall all fleshe come 3 [My] misdeedes haue preuayled against me: oh be thou mercifull vnto our wicked transgressions 4 Blessed is the man [whom] thou choosest and receauest vnto thee: he shall dwell in thy court, and we shalbe satisfied with the goodnes of thy house, euen of thy holy temple 5 Thou wylt heare vs, doyng wonderfull thinges in righteousnes O Lorde of our saluation: thou [art] the hope of all endes of the earth, and of them that dwell farre of at the sea coast 6 Thou art he who in his strength setleth fast the mountaines: and is gyrded about with power 7 Who stilleth the raging of the sea, and the noyse of his waues: and the vprore of the people 8 They also that dwel in the vtmost partes [of the earth] be afrayde at thy signes: thou makest them reioyce at the going foorth of the morning and euenyng 9 Thou visitest the earth, and thou makest it ouerflowne, thou enrichest it greatly: the riuer of God is full of water, thou preparest their corne, for so thou ordaynest it 10 Thou waterest her forowes, thou breakest downe her hillockes: thou makest it soft with the drops of rayne, and blessest the increase of it 11 Thou crownest the yere with thy goodnes: and thy cloudes drop fatnes 12 They drop vpon the dwellinges of the wyldernesse: and hilles be compassed with ioy 13 The downes be couered with sheepe: the valleys stande thicke with corne [so that] they showte [for ioy] and also sing

Psalms 66:1-150:6

1 (66:1a) Declare you ioyfull vnto the Lorde all [ye of] the earth 2 (66:1b) sing psalmes vnto the glory of his name, geue glory to his maiestie 3 (66:2) Say vnto the Lorde, oh howe wonderfull art thou in thy workes: thorow the greatnes of thy power thyne enemies shalbe founde liers vnto thee 4 (66:3) For all [they of] the worlde shall worship thee, and sing psalmes vnto thee: they shall sing psalmes vnto thy holy name. Selah 5 (66:4) Come hither and beholde the workes of the Lorde: howe wonderfull he is in his doing towarde the chyldren of men 6 (66:5) He turneth the sea into drye lande, so that they went thorowe the water on foote: there dyd we reioyce in him 7 (66:6) He ruleth with his power for euer, his eyes beholdeth the gentiles: such as be rebels shal not come to promotion. Selah 8 (66:7) O ye people blesse your Lorde: and make the voyce of his praise to be heard 9 (66:8) Who preserueth our soule in life: and suffereth not our feete to slip 10 (66:9) For thou O Lord hast proued vs: thou hast tryed vs, like as siluer is tryed 11 (66:10) Thou broughtest vs into the snare: and layde trouble vpon our loynes 12 (66:11) Thou sufferedst men to ride ouer our heades: we went through fire and water, and [yet] thou broughtest vs out into a pleasaunt [place. 13 (66:12a) I wyll go into thy house with burnt offeringes: and I wyll pay thee my vowe 14 (66:12b) whiche I promised with my lippes, and spake with my mouth when I was in trouble 15 (66:13) I wyll offer vnto thee fat burnt sacrifices, with the incense of rammes: I will offer bullockes and goates. Selah 16 (66:14) O come hither, & hearken: and I wil tell all you that feare the Lorde, what he hath done for my soule 17 (66:15) I called vnto hym with my mouth: and I exalted him with my tongue 18 (66:16a) If I had inclined vnto wickednes in my heart, the Lorde woulde not haue hearde me 19 (66:16b) but the Lorde hath hearde me, & considered the voyce of my prayer 20 (66:17) Blessed be the Lorde which hath not reiected my prayer: nor turned his mercye from me

Psalms 67:1-150:6

1 The Lord be mercyfull vnto vs and blesse vs: [and] cause the light of his coutenaunce to shine vpon vs. Selah 2 That thy way may be knowen vpon the earth: thy saluation among all nations 3 [Then] wyll the people prayse thee O Lorde: yea all the people wyll prayse thee 4 The Gentiles will reioyce & triumph: for thou wylt iudge the people, and gouerne the gentiles vpon the earth, according to equitie. Selah 5 The people will prayse thee O Lord: all the people wyll prayse thee 6 [Then] shall the earth bryng foorth her increase: and the Lorde our Lord will geue vs his blessing 7 The Lorde will blesse vs: and all the endes of the worlde shall feare him

Psalms 68:1-150:6

1 In case the Lorde woulde aryse, his enemies woulde be scattered: and they that hate hym woulde flee from his face 2 Lyke as the smoke vanisheth, [so] wylt thou cause [them] to vanishe away: and lyke as water melteth at the fire, [so] wyll the vngodly perishe at the presence of the Lorde 3 But the ryghteous must be glad, and reioyce before the Lorde: they shall not stande styll for myrth 4 Syng vnto the Lorde, syng psalmes vnto his name: magnifie hym that rideth vpon the heauens as it were vpon an horse in his name euerlastyng, and reioyce before his face 5 He is a father of the fatherlesse, and the iudge of widdowes: [he is] the Lord in his holy habitation 6 He is the Lord that maketh those that dwell alone to haue a familie: and bryngeth prisoners out of the stockes 7 But rebelles did inhabite a dry [ground] O Lorde, when thou wentest foorth before the people: when thou wentest through the wyldernesse. Selah 8 The earth shoke, and the heauens dropped at the presence of the Lorde: euen Sinai it selfe [shoke] at the presence of the Lorde, Lorde of Israel 9 Thou O Lorde dydst cause rayne to fall at thy gratious pleasure: and when thine inheritaunce was weery, thou dydst hearten it 10 Thy flocke dwelleth there: for thou O Lorde doest of thy goodnesse prepare for the poore 11 The Lorde gaue the worde: great was the company of the preachers 12 Kynges with their armies dyd flee: they dyd flee, and the ornament of an house deuided the spoyle 13 Though ye haue lyen among the pottes: yet shall ye be as the wynges of a doue that is couered with siluer, and hath her fethers as yelowe as golde 14 When the almightie scattered kynges in it: it was as whyte as snowe in Salmon 15 As the hyll of Basan, so is Gods hill: euen an hygh hyll, as the hyll of Basan 16 Why skyp you so the high hylles? this is the Lordes hyll in the which it pleaseth hym to dwell, yea God wyll abyde in it for euer 17 The charettes of the Lorde are twentie thousande, euen thousandes of angels: and the Lorde is among them in holy Sinai 18 Thou wenst vp on high, thou hast led captiuitie captiue, thou hast receaued gyftes for men: yea euen [for] those that be disobedient, that God the Lorde myght dwell [among them, 19 Blessed be the Lorde who day by day powreth his [benefites] vpon vs: and is God of our saluation. Selah 20 The Lorde is our Lorde for to saue vs: and all maner of wayes for death pertayneth to God the Lorde 21 God wyll wounde the head of his enemies: and the heary scalpe of hym who goeth on styll in his wickednesse 22 The Lorde hath sayde, I wyll bryng [my people] agayne out from Basan: I wyll bryng [them] agayne out from the deepe of the sea 23 That thy footes [and] the tongue of thy dogges: may be made redde in the blood of the enemies by his meanes 24 They do well see O Lorde thy goynges: thy goynges in the sanctuarie my Lorde and kyng 25 The singers go before, the minstrelles folowe after: in the myddest are the damselles playing with the timbrelles 26 In the congregations they do blesse the Lorde: the God of the fountayne of Israel 27 There is litle Beniamin their ruler, & the princes of Iehuda their counsell: the princes of Zabulon [and] the princes of Nepthali 28 Thy Lord hath ordeyned thy strength: establishe the thing O Lorde that thou hast wrought in vs 29 For thy temple sake at Hierusalem: kynges wyll bryng presentes vnto thee 30 Put to rebuke the companie of speare men, a multitude of bulles amongest the people lyke vnto calues: [vntyll] that they brought vnder foote [come] with peeces of siluer [for tribute,] scatter the people that delyght in warre 31 Then shal princes come out of Egypt: Ethiopia in all haste shall stretch out her handes vnto the Lorde 32 Sing vnto the Lord O ye kingdomes of the earth: O syng psalmes vnto the Lorde. Selah 33 Who rydeth vpon the most hyghest eternall heauens: lo he sendeth out a mightie voyce in his voyce 34 Acknowledge the Lorde to be mightie: his maiestie is ouer Israel, & might in the cloudes 35 O Lorde thou art terrible out of thy holy places: the God of Israel geueth myght and strength vnto his people, Blessed be the Lorde

Psalms 69:1-150:6

1 Saue me O Lorde: for waters haue entred in vnto my soule 2 I am ouer the head in deepe myre where I feele no grounde: I plunge in deepe waters where the streame ouerwhelmeth me 3 I am weery of crying, my throte is drye: my syght fayleth me through the long attendaunce that I haue geuen vpon my Lorde 4 They that hate me without a cause are mo then the heeres of my head: they that are myne enemies and woulde destroy me giltlesse are mightie, I payde them the thynges that I neuer toke 5 God thou knowest my folly: and my faultes are not hyd from thee 6 Let not them that trust in thee O Lorde God of hoastes, be for my cause ashamed: let not those that seke thee, be through me confounded O Lorde of Israel 7 (69:7a) For thy sake haue I suffered reprofe, shame hath couered my face 8 (69:7b) I am become a straunger vnto my brethren, euen an aliaunt vnto my mothers children 9 (69:8) For the zeale of thine house hath euen eaten me: and the rebukes of them that rebuked thee, are fallen vpon me 10 (69:9) And I wept [chastenyng] my soule with fastyng: and that was turned to my reproofe 11 (69:10) Also I put on sackcloth for my garment: and they iested at me 12 (69:11) They that sit in the gate speake agaynst me: and they that drynke strong drynke [make] songes [vpon me. 13 (69:12) But [I make] my prayer vnto thee O God in an acceptable tyme: heare me O Lord in the multitude of thy mercie, according to the trueth of thy saluation 14 (69:13) Take me out of the myre, that I sincke not: oh let me be delyuered from them that hate me, & out of the deepe waters 15 (69:14) Let not the water fludde drowne me, neither let the deepe swalowe me vp: & let not the pyt shut her mouth vpon me 16 (69:15) Heare me O God, for thy louyng kindnesse is comfortable: turne thee vnto me accordyng vnto the multitude of thy mercies 17 (69:16) And hyde not thy face from thy seruaunt, for I am in trouble: O haste thee [and] heare me 18 (69:17) Draw nigh vnto my soule & redeeme it: for myne enemies sake oh redeeme me 19 (69:18) Thou hast knowen my reproofe, my shame, and my dishonour: myne aduersaries are all in thy syght 20 (69:19) Reproofe hath broke my heart a peeces, I am full of heauinesse: I loked for some to haue pitie on me, but there was none, and for some that shoulde comfort me, but I coulde fynde none 21 (69:20) They gaue me for meate, gall to eate: and when I was thirstie, they gaue me vineger to drynke 22 (69:21) Let their table be as a snare before them: and in steade of aboundaunce of peace, let it be a meanes of destruction 23 (69:22) Let their eyes be blynded that they see not: and euer bowe downe their loynes 24 (69:23) Powre out thine indignation vpon them: and let thy wrathfull displeasure take holde of them 25 (69:24) Let their habitation be desolate: and let no man dwell in their tabernacles 26 (69:25) For they persecute hym whom thou hast smitten: and they talke of the griefe of them whom thou hast wounded 27 (69:26) Let them fall from one wickednesse to another: and let them not enter into thy ryghteousnesse 28 (69:27) Let them be wyped out of the booke of the lyuyng: and not to be written among the ryghteous 29 (69:28) As for me I am afflicted and in heauinesse: thy sauing helpe O Lorde shal defende me 30 (69:29) I wyll prayse the name of the Lorde with a song: and magnifie hym with a solemne confession 31 (69:30) And it wyll please God: better then a bullocke that hath hornes and hoofes 32 (69:31) The humble wyll consider this and be glad, such as seke after God: and your soule shall lyue 33 (69:32) For God heareth the poore: & dispiseth not his prisoners 34 (69:33) Let heauen and earth prayse hym: the sea and all that moueth therin 35 (69:34) For the Lorde wyll saue Sion, and builde the cities of Iehuda: that men may dwel there and haue it in possession 36 (69:35) The posteritie also of his seruauntes shall inherite it: and they that loue his name shall dwell therin

Psalms 70:1-150:6

1 Haste thee O Lorde to delyuer me: make haste to helpe me O God 2 Let them be ashamed and confounded that seke after my soule: let them be turned backwarde and be put to confusion that wishe me euyll 3 Let them be returned backwarde: for a rewarde of their shamyng [other] which say, there, there 4 But let all those that seke thee be ioyfull and glad in thee: and let all such as delight in thy saluation say alway, the Lorde be magnified 5 As for me I am poore and in miserie, hasten thee vnto me O Lorde: thou art my ayde and my delyuerer, O God make no long tarying

Psalms 71:1-150:6

1 (71:1a) In thee O God I haue put my trust, let me neuer be put to confusion 2 (71:1b) ridde me and deliuer me in thy ryghteousnesse, incline thine eare vnto me, and saue me 3 (71:2) Be thou my strong holde whervnto I may alway resort: thou hast geuen a charge to saue me, for thou art my house of defence, and my castell 4 (71:3) Delyuer me O my Lorde out of the hande of the vngodly: out of the hande of the vnryghteous and cruell man 5 (71:4) For thou O Lorde God art the thyng that I long for: thou art my hope euen from my youth 6 (71:5) Through thee haue I ben mayntayned euer since I was borne: thou art he that toke me out of my mothers wombe, my praise shalbe alway of thee 7 (71:6) I am become as it were a monster vnto many: but my sure trust is in thee 8 (71:7) Oh let my mouth be fylled: with thy prayse and glorie all the day long 9 (71:8) Cast me not away in the tyme of age: forsake me not when my strength fayleth me 10 (71:9) For myne enemies speake against me: and they that lay awayte for my soule take their counsayle together 11 (71:10) They say, the Lorde hath forsaken hym: do you persecute hym and take hym, for there is none to delyuer hym 12 (71:11) Go not farre from me O Lorde: haste thee O my Lorde to helpe me 13 (71:12) Let them be confounded, let them be brought to naught that are agaynst my soule: let them be couered with shame and dishonour that seke to do me euyll 14 (71:13) As for me I wyll patiently wayte alway: and I wyll prayse thee more and more 15 (71:14) My mouth shall dayly speake of thy ryghteousnesse and saluation: for I knowe no ende therof 16 (71:15) I wyll go foorth in the strength of the Lorde God: [and] I wyll only make mention of thy ryghteousnesse 17 (71:16) Thou O God hast taught me from my youth: and hytherto I can well declare thy wonderous workes 18 (71:17) Wherfore whylest I am olde and am gray headed: O Lorde forsake me not, vntyll I haue shewed thy arme vnto [this] generation, and thy power to all them that are yet for to come 19 (71:18) And vntyll I [haue] exceedyngly exalted O Lorde thy ryghteousnesse: for great thynges are they that thou hast done, O Lorde who is lyke vnto thee 20 (71:19) Which hast made me to feele many great troubles and aduersities: yet returnyng thou hast reuyued me, yea returnyng thou hast caused me to come out from the bottome of the earth 21 (71:20) Thou hast brought me to greater honour then I had before: & thou returnyng hast comforted me on euery syde 22 (71:21) Therfore I wyll confesse vnto thee thy trueth O Lorde, playing vpon an instrument of musicke: vnto thee I wyl syng psalmes vpon the harpe O thou most holy [God] of Israel 23 (71:22) My lyppes wyll be ioyfull when I syng vnto thee: and so wyll my soule which thou hast redeemed 24 (71:23) My tongue also shal talke of thy righteousnesse all the day long: for they are confounded and brought vnto shame that seke to do me euyll

Psalms 72:1-150:6

1 O God geue vnto the kyng thy iudgementes: and thy ryghteousnesse vnto the kynges sonne 2 [Then] he wyll iudge thy people accordyng vnto iustice: and thy afflicted accordyng to equitie 3 The mountaynes also and hylles: shall bryng peace to the people by the meanes of ryghteousnesse 4 He wyll iudge the afflicted amongst the people: he wyll saue the children of the poore, and subdue the oppressour 5 They wyll feare thee as long as the sunne and moone shyneth: from one generation to another 6 He wyll come downe lyke the rayne into a fleece of wooll: euen as the droppes that water the earth 7 In his dayes the ryghteous wyll florishe: and there shalbe aboundaunce of peace so long as the moone endureth 8 His dominion also shalbe from the one sea to the other: and from the fludde vnto the ende of the earth 9 They that dwell in the wildernesse shal kneele before him: his enemies shal licke the dust 10 The kyng of Tharsis and of the Iles shall offer presentes: the kynges of Sheba & Seba shall bring giftes 11 All kynges wyll worshyp hym: all nations wyll do hym seruice 12 For he wyll delyuer the poore when he cryeth: and the afflicted and hym that hath no helper 13 He wyll haue compassion vpon the poore and needy: and he wyll preserue the soules of the poore 14 He wyll delyuer their soules from deceipt and oppression: and their blood shalbe in his syght 15 He wyll lyue, and he wyll geue to the poore of the golde of Sheba: and he wyll pray alwayes for hym, and dayly he wyll blesse hym 16 A handfull of corne shall [be sowed] in the earth vpon the toppe of hylles: and the fruite therof shall make a noyse lyke Libanus, and shall florishe in the citie lyke grasse vpon the earth 17 His name shall endure for euer, his name shalbe spread abrode to the world so long as the sunne shall shyne: all nations shalbe blessed in hym, and shall call hym blessed 18 Blessed be God the Lorde: the Lorde of Israel which only doth wonderous thynges 19 (72:19a) And blessed be the name of his maiestie for euer: and all the earth shalbe fylled with his maiestie. Amen, Amen 20 (72:19b) Here endeth the prayers of Dauid the sonne of Isai

Psalms 73:1-150:6

1 Truely the Lorde is very good vnto Israel: vnto such as haue a cleane heart 2 Neuerthelesse, my feete were almost gone from me: my steppes had almost slypt 3 For I enuied at the case of the foolishe: I sawe the wicked [flowe] in all kynde of prosperitie 4 For there be no bondes of death that can holde them: and the galaries of their houses be strong 5 They come in no misfortune lyke other folke: neither are they plagued lyke other men 6 And this is the cause that pride compasse them rounde about: and crueltie couereth them as a garment 7 Their eyes stande out for fatnesse: and the cogitations of their heartes do passe from them 8 They make other dissolute, they speake oppression with iniurie: they talke proudely and presumptuously 9 For they stretch foorth their mouth vnto the heauen: and their tongue goeth through the worlde 10 Therfore [God] his people turneth thither: and there is drawen vnto them waters in a full [cuppe. 11 And they say, howe shoulde God perceaue it? is there knowledge in the most hyghest 12 Lo these vngodly and fortunate in the worlde: do possesse riches 13 Truely I haue cleansed my heart in vayne: and wasshed my handes in innocencie 14 All the day long I haue ben scourged: and chastened euery mornyng 15 If I shoulde say that I woulde iudge after this sort: lo then I shoulde condempne the generation of thy children 16 Therfore I considered howe I might vnderstande this: but it was to paynefull in myne eyes 17 Untyll I went vnto the sanctuarie of God: and vnderstood the ende of them 18 Truely thou doest set them in slippery places: and castest them downe headlong for to be destroyed 19 Oh howe be they brought to a destruction euen vpon a sodayne: they faynt, they consume away for very dread 20 They be as a dreame to a man after he is once waked: O Lorde thou wylt cause their image to be dispised in the citie 21 Ueryly thus was my heart inflamed: thus was my reynes pricked 22 So foolishe was I and voyde of vnderstanding: I was euen a bruite beast before thee 23 Neuerthelesse I am alway with thee: for thou hast holden me by my ryght hande 24 Thou hast guyde me with thy counsayle: and after that thou receauedst me with glorie 25 Whom haue I in heauen but thee? and there is none vpon earth that I desire besides thee 26 My fleshe and my heart fayleth: but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion for euer 27 For lo, they that kepe them selues a loofe from thee shall perishe: thou destroyest euery one that committeth fornication agaynst thee 28 But it is good for me to come neare vnto God: [wherfore] I put my trust in thee O Lorde God, that I may declare all thy workes

