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Genesis 35:1-14

1 And God sayd vnto Iacob: aryse, and get thee vp to Bethel, and dwell there, and make there an aulter vnto God that appeared vnto thee when thou fleddest from the face of Esau thy brother 2 Then sayde Iacob vnto his householde, and to all that were with hym: put away the straunge gods that are among you, and be cleane, and chaunge your garmentes 3 For we wyll aryse and go vp to Bethel, and I wyll make an aulter there vnto God, whiche hearde me in the day of my affliction, and was with me in the way whiche I went 4 And they gaue vnto Iacob all the straunge gods whiche they had in their hand, and al their earinges which were in theyr eares, and Iacob hyd them vnder an oke whiche was by Sichem 5 And when they departed, the feare of God fel vpon the cities that were round about them, and they did not pursue the sonnes of Iacob 6 So came Iacob to Luz, whiche is in the lande of Chanaan (the same is Bethel) he and all the people that was with him 7 And he builded there an aulter, and called the place, the God of Bethel, because that god appeared vnto him there when he fled fro the face of his brother 8 But Debora Rebeccas nurse died, and was buryed beneath Bethel vnder an oke: and the name of it was called, the oke of lamentation 9 And God appeared vnto Iacob agayne, after he came out of Mesopotamia, and blessed him 10 And God sayd vnto him: thy name is Iacob, notwithstanding thou shalt be no more called Iacob, but Israel shalbe thy name: & he called his name Israel 11 And God sayd vnto him: I am God almightie, be fruitefull and multiplie: a nation, and a multitude of nations shall spring of thee, yea and kinges shall come out of thy loynes 12 And the lande which I gaue Abraham and Isahac, wil I geue vnto thee, and vnto thy seede after thee wyll I geue that lande also 13 And so God departed from him, in the place where he had talked with him 14 And Iacob set vp on ende in the place where he talked with him [euen] a stone set he vp on ende, & powred drinke offering theron, & powred also oyle theron

Genesis 8:20

20 And Noah builded an aulter vnto ye Lorde, and tooke of euery cleane beast, and of euery cleane foule, & offred burnt offering on the aulte

Genesis 22:9

9 And when they came to ye place which God had shewed him, Abraham buylt an aulter there, and dressed the wood, and bound Isahac his sonne, and layde him on the aulter aboue vpo the wood

Genesis 26:25

25 And he builded an aulter there, and called vpon the name of the Lorde, and pitched his tent: and there Isahacs seruauntes dygged a well

Genesis 12:7

7 And the Lorde appearyng vnto Abram, sayd, Unto thy seede wyl I geue this lande: And there buylded he an aulter vnto the Lorde whiche appeared vnto hym

Exodus 20:24-26

24 An aulter of earth thou shalt make vnto me, and theron offer thy burnt offeringes, and thy peace offeringes, thy sheepe, and thyne oxen: In all places where I shall put the remembraunce of my name, thyther I wyll come vnto thee, and blesse thee 25 And if thou wylt make me an aulter of stone, see thou make it not of hewen stone: els if thou lyft vp thy toole vpon it, thou hast poluted it 26 Neyther shalt thou go vp by steppes vnto myne aulter, that thy shame be not shewed theron

2 Samuel 24:24

24 And the king saide vnto Areuna: Not so, but I will bye it of thee at a price, and wil not offer sacrifice vnto the Lord my God of the which doth cost me nothing. And so Dauid bought the thresshing floore and the oxen for fiftie sicles of siluer

Hebrews 13:10

10 We haue an aulter, wherof they haue no ryght to eate which serue in the tabernacle

Revelation 6:9-11

9 And when he had opened the fift seale, I sawe vnder the aulter the soules of them that were kylled for the worde of God, and for the testimonie which they had 10 And they cryed with a loude voyce, saying: Howe long taryest thou Lorde, holy and true, to iudge and to auenge our blood on the that dwell on ye earth 11 And long whyte garmentes were geuen vnto euery one of them: and it was sayde vnto them, that they should reste yet for a litle season, vntyll the number of their felowes, and brethren, and of them that shoulde be kylled as they were, were fulfylled

Genesis 8:20-22

20 And Noah builded an aulter vnto ye Lorde, and tooke of euery cleane beast, and of euery cleane foule, & offred burnt offering on the aulte 21 And the Lorde smelled a sweete [or quiet] sauour, and the Lord sayde in his heart: I wyll not hencefoorth curse the grounde any more for mans sake, for the imagination of mans heart is euyll [euen] from his youth: neyther wyll I smyte any more euery thyng lyuyng, as I haue done 22 Yet therefore shall not sowyng tyme and haruest, colde and heate, sommer and wynter, day and nyght, ceasse all the dayes of the earth

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