Psalms 74:1-150:6

1 O Lorde wherfore dost thou forsake vs altogether? wherfore breaketh foorth thy anger agaynst the sheepe of thy pasture 2 Remember thy congregation, thou hast possest it nowe a long tyme: thou hast redeemed the rodde of thine inheritaunce, euen mount Sion wherein thou dwellest 3 Lyft vp thy feete for to destroy vtterly euery enemie: which hath done euyll in thy sanctuarie 4 Thyne aduersaries roare in the myddest of thy congregations: and set vp their banners for signes [of victorie. 5 He that hewed tymber afore out of thicke woddes [for to builde the temple:] was esteemed as one offeryng a present [to God] aboue 6 But nowe they breake downe into peeces all the carued worke therof: with axes and hammers 7 They haue set fire on thy holy places: they haue defiled the dwellyng place of thy name [castyng it downe] to the groud 8 Yea, they sayde in their heartes, let vs make hauocke of them altogether: thus haue they burnt vp all the houses of God in the lande 9 We see not our ensignes, there is not one prophete more: no not one is there amongst vs that vnderstandeth our case 10 O Lorde shall the aduersarie do this dishonour continually? shall the enemie blaspheme thy name for euer 11 Why withdrawest thou thy hande, yea thy right hande? consume [them, drawing] it out of thy bosome 12 Truely God is my kyng of olde: who worketh saluation in the myddest of the earth 13 Thou didst deuide the sea through thy power: thou brakest the heades of the dragons in the waters 14 Thou smotest the heades of Leuiathan in peeces: and gauest hym to be meate for the people in wildernesse 15 Thou broughtest out fountaynes and waters out of the harde rockes: thou dyddest drye vp mightie waters 16 The day is thine, & the nyght is thine: thou hast prepared the light & the sunne 17 Thou hast set all the borders of the earth: thou hast ordeyned summer and wynter 18 Remember this O God, the enemie hath dishonoured: and the foolishe people hath blasphemed thy name 19 O deliuer not the soule of thy turtle doue vnto a wylde beast: forget not the congregation of the poore for euer 20 Loke vpon the couenaunt: for darknesse of the earth hath replenisshed houses with iniquitie 21 O let not the simple go away ashamed: but let the afflicted & needy geue prayse vnto thy name 22 Arise O Lord, mayntayne thine owne cause: remember the dishonour that the foolishe man [doth] vnto thee dayly 23 Forget not the voyce of thine enemies: the mutteryng of them that hate thee ascendeth vp continually

Psalms 75:1-150:6

1 We do confesse it vnto thee O lord, we do confesse it: for thy wonderous workes do declare thy name to be at hande 2 When I shall take tyme fyt for the purpose: I wyll iudge accordyng vnto ryght 3 The earth wasteth and all the inhabitours therof: I haue vpholded the pyllours of it. Selah 4 I sayd vnto fooles deale not so madly: & to the vngodly set not vp your horne 5 Set not vp your horne an high: [and] speake [not] with a stiffe necke 6 Because promotion commeth neither from the east nor from the west: nor yet from the south 7 For God is the iudge: it is he that putteth downe one, and setteth vp another 8 For in the hande of God there is a cup, and the wine is redde: it is full mixt, and he powreth out the same. (75:9) But the vngodly of the earth do wring out: and drynke the dregges therof 9 (75:10) As for me I wyll euer set foorth in wordes [the Lorde]: I wyll sing psalmes to the God of Iacob 10 (75:11) And I wyll breake all the hornes of the vngodly: but the hornes of the ryghteous shalbe exalted

Psalms 76:1-150:6

1 In Iurie is God knowen: his name is great in Israel 2 At Shalem is his tabernacle: and his dwellyng in Sion 3 There he brake the arrowes of the bowe: the shielde, the sworde, and the battayle. Selah 4 Thou art honourable: and of more puissaunce then the mountaynes of robbers 5 The hygh couragious stomackes are spoyled, they haue slept their slepe: and the valiaunt souldiours coulde not finde their owne handes 6 At thy rebuke O God of Iacob: both the charet and horse be brought to naught 7 Thou, euen thou art dreadfull: and who may stande in thy syght when thou [begynnest] to be angry 8 Thou causest thy iudgement to be hearde from heauen: then the earth trembleth, and is styll 9 When God ariseth to iudgement: and to helpe all the afflicted vpon the earth. Selah 10 The fearcenesse of man shall turne to thy prayse: [and] the remnaunt of the fearcenesse thou wylt restrayne 11 Make vowes vnto God your Lorde, & perfourme them all ye that be rounde about hym: bryng presentes vnto hym that is dreadfull 12 He abateth the spirite of princes: he is dreadfull to the kynges of the earth

Psalms 77:1-150:6

1 My voyce was vnto the Lorde, and I cryed: my voyce was vnto the Lord, and he hearkened vnto me 2 In the tyme of my trouble I sought the Lorde: my hande all the nyght catched & ceassed not, my soule refused comfort 3 I called to remembraunce God, and I was disquieted: I conferred with my selfe, and my spirite was wrapped in pensiuenesse. Selah 4 Thou dydst kepe the watche of mine eies: I was amased & coulde not speake 5 I dyd thynke vpon the dayes past: and on the yeres of the olde worlde 6 I called to remembraunce my psalme, song on the musicall instrument in the nyght tyme: I communed with myne owne heart, & searched out my spirites 7 What, wyll the Lorde forsake me for euer? wyll he be no more intreated to be fauourable 8 Is his mercie cleane gone for euer? and is his promise made from one generation to another, come vtterly to an ende 9 Hath God forgotten to be gratious? and will he shut vp his louing kindnesse in displeasure? Selah 10 And I sayde, this is my death: but the ryght hande of the most hyghest [may graunt] me yeres 11 I dyd call to remebraunce the workes of God almightie: for thy wonders done a great whyle a goe came into my mynde 12 I also gaue my selfe to muse of all thy workes: and I talked of all thy actes 13 Thy way O Lorde is in holynesse: who is so great a God as the Lorde 14 Thou art the God that doth wonders: thou hast made thy power knowen among the people 15 Thou hast redeemed thy people with a [mightie] arme: the sonnes of Iacob and Ioseph. Selah 16 The waters sawe thee O God, the waters sawe thee, they feared: yea the depthes of them moued out of their place 17 Thicke cloudes powred downe rayne, thinne cloudes gaue a noyse: and thine arrowes went abrode into al corners 18 The sounde of thy thunder was rounde about the [sky]: the lightnynges shone through the worlde, the earth quaked and trembled 19 Thy way is in the sea, and thy pathes in the great waters: and thy footesteppes are not knowen 20 Thou dydst leade thy people lyke sheepe: by the hande of Moyses and Aaron

Psalms 78:1-150:6

1 Heare my lawe O my people: enclyne your eares vnto the wordes of my mouth 2 I wyll open my mouth in a parable: I wyll declare harde sentences of the olde tyme past 3 Which we haue hearde and knowen: and such as our fathers haue tolde vs 4 We wyll not hyde them from their children: nay we wyll set foorth in wordes to the generation to come, the prayses of God, and his myght and wonderfull workes that he hath done 5 For he reuiued a statute in Iacob, and gaue Israel a lawe: in the whiche he commaunded our forefathers to teache their children 6 To the intent the posteritie shoulde knowe it, [and] children whiche shalbe borne: that they shoulde ryse vp and declare it to their children 7 That they shoulde put their trust in God, and not forget the workes of God: but kepe his commaundementes 8 And that they be not as their forefathers [were] a rebellious and a mutable generation: a generation that directed not their heart aright, and whose spirite cleaued not stedfastly vnto God 9 [Like as] the children of Ephraim, which beyng harnessed & carying bowes: turned their backes in the day of battayle 10 They kept not the couenaunt of God: and they woulde not walke in his law 11 But they forgat his workes: and his wonders which he had shewed them 12 Marueylous thinges dyd he in the sight of their fathers: in the land of Egypt, in the fielde of Zoan 13 He deuided the sea and let them go thorowe: he made the waters to stande as on an heape 14 In the day time also he led them with a cloude: and all the night through with a light of fire 15 He cloued the harde rockes in the wildernes: & gaue them drinke therof, as it had ben out of the great deepe waters 16 He brought running streames out of a stonie rocke: and caused waters to gushe downe, like as out of riuers 17 Yet for all this they sinned still against hym: so that they prouoked the most hyghest in the wildernesse 18 And they temped god in their heartes: in requiring meate for their lust 19 They spake against God: they said, can God prepare a table in the wildernesse 20 Beholde, he hath smytten the stonie rocke, and waters haue gushed out, and streames haue flowed out aboundantly: but can he likewise geue bread, can he prouide fleshe for his people 21 Wherefore God hearde [them,] he was wroth, a fire was kindled in Iacob: and there arose vp heauy displeasure against Israel 22 Because they beleued not in the Lord: nor did put their trust in his saluation 23 And yet he commaunded the cloudes aboue: and opened the doores of heauen 24 He raigned downe Manna also vpon them, that they shoulde eate: and gaue them corne from heauen 25 [So] man dyd eate the bread of angels: he sent them meate inough 26 He remoued the east winde from vnder the heauen: and through his power he brought in the south winde 27 He rained fleshe vpon them as thycke as dust: and fethered foules like as the sande of the sea 28 He let it fall among their tentes: euen rounde about their pauilions 29 So they dyd eate and were wel filled, for he gaue them their owne desire: neuerthelesse they were not alienated from their lust 30 But whyle the meate was yet in their mouthes, the heauy wrath of God came vpon them, and slue the welthyest of them: and made the chosen men of Israel to stoupe 31 For all this they sinned still: and beleued not his wonderous workes 32 Therfore their dayes dyd he consume in vanitie: & their yeres in a short [troublous] time 33 When he slue them, they sought hym: they repented them, and made God their morninges worke 34 And they remembred that the Lorde was their rocke: & that the Lorde most hyghest was their redeemer 35 Neuerthelesse they dyd but flatter him with their mouth: and they made hym a lye with their tongue 36 For their heart was not vpright with him: neither continued they faythfull in his couenaunt 37 Yet for all that he beyng most merciful: cleane pardoned all their misdeedes, and destroyed them not 38 Yea many a tyme he dyd much for to represse his anger: and neuer woulde suffer his whole rage to breake out 39 For he considered that they were but fleshe, and that they were euen a winde that passeth away & cometh not againe 40 How oft dyd they prouoke hym in the wildernes: & greeued hym in the desert 41 They turned backe and tempted the Lorde: and prescribed boundes to the most holy [God] of Israel 42 They thought not of his hande: in the day when he redeemed them from the enemie 43 Howe he had wrought his miracles in Egypt: and his wonders in the fielde of Zoan 44 For he turned into blood their riuers & fluddes: so that they might not drinke 45 He sent amongst them all kind of flyes who dyd eate them: and frogges who destroyed them 46 He gaue their fruites vnto the caterpiller: & their labour to the grashopper 47 He destroyed their vines with hayle stones: and their wilde figge trees with the harde frost 48 He smote their cattell also with haylestones: and their flockes with thunder boltes 49 He cast vpon them the rage of his furie, anger, disdayne, and trouble: by sending foorth euill angels amongst them 50 He made away to his indignation, & spared not their soule from death: he gaue their lyfe to be subiect to the pestilence 51 And he smote all the first borne of Egypt: the first fruites of concupiscence in the pauilions of Cham 52 But as for his owne people, he led them foorth like sheepe: and conducted them through the wildernesse like a flocke of cattell

Psalms 34:12-18

12 What man is he that listeth to liue: [and] woulde fayne see good dayes 13 Kepe thy tongue from euill: and thy lippes that they speake no guyle 14 Eschewe euill & do good: seeke peace and ensue it 15 The eyes of God [are] ouer the righteous: and his eares [are open] vnto their prayers 16 The countenaunce of God is against them that do euill: to roote out the remembraunce of them from of the earth 17 The righteous crye, and God heareth them: and deliuereth them out of all their troubles 18 God is nye vnto them that are of a contrite heart: and saueth such as be of an humble spirite

Psalms 78:53-150:6

53 He brought them out safely that they shoulde not feare: and ouerwhelmed their enemies with the sea 54 And brought them within the borders of his sanctuarie: euen to this mountayne which his right hand purchased 55 He dyd cast out the heathen also before them: he caused their land to be deuided among the for an heritage, & made the tribes of Israel to dwell in their tentes 56 Neuerthelesse, they tempted and displeased the most hyghest Lorde: & kept not his testimonies 57 They turned backewarde, and they went astray like their forefathers: they started aside like a bowe that breaketh 58 For they stirred hym to anger with their hygh places: and prouoked him to ielousie with their carued images 59 When the Lorde hearde this, he was wroth: & toke sore displeasure at Israel 60 So that he forsoke the tabernacle in Silo: the pauilion [wherin] he dwelt amongst men 61 He deliuered his force into captiuitie: and his glorie into the enemies hande 62 He gaue also his people ouer to the sword: and was wroth with his inheritaunce 63 Fire consumed his young men: and his maydens were not maryed 64 His priestes were slayne with the sworde: and his wydowes made no lamentation 65 But the Lorde awaked as though he had slept: like a giaunt making a triumphant noyse after wine 66 He smote his enemies in the hynder parts: & put them to a perpetual shame 67 He refused the tabernacle of Ioseph: and chose not the tribe of Ephraim 68 But he chose the tribe of Iuda: euen the hill of Sion which he loued 69 And there he buylded his temple on high: and layde the foundation of it like a grounde euer to continue 70 He chose also Dauid his seruaunt: and toke hym away from the sheepefoldes 71 As he was folowing the ewes great with young he toke hym: that he might feede Iacob his people, and Israel his inheritaunce 72 So he fed them according to the simplicitie of his heart: and guided them by the discretion of his handes

Psalms 79:1-150:6

1 O Lord, the heathen are come into thyne inheritaunce: they haue defiled thy holy temple, they haue made Hierusale an heape [of stones 2 They haue geuen the dead bodies of thy seruauntes to be meate vnto the foules of the ayre: and the fleshe of thy saintes vnto the beastes of the lande 3 They haue shed their blood like water on euery syde of Hierusalem: and there is none to burie them 4 We are become an open shame vnto our neyghbours: a very scorne and derision vnto them that are rounde about vs 5 O God, howe long wylt thou be angry? shall thy ielousie burne lyke fire for euer 6 Powre out thine indignation vpon the Heathen that haue not knowen thee: and vpon the kingdomes that haue not called vpon thy name 7 For they haue deuoured Iacob: and layde waste his dwelling place 8 O remember not against vs sinnes that be past, with all speede let thy tender mercy preuent vs: for we are brought very lowe 9 Helpe vs O Lord of our saluation for the glory of thy name: deliuer vs, and be mercyfull vnto our sinnes for thy names sake 10 Wherefore do the Heathen say, where is nowe their God? let the vengeaunce of thy seruauntes blood that is shed, be [openly knowen] amongst the Heathen in our sight 11 Let the sorowfull sighing of the prisoners come before thee, accordyng vnto the greatnes of thy power: preserue thou those that [are] appoynted to dye 12 And rewarde thou our neighbours seuen folde into their bosome: their blasphemie wherewith they haue blasphemed thee O God 13 So we who be thy people and sheepe of thy pasture wyll confesse thee for euer: and we wyll alway set foorth in wordes thy prayse, from generation to generation

Psalms 80:1-150:6

1 Heare O thou shephearde of Israel, thou that leadest Ioseph lyke a sheepe: and thou that sittest vpon the Cherubims, shew thy gratious presence 2 Before Ephraim, Beniamin, and Manasses: stirre vp thy strength, and come for to saue vs 3 Turne vs agayne O Lorde: shewe the light of thy countenaunce, and we shalbe saued 4 O God, Lorde of hoastes: howe long wylt thou be angry at the prayer of thy people 5 Thou feedest them with the bread of teares: and geuest them plenteously teares to drinke 6 Thou hast made vs a strife vnto our neighbours: and our enemies laugh vs to scorne 7 Turne vs agayne thou Lorde of hoastes: shewe the light of thy countenaunce, and we shalbe saued 8 Thou dydst translate a vine out of Egypt: thou didst cast out the Heathen, and planted it 9 Thou madst roome before it: thou causedst it to take roote, and it hath filled the lande 10 The hilles were couered with her shadowe: and goodly high Cedar trees with her bowes 11 She stretched out her braunches vnto the sea: and her bowes vnto the riuer 12 Why hast thou then broken downe her hedge: that all they whiche go by plucke of her grapes 13 The wylde bore out of the wood rooteth it vp: and the wylde beast of the fielde deuoureth it 14 (80:14a) Turne thee agayne thou God of hoastes I pray thee: loke downe from heauen, beholde and visite this vin 15 (80:14b) and vineyarde that thy ryght hande hath planted, and the young braunche which thou hast fortified for thy selfe 16 (80:15) It is brent with fire and cut downe: they shall perishe at the rebuke of thy countenaunce 17 (80:16) Let thy hande be vpon the man of thy right hande: and vpon the sonne of man whom thou hast fortified for thyne owne selfe 18 (80:17) And so we wyll not go backe from thee: thou shalt reuiue vs, and we wyll call vpon thy name 19 (80:18) Turne vs agayne O God, Lorde of hoastes: shewe the light of thy countenaunce, and we shalbe saued

Psalms 81:1-150:6

1 Sing we meryly vnto the Lorde our strength: make a chearefull noyse vnto the Lorde of Iacob 2 Take the psalterie: bryng hyther the tabret, the merie harpe, with the lute 3 Blowe vp the trumpet in the newe moone, euen in the time appointed: and vpon our solempne feast day 4 For this was made a statute for Israel: and a lawe of the God of Iacob 5 This he ordayned in Ioseph for a testimonie, when he came out of the lande of Egypt: [where] I hearde a tongue [whiche] I knewe not 6 I eased his shoulder from the burthen: and his handes ceassed from making pottes 7 Thou calledst vpon me in troubles, and I deliuered thee: I hearde thee out of the middest of a thunder, I proued thee also at the waters of strife. Selah 8 [Then I sayd] heare O my people: and I wyll geue thee a charge O Israel in protesting vnto thee 9 If thou wylt hearken vnto me, there shall be no straunge God in thee: neither shalt thou geue worship to any other Lorde beside me 10 I am God thy Lorde which brought thee out of the land of Egypt: open thy mouth wyde, and I wyll fill it 11 But my people woulde not heare my voyce: and Israel would not [obey] me 12 So I gaue them vp vnto the wicked cogitations of their owne heartes: and I did let them folowe their owne imaginations 13 O that my people woulde haue hearkened vnto me: O that Israel had walked in my wayes 14 I should soone haue tamed their enemies: and turned myne hande against their aduersaries 15 The haters of God shoulde haue ben founde liers: and their time should haue endured for euer 16 He woulde haue fed them also with the finest wheate flowre: and I would haue satisfied thee with honie out of the stonie rocke

Psalms 82:1-150:6

1 God standeth in the congregation of God: he iudgeth in the midst of God 2 Howe long wyll ye geue wrong iudgement: and accept the persons of the vngodly? Selah 3 Iudge ryght vnto the poore and fatherlesse: dispatch according to iustice suche as be afflicted and in necessitie 4 Deliuer the poore and outcast: saue them from the hande of the vngodly 5 They knowe nothyng, they vnderstande nothing: they walke on styll in darknesse, [wherfore] all the foundations of the earth be out of course 6 I haue sayde ye are gods: and ye all are chyldren of the most highest 7 But ye shall dye lyke as a man [doth:] and princes them selues shall fall away lyke as other [do. 8 Arise O God, and iudge thou the earth: for thou shalt take all Heathen to thine inheritaunce

Psalms 83:1-150:6

1 Holde not thy tongue O Lorde: kepe not styll scilence, refraine not thy selfe O Lorde 2 For beholde, thyne enemies make an vprore: and they that hate thee, haue lifted vp their head 3 They haue deuised shrewde counsell against thy people: and they haue consulted against thyne, whom thou defendest 4 They haue said, come, and let vs roote them out, that they be no more a people: and that the name of Israel may be no more in remembraunce 5 For they haue conspired all in one minde: & are confederate against thee 6 The pauilions of Edom and the Ismaelites: of Moab, and Hagerites 7 Gebal, and Ammon, and Amalec: the Philistines with the inhabitauntes of Tyre 8 Assur also is ioyned vnto them: they were a great ayde to the chyldren of Lot. Selah 9 But do thou vnto them, as vnto Midian: as vnto Sisera, as vnto Iabin at the brooke Kishon 10 Whiche perished at Ein Dor: and became as the doung of the earth 11 Make them, their princes, [and] al their captaynes: lyke Oreb, and lyke Zeeb, and lyke Salmunna 12 Whiche sayd, let vs take to our selues: the houses of God in possession 13 O my Lorde, make them lyke vnto a wheele: and as chaffe before the winde 14 Lyke as a fire that burneth vp the wood: and as the flambe that consumeth the mountaynes 15 Persecute them euen so with thy tempest: and make them afrayde with thy storme 16 Make shame to appeare in their faces: that they may seeke thy name O God 17 Let them be confounded and astonied with feare euer more & more: let them be put to shame, and perishe 18 And let them knowe that thou in thy name God eternall art only: O thou the most highest ouer all the earth

Psalms 84:1-150:6

1 O how amiable are thy dwellinges: thou God of hoastes 2 My soule hath a desire and a longing to enter into the courtes of God: my heart and my flesh leapeth with ioy for to go to the liuing Lorde 3 Yea the sparowe hath founde her an house, and the swallowe a nest: where she may lay her young: euen thy aulters O God of hoastes, my king & my Lord 4 Blessed are they that dwell in thy house: they wyll be alway praysyng thee. Selah 5 Blessed is that man whose strength is in thee: [thy] wayes are in their heart 6 They iourneying through the vale of teares: (yea when euery cesterne [at their name] is filled with water) do accept it for a [fayre pleasaunt] well 7 They wyl set forward from a stoute courage to a stoute courage: that the God of Gods may be seene of them in Sion 8 O God Lorde of hoastes heare my prayer: geue eare O God of Iacob. Selah 9 Beholde O Lorde our shielde: and loke vpon the face of thyne annointed 10 For one day in thy courtes, is better then a thousande [els where]: I had rather be a doore keper in the house of my God, then to dwell in [large] tabernacles of vngodlynes 11 For God the Lorde is a sunne and a shielde: God geueth grace and worship, he withholdeth no good thyng from them that liue in any perfection 12 O God of hoastes: blessed is the man that putteth his trust in thee

Psalms 85:1-150:6

1 O God, thou art become gracious vnto thy land: thou hast brought Iacob agayne home out of captiuitie 2 Thou hast forgeuen the wickednes of thy people: and couered all their sinnes. Selah 3 Thou hast taken away al thy displeasure: and turned thy selfe from thy wrathfull indignation 4 Turne vs O God of our saluation: and let thyne anger ceasse from vs 5 Wilt thou be displeased at vs for euer? and wylt thou stretche out thy wrath from one generation to another 6 Wylt thou not turne agayne and reuiue vs: that thy people may reioyce in thee 7 Shew vs thy louing kindnes O God: and graunt vs thy saluation 8 I wyll hearken what God the Lord saith: for he speaketh peace vnto his people & to his saintes, that they turne not agayne to folly 9 For truely his saluation is nye them that feare him: insomuch that glory dwelleth in our earth 10 Mercy and trueth are met together: righteousnes and peace haue kissed [eche other. 11 Trueth shall bud out of the earth: and ryghteousnes shall looke downe from heauen 12 Yea, God shall geue all that is good: and our earth shall geue her encrease 13 [Euery man] shall cause righteousnes to go before him: and he shall direct his steppes in the way

Psalms 86:1-150:6

1 Bow downe thine eare O God, and heare me: for I am poore and in miserie 2 Preserue thou my soule, for I am holy: my God saue thy seruaunt that putteth his trust in thee 3 Be mercifull vnto me O God: for I do call dayly vpon thee 4 Comfort the soule of thy seruaunt: for vnto thee O Lord do I lift vp my soule 5 For thou Lorde art good and gracious: and of great mercy vnto all them that call vpon thee 6 Geue eare O God vnto my prayer: and be attentiue vnto the voyce of my humble petitions 7 I call vpon thee in the day of my trouble: for thou hearest me 8 Among the gods there is none like vnto thee O Lorde: there is not one that can do as thou doest 9 All nations whom thou hast made, shall come and worship thee O Lorde: and shall glorifie thy name 10 For thou art great and doest wonderous thinges: thou art God alone 11 Teache me thy way O God, and I wyll walke in thy trueth: make my heart all one with thyne, that it may feare thy name 12 I wyll acknowledge thee O Lorde my God with all my heart: and I wyl glorifie thy name for euer 13 For great is thy mercy towarde me: and thou hast deliuered my soule from the lowest [part of] hell 14 O God, the proude are rysen against me: a companie of outragious naughtipackes haue sought after my soule, and haue not set thee before their eyes 15 But thou O Lorde art a God full of compassion and mercy: long yet thou be angry, plenteous in goodnes and trueth 16 Turne thy face vnto me, and haue mercy vpon me: geue thy strength vnto thy seruaunt, and helpe the sonne of thine handmayde 17 Shewe some good token of thy fauour towardes me, that they whiche hate me may see it and be ashamed: because thou God hast helped me, and comforted me

Psalms 87:1-150:6

1 (87:1b) [for] her foundations are vpon the holy hilles 2 (87:1a) God loueth the gates of Sion more then all the dwellynges of Iacob 3 (87:2) Uery excellent thinges are spoken of thee: O thou citie of God. Selah 4 (87:3) I wyll make mention amongst those that knowe me, of Egypt and Babylon: behold also of Palestina and Tyre, with Ethiopia, [and it shalbe sayde] suche a man is borne there 5 (87:4) But of Sion it shalbe reported, that very many be borne in her: and the most highest him selfe shall establishe her 6 (87:5) God wyll number in the register of the people: euery one that is borne there. Selah 7 (87:6) And the singers aswell as the players of instrumentes: yea al my fountaines are in thee

Psalms 88:1-150:6

1 (88:1a) O God the Lorde of my saluation, I crye day and night before thee 2 (88:1b) let my prayer enter into thy presence, encline thyne eare vnto my crying 3 (88:2) For my soule is full of miserie: and my life toucheth the graue 4 (88:3) I am counted as one of them that go downe vnto the pit: and I am nowe become a man that hath no strength 5 (88:4) I am free among the dead: like such as beyng kylled lye in a graue, whom thou remembrest no more, and are cut away from thy hande 6 (88:5) Thou hast layde me in the lowest pit: in darknes and in deepenes 7 (88:6) Thyne indignation sore presseth me: and thou hast vexed me with all thy stormes. Selah 8 (88:7) Thou hast put away myne acquaintaunce farre from me, and made me to be abhorred of them: I am shut vp, I can not get foorth 9 (88:8) My sight fayleth through my affliction O God: I haue called dayly vpon thee, I haue stretched out mine handes vnto thee 10 (88:9) Wylt thou worke a miracle amongst the dead? or shal the dead rise vp againe [and] acknowledge thee? Selah 11 (88:10) Shall thy louing kindnes be talked of in the graue? or thy faythfulnes in destruction 12 (88:11) Shall thy wonderous workes be knowen in the darke? and thy righteousnes in the lande of forgetfulnes 13 (88:12) But vnto thee do I crye O God: and my prayer commeth early in the morning before thee 14 (88:13) O God, why abhorrest thou my soule: and [why] hidest thou thy face from me 15 (88:14) I am in miserie, I labour euen from my youth with the panges of death: I haue suffered thy terrours, [and] I am styll in doubt 16 (88:15) Thyne indignation hath gone ouer me: and thy terrours haue vndone me 17 (88:16) They came rounde about me dayly lyke water: and compassed me altogether on euery syde 18 (88:17) Thou hast put a way farre from me my frende and neighbour: [thou hast hid] mine acquaintaunce out of sight

Psalms 89:1-150:6

1 I wyll sing alwayes of the mercy of God: with my mouth I wyll make knowen thy trueth from one generation to another 2 For I sayde, mercy shall for euer endure: thou hast established thy trueth in the heauens 3 I haue made a couenaunt with my chosen: I haue sworne vnto Dauid my seruaunt 4 I wyll establishe thy seede for euer: and buylde vp thy throne from generation to generation. Selah 5 O God, the very heauens shall confesse thy wonderous workes: and thy trueth in the congregation of saintes 6 For who is he in the cloudes that shal matche God: [and who] is like vnto God amongst the children gods 7 God is very terrible in the assemblie of saintes: and to be feared aboue al them that are about him 8 O God, Lorde of hoastes, who is like vnto thee a most mightie Lorde: and thy trueth is on euery side thee 9 Thou rulest the ragyng of the sea: when her waues aryse, thou delayest them 10 Thou hast brought Egypt in so bad a case as if it were wounded: thou hast scattered thyne enemies abrode with thy mightie arme 11 The heauens are thine, the earth also is thine: thou hast layde the foundation of the rounde worlde, and of all the plentie that is therin 12 Thou hast made the north and the south: Tabor and Hermon do reioyce in thy name 13 Thou hast a mightie arme: thy hand is strong, and thy right hand is exalted 14 Iustice and iudgement is the foundation of thy throne: mercy and trueth shall go before thy face 15 Blessed is the people that knoweth a triumphant noyse: O God, they shall walke in the light of thy countenaunce 16 They shall make them selues merie dayly in thy name: and in thy righteousnes they shall exalt them selues 17 For thou art the glory of their strength: and in thy louing kindnes thou wylt lift vp our hornes 18 For our shielde is of God: and our king is of the most holy of Israel 19 Thou hast spoken somtimes in visions vnto thy saintes: and hast sayde, I haue added ayde vpon the mightie, I haue exalted one chose out of the people 20 I haue founde Dauid my seruaunt: I haue annoynted him with myne holye oyle 21 Therfore my hande shalbe assured vnto him: and mine arme shall strengthen hym 22 The enemie shal not be able to do him violence: the sonne of wickednesse shall not afflict hym 23 I wyll breake into peeces his foes before his face: and ouerthrowe them that hate hym 24 My trueth also and my mercy shalbe with hym: and in my name shall his horne be exalted 25 I wyll set also his dominion in the sea: and his right hande in the fluddes 26 He shall make inuocation vnto me: [saying] thou art my father O my God, and my fortresse of saluation 27 And I will make him my first borne: in higher state then kinges of the earth 28 My mercy wyll I kepe for hym euermore: and my couenaunt shal stand fast with hym 29 His seede also wyll I make to endure for euer: and his throne as the dayes of heauen 30 (89:30a) But if his chyldren forsake my lawe, and walke not in my iudgement 31 (89:30b) if they breake my statutes, and kepe not my commaundementes 32 (89:31) I will then visite their transgressions with a rodde: and their wickednesse with stripes 33 (89:32) Neuerthelesse, my louyng kyndnesse I wyll not take vtterly from hym: I wyl not breake my promise with hym 34 (89:33) I wyll not violate my couenaunt: nor alter the thyng that is gone out of my lyppes 35 (89:34) I haue sworne once by my holynesse: that I wyll not speake an vntrueth vnto Dauid 36 (89:35) His seede shall endure for euer: and his throne shalbe as the sunne before me 37 (89:36) [And] as the moone which shall continue for euermore: and shalbe a faithful witnesse in heauen. Selah 38 (89:37) But thou hast abhorred & forsake thine annoynted: & art sore displeased at him 39 (89:38) Thou hast broken the couenaunt of thy seruaunt: thou hast disgraced his crowne, [castyng it] on the grounde 40 (89:39) Thou hast ouerthrowe all his walles: and broken downe his strong holdes 41 (89:40) All they that go by the way spoyle hym: he is become a rebuke vnto his neyghbours 42 (89:41) Thou hast exalted the ryght hande of his enemies: and made all his aduersaries to reioyce 43 (89:42) Thou hast turned the harde edge of his sworde: and thou hast not lifted him vp in the battayle 44 (89:43) Thou hast brought his noble estate to an ende: and hast cast his throne downe to the grounde 45 (89:44) Thou hast shortened the dayes of his youth: and thou hast couered him with shame. Selah 46 (89:45) O God howe long wylt thou hyde thy selfe? for euer? shall thy wrath burne lyke fire 47 (89:46) Remember what I am, howe short my tyme is of lyfe: wherfore hast thou created in vayne all the sonnes of men 48 (89:47) What man is he that lyueth and shall not see death? can he delyuer his owne soule from the hande of hell? Selah 49 (89:48) Lorde where are become thy former olde louyng kyndnesses: [which] thou dydst sweare vnto Dauid by thy fayth [that thou wouldest perfourme. 50 (89:49) Remember O Lorde the dishonour of thy seruauntes: I beare in my bosome [the dishonour of] all people that be mightie 51 (89:50) Who beyng thine enemies O God do dishonour: who do dishonour the footsteppes of thine annoynted 52 (89:51) Blessed be God for euermore: so be it, and so be it

Psalms 90:1-150:6

1 Lorde thou hast ben our habitation: from one generation to another generation 2 Before the moutaynes were brought foorth, or euer the earth & the worlde were made: thou art God both from euerlastyng, and also vntyll euerlastyng 3 Thou turnest man most miserable euen vnto dust: thou sayest also, O ye children of men returne you into dust 4 For a thousande yeres in thy syght are but as yestarday that is past: and as a watch in the nyght 5 Thou makest them to flowe away, they are a sleepe: they be in the morning as an hearbe that groweth 6 In the mornyng it florisheth and groweth vp: in the euenyng it is cut downe and wythered 7 For we be consumed through thy displeasure: and we are astonyed through thy wrathfull indignation 8 Thou hast set our misdeedes before thee: and our sinnes wherof we be not priuie, in the lyght of thy countenaunce 9 For all our dayes do passe in thine anger: we spende our yeres as [in speaking] a worde 10 The dayes of our yeres be in all threescore yeres and tenne, and yf through strength [of nature] men come to foure score yeres: yet is their iolitie but labour and care, yea moreouer it passeth in haste from vs, and we flee from it 11 Who regardeth the force of thy wrath? for euen there after as a man feareth thee, so [feeleth he] thy displeasure 12 Make vs to knowe so our dayes, that we number them: and we wyll frame a heart [vnto] wisdome 13 Turne agayne O God (what, for euer [wylt thou be angry?]) and be gratious vnto thy seruauntes 14 Replenishe vs early in the mornyng with thy mercie: and we wyll crye out for ioy, and be glad all the dayes of our lyfe 15 Make vs mery accordyng to the dayes that thou hast afflicted vs: and accordyng to the yeres wherin we haue suffred aduersitie 16 Let thy worke appeare in thy seruauntes: and thy glory in their children 17 And let the glorious maiestie of the Lorde our God be vpon vs: and prosper thou the worke of our handes vpon vs, O prosper thou our handy worke

Psalms 91:1-150:6

1 Whosoeuer sitteth vnder the couer of the most highest: he shal abide vnder the shadowe of the almightie 2 I wyll say vnto God, thou art my hope and my fortresse: my Lorde, in whom I wyll trust 3 For he wyll delyuer thee from the snare of the hunter: and from the noysome pestilence 4 He wyll couer thee vnder his wynges, & thou shalt be safe vnder his fethers: his faythfulnesse shalbe thy shielde and buckler 5 Thou shalt not be afrayde of any terrour of the nyght: nor of any arrowe that sleeth by day 6 Nor of any pestilence that walketh in the darknesse: nor of any deadly fyt that destroyeth at hygh noone 7 A thousande shall fall beside thee, and ten thousande at thy ryght hande: but it shall not come nygh thee 8 Thou only with thine eyes shalt beholde: & see the rewarde of the vngodly 9 For thou O God art my hope: thou hast set thine habitation very hygh 10 There shall no euyll lyght on thee: neither shall any plague come nye thy dwellyng 11 For he wyll geue his angels charge ouer thee: to kepe thee in all thy wayes 12 They wyll beare thee in [their] handes: that thou hurt not thy foote agaynst a stone 13 Thou shalt set thy foote vppon the Lion and Adder: the young Lion and the Dragon thou shalt treade vnder thy feete 14 Because he hath set greatly his loue vpon me, therfore wyll I deliuer hym: I wyll set hym vp out of all daunger, because he hath knowen my name 15 He shall call vpon me, and I wyll heare hym: yea I am with hym in trouble, I wyll deliuer hym, and bryng hym to honour 16 I wyll satisfie hym with a long lyfe: and I wyll cause hym to see my saluation

Psalms 92:1-150:6

1 It is a good thyng to confesse vnto God: and to syng psalmes vnto thy name O thou most hyghest 2 To set foorth in wordes thy louyng kyndnesse early in the mornyng: and thy trueth in the nyght season 3 Upon an instrument of ten strynges, and vpon the Lute: vpon the Harpe with a solemne sounde 4 For thou God hast made me glad thorowe thy workes: I do reioyce in the workes of thy handes 5 O God howe glorious are thy workes? thy thoughtes are very depe 6 An vnwise man doth not consider this: and a foole doth not vnderstande it 7 Wheras the vngodly do bud vp greene as the grasse, and wheras all workers of iniquitie do florishe: that they [notwithstandyng] shalbe destroyed for euer and euer 8 But thou O God: art the most highest for euermore 9 For lo, thine enemies O God, lo thine enemies shall perishe: & all the workers of wickednesse shalbe destroyed 10 But my horne shalbe exalted lyke the horne of an vnicorne: for I am annoynted with excellent oyle 11 And myne eye shall see those that lye in wayte for me: myne eare shall heare the malitious persons that rise vp agaynst me 12 The ryghteous shall florishe lyke a paulme tree: and shall spread abroade like a Cedar in Libanus 13 Such as be planted in the house of God: shall florishe in the courtes of our Lorde 14 They shall styll bryng foorth fruite in their age: they shalbe fat and florishyng 15 For to set foorth in wordes that God is vpright: he is my rocke, and no iniquitie is in hym

Psalms 93:1-150:6

1 God raigneth, he is clothed with a glorious maiestie, God is clothed with strength: he hath girded hym selfe, he hath made the worlde so sure that it can not be moued 2 Euer since the [worlde] began, thy throne hath ben set sure: thou art from euerlastyng 3 The fluddes are risen O God, the fluddes haue lyft vp their noyse: the fluddes haue lyft vp their waues 4 God which is on high, is more puissaut then the noyse of many waters: then the mightie waues of the sea 5 Thy testimonies are most certayne: holynesse is an ornament to thine house O God in all tymes

Psalms 94:1-150:6

1 O God the Lord of [all] auengeaunce: the Lorde of [all] auengeaunce shewe thy [glorious maiestie. 2 Be exalted O thou iudge of the world: and rewarde the proude after their deseruyng 3 O God howe long shall the vngodly: howe long shall the vngodly triumph 4 All such as be workers of iniquitie: they babble, they prate shoutly, they make boastes of them selues 5 They oppresse thy people O God: and they afflict thine heritage 6 They murther the wyddowe and the straunger: & put the fatherlesse to death 7 And they say, tushe the Lorde seeth it not: neither doth the God of Iacob vnderstande it 8 Understande ye vnwyse among the people: O ye fooles, when wyll ye be well aduised 9 He that hath planted the eare, shall he not heare? yf he shapeth the eye, shall he not see 10 He that chasteneth the heathen, shall not he punishe? it is he that teacheth man knowledge 11 God knoweth the thoughtes of man: that they are but vanitie 12 Blessed is the man O Lorde, whom thou wylt chasten: and whom thou wylt instruct in thy lawe 13 That thou mayest geue hym patience in tyme of aduersitie: vntyll the pyt be digged vp for the vngodly 14 For God wyll not reiect his people: neither wil he forsake his inheritaunce 15 For iudgement shalbe reduced vnto iustice: and after it shall all such as be vpryght of heart [be iudged. 16 Who will ryse vp with me agaynst the malicious? or who wyll take my part agaynst workers of wickednesse 17 If God had not ben an ayde vnto me: it had not fayled much but my soule had dwelled in silence 18 But when I sayde my foote hath slypped: thy mercy O God helde me vp 19 In the multitude of my cogitations from the bottome of my heart: thy comfortes dyd recreate my soule 20 Shall the seate of wickednesse haue any thyng to do with thee: which [seate] maketh wrong to be enacted for a law 21 They flocke together agaynst the soule of the ryghteous: and condemne the innocent blood 22 But God is to me a refuge: and my Lorde is the rocke of my confidence 23 And he wyll recompence them their wickednesse, and destroy them in their owne malice: God our Lorde wyll destroy them

Psalms 95:1-150:6

1 Come let vs syng vnto God: let vs make an heartie reioysyng with a loude voyce vnto the rocke of our saluation 2 Let vs make speede to come before his face with a confession: let vs expresse vnto hym outwardly a heartie gladnesse with syngyng of psalmes 3 For God is a great Lorde: and a great kyng aboue all gods 4 In his hande are all the deepe corners of the earth: and the hygh toppes of hylles be his also 5 The sea is his, and he made it: and his handes fashioned the drye lande 6 Come, let vs worshyp and fall downe: let vs kneele before the face of God our maker 7 For he is our Lorde: and we are the people of his pasture, and the sheepe of his hande 8 To day yf ye wyll heare his voyce harden not your heartes as in the tyme of contention: as in the day of temptation in the wildernesse 9 When your fathers tempted me, proued me: [yea after] they had seene my worke 10 Fourtie yeres long was I greeued with that generation: and I sayde this people erreth in heart, and they haue not knowen my wayes 11 Unto whom I sware in my wrath: that they shoulde not enter at all into my rest

Psalms 96:1-150:6

1 Syng you vnto God a newe song: sing ye vnto God all [that be in] the earth 2 Syng ye vnto God and blesse his name: set foorth in wordes from day to day his saluation 3 Declare his glory amongst the heathen: and his wonderous actes amongst all the people 4 For God is great and worthy of all prayse: he is more to be feared then all gods 5 As for all the gods of the heathen they be but idoles: and it is God that made the heauens 6 Honour and maiestie be before hym: power and excellentnesse be in his sanctuarie 7 Geue vnto God O ye families of the people: geue vnto God glorie & power 8 Geue vnto God glorie [due] vnto his name: bryng an offeryng, and come into his courtes 9 Worshyp you God in the maiestie of holynesse: be you in dread of his face all [that be in] the earth 10 Set it foorth in wordes among the heathen that God raigneth: and that the worlde is set of a sure foundation, it shall not be remoued, he wyll iudge the people accordyng to equitie 11 The heauens shall reioyce, and the earth be glad: the sea shall make a noyse and all that is therin 12 The fielde shalbe ioyfull and all that is in it: then shall all the trees of the wood reioyce before the face of God 13 For he commeth, for he commeth to iudge the earth: he will iudge the world accordyng to iustice, and the people accordyng to his trueth

Psalms 97:1-150:6

1 God raigneth, the earth shalbe glad: the multitude of the Iles shalbe glad [therof. 2 Cloudes and thicke darknesse are rounde about hym: iustice and iudgement are the habitation of his throne 3 There goeth a fire before his face: and burneth his enemies on euery syde 4 His lightninges gaue a lyght vnto the worlde: the earth sawe it and trembled 5 The hylles melted lyke waxe at the presence of God: at the presence of the Lorde of the whole earth 6 The heauens haue declared his iustice: and all the people haue seene his glorie 7 Confounded be all they that do seruice vnto carued images: and that do glorie in idols, but O gods, you all shall worshyp hym 8 Sion hearde of it, and reioyced: and the daughters of Iuda be glad, because of thy iudgementes O God 9 For thou art a God hygher then all [that are in] the earth: thou art exalted farre aboue all gods 10 You that loue God, hate the thyng which is euyll: he preserueth the soules of his saintes, he wyll delyuer them from the hande of the vngodly 11 There is sowen a lyght for the ryghteous: and gladnesse for such as be vpryght of heart 12 Reioyce in God O ye ryghteous: and prayse [hym] at the remembraunce of his holynesse

Psalms 98:1-150:6

1 Syng vnto God a newe song: for he hath done marueylous thynges. (98:2) With his owne right hande and with his holy arme: he hath gotten to hym selfe the victorie 2 (98:3) God hath declared his saluation: he hath openly shewed his iustice in the syght of the heathen 3 (98:4) He hath remembred his mercie and trueth towarde the house of Israel: and all the endes of the worlde haue seene the saluation of our Lorde 4 (98:5) Shewe your selues ioyfull vnto God all ye [in] the earth: make a ioly noyse, reioyce you chearfully, & syng psalmes 5 (98:6) Syng psalmes vnto God [playing] vpon an harpe: vpon an harpe, and with the sounde of a psalterie 6 (98:7) Shewe your selues ioyfull before the kyng eternall: with trumpettes and sounde of shawmes 7 (98:8) Let the sea make a noyse, and that is within it: the rounde worlde, and they that dwell therin 8 (98:9) Let the fluddes clappe their handes: and let the hylles be ioyfull altogether before the face of God 9 (98:10) For he commeth to iudge the earth: he wyll iudge the worlde accordyng to iustice, & the people accordyng to equitie

Psalms 99:1-150:6

1 God raigneth, the people be in a rage: he sitteth [betweene] the Cherubims, the earth quaketh 2 God is great in Sion: and high aboue all people 3 They shall prayse thy name great & dreadfull: [for] it is holy, and a kynges power [that] loueth iudgement 4 Thou hast ordeyned [all thynges] accordyng to equitie: thou hast caused iudgement and iustice to be in Iacob 5 Magnifie God our Lorde: and kneele downe before his footstoole, for it is holy 6 Moyses & Aaron among his priestes, and Samuel among such as call vpon his name: [these] called vpon God, and he hearde them 7 He spake vnto them out of the cloudy pyller: for they kept his testimonies, and the lawe [that] he gaue them 8 O God our Lord thou heardest them, O Lorde thou didst forbeare them: and thou tokest auengement for their owne inuentions 9 Magnifie God our Lorde, and kneele downe before his holy hyll: for God our Lorde is holy

Psalms 100:1-150:6

1 (100:1a) Be ye ioyfull in God all that be in the earth 2 (100:1b) serue God with gladnesse, and come before his face with a ioyfull noyse 3 (100:2) Be ye sure that God is the Lorde, it is he that hath made vs, and not we our selues: we are his people and the sheepe of his pasture 4 (100:3) Go your way into his gates with thankesgeuyng, and into his courtes with prayse: be thankfull vnto hym [and] blesse his name 5 (100:4) For God is gratious, his mercie is euerlastyng: and his trueth [endureth] from generation to generation

Psalms 101:1-150:6

1 I will sing of mercie and iudgement: I wyll syng vnto thee O God psalmes 2 I wyll endeuour my selfe to be fully instructed in the way of perfectnesse: when thou wylt come vnto me, I wil go vp and downe in the middest of my house in the perfectnesse of my heart 3 I wyll neuer set before myne eyes any deuillishe thyng: I wyll detest to do the worke of transgressours, it shall take no holde of me 4 A frowarde heart shall depart from me: I wyll not once knowe [any] euyll 5 I will destroy him who priuily slaundereth his neighbour: I wyll not suffer hym who hath a proude loke and a great stomacke 6 Myne eyes shalbe vpon such in the lande as haue a true meanyng, that they may sit with me: he that leadeth a perfect lyfe shall minister vnto me 7 There shall no deceiptfull person haue any seate in my house: he that telleth lyes shall not tary long in my syght 8 I wyll euery mornyng destroy all the vngodly in the lande: that I may roote out from the citie of God all workers of wickednesse

Psalms 102:1-150:6

1 Heare my prayer O God: and let my crying come in vnto thee 2 Hyde not thy face from me in the day of my distresse: encline thine eare vnto me, heare me spedyly in the day that I call 3 For my dayes are consumed away like smoke: and my bones are burnt vp as though they were a firebrande 4 My heart is smitten downe and wythered lyke grasse: because I did forget to eate my bread 5 Through the noyse of my gronyng: my bones wyll scase cleaue to my fleshe 6 (102:6a) I am become lyke a Pellicane of the wildernesse, and like an Owle that is in the desert 7 (102:6b) I watch, and am as it were a sparrowe that sitteth alone vpon the house toppe 8 (102:7) Myne enemies reuile me all the day long: and they that are in a rage against me, make their oth by me 9 (102:8a) For I haue eaten asshes as it were bread, and mingled my drynke with weepyng 10 (102:8b) because of thine indignation and wrath: for thou hast set me vp, and cast me downe 11 (102:9) My dayes fade away lyke a shadowe: and I am wythered lyke grasse 12 (102:10) But thou O God endurest for euer: and thy remembraunce throughout all generations 13 (102:11) Thou wylt aryse vp, thou wylt haue compassion vpon Sion: for it is tyme that thou haue mercie vpon her, for the tyme appoynted is come 14 (102:12) For thy seruauntes be well affected towarde her stones: and it pitieth them to see her in the dust 15 (102:13) And the heathen wyll feare thy name O God: and all the kynges of the earth thy glorious maiestie 16 (102:14) For God wyll buylde vp Sion: to be seene in his glorious maiestie 17 (102:15) He wyll regarde the prayer of the humble destitute of all helpe: and he wyll not dispise their prayer 18 (102:16) This shalbe written for those that come after: and the people which shalbe borne, shall prayse the Lorde 19 (102:17) For he hath loked downe from his high sanctuarie: out of heauen did God beholde the earth 20 (102:18) That he might heare the mourninges of such as be in captiuitie: and delyuer the children of death 21 (102:19) That they may declare the name of God in Sion: and his prayse at Hierusalem 22 (102:20a) When people were gathered together, & kyngdomes to serue God 23 (102:20b) he afflicted my strength in the way, he shortened my dayes 24 (102:21) But I say, O my God take me not away in the middest of myne age: as for thy yeres, they endure throughout all generations 25 (102:22) Thou hast before tyme layde the foundation of the earth: and the heauens are the worke of thy handes 26 (102:23) They shall perishe, but thou wylt remayne styll: they all shall waxe olde as doth a garment, and as a vesture thou wylt chaunge them, and they shalbe chaunged 27 (102:24a) But thou art, and thy yeres can not fayle 28 (102:24b) the children of thy seruauntes shal dwell, and their seede shalbe maynteyned in thy syght

Psalms 103:1-150:6

1 Blesse God O my soule: and all that is within me [prayse] his holy name 2 Blesse God O my soule: and forget not all his benefites 3 Who forgeueth all thy wickednesse: and healeth all thine infirmities 4 Who redeemeth thy lyfe from destruction: [and] crowneth thee with mercie and louyng kyndnesse 5 Who satisfieth thy mouth with good thynges: causyng thy youth lyke an Egles to be renued 6 God executeth iustice and iudgement: for all them that are oppressed with wrong 7 He made his wayes knowen vnto Moyses: his workes vnto the children of Israel 8 God is full of compassion and pitie: loth to be angry, and exceedyng great in mercie 9 He vseth not to continue in chydyng: neither reserueth he [his anger] for euer 10 He dealeth not with vs accordyng to our sinnes: nor rewardeth vs according to our wickednesse 11 For accordyng to the hyghnesse of heauen aboue the earth: his mercie preuayleth to them that feare hym 12 [Loke] howe farre distaunt the east is from the west: so farre a sunder setteth he our sinnes from vs 13 Yea lyke as a father pitieth [his owne] children: euen so is God mercifull vnto them that feare hym 14 For he knoweth wherof we be made: he remembreth that we are but dust 15 The dayes of man are as [the dayes] of an hearbe: he florisheth as a flowre in the fielde 16 For the winde passeth ouer it, and it is no more [seene]: and the place therof knoweth it no more 17 But the mercifull goodnesse of God endureth for euer and euer, vpon them that feare hym: and his righteousnesse vpon childers children 18 Euen vpon such as kepe his couenaunt: and thinke vpon his commaundementes to do them 19 God hath prepared his seate in heauen: and his kyngdome ruleth ouer all 20 Blesse God O ye his angels mightie in operation: who fulfyll his worde in hearkening vnto the voyce of his word 21 Blesse God all ye his hoastes: you his ministers that do his pleasure 22 Blesse God all you his workes in all places of his dominion: O my soule blesse thou God

Psalms 104:1-150:6

1 My soule blesse thou God: O God my Lord thou art become exceeding great, thou hast put on glory and maiestie 2 Who is decked with light as it were with a garment: spreadyng out the heauens like a curtayne 3 Who seeleth his vpper chaumbers with waters: and maketh the cloudes his charriot, and walketh vpon the wynges of the wynde 4 He maketh his angels spirites: and his ministers a flaming fire 5 He hath layde the earth sure vpon her foundations: that it can neuer moue at any tyme 6 Thou coueredst it with the deepe, lyke as with a garment: the waters stande vpon the hilles 7 At thy rebuke they flee: at the noyse of thy thunder they bluster downe apace 8 The hilles mount aloft: and the valleys settle downe beneath vnto the place where thou hast layde a foundation for them 9 Thou hast set them their boundes which they shall not passe: neither shall they returne agayne to couer the earth 10 Who also causeth the springes which runne betweene the hilles: to flowe into the riuers 11 All beastes of the fielde drinke therof: and the wylde asses quench their thirst 12 The foules of the ayre haue their habitation nigh vnto them: singing out of the midst of the bowes [of trees. 13 He watereth the hilles from aboue: the earth is replenished with the fruite of thy workes 14 He causeth grasse to growe for cattell: and hearbes for the vse of man 15 That he may bryng foorth foode out of the earth: both wine that maketh glad the heart of man, and oyle to make hym haue a chearefull countenaunce, & also bread to strengthen mans heart 16 The trees of God be satisfied: euen the Cedars of Libanus which he hath planted 17 Wherin the birdes make their nestes: in the fyrre trees the storke buyldeth 18 The high hilles are a refuge for goates: and so are the stonie rockes for conies 19 He hath made the moone for certayne seasons: and the sunne knoweth his goyng downe 20 Thou makest darknes and it is night: wherein all the beastes of the forrest do go abrode 21 The Lions do roare after a pray: and in seeking their meate of God 22 When the sunne ariseth, they recoyle backe: and lay them downe to rest in their dennes 23 Man goeth foorth to his worke: and to do his seruice vntyll the euening 24 O God howe manyfolde are thy workes? thou hast made them al in wisdome, the earth is ful of thy ryches 25 So is the sea it selfe large and wyde in compasse: wherein are thinges creeping innumerable, both small and great beastes 26 There go the shippes, and there is that Leuiathan: whom thou hast made to take his pastime therin 27 These wayte all vpon thee: that thou mayest geue them meate in due season 28 When thou geuest it them, they gather it: and when thou openest thyne hand, they are filled with that which is good 29 When thou hydest thy face, they are troubled: when thou takest away their spirite, they dye, and are turned agayne to their dust 30 When thou sendest out thy spirite, they be recreated: and thou reuiuest the face of the earth 31 The glorious maiestie of God shal endure for euer: God wyll reioyce in his workes 32 He beholdeth the earth, & it trembleth: he toucheth the hilles, and they smoke 33 I wyll syng vnto God as long as I liue: I will sing psalmes vnto my Lord so long as I shall be 34 My meditations of hym shalbe very pleasaunt: for all my ioy shalbe in God 35 As for sinners they shalbe consumed out of the earth: and the vngodly shall come to an ende, blesse thou God O my soule, [and] prayse you the Lorde

Psalms 105:1-150:6

1 Confesse you [it] vnto God, call vppon his name: cause the people to vnderstande his deuises 2 Sing vnto hym, sing psalmes vnto him: talke you of all his wonderous workes 3 Glary ye in his holy name: let the heart of them reioyce that do seeke God 4 Seeke God and his strength: seeke his face euermore 5 Remember the meruaylous workes that he hath done: his wonders, and the iudgementes of his mouth 6 (105:6a) O ye seede of Abraham his seruaunt, ye his chosen chyldren of Iacob 7 (105:6b) he is God our Lord, his iudgementes are in all the earth 8 (105:7a) He hath ben mindfull alwayes of his couenaunt (for he promised a worde to a thousande generations: 9 (105:7b) euen of his couenaunt that he made with Abraham, and of his othe vnto Isaac 10 (105:8) And he appointed the same vnto Iacob for a law: and to Israel for an euerlasting couenaunt 11 (105:9) Saying, vnto thee I wyll geue the lande of Chanaan: the lot of your inheritaunce 12 (105:10a) When they were a fewe men in number, and had ben straungers but a litle whyle in it 13 (105:10b) and when they went from one nation to another, from one kingdome to another people 14 (105:11) He suffred no man to do them wrong: yea he reproued euen kynges for their sakes 15 (105:12) Touche not mine annoynted: and triumph not ouer my prophetes 16 (105:13) Moreouer he called for a famine vpon the lande: and he made all maner of foode to fayle 17 (105:14) But he had sent a man before them: euen Ioseph, who was solde to be a bonde seruaunt 18 (105:15) Whose feete they dyd hurt in the stockes: the iron entred into his soule 19 (105:16) Vntill the tyme came that his cause [was knowen:] the worde of the Lorde tryed hym 20 (105:17) The king sent and caused hym to be let go: yea the prince of the people opened a way foorth for hym 21 (105:18) He made him Lorde of his house: and ruler of all his substaunce 22 (105:19) That he might enfourme his princes according to his minde: and teache his senatours wysdome 23 (105:20) Israel also came into Egypt: & Iacob was a straunger in the lande of Cham 24 (105:21) And he encreased his people exceedinglye: and made them stronger then their enemies 25 (105:22) Whose heart so turned that they hated his people: and dealt subtilly with his seruauntes 26 (105:23a) [Then] he sent Moyses his seruaunt, and Aaron whom he had chosen 27 (105:23b) they did their message, workyng his signes among them, and wonders in the lande of Cham 28 (105:24) He sent darknes, & it was darke: and they went not from his wordes 29 (105:25) He turned their waters into blood: and slue their fishe 30 (105:26) Their lande brought foorth frogges: yea euen in their kinges chaumbers 31 (105:27) He spake the worde, and there came a swarme of all maner of flyes: [and] of lyce in all their quarters 32 (105:28) He gaue them haylestones for rayne: [and] flambes of fire in their lande 33 (105:29) He smote their vines also & figge trees: and he destroyed the trees that were in their coastes 34 (105:30) He spake the worde, and the grashoppers came: & caterpillers innumerable 35 (105:31) And they did eate vp all the grasse in their lande: and deuoured the fruite of their grounde 36 (105:32) He smote al the first borne in their land: euen the first fruites of all their concupiscence 37 (105:33) He also brought them foorth with siluer and golde: there was not one feeble person in their tribes 38 (105:34) Egypt was glad at their departing: for they were smytten with dread of them 39 (105:35) He spred out a cloude to be a couering: and fire to geue light in the night season 40 (105:36) The [people] required and he brought quayles: and he filled them with the bread of heauen 41 (105:37) He opened the rocke of stone and the waters flowed out: so that streames ranne in drye places 42 (105:38) For he remembred his holy worde: [spoken] vnto Abraham his seruaunt 43 (105:39) And he brought foorth his people with gladnes: [and] his chosen with a ioyfull noyse 44 (105:40) And he gaue them the landes of the Heathen, and they toke to inheritaunce the labours of the people 45 (105:41) To the intent that they shoulde kepe his statutes: and obserue his lawes. Prayse ye the Lorde

Psalms 106:1-150:6

1 Confesse you [it] vnto god, for he is gratious: and his mercy endureth for euer 2 Who can expresse the valiaunt actes of God: who can publishe abrode all his prayse 3 Blessed are they that kepe iudgement: and do iustice at all times 4 Remember me O God according to the fauour that thou bearest vnto thy people: O visite me with thy saluation 5 That I may see the felicitie of thy chosen, that I may reioyce at the gladnes of thy people: [and] that I may glorie with thyne inheritaunce 6 We haue sinned with our fathers: we haue done amisse and dealt wickedly 7 Our fathers did not well consider thy wonders in Egypt, neither did they remember thy manifolde great goodnes: but they rebelled at the sea, euen at the red sea 8 Neuerthelesse, he saued them for his names sake: that he myght make his power to be knowen 9 And he rebuked the red sea, and it was dryed vp: so he led them through the deepe, as through a wyldernesse 10 And he saued them from the hande of suche as hated them: & redeemed them from the hande of the enemie 11 As for their aduersaries the waters ouerwhelmed them: there was not one of them left remayning 12 Then beleued they his wordes: and song prayse vnto him 13 But within a very short whyle they forgat his workes: they woulde not wayte for his counsell 14 And they were taken with a great lust in the wyldernesse: and they tempted God in the desert 15 And he gaue them their desire: and sent leannes withal into their soule 16 They enuied also at Moyses in the tentes: [and] at Aaron the saint of God 17 So the earth opened and swalowed vp Dathan: and couered the company of Abiram 18 And the fire was kindled in their company: the flambe brent vp the vngodly 19 They made a calfe in Horeb: and worshipped the moulten image 20 Thus they turned their glory: into the similitude of a calfe that eateth hay 21 (106:21a) They forgat God their sauiour, who had done so great thynges in Egypt 22 (106:21b) wonderous workes in ye land of Cham, [and] terrible thinges at the red sea 23 (106:22) Wherfore he appointed to destroy them, had not Moyses his chosen stand in the breache before hym: to turne away his wrathful indignation, lest he should destroy them 24 (106:23) Yea they thought scorne of the lande most to be desired: they gaue no credite vnto his worde 25 (106:24) But they murmured in their tentes: they would not hearken vnto the voyce of God 26 (106:25a) Then lift he vp his hand against them, to geue them an ouerthrowe in the wildernesse 27 (106:25b) to geue their seede an ouerthrowe amongst the nations, and to scatter them in sundry landes 28 (106:26) They ioyned them selues vnto Baal Peor: they also did eate of the sacrifices of the dead 29 (106:27) And they prouoked the [Lorde] vnto anger with their owne inuentions: and a plague fell mightily amongst them 30 (106:28) Then stoode vp Phinehes, he executed iustice: and so the plague ceassed 31 (106:29) And that was imputed vnto hym for righteousnesse: in generation and generation for euermore 32 (106:30) They also prouoked [God] at the waters of strife: and all was not well with Moyses for their sakes 33 (106:31) For they had caused an alteration to be of his spirite: so that he spake vnaduisedly with his lippes 34 (106:32) Moreouer, they destroyed not the Heathen: as God commaunded them 35 (106:33) But they were mingled amongst the Heathen: and learned their workes 36 (106:34) Insomuch that they dyd seruice vnto their idols: whiche were to the a snare 37 (106:35) Yea they sacrifised their sonnes: and their daughters vnto deuils 38 (106:36) And they shed innocent blood, euen the blood of their sonnes and of their daughters: whom they sacrifised vnto the idols of Chanaan, and the lande was defiled with blood 39 (106:37) Thus were they stayned with their owne workes: and went a whoryng with their owne inuentions 40 (106:38) Therfore was the wrath of God kindeled against his people: insomuch that he abhorred his owne inheritaunce 41 (106:39) And he gaue them ouer into the hand of the Heathen: and they that dyd hate them, were lordes ouer them 42 (106:40) Their enemies oppressed them: and brought them into subiection vnder their hande 43 (106:41) Many a time dyd [God] deliuer them, but they rebelled [against hym] with their owne inuentions: and were brought downe for their wickednes 44 (106:42) Neuerthelesse, he did beholde them in their aduersitie: in geuing eare to their complaint 45 (106:43) And he remembred his couenaunt: and repented, according to the multitude of his mercies 46 (106:44) Yea he made all those that led them away captiue: to pitie them 47 (106:45) Saue vs O God our Lorde, and gather vs from among the Heathen: that we may geue thankes to thy holy name, and glory of thy prayse 48 (106:46) Blessed be God the Lord of Israel from world to world without end: and let all people say, so be it. Prayse ye the Lord

Psalms 107:1-150:6

1 Confesse you [it] vnto God: for he is gratious, and his mercy endureth for euer 2 Let such as God did redeme speake: whom he hath redeemed from the hande of the enemie 3 And whom he gathered out of the landes: from the east and from the west, from the north and from the south 4 (107:4a) They went astray out of the way in solitarines [and] in wildernes, and found no citie to dwell in 5 (107:4b) they were hungry and thirstie, their soule fainted in them 6 (107:5) And they cry vnto god in their trouble: who deliuereth them from their distresse 7 (107:6) And he leadeth them foorth by the right way: that they might go to the citie inhabited 8 (107:7) O that men would confesse vnto God his louyng kindnesse: and his marueylous actes [done] to the chyldren of men 9 (107:8) For he satisfieth the greedie soule: and filleth the hungry soule with goodnes 10 (107:9) Suche as sit in darknesse and in the shadowe of death: beyng fast bounde in miserie and iron 11 (107:10) Because they went from the wordes of the Lorde: and lightly regarded the counsayle of the most highest 12 (107:11) Therfore he humbled their heart thorowe heauines: they fall downe, and there is none to helpe them 13 (107:12) And they cry vnto god in their trouble: who deliuereth the out of their distresse 14 (107:13) For he bringeth them out of darknesse and out of the shadowe of death: and breaketh their bondes in sunder 15 (107:14) O that men would confesse vnto God: his louing kindnes and his marueylous actes [done] to the chyldren of men 16 (107:15) For he breaketh the gates of brasse: & smyteth the barres of iron in sunder 17 (107:16) Foolish men are plagued for their mischeuous wayes: & for their wickednes 18 (107:17) Their soule abhorreth all maner of meate: and they be euen harde at deathes doore 19 (107:18) And they crye vnto God in their trouble: who deliuereth them out of their distresse 20 (107:19) he sendeth his worde & healeth them: and he maketh them to scape safe from their corruptnes 21 (107:20) O that men would confesse vnto God: his louing kindnes and his marueylous actes [done] to the chyldren of men 22 (107:21) And that they would offer [vnto him] sacrifices of thankes geuing: and set foorth in wordes his workes with a ioyfull noyse 23 (107:22a) Such as go downe to the sea in ships and folowe their busines in great waters 24 (107:22b) they see the workes of God, and his wonders in the deepe 25 (107:23) For he commaundeth and causeth a stormie winde to arise: and he lifteth vp on high his waues 26 (107:24) [Then] they ascende vp to heauen, and come downe agayne to the deepe: so that their soule melteth away through trouble 27 (107:25) They reele to and fro, and they do stacker like a drunken man: and their wysdome fayleth them 28 (107:26) And they cry vnto god in their trouble: who deliuereth the out of their distresse 29 (107:27) For he maketh the storme to ceasse: so that the waues therof are still 30 (107:28) Then be they glad because they are at rest: and he bringeth them to the hauen where they woulde be 31 (107:29) O that men would confesse vnto god: his louyng kyndnes and meruaylous actes [done] to the chyldren of men 32 (107:30) And that they would exalt him in the congregation of the people: and prayse him in the consistorie of the aged 33 (107:31) He turneth fluddes into a wildernes: and waterspringes into a drye grounde 34 (107:32) He [maketh] a fruitfull grounde barren: for the wickednes of them that dwell therein 35 (107:33) [Contrary] he reduceth a wyldernes into a standing water: and a drye ground into water springes 36 (107:34) And he setteth there the hungry: and they buylde them a citie to dwell in 37 (107:35) And they sowe their lande and plant vineyardes: and they yelde [vnto them] aboundant store of fruites 38 (107:36) He blesseth them, so that they multiplie exceedingly: and he suffereth not their cattle to decrease 39 (107:37) But [when they do fall from God,] they are diminished & brought low: through oppression, calamitie, & griefe of minde 40 (107:38) He bringeth princes into contempt: & he maketh them to wander in a wildernesse where there is no way at all 41 (107:39) Yet he exalteth the poore out of miserie: and geueth him housholdes equall to flockes of cattell 42 (107:40) The righteous will marke [this] and reioyce: and the mouth of all wickednesse shalbe stopped 43 (107:41) Whosoeuer is wyse, he wyll both obserue these thinges: and also well consider the louing kindnesse of God

Psalms 108:1-150:6

1 My heart is redye O Lorde: I wyll sing & prayse thee in singing of psalmes, yea my glory also is [redie. 2 Bestirre thee O lute and harpe: I my selfe wil bestirre me right early in the morning 3 I wyll prayse thee O God among the people: I wyll sing psalmes vnto thee among the nations 4 For the greatnes of thy mercy reacheth vnto the heauens: and thy trueth vnto the cloudes 5 Exalt thy selfe O Lord aboue the heauens: and let thy glory [be] aboue all the earth 6 That thy beloued may be deliuered: saue [me] with thy right hande, and heare thou me 7 The Lorde hath spoken this in his holynes (whereof I wyll reioyce:) I wyll deuide Sichem, and measure the valley of Sucoth 8 Gilead shalbe myne, and Manasses shalbe mine: Ephraim also shalbe the strength of my head, and Iuda my law geuer 9 Moab shalbe my washpot: ouer Edome I wyll cast my shoe, vpon Philistea I wyll triumph 10 Who wyll leade me into the strong citie? who wyll bring me into Edom 11 Hast not thou remoued vs from thence? and wylt not thou O Lorde go out with our hoastes 12 Geue vs ayde against trouble: for the sauing helpe of man is but vayne 13 Through the Lorde wyll we do valiaunt actes: for he him selfe will treade downe our enemies

Psalms 109:1-150:6

1 Holde not thy tongue: O thou the Lorde of my prayse 2 For the mouth of the vngodly and the mouth of the deceiptfull is opened vpon me: they haue spoken against me with a false tongue 3 And they haue compassed me about with hatefull wordes: and fought against me without a cause 4 For the loue that I bare vnto them, they are become mine aduersaries: but I geue my selfe vnto prayer 5 Thus haue they rewarded me euyll for good: and hatred for my good wyll 6 Set thou an vngodly man to be ruler ouer him: and let Satan stande at his right hande 7 When sentence is geuen vpon hym, let him be condemned: and let his prayer be turned into sinne 8 Let his dayes be fewe: and let another take his office 9 Let his chyldren be fatherlesse: and his wyfe a wydowe 10 Let his children be vagaboundes and go a begging: and let them seeke [foode] out of their barren groundes 11 Let the extortioner bryng into his snare all that he hath: and let straungers spoyle his labour 12 Let there be no man to shewe hym any gentlenes: nor to haue compassion vpon his fatherlesse children 13 Let his posteritie come to destruction: and in the next generation let his name be cleane put out 14 Let the wyckednes of his fathers be had in remembraunce in the sight of God: and let not the sinne of his mother be wyped away 15 Let them be alway before God: that he may roote out the memorial of them from the earth 16 Because that he remembred not to do good: but he persecuted the afflicted and poore man, and hym whose heart was broken with sorow, that he might take his life from hym 17 His delight was in cursing, and it shal happen vnto him: he loued not blessing, therfore it hath ben farre from him 18 He clothed hym selfe with cursing, as with his garment: and it hath entred into his bowels like water, and like oyle into his bones 19 Let it be vnto hym as the garment that he is wrapt in: and as the gyrdle that he is alway gyrded withall 20 Let this rewarde be from God vnto myne aduersaries: and vnto those that speake euill against my soule 21 But thou O God my Lorde, do vnto me according vnto thy name: for sweete is thy mercy 22 Deliuer me, for truely I am afflicted: and I am poore, and my heart is wounded within me 23 I passe away like a vading shadowe: and I am dryuen from place to place lyke the grashopper 24 My knees are weake through fasting: my fleshe is dryed vp for want of fatnesse 25 I am become also a reproche vnto them: they gase vpon me [and] they shake their head 26 Helpe me O my Lorde: oh saue me according to thy mercy 27 And let the know how that this is thy hande: & that thou O God hast done it 28 They will curse, but thou wylt blesse: they wyl rise vp [against me] but let them be confounded, and thy seruaunt wyll reioyce 29 Let mine aduersaries be clothed with shame: & let them couer the selues with their owne cofusion, as with a garment 30 As for me I will greatly prayse God with my mouth: and I wyll prayse hym among the multitude 31 For he wyll stande at the right hande of the poore: to saue him from the iudges of his soule

Psalms 110:1-150:6

1 God sayd vnto my Lorde: sit thou on my right hande, vntyll I make thyne enemies thy footestoole 2 God wyll sende the scepter of his power out of Sion: rule thou in the midst of thyne enemies 3 Thy people wyll be very wyllyng in the time [of shewing] thy most mightie power with a beautifull holynes: the deawe of thy byrth is to thee from the wombe [as] from the morning 4 God sware and he wyll not repent: thou art a priest for euer after the order of Melchisedec 5 The Lorde at thy right hande: wyll wounde euen kinges in the day of his wrath 6 He wyll iudge the Heathen: he wyll fill euery place with dead bodyes, he wyll smyte the head of a great countrey 7 He wyll drinke of the swyft running brooke in the way: therfore he wyll lift vp his head

Psalms 111:1-150:6

1 I wyll prayse God with my whole heart: in the congregation and assemblie of righteous men 2 Great are the workes of God: sought out of all them that haue pleasure therin 3 His worke is glory and maiestie: and his righteousnes endureth for euer 4 The merciful and gratious God: hath so left a remembraunce of his meruaylous workes 5 He hath geuen meate vnto them that feare him: he wyll euer be myndfull of his couenaunt 6 He hath declared vnto his people the force of his workes: in geuing them the inheritaunce of the Heathen 7 The workes of his handes are veritie and iudgement: all his commaundementes are true 8 They be set sure for euer and euer: they are done in trueth and equitie 9 He did sende redemption vnto his people: he hath commaunded his couenaunt [to be] for euer, holy and terrible is his name 10 The beginning of wysdome is the feare of God: all they haue a good vnderstanding that do his commaundements, the praise of it endureth for euer

Psalms 112:1-150:6

1 Blessed is the man that feareth God: he hath great delight in his commaundementes 2 His seede shalbe mightie vpon the earth: the generation of them that dwell vprightly, shalbe blessed 3 Riches and plenteousnes shalbe in his house: and his righteousnes endureth for euer 4 There ariseth vp light in the darknes: vnto them that deale vprightly he is merciful, and louing, and righteous 5 A good man is mercyfull and lendeth: he wyll guyde his wordes with discretion 6 For he shalbe neuer moued: and the righteous shall be had in an euerlasting remembraunce 7 He wyll not be afraide of any euyll tidinges: his heart is setled, he beleueth in God 8 His heart is strengthened, he will not feare: vntyll he seeth [a mischiefe to fall] vpon his enemies 9 He hath distributed abrode, he hath geuen to the poore: his righteousnes remayneth for euer, his horne shalbe exalted with glory 10 The vngodly shall see it, and it wyll greeue hym, he wyll gnashe with his teethe and consume away: the desire of the vngodly shall perishe

Psalms 113:1-150:6

1 Prayse God ye seruauntes: prayse ye the name of God 2 Blessed be the name of God: from this time foorth for euermore 3 The name of God is to be praysed: from the rising vp of the sunne, vnto the goyng downe of the same 4 God is high aboue all Heathen: and his glory aboue the heauens 5 (113:5a) Who is like vnto God our Lord that dwelleth on hygh aboue all 6 (113:5b) and yet humbleth him selfe to beholde the thinges that are in heauen and in earth 7 (113:6) He rayseth vp the simple out of the dust: and lyfteth vp the poore from the dounghyll 8 (113:7) For to make him sit with the princes: euen with the princes of his people 9 (113:8) He maketh the barren woman to kepe house: and to be a ioyful mother of children. Prayse ye the Lorde

Psalms 114:1-150:6

1 When Israel came out of Egypt: & the house of Iacob from among the barbarous people 2 Iuda was his holynesse: and Israel his dominion 3 The sea sawe that and fled: Iordane was driuen backe 4 The mountaynes skypped lyke rammes: and the litle hilles like young lambes 5 What ayleth thee O thou sea that thou fleddest? and thou Iordane that thou wast driuen backe 6 Ye mountaines what [ayled] you that ye skipped lyke rammes: and ye litle hilles like young lambes 7 Tremble thou earth at the presence of the Lorde: at the presence of the Lorde of Iacob 8 Whiche turned the harde rocke into a standing water: and the flint stone into a springing well of waters

Psalms 115:1-150:6

1 Geue praise not vnto vs O God, not vnto vs, but vnto thy name: for thy louing mercy, and for thy truethes sake 2 Wherfore shal the Heathen say: where is nowe their God 3 Truely our Lorde is in heauen: he hath done whatsoeuer pleased him 4 Their idols are siluer and gold: euen the workes of mens handes 5 They haue a mouth and speake not: they haue eyes and see not 6 They haue eares and heare not: they haue noses and smell not 7 They haue handes and handle not, they haue feete and walke not: and they vtter no sounde out of their throtes 8 They that make them are lyke vnto them: euery one that putteth his trust in them 9 But Israel trust thou in God: he is their ayde and their shielde 10 Ye house of Aaron trust you in God: he is their ayde and their shielde 11 Ye that feare God, trust ye in God: he is their ayde and their shielde 12 God hath ben myndfull of vs, he wyll blesse vs: he wyll blesse the house of Israel, he wyll blesse the house of Aaron 13 He wyll blesse those that feare God: the small with the great 14 God wyll encrease you more and more: both you and also your children 15 Ye are the blessed of God: which made heauen and earth 16 The heauen, the heauen [I say] is Gods: and he hath geuen the earth vnto the children of men 17 The dead prayse not thee O Lorde: neither all they that go downe into the [place] of scilence 18 But we wyll prayse the Lord: from this tyme foorth for euermore. Prayse ye the Lorde

Psalms 116:1-150:6

1 I haue loued: because God hath hearde my voyce [and] my prayers 2 Because he hath enclined his eare vnto me: therfore I wyll call vpon hym as long as I lyue 3 The snares of death compassed me rounde about: and the paynes of hell toke holde on me. (116:4a) I founde anguishe and heauinesse 4 (116:4b) but I called vpon the name of God: [saying] O God, I beseche thee deliuer my soul 5 Gratious is God and ryghteous: our Lorde is mercifull 6 God gardeth the simple: I was brought to the extremitie, and he preserued me 7 Returne O my soule vnto thy rest: for God hath rewarded thee 8 For [thou O Lorde] hast deliuered my soule from death: myne eyes from teares, and my feete from fallyng 9 I wyll walke before the face of God: in the lande of the lyuyng 10 (116:10a) I beleued, therfore I wyll speake: I was sore afflicted 11 (116:10b) insomuch that I said in my rashnesse euery man is a lyer 12 (116:11) What rewarde shal I geue vnto God: for all the benefites that he hath done vnto me 13 (116:12) I wyll take the cuppe of saluation: and I wyll call vpon the name of God 14 (116:13) I wyll pay my vowes nowe vnto God: in the presence of all his people 15 (116:14) The death of his saintes: is precious in the eyes of God 16 (116:15) It is euen so O God, for I am thy seruaunt and the sonne of thy handemayde: thou hast loosed my bondes in sunder 17 (116:16) I wyll offer vnto thee the sacrifice of thankesgeuyng: and I wyll call vpon the name of God 18 (116:17a) I wyll pay my vowes vnto God in the sight of all his people 19 (116:17b) in the courtes of Gods house, euen in the myddest of thee O Hierusalem. Prayse ye the Lorde

Psalms 117:1-150:6

1 O prayse God all ye heathen: prayse hym all ye nations 2 For his mercifull kyndnesse is euer more and more towarde vs: and the trueth of God endureth for euer. Prayse ye the Lorde

Psalms 118:1-150:6

1 O confesse you [it] vnto God, for he is gratious: and his mercie endureth for euer 2 Let Israel nowe confesse: that his mercie endureth for euer 3 Let the house of Aaron nowe confesse: that his mercie endureth for euer 4 Let them nowe that feare God: confesse that his mercie endureth for euer 5 I called vpon the Lorde beyng in distresse: and the Lorde hath hearde me at large 6 God is with me: I wyll not feare what man can do vnto me 7 God is with me amongst them that ayde me: [therfore] I shall see [my desire] vpon them that hate me 8 It is better to trust in God: then to put any confidence in man 9 It is better to trust in God: then to put any confidence in princes 10 All nations compassed me rounde about: [but I trusted] in the name of God that I shoulde destroy them 11 They kept me in on euery syde, they kept me in I say on euery syde: [but I trusted] in the name of God that I shoulde destroy them 12 They swarmed about me lyke bees, and they be extinguished as the fire [made] of thornes: [for I trusted] in the name of God that I should destroy them 13 Thou hast thrust sore at me, that I might fall: but God dyd ayde m 14 The Lorde is my strength and my song: and he is become my saluation 15 The voyce of a ioyfull noyse & of saluation is in the dwellynges of the ryghteous: [saying] the ryght hande of God bryngeth mightie thynges to passe 16 The ryght hande of God is on hygh: the right hande of God bryngeth mightie thynges to passe 17 I shall not [as yet] dye, but I shal liue: and I wyll declare the workes of the Lorde 18 The Lorde hath greatly chastened me: but he hath not geuen me ouer vnto death 19 Open me the gates of ryghteousnesse, I wyll enter in by them: that I may geue thankes vnto the Lorde 20 This is the gate of God: the ryghteous shall enter in by it 21 I wyll thanke thee for that thou hast heard me: and art become my saluation 22 The same stone which the buylders refused: is become the head stone of the corner 23 This was the doyng of God: and it is marueylous in our eyes 24 This is the day whiche God hath made: we wyll reioyce and be glad in it 25 O God I pray thee nowe saue [vs]: O God I pray thee nowe geue [vs] prosperous successe 26 Blessed be he that commeth in the name of God: we do blesse you out of the house of God 27 It is the Lord God who hath geuen vs lyght: bynde a sacrifice with cordes vnto the hornes of the aulter 28 Thou art my Lorde, and I wyll confesse it vnto thee: thou art my Lorde and I wyll magnifie thee 29 O confesse you [it] vnto God, for he is gratious: and his mercie endureth for euer

Psalms 119:1-150:6

1 Blessed are those that be perfect in the way: walkyng in the lawe of God 2 Blessed are they that kepe his testimonies: they seke hym with their whole heart 3 Truely they walke in his wayes: who do no wickednesse 4 Thou hast geuen charge: that we shoulde diligently kepe thy commaundementes 5 I wishe that my wayes were directed: for to kepe thy statutes 6 I shall take then no shame: when I haue regarde vnto all thy commaundementes 7 I wyll confesse [it] vnto thee with an vpryght heart: when I shall haue learned the iudgementes of thy ryghteousnesse 8 I wyll kepe thy statutes: [wherfore] forsake me not for any long tyme 9 (119:1) Wherby shall a young man refourme his way: euen in guiding it accordyng to thy worde 10 (119:2) I haue sought thee with my whole heart: suffer me not to swarue from thy commaundementes 11 (119:3) I haue hyd thy wordes within my heart: for this ende, that I shoulde not sinne agaynst thee 12 (119:4) Blessed art thou O God: teache me thy statutes 13 (119:5) I haue declared with my lyppes: all the iudgementes of thy mouth 14 (119:6) I am delighted in the way of thy testimonies: as in all maner of riches 15 (119:7) I wyll study thy commaundementes: and I wyll consider thy wayes 16 (119:8) My delyght shalbe in thy statutes: and I wyll not forget thy worde 17 (119:1) Rewarde thy seruaunt, let me lyue: and I wyll kepe thy worde 18 (119:2) Open thou myne eyes: and I will beholde the wonderous thynges of thy lawe 19 (119:3) I am a straunger vpon earth: hyde not thy commaundementes from me 20 (119:4) My soule faynteth: for the very feruent desire that it hath alwaye vnto thy iudgementes 21 (119:5) Thou hast rebuked those that be proude and cursed: who do erre from thy commaundementes 22 (119:6) Withdrawe from me reproche and contempt: for that I haue kept thy testimonies 23 (119:7) Yea princes dyd syt and speake agaynst me: but thy seruaunt did geue hym selfe to the meditation of thy statutes 24 (119:8) Yea thy testimonies are my delyght: and my counsaylers 25 (119:1) My soule cleaueth to the dust: reuiue thou me accordyng to thy worde 26 (119:2) I haue made a declaration to thee of my wayes, and thou heardest me: O teache me thy statutes 27 (119:3) Make me to vnderstande the way of thy commaundementes: and I wyll geue my selfe to the meditation of thy wonderous workes 28 (119:4) My soule melteth away for very heauinesse: comfort thou me accordyng to thy worde 29 (119:5) Take from me the way of falshood: & witsafe me worthy to haue thy lawe 30 (119:6) I haue chosen the way of trueth: & I haue layde thy iudgementes before me 31 (119:7) I haue stuck fast vnto thy testimonies: O God confounde me not 32 (119:8) I wyll runne the way of thy commaundementes: when thou shalt set my heart at libertie 33 (119:1) Teache me O God the way of thy statutes: and I wyll kepe it vnto the ende 34 (119:2) Geue me vnderstanding, & I wil kepe thy law: yea I wyll kepe it with my whole heart 35 (119:3) Leade me in the path of thy comaundementes: for therin is my delyght 36 (119:4) Encline myne heart vnto thy testimonies: and not to couetousnesse 37 (119:5) Turne away myne eyes, lest they beholde vanitie: cause me to lyue in thy way 38 (119:6) Make thy worde more euident vnto thy seruaunt: who is [geuen] to thy feare 39 (119:7) Take away the reproche that I am afraide of: for thy iudgemetes are good 40 (119:8) Behold I haue coueted after thy commaundementes: cause me to lyue in thy ryghteousnesse 41 (119:1) Let thy louing mercie also come vnto me O God: euen thy saluation, accordyng to thy worde 42 (119:2) And I shall aunswere to hym that layeth [thy] worde to me for a reproche: for in thy worde I haue put my trust 43 (119:3) Take not the worde of trueth vtterly out of my mouth: for my hope is in thy iudgementes 44 (119:4) And I wyll alway kepe thy lawe: yea for euer and euer 45 (119:5) And I wyll walke in a large scope: for I seke thy commaundementes 46 (119:6) I wyll also speake of thy testimonies before kinges: & I will not be ashamed 47 (119:7) And my delyght shalbe in thy commaundementes: which I haue loued 48 (119:8) And I wyll lyft vp my handes vnto thy commaundementes which I haue loued: & my study shalbe in thy statutes 49 (119:1) Be myndfull of thy promise made vnto thy seruaunt: wherin thou hast caused me to put my trust 50 (119:2) That same is my comfort in my affliction: for thy worde maketh me to lyue 51 (119:3) The proude haue had me exceedingly in derision: yet I haue not shrinked from thy lawe 52 (119:4) [For] I called to remembraunce thy iudgementes from the begynnyng of the worlde O God: and so I comforted my selfe 53 (119:5) An extreme vnnaturall heat hath assayled me, because of the vngodly: who transgresse thy lawe 54 (119:6) Thy statutes haue ben [my] songes: in the house of my pilgrimages 55 (119:7) I haue thought vpon thy name O God in the nyght season: and I haue kept thy lawe 56 (119:8) This came to passe for me: because I kept thy commaundementes 57 (119:1) Thou art my portion O God: I haue purposed to kepe thy lawe 58 (119:2) I made myne humble petition to thy face with my whole heart: be mercifull vnto me according vnto thy word 59 (119:3) I haue considered mine owne wayes: and I haue turned my feete vnto thy testimonies 60 (119:4) I made haste and I made no delay: for to kepe thy commaundementes 61 (119:5) The vngodly haue tangled me in their snares: but I haue not forgotten thy lawe 62 (119:6) I wyll ryse at midnight to confesse me vnto thee: because of thy ryghteous iudgementes 63 (119:7) I am a companion of all them that feare thee: and kepe thy commaundementes 64 (119:8) The earth O God is replenished with thy louyng kyndnesse: O teache me thy statutes 65 (119:1) O God thou hast dealt gratiouslye with thy seruaunt: according vnto thy worde 66 (119:2) Learne me the good taste & cunning: for I haue beleued thy commaundementes 67 (119:3) Before I felt affliction I swarued out of the way: but nowe I kepe thy word 68 (119:4) Thou art good and beneficiall: teache me thy statutes 69 (119:5) The proude haue forged a false tale agaynst me: but I wyll kepe thy commaundementes with my whole heart 70 (119:6) Their heart is as fat as brawne: but my delyght hath ben in thy lawe 71 (119:7) It is good for me that I am brought into miserie: by that meanes I shall learne thy statutes 72 (119:8) The lawe of thy mouth is dearer vnto me: then thousandes of golde & siluer 73 (119:1) Thy handes haue made me and fashioned me: geue me vnderstanding, and I will learne thy comaundementes 74 (119:2) They that feare thee, shall see me, & reioyce: because I haue geuen earnest attendaunce vnto thy worde 75 (119:3) I know O God that thy iudgementes are iustice: and that thou hast caused me ryghtfully to be afflicted 76 (119:4) I beseche thee let thy louing kindnesse be a meanes to comfort me: accordyng to thy worde [spoken] vnto thy seruaunt 77 (119:5) Let thy pitifull mercies come vnto me, that I may lyue: for thy lawe is my delyght 78 (119:6) Let the proude be confounded, for they haue falsly reported me: but I wyll study thy commaundementes 79 (119:7) Let such as feare thee and knowe thy testimonies: returne vnto me 80 (119:8) Let myne heart be perfectly [set] in thy statutes: that I be not ashamed 81 (119:1) My soule hath faynted after thy saluation: I geue earnest attedaunce vnto thy worde 82 (119:2) Myne eyes haue faynted after thy worde: whylest I say, when wilt thou comfort me 83 (119:3) For I am become like a bottel [hanged] in the smoke: yet I do not forget thy statutes 84 (119:4) Howe many are the dayes of thy seruaunt? when wilt thou geue iudgement agaynst them that persecute me 85 (119:5) The proude haue digged pittes for me: which is [a thing] not [done] accordyng to thy lawe 86 (119:6) All thy commaundementes are the trueth it selfe: they wrongfully persecute me, O be thou my ayde 87 (119:7) They had almost made an ende of me vpon the earth: but I forsoke not thy commaundementes 88 (119:8) Make me to lyue accordyng to thy pietie: and I wyll kepe the testimonies of thy mouth 89 (119:1) O God: thy worde endureth for euer in heauen 90 (119:2) Thy trueth [appeareth] to euery generation: thou hast layde the foundation of the earth, and it shall continue 91 (119:3) [All thynges] continue this day accordyng to thine ordinaunce: for all thinges be thy seruauntes 92 (119:4) If my delight had not ben in thy lawe: I shoulde haue perished in myne affliction 93 (119:5) I wyll neuer forget thy commaundementes: for through them thou hast reuiued me 94 (119:6) I am thine, saue me: for I haue diligently studied thy commaundementes ouer 95 (119:7) When the vngodly layde wayte for me to destroy me: I endeuoured my selfe to vnderstande thy testimonies 96 (119:8) I see an ende of euery thing be it neuer so perfect: but thy commaundement is exceedyng large 97 (119:1) Howe greatly do I loue thy lawe? my study is all the day long in it 98 (119:2) Thou hast made me wyser then myne enemies through thy commaundementes: for they are euer with me 99 (119:3) I am able to geue better instruction then all they that were my teachers: for thy testimonies are my study 100 (119:4) I am made to vnderstande more then the aged can: because I kept thy commaundementes 101 (119:5) I haue rstrayned my feete from euery euyll way: that I may kepe thy worde 102 (119:6) I haue not shrinked from thy iudgementes: for thou didst teache me 103 (119:7) Howe sweete are thy wordes vnto my throte: truely [they be sweeter] then hony is to my mouth 104 (119:8) Through thy commaundementes I get vnderstandyng: therfore I hate all wayes of falshood 105 (119:1) Thy worde is a candell vnto my feete: and a lyght vnto my pathes 106 (119:2) I haue made an oth (which I wil ratifie) for to kepe thy iuste iudgementes 107 (119:3) I am troubled aboue measure: quicken me O God accordyng vnto thy worde 108 (119:4) Let the freewyll offerynges of my mouth please thee O God: and teache me thy iudgementes 109 (119:5) My soule is alway in my hande: yet I do not forget thy lawe 110 (119:6) The vngodly haue layde a snare for me: but yet I swarued not from thy commaundementes 111 (119:7) I haue claymed thy testimonies as myne heritage for euer: for they are the very ioy of myne heart 112 (119:8) I haue applyed myne heart for to fulfyll thy statutes: euen to the worldes ende 113 (119:1) I hate hygh subtile deuices: and I do loue thy lawe 114 (119:2) Thou art my refuge and my shield: I geue earnest attendaunce vnto thy worde 115 (119:3) Auoyde from me ye malicious [persons:] and I wyll kepe the commaundementes of my Lorde 116 (119:4) Strengthen me in thy worde and I shall lyue: and make me not ashamed of my hope 117 (119:5) Holde thou me vp and I shalbe safe: and I will loke gladly vpon thy statutes alwayes 118 (119:6) Thou hast troden vnder foote all them that go astray from thy statutes: for their crafty deuice is but falshood 119 (119:7) Thou hast dispatched out of the way all the vngodly of the earth lyke drosse: therfore I loue thy testimonies 120 (119:8) My fleshe trembleth for feare of thee: and I am afrayde of thy iudgementes 121 (119:1) I haue executed iudgement and iustice: [wherfore] leaue me not to such as do offer me wrong 122 (119:2) For thy owne goodnesse sake take thy seruaunt vnto thy protection: let not the proude oppresse me with wrong 123 (119:3) Myne eyes haue faynted with lokyng for thy saluation: and for the worde of thy [ryghteousnesse. 124 (119:4) Deale with thy seruaunt accordyng vnto thy owne louyng kyndnesse: and teache me thy statutes 125 (119:5) I am thy seruaunt, graunt me vnderstandyng: that I may knowe thy testimonies 126 (119:6) It is tyme for [me] to do for Gods cause: for they haue brought thy lawe almost to nothyng 127 (119:7) Therfore I loue thy commaundementes: aboue golde and precious stone 128 (119:8) Therfore I take all thy commaundementes euery one of them to be ryght: & I vtterly hate all wayes of falshood 129 (119:1) Thy testimonies [contayne] wonderfull thinges: therfore doth my soule kepe them 130 (119:2) The first entering of thy wordes will illuminate: geuyng vnderstanding euen vnto the simple 131 (119:3) I opened my mouth and panted: for I bare a great affection to thy commaundementes 132 (119:4) Loke thou vpon me and be mercifull vnto me: as thou vsest to do vnto those that loue thy name 133 (119:5) Direct my steppes in thy worde: and so shall no wickednesse haue dominion ouer me 134 (119:6) Redeeme me from the fraudulent dealyng of men: and I wyll kepe thy commaundementes 135 (119:7) Make the lyght of thy countenaunce shyne vpon thy seruaunt: and teache me thy statutes 136 (119:8) Ryuers of waters gushe out of myne eyes: because men kepe not thy lawe 137 (119:1) O God: thou art iust and vpryght in thy iudgementes 138 (119:2) Thou hast commaunded the iustice and the veritie of thy testimonies: [to be obserued] very strayghtly 139 (119:3) My zeale hath consumed me: because myne aduersaries haue forgotten thy wordes 140 (119:4) Thy worde is purified to the vttermost: and thy seruaunt loueth it 141 (119:5) I am small and of no reputation: [yet] I do not forget thy comaundementes 142 (119:6) Thy ryghteousnesse is an euerlastyng righteousnesse: & thy lawe is the trueth 143 (119:7) Trouble and griefe haue taken holde vpon me: yet thy commaundementes be my delyght 144 (119:8) The righteousnesse of thy testimonies is euerlastyng: make me to vnderstande [them] and I shall lyue 145 (119:1) I haue called with my whole heart, heare me O God: I wyll kepe thy statutes 146 (119:2) I haue called vpon thee, saue me: and I wyll kepe thy testimonies 147 (119:3) I haue preuented [other] in the dawnyng of the day, and I cryed vnto thee: for I geue earnest attendaunce vnto thy wordes 148 (119:4) Myne eyes haue preuented the nyght watches: that my study might be wholy in thy wordes 149 (119:5) Heare my voyce accordyng to thy louing kindnesse: make me to lyue O God after thy iudgementes 150 (119:6) They that mynde to do an act of mischiefenesse, do drawe nye vnto me: they are farre from thy lawe 151 (119:7) But thou art nye at hande O God: and all thy comaundementes be trueth 152 (119:8) As concernyng thy testimonies: I haue knowen long since that thou hast made them to last for euer 153 (119:1) Beholde myne affliction & deliuer me: for I haue not forgotten thy lawe 154 (119:2) Defende thou my cause & redeeme me: make me to lyue accordyng vnto thy worde 155 (119:3) Saluation is farre from the vngodly: for they study not thy statutes 156 (119:4) Thy mercies be manifolde O God: make me to liue accordyng to thy iudgementes 157 (119:5) There be many that do persecute me and be myne aduersaries: yet I do not swarue from thy testimonies 158 (119:6) I sawe transgressours, and I was greeued at the heart: because they kept not thy lawe 159 (119:7) Beholde howe I loue thy commaundementes: quicken me O God accordyng to thy louyng kindnesse 160 (119:8) The beginning of thy word is trueth: and all the iudgementes of thy ryghteousnesse endure for euermore 161 (119:1) Princes haue persecuted me without a cause: but my heart hath stoode in awe of thy wordes 162 (119:2) I am as glad of thy worde: as he that fyndeth a great bootie 163 (119:3) That which is false I hate and abhorre: but thy lawe I do loue 164 (119:4) I do prayse thee seuen tymes euery day: for loue of the iudgementes of thy iustice 165 (119:5) They that loue thy lawe shall haue great prosperitie: and nothyng shall offende them 166 (119:6) Lorde, I haue wayted after thy saluation: and I haue done thy commaundementes 167 (119:7) My soule hath kept thy testimonies: and I haue loued them exceedyngly 168 (119:8) I haue kept thy commaundementes and testimonies: for all my wayes are before thee 169 (119:1) Let my crye O God approche neare vnto thy face: make me to vnderstande [euery thyng] accordyng vnto thy worde 170 (119:2) Let my supplication come before thee: deliuer me accordyng to thy worde 171 (119:3) My lippes shall powre out [thy] prayse: when thou hast taught me thy statutes 172 (119:4) My tongue shall syng of thy worde: for all thy commaundementes are ryghteousnesse 173 (119:5) Let thyne hande be redie for to ayde me: for I haue chosen thy commaundementes 174 (119:6) I haue longed for thy saluation O God: and thy lawe is my whole deligh 175 (119:7) Let my soule lyue, and it shall prayse thee: and thy iudgementes shalbe an ayde vnto me 176 (119:8) I haue gone astray lyke a lost sheepe: oh seke out thy seruaunt, for I haue not forgotten thy commaundementes

Psalms 120:1-150:6

1 When I was in trouble I called vpon God: and he hearde me 2 Deliuer my soule O God from false lyppes: & from a deceiptful tongue 3 What doth a deceiptfull tongue vnto thee? what good bryngeth it thee 4 [So much] as sharpe arrowes of a strong man [in thy sydes:] with Iuniper coales [powred on thy head. 5 Wo be vnto me that am constrayned to be conuersaunt in Mesech: and to dwell among the tentes of Cedar 6 My soule hath dwelt long: with hym that hateth peace 7 I [am a man] of peace: but because I do speake therof, they [prepare] them selues to battayle

Psalms 121:1-150:6

1 I will lift vp myne eyes vnto the hilles: from whence my helpe shall come 2 My helpe commeth from God: who hath made heauen and earth 3 He wyll not suffer thy foote to moue: he wyll not sleepe that kepeth thee 4 Beholde, he that kepeth Israel: wyll neither slumber nor sleepe 5 God hym selfe is thy keper: God is thy defence vpon thy ryght hande 6 The sunne shal not hurt thee by day: neither the moone by nyght 7 God wyll preserue thee from all euill: he wyll preserue thy soule 8 God wyll preserue thy goyng out and thy commyng in: from this tyme foorth for euermore

Psalms 122:1-150:6

1 I was glad when they sayde vnto me: we wyll go into the house of God 2 Our feete shall stande in thy gates: O Hierusalem 3 Hierusalem is builded: as a citie that is well vnited together in it selfe 4 For the tribes do go vp thyther, euen the tribes of the Lorde: [which is] a testimonie vnto Israel for to prayse the name of God 5 For there is ordeyned the seate for iudgement: euen the seate of the house of Dauid 6 Pray for the peace of Hierusalem: they shall prosper that loue thee 7 Peace be within thy walles: and plenteousnesse within thy palaces 8 For my brethren and companions sakes: I wyll wyshe peace [to be] within thee 9 Yea because of the house of God our Lord: I wyll procure to do thee good

Psalms 123:1-150:6

1 I lyft vp myne eyes vnto thee: who dwellest in heauen 2 Beholde, as the eyes of seruauntes [loke] vnto the hande of their maisters, and as the eyes of a mayden vnto the hande of her maistresse: euen so our eyes [wayte] vpon God our Lorde vntyll he haue mercie vpon vs 3 Haue mercy vpon vs O God, haue mercy vpon vs: for we haue suffered enough of dispite 4 Our soule is filled with the scornefull reprofe of the wealthy: and with the dispitefulnes of the proude

Psalms 124:1-150:6

1 (124:1a) If God him selfe had not ben of our side Israel may now say 2 (124:1b) if God him self had not ben of our side when men rose vp against vs 3 (124:2) Then they had swalowed vs vp quicke: when their wrath was so inflamed against vs 4 (124:3) Then the waters had drowned vs: the running streame had flowed ouer our soule 5 (124:4) Then the waters of the proude: had flowed ouer our soule 6 (124:5) But blessed be God, whiche hath not geuen vs ouer for a pray vnto their teeth 7 (124:6) Our soule is escaped, euen as a byrde out of the snare of the fouler: the snare is broken, and we be escaped 8 (124:7) Our helpe is in the name of God: who hath made heauen and earth

Psalms 125:1-150:6

1 They that put their trust in God [be] as the mount Sion: [whiche] may not be remoued [but] must stande fast for euer 2 As for Hierusalem, hilles be rounde about it: and God is rounde about his people from this tyme foorth for euermore 3 For the scepter of the vngodly shall not rest vpon the lot of the righteous: lest the righteous put their handes vnto wickednes 4 Be beneficiall O God: vnto those that be good and vpright in their heart 5 And such as do wander in their owne peruersnes, those God will cause to walke with the workers of wickednes: [so] peace [shalbe] vpon Israel

Psalms 126:1-150:6

1 When God shall cause them of Sion that were led into captiuitie for to returne: we shalbe as men that dreamed 2 Then shall our mouth be filled with a laughter: and our tongue with a ioyfull noyse. (126:3) Then shall suche as be amongst the Heathen say: God hath brought great thinges to passe, that he myght do for them 3 (126:4) God hath brought great thinges to passe for vs: we be made merie 4 (126:5) Make vs O God that be led into captiuitie: for to returne as riuers into the south 5 (126:6) They that sowe in teares: shall reape in ioy 6 (126:7) He that goeth foorth on his way, and wepyng beareth pretious seede: shall doubtlesse returning, come againe with a ioyfull noyse, bryngyng his sheaues with hym

Psalms 127:1-150:6

1 If GOD wyll not buylde the house, they labour in vayne that buylde it: if God kepe not the citie, the watchman waketh in vayne 2 [Is] it is a vayne thing for you that ye make haste to ryse vp early, that ye make delayes to take rest, eatyng the bread of sorowes: euen so he geueth sleepe to his welbeloued 3 Beholde, chyldren be the inheritage of God: and the fruite of the wombe is a rewarde 4 Like as arrowes be in the hande of the strong: euen so are the chyldren of youth 5 Happy is the man that hath filled his quiuer with them: they shall not be ashamed when they speake with their enemies in the gate

Psalms 128:1-150:6

1 He is blessed whatsoeuer he be that feareth God: walking in his waies 2 For thou shalt eate the labours of thine handes: thou shalt be happy, and [all] shall go well with thee 3 Thy wyfe shalbe as a fruitfull vine: vpon the sides of thyne house. (128:4) Thy chyldren [shalbe] like oliue braunches: rounde about thy table 4 (128:5) Beholde, for thus shall the man be blessed: that feareth God 5 (128:6) God wyll blesse thee out of Sion: and thou shalt see Hierusalem in prosperitie all the dayes of thy lyfe 6 (128:7) Yea thou shalt see thy chylders chyldren: and peace vpon Israel

Psalms 129:1-150:6

1 Israel may now say: they haue troubled me often from my youth vp 2 They haue troubled me often from my youth vp: but they haue not preuayled against me 3 The plowemen plowed vpon my backe: they made long forrowes 4 But God who is iust: hath cut a peeces the snares of the vngodly 5 All they that beare an euyll wyll to Sion: shalbe confounded, and be made to turne backe from it 6 They shall be as the grasse growing vpon the house toppes: whiche withereth afore that it be shot foorth [to his growth. 7 Whereof the mower fylleth not his hande: neither he that byndeth vp the sheaues his armes full 8 And they which go by, say not so much as the blessing of God be vpon you: we blesse you in the name of God

Psalms 130:1-150:6

1 Out of the deepe I haue called vnto thee O God: O Lorde heare my voyce 2 Let thine eares be attentiue: vnto the voyce of my petition for grace 3 If thou O God wylt marke what is done amisse: O Lorde who can abide it 4 For there is pardon of sinne with thee: that thou mayest be feared 5 I haue wayted for God, my soule haue wayted [for hym:] and I haue reposed my trust in his worde 6 My soule [lifteth] more after God, then watchmen do after the morning: I say more then watchmen do after the mornyng 7 Israel ought to trust in God, for there is mercy with God: and there is plenteousnes of redemption with him 8 And he wyll redeeme Israel: from all his sinnes

Psalms 131:1-150:6

1 O God I am not hygh mynded, I haue no proude lokes: I haue not vsed to walke in greater & waightier matters then I ought to do 2 Nay I haue restrayned my soule, and kept it lowe like a chylde that is weaned from his mother: yea my soule is within me as a weaned chylde 3 O Israel repose thou thy trust in God: from this time foorth for euermore

Psalms 132:1-150:6

1 O God be mindfull of Dauid: with all his affliction 2 Who swore vnto God: who made a vowe vnto the most mightie [Lorde] of Iacob 3 [Saying] I wyll not enter into the tabernacle of my house: nor get vp into my bed 4 I wyll not suffer myne eyes to slepe: nor myne eye liddes to slumber 5 Untill I finde out a place for the temple of God: an habitation for the most mightie Lorde of Iacob 6 Beholde, we hearde it to be at Ephratha: we founde it in the fieldes of the forest 7 We wyll go into his tabernacle: and fall downe on our knees before his footestoole 8 Aryse O God [for to come] into thy resting place: thou and the arke of thy strength 9 Let thy priestes be clothed with righteousnes: and let thy saintes make a ioyfull noyse 10 For thy seruaunt Dauids sake: turne not away [from] the face of thyne annoynted 11 God hath sworne for a trueth vnto Dauid, and he wyll not go from it: I wyll place vpon thy throne some of the fruite of thy body 12 If thy chyldren wyll kepe my couenaunt and my testimonies whiche I wyll teache them: their chyldren also shall sit vpon thy throne for euermore 13 For God hath chosen [to be in] Sion: he had a desire that it might be an habitation for hym 14 This [is sayeth he] my rest for euer: heare I wyll dwell, for I haue a desire to it 15 I wyll aboundauntly powre my blessinges vpon her victuals: and I wyll satisfie her poore with bread 16 I wyll clothe her priestes with saluation: and her saintes shall make an exceeding ioyfull noyse 17 I will make there the horne of Dauid to bud vp: I wyll ordayne a light for mine annoynted 18 I wyll clothe his enemies with shame: but his crowne shall florishe vppon hym selfe

Psalms 133:1-150:6

1 Beholde howe good and howe pleasaunt a thing it is: that brethren dwel together in vnitie 2 [It is] lyke vnto a pretious oyntment [powred] vpon the head, which runneth downe vpon the beard, euen vpon Aarons beard: which also runneth downe vpon the skyrtes of his garmentes 3 [It is also] like vnto the deawe of Hermon: whiche falleth downe vpon the hyll of Sion. (133:4) For God hath commaunded his blessing: [and] life euerlasting [to be] where is [suche concorde.

Psalms 134:1-150:6

1 Beholde, blesse God all ye the seruauntes of God: who in the nyght tyme remayne in the house of God 2 Lyft vp your holy handes: and blesse God 3 God who made heauen and earth: blesse thee out of Sion

Psalms 135:1-150:6

1 Prayse ye the Lorde, prayse ye the name of God: prayse it ye seruauntes of God 2 Ye that stande in the house of God: in the courtes of the house of our Lord 3 Prayse ye the Lorde, for God is gratious: sing psalmes vnto his name, for it is pleasaunt 4 For the Lorde hath chosen Iacob vnto hym selfe: and Israel for his owne possession 5 For I knowe that God is great: and that our Lorde is aboue all gods 6 God doth whatsoeuer pleaseth hym in heauen and in earth: in the sea, and in all deepe places 7 He causeth cloudes to ascende from the lowest part of the earth: he maketh it to lighten when it rayneth, he bringeth wyndes out of his treasure houses 8 He smote the first borne of Egypt: aswell of beast as of man 9 He sent tokens and wonders into the mydst of thee O Egypt: against Pharao and all his seruauntes 10 He smote many nations: and slue mightie kinges 11 Sihon king of the Amorites, and Og the king of Bashan: and all the kingdomes of Chanaan 12 And he gaue their lande for an inheritaunce: euen for an heritaunce to Israel his people 13 Thy name O God endureth for euer: there wil be a remembraunce of thee O God, from one generation to another 14 For God wyll iudge his people: and he will be pacified [beyng displeased] with his seruauntes 15 As for the idols of the Heathen they are but siluer and golde: the worke of mens handes 16 They haue a mouth and speake not: they haue eyes but they see not 17 They haue eares and they heare not: yea there is no breath in their mouth 18 They that make them are lyke vnto them: [and] euery one that putteth his trust in them 19 Blesse God ye the house of Israel: blesse God ye the house of Aaron 20 Blesse God ye the house of Leui: ye that feare God, blesse God 21 Blessed be God out of Sion: who dwelleth at Hierusalem. Prayse ye the Lorde

Psalms 136:1-150:6

1 Confesse you [it] vnto the Lord, for he is gratious: and his mercy [endureth] for euer 2 Confesse you [it] vnto the God of Gods: for his mercy endureth for euer 3 Confesse you [it] vnto the Lorde of Lordes: for his mercy endureth for euer 4 Who onlye doth great wonders: for his mercy endureth for euer 5 Who by his excellent wysdome made the heauens: for his mercy endureth for euer 6 Who layde out the earth aboue the waters: for his mercy endureth for euer 7 Who hath made great lightes: for his mercy endureth for euer 8 The sunne to rule in the day: for his mercy endureth for euer 9 The moone and the starres to gouerne in the night: for his mercy endureth for euer 10 Who smote Egypt with their first borne: for his mercy endureth for euer 11 And brought out Israel from among them: for his mercy endureth for euer 12 With a mightie hande and a stretched out arme: for his mercy endureth for euer 13 Who deuided the red sea in partes: for his mercy endureth for euer 14 And made Israel to passe through the myddest of it: for his mercy endureth for euer 15 He ouerthrewe Pharao and his hoast in the red sea: for his mercy endureth for euer 16 Who led his people through the wyldernesse: for his mercy endureth for euer 17 Who smote great kinges: for his mercye endureth for euer 18 And he slue mightie kynges: for his mercy endureth for euer 19 Sihon kyng of the Amorites: for his mercy endureth for euer 20 And Og the kyng of Bashan: for his mercy endureth for euer 21 And he gaue away their lande for an heritage: for his mercy endureth for euer 22 For an heritage vnto Israel his seruaunt: for his mercy endureth for euer 23 Who remembred vs when we were brought lowe: for his mercy endureth for euer 24 And he deliuered vs from our aduersaries: for his mercy endureth for euer 25 Who geueth foode vnto all creatures: for his mercy endureth for euer 26 Confesse you [it] vnto the Lord of heauen: for his mercy endureth for euer

Psalms 137:1-150:6

1 By the waters of Babylon we sat downe there: also we wept when we remembred Sion 2 We hanged our harpes on the Salon trees: in the mydst of it 3 For there they that led vs away captiue required of vs some matter of a song: and [for] our waylynges myrth, [saying] sing vs one of the songes of Sion 4 [He aunswered] howe can we sing one of the songes of God: in another lande besides our owne 5 If I forget thee O Hierusalem: let my right hande forget [her cunning. 6 Let my tongue cleaue to the roofe of my mouth, if I do not remember thee: yea if I preferre not thee O Hierusalem aboue my most myrth 7 Remember the chyldren of Edom in the day of Hierusalem: they sayde, downe with it, downe with it, euen to the grounde 8 O daughter of Babylon who must lye wasted: happy shall he be that rewardeth thee as thou hast serued vs 9 Blessed shall he be: that taketh & throweth thy litle children against the stone

Psalms 138:1-150:6

1 I wyll geue thankes vnto thee O God with my whole heart: I wyll sing psalmes vnto thee before the gods 2 I wyll make my lowe obeysaunce towarde thy holy temple: and I wyll prayse thy holy name in respect of thy louing kindnesse and trueth. (138:3) For thou hast magnified thy name: and thy worde aboue all thinges 3 (138:4) In the day [of myne aduersitie] I called vpon thee, and thou heardest me: thou enduedst my soule more and more with strength 4 (138:5) All the kinges of the earth will prayse thee O God: for they haue hearde the wordes of thy mouth 5 (138:6) Yea they wyll sing of the wayes of God: for great is the glory of God 6 (138:7) For though God be on high: yet he will haue respect vnto the lowly, and he wyll knowe the proude a farre of 7 (138:8) If I shall walke in the midst of trouble, thou wylt make me to liue: thou wylt stretche foorth thyne hande vpon the furiousnes of mine enemies, and thy right hande shall saue me 8 (138:9) God wyll finishe that he hath begun by me: O God thy louing kindnesse endureth for euer, thou wylt not forsake the workes of thyne owne handes

Psalms 139:1-150:6

1 O God thou hast searched me to the quicke: and thou hast knowen me 2 Thou knowest my downe sitting & myne vprising: thou vnderstandest my thoughtes long before they be 3 Thou compassest about my path, and my iourney into all coastes: and thou vsest all my wayes 4 For there is not a word in my tongue: but beholde thou O Lorde knowest it altogether 5 Thou hast fashioned me behinde and before: and layde thyne hande vpon me 6 The knowledge that [thou hast] of me is marueylous: it is so high that I can not [attayne] vnto it 7 Whyther can I go from thy spirite: or whyther can I flee away from thy face 8 If I ascende vp into heauen, thou art there: if I lay me downe in hell, thou art there also 9 If I take the wynges of the morning: and [go to] dwell in the vttermost part of the sea 10 Euen there also thy hande shall leade me: and thy right hande shall holde me 11 And yf I say peraduenture the darknesse shall couer me: and the night shalbe day for me 12 Truely the darknesse shall not darken any thing from thee, and the night shalbe as lyghtsome as the day: darknesse and lyght [to thee] are both a lyke 13 For thou hast my reynes in thy possession: thou didst couer me in my mothers wombe 14 I wyll confesse it vnto thee, for that thy [doynges] are to be dreaded, I am made after a marueylous sort: thy workes be marueylous, and that my soule knoweth ryght well 15 The substaunce of my [body] was not hyd from thee: when I was made in secrete and fashioned with distinct members in my mothers wombe 16 Thyne eyes dyd see me when I was most imperfect: and in thy booke were written euery day of them [wherin the partes of my body] were shaped, and no one of them were knowen vnto thee 17 Howe pretious be thy cogitations towardes me O God? howe greatly be the summe of them increased 18 I go about to count them, I fynde that they are mo in number then the sande: and yet whyle I am wakyng I am styll with thee 19 For truely thou wylt slay O Lord the wicked man: and the blood thirstie men [to whom I euer say] depart ye from me 20 Who do speake vnto thee in guilefull maner: [thou art O God] exalted in vayne to thyne enemies 21 Do not I hate them O God that hate thee? and am not I greeued with those that rise vp agaynst thee 22 Yea I hate them from the bottome of myne heart: euen as though they were myne enemies 23 Searche me to the quicke O Lorde, and knowe thou myne heart: proue me and knowe thou my thoughtes 24 And loke well yf there be any way of peruersnesse in me: and [then] leade me in the way of the worlde

Psalms 140:1-150:6

1 Delyuer me O God from the euyll man: and preserue me from the outragious man 2 Who in heart imagine mischiefes: and set forwarde to warre euery day 3 They haue sharpened their tongue lyke a serpent: Adders poyson is vnder their lippes. Selah 4 Kepe me O God from the handes of the vngodly: preserue me from the outragious man, who haue deuised to thrust my feete [from me. 5 The proude haue layde a snare for me, and spread a net abroade with coardes in the high wayes: they haue set trappes for me. Selah 6 I haue sayde vnto God, thou art my Lorde: heare the voyce of my prayers O God 7 O Lorde God the strength of my saluation: thou hast couered my head in the day of battayle 8 Graunt not vnto the vngodly [his] desires O God: bryng not to passe his mischeuous imagination [lest] they shoulde be made to proude. Selah 9 Let the labour of his owne lippe couer him: [who is] head of them that compasse me about 10 Let hotte coales be burnyng vpon them: he wyll cast them downe into the fire into deepe pittes, that they may neuer rise vp agayne 11 A man full of tongue can not prosper vpon the earth: euyll shall hunt the outragious person to ouerthrowe him 12 I am sure that God wyll dispatche the cause of the afflicted: and he wyll geue iudgement for the needy 13 Truely the ryghteous wyll confesse it vnto thy name: they that deale vprightlye shall dwell before thy face

Psalms 141:1-150:6

1 O God I call vpon thee, haste thee vnto me: geue eare vnto my voyce whylest I crye vnto thee 2 Let my prayer be directed before thy face [as] an incense: let the liftyng vp of mine handes [be] an euenyng sacrifice 3 Set a watch O God before my mouth: and kepe the doore of my lippes 4 Inclyne not myne heart to any euyll thyng, wherby I myght commit any vngodly act with men that be workers of iniquitie: and let me not eate of their delicates 5 I wishe that the ryghteous woulde smite me and reproue me: for it is louing kyndnesse. (141:6) But let not pretious baulmes breake mine head: for as yet euen my prayer is agaynst their wickednesse 6 (141:7) Let their iudges be thrust downe headlong from a rocke: then they wyll heare my wordes, for they be sweete 7 (141:8) Our bones lye scattered vpon the graues mouth: lyke as when one breaketh and heweth [wood] vpon the earth 8 (141:9) For mine eyes loke vnto thee O God the Lorde: in thee is my trust, cast not my soule out [of me. 9 (141:10) Kepe me from the snare which they haue layde foorth for me: and from the trappes of them that be workers of iniquitie 10 (141:11) Let the vngodly fall together into their owne nettes: but let me in the meane season alwayes escape [them.

Psalms 142:1-150:6

1 I cryed vnto God with my voyce: euen vnto God I dyd make my supplication 2 I powred out before his face my cogitations: and I made a declaration of my trouble before his face 3 When my spirite was ouerwhelmed within me, thou knewest my path: in the way wherein I walked they haue priuily layde a snare for me 4 When I loked vpon my ryght hande and sawe [rounde about me] there was no man that woulde knowe me: I had no place to flee vnto, and no man cared for my soule 5 I cryed vnto thee O God, and sayde: thou art my hope and my portion in the lande of the lyuyng 6 Consider my complaynt, for I am brought very lowe: deliuer me from my persecutours, for they are to strong for me 7 Bryng my soule out of prison, that I may prayse thy name: the ryghteous shal compasse me rounde about, because thou hast [thus] rewarded me

Psalms 143:1-150:6

1 Heare my prayer O God, geue eare vnto my desire: hearken vnto me for thy trueth sake, for thy ryghteousnesse sake 2 And enter not into iudgement with thy seruaunt: for in thy syght no man lyuyng can be iustified 3 For the enemie hath persecuted my soule, he hath smitten my lyfe downe to the grounde: he hath layde me in darknesse as men that haue ben long dead 4 And my spirite is ouerwhelmed within me: and my heart is desolate in the midst of me 5 I call to remembraunce the tyme long past: I muse vpon euery act of thine, I exercise my study on the worke of thy handes 6 I stretche foorth myne handes vnto thee: my soule as a thirstie lande [gaspeth] vnto thee. Selah 7 Make speede, hearken vnto me O God, my spirite waxeth faynt: hyde not thy face from me, for I am lyke vnto them that go downe into the pyt 8 Cause me to heare of thy louyng kindnesse betymes in the mornyng: for in thee is my trust. (143:9) Make me to knowe the way that I shoulde walke in: for I lyft vp my soule vnto thee 9 (143:10) Delyuer me O God from myne enemies: I hyde my selfe with thee 10 (143:11) Teache me to do the thyng that pleaseth thee, for thou art my Lorde: let thy good spirite leade me foorth vnto the lande of ryghteousnesse 11 (143:12) For thy names sake O God thou wilt cause me to lyue: and for thy righteousnesse sake thou wilt bryng my soule out of trouble 12 (143:13) And of thy goodnesse thou wylt restrayne myne enemies: and destroy all them that be aduersaries to my soule, for I am thy seruaunt

Psalms 144:1-150:6

1 Blessed be God my rocke: who teacheth my handes to warre, and my fingers to fyght 2 My holynesse and my fortresse, my refuge, and my only deliuerer: my buckler, in hym I haue put my trust, who subdueth my people vnder me 3 O God, what is man that thou doest knowe hym? what is the sonne of man that thou doest thynke of hym 4 Man is lyke a thyng of naught: his dayes be lyke a shadowe that passeth away 5 Bowe thy heauens O God and come downe: touche the mountaynes and they shall smoke 6 Cast out terrible lightninges and feare them: shoote out thyne arrowes and consume them 7 Sende downe thine hand from aboue: deliuer me and take me out of the great waters, from the hande of the children of an other deuotion then I am 8 Whose mouth vttereth vanitie: and their ryght hande is a ryght hande of falshood 9 O Lorde I wyll syng a newe song vnto thee: and I wyll syng psalmes vnto thee vpon a Lute, [and vpon] an instrument of ten strynges 10 Who geueth victorie vnto kynges: who redeemeth Dauid his seruaunt from peryll of the sworde 11 Redeeme me and deliuer me from the hande of the children of an other deuotion then I am: whose mouth vttereth vanitie, and their ryght hande is a ryght hande of falshood 12 That our sonnes may growe vp in their youth as young plantes: that our daughters may be as corners [stones] grauen after the fashion as a palace is 13 That the corners of our houses may be fylled, yeeldyng foorth all maner of stoore: that our cattell may bring foorth thousandes, [yea] ten thousandes in our streates 14 That our oxen may be strong [to labour] that there be no decay: no leadyng into captiuitie, and no complaynyng in our streates 15 Happy are the people that be in such a case: blessed is the people who haue God for their Lorde

Psalms 145:1-150:6

1 I will magnifie thee O Lord my king: and I wyll blesse thy name for euer and euer 2 I wyll blesse thee euery day: and I wyll prayse thy name for euer and euer 3 Great is God and most worthy to be praysed: and his greatnesse can not be searched out 4 One generation shal praise thy workes vnto another: and they shall declare thy mightie power 5 I wyll set foorth in wordes the glorious maiestie of thy excellentnesse: and thy wonderous workes 6 I wyll also declare thy greatnesse: so that men shall speake of the force of thy terrible actes 7 They shall vtter out of their mouth a memoriall of thyne aboundaunt kyndnesse: and they shall syng of thy ryghteousnesse 8 God is gratious and mercifull: loth to be angry, and great in louing kindnesse 9 God is good vnto euery man: and his mercie is ouer all his workes 10 All thy workes shall confesse it vnto thee O God: and thy saintes shall blesse thee 11 They shal shewe the glorie of thy kingdome: and talke of thy power 12 That they may make knowen to the children of men his manifolde power: & the glorious maiestie of his kingdome 13 Thy kingdome is an euerlasting kingdome: and thy dominion endureth throughout all ages 14 God vpholdeth all such as fall: and lyfteth vp all those that be bowyng downewarde 15 The eyes of all wayte vpon thee: and thou geuest them their meate in due season 16 Thou openest thyne hande: and thou satisfiest the desire of euery thing liuing 17 God is righteous in all his wayes: and holy in all his workes 18 God is nye vnto all them that call vpon hym: vnto all such as call vpon hym in trueth 19 He wyll fulfyll the desire of them that feare hym: he will also heare their crye, and he wyll saue them 20 God preserueth all those that loue him: but he wyll bring to nothyng such as be vngodly 21 My mouth shall speake the prayse of God: and all fleshe shall blesse his holy name for euer and euer

Psalms 146:1-150:6

1 Prayse ye the Lord, prayse thou God O my soule, whylest I lyue I wyll prayse God: I wyll syng psalmes vnto my Lorde so long as I shalbe 2 Put not your trust in princes [nor] in the sonne of man: in whom there is no saluation 3 His spirite shall depart out of hym, he shall turne agayne to his earth: at that day all his thoughtes shall perishe 4 Blessed is he vnto whom the God of Iacob is an ayde: his trust is in God his Lorde 5 Who made heauen and earth, the sea and all that therin is: who mainteyneth the trueth for euer 6 Who executeth iudgement for those that are oppressed with wrong: who geueth foode to the hungry 7 God looseth those that be bounde: God geueth syght to the blynde 8 God rayseth them vp that are falling: God loueth the ryghteous 9 God taketh strangers into his custodie, he releeueth the fatherlesse and the widdowe: as for the way of the vngodlye he turneth it vpsyde downe 10 God thy Lorde shall raigne O Sion, to the worldes ende: throughout all generations. Prayse ye the Lorde

Psalms 147:1-150:6

1 Prayse ye the Lorde, for it is a good thyng: sing psalmes vnto our Lorde, for it is a pleasaunt thing, [his] praise is to be desired 2 God buildeth vp Hierusalem: he wyll gather together the Israelites that were banished 3 He healeth those that are broken in heart: he wrappeth vp their sorowes 4 He counteth the number of the starres: he geueth vnto them all names 5 Great is our Lorde, and great is his power: his vnderstandyng is infinite 6 God setteth vp the meeke: he bringeth the vngodly downe to the grounde 7 Syng ye vnto God with a confession: syng psalmes vpon the Harpe vnto our Lorde 8 Who couereth the heauen with cloudes: who prepareth rayne for the earth, who maketh grasse to growe vppon the mountaynes 9 He geueth vnto cattell their foode: [euen] vnto Rauens which call for it 10 He hath no pleasure in the strength of an horse: he delighteth not in the legges of a man 11 God delyghteth in them that feare him: [and] in them that put their trust in his mercie 12 Prayse God O Hierusalem: prayse thy Lorde O Sion 13 For he maketh fast the barres of thy gates: he blesseth thy children within thee 14 He maketh peace in thy borders: he fylleth thee with good corne 15 He sendeth foorth his commaundement vpon the earth: his word runneth very swiftly 16 He geueth snowe [so whyte] as wooll: he scattereth the hoare frost like asshes 17 He casteth foorth his yse lyke fragmentes: who is able to abide his frost 18 He sendeth foorth his worde and melteth them: he bloweth with his winde, and the waters flowe 19 He declareth his worde vnto Iacob: his statutes & ordinaunces vnto Israel 20 He hath not dealt so with euery nation: neither haue they the knowledge of his iudgementes. Prayse ye the Lorde

Psalms 148:1-150:6

1 Prayse ye the Lorde, prayse ye God out of heauen: prayse ye hym on hygh aboue 2 Prayse hym all ye his angels: prayse hym all ye his hoast 3 Prayse ye hym sunne and moone: praise hym all ye starres [that geue] lyght 4 Prayse ye hym all ye heauens: and ye waters that be aboue the heauens 5 Euen they shoulde prayse the name of God: for he commaunded, and they were created 6 He hath set them sure for euer and euer: he hath geuen them a lawe which shall not be broken 7 Prayse ye God from the earth: ye dragons and all deepes 8 Fire and hayle, snowe and vapours: stormie wynde fulfyllyng his worde 9 Mountaynes and all hylles: fruitfull trees and all Cedars 10 Beastes and all cattell: wormes and fethered foules 11 Kynges of the earth and all people: princes and all iudges of the earth 12 (148:12a) Young men and maydens, olde men with children 13 (148:12b) shoulde prayse the name of God: for his name only is most excellent, and his maiestie aboue earth and heauen 14 (148:13) He hath exalted the horne of his people: the prayse of all his saintes, euen of the children of Israel, a people that is most nye vnto him. Prayse ye the Lord

Psalms 149:1-150:6

1 Prayse ye the Lorde, syng vnto God a newe song: he ought to be praysed in the congregation of saintes 2 Israel shoulde reioyce in his maker: the children of Sion shoulde be ioyfull in their kyng 3 They shoulde prayse his name in a daunce: they shoulde sing psalmes vnto hym vpon a tabret and a harpe 4 For God hath a pleasure in his people: he wyll beautifie the afflicted with saluation 5 The saintes shalbe ioyful with glory: they shal expresse a ioyfull noyse in their beddes 6 The hygh promotions of the Lorde shalbe in their mouth: and a two edged sworde in their handes 7 That they may take auengement of the heathen: and correction of the nations 8 That they may bynde their kynges in chaynes: and their nobles with iron fetters 9 That they may execute the iudgement prescribed: this honour shalbe to all his saintes. Prayse ye the Lorde

Psalms 150:1-6

1 Prayse ye the Lorde, prayse ye the Lord in his sanctuarie: praise ye him in the firmament of his power 2 Prayse ye hym in his strength: prayse ye hym in his excellent greatnesse 3 Prayse ye hym in the sounde of a trumpet: prayse ye hym vpon a Lute and an Harpe 4 Prayse ye hym with a tabret and a daunce: prayse ye him vpon the stringes and vpon the Organes 5 Prayse ye hym vpon the well tuned Cimbales: prayse ye hym vpon the loude Cimbales 6 Euery thyng that draweth breath: ought to prayse the Lorde. Prayse ye the Lorde

Psalms 82:4

4 Deliuer the poore and outcast: saue them from the hande of the vngodly

Isaiah 41:11-13

11 Beholde, all they that resist thee shall come to confusion and shame, and thine aduersaries shalbe destroyed & brought to naught 12 So that who so seeketh after them, shall not finde them, thy destroyers shall perishe: and so shall they that vndertake to make battayle against thee be as that is not, & as a thing of naught 13 For I the Lorde thy God wyll strengthen thy right hande, euen I that say vnto thee, Feare not, I wyll helpe thee

Matthew 5:38-41

38 Ye haue hearde, that it is sayde, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth 39 But, I say vnto you, that ye resist not euyll. But, whosoeuer geueth thee a blowe on thy right cheeke, turne to him the other also 40 And yf any man wyll sue thee at the lawe, and take away thy coate, let him haue thy cloke also 41 And whosoeuer wyll compell thee to go a myle, go with hym twayne

Psalms 18:3

3 (18:2) I wyll call vpon God, who is most worthy to be praysed: so I shall be safe from myne enemies

Matthew 5:11

11 Blessed are ye, whe (men) reuyle you, and persecute (you) and, lying, shall say all maner of euyll saying agaynst you, for my sake

Ephesians 4:29

29 Let no fylthy communication procede out of your mouth, but that whiche is good to edifie withal, as oft as neede is, that it may minister grace vnto the hearers

Proverbs 6:16-19

16 These sixe thinges doth the Lorde hate, and the seuenth he vtterly abhorreth 17 A proude loke, a lying tongue, handes that shed innocent blood 18 An heart that goeth about wicked imaginations, feete that be swyft in running to mischiefe 19 A false witnesse that bringeth vp lyes, and hym that soweth discorde among brethren

1 John 2:9

9 He that sayth howe that he is in the lyght, and yet hateth his brother, is in darkenesse, euen vntyll this tyme

Deuteronomy 31:6

6 Plucke vp your heartes therfore, and be strong, dreade not, nor be afrayde of them: for the Lorde thy God hym selfe doth go with thee, he shall not fayle thee, nor forsake thee

1 John 3:15

15 Whosoeuer hateth his brother, is a manslear: And ye knowe that no manslear, hath eternall life abidyng in hym

Romans 12:19-20

19 Dearely beloued, auenge not your selues, but rather geue place vnto wrath. For it is written: Uengeaunce is myne, I wyll repay sayth the Lorde 20 Therfore, yf thyne enemie hunger, feede hym: yf he thyrst, geue him drinke. For in so doyng, thou shalt heape coales of fyre on his head

Matthew 5:43-48

43 Ye haue heard, that it is saide: Thou shalt loue thy neyghbour, & hate thyne enemie 44 But I saye vnto you, loue your enemies, blesse them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, pray for the which hurt you, and persecute you 45 That ye may be the chyldren of your father, which is in heauen. For he maketh his sonne to aryse on the euyll, and on the good, and sendeth rayne on the iust, and on the vniust 46 For yf ye loue them which loue you, what rewarde haue ye? Do not the publicans also euen the same 47 And yf ye salute or greete your brethre only, what singuler thyng do ye? Do not also the publicans lykewyse 48 Ye shall therfore be perfecte, euen as your father, which is in heauen, is perfecte

2 Timothy 1:7

7 For God hath not geuen to vs the spirite of feare: but of power, and of loue, and of a sounde mynde

Leviticus 19:18

18 Thou shalt not auenge nor wayte to do displeasure agaynst the chyldren of thy people, but shalt loue thy neighbour euen as thy selfe: I am the Lorde

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