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Joshua 1:1-18

  1 H310 Now it came to pass after H4194 the death H4872 of Moses H5650 the servant H3068 of Jehovah, H3068 that Jehovah H559 spake H3091 unto Joshua H1121 the son H5126 of Nun, H4872 Moses' H8334 minister, H559 saying,
  2 H4872 Moses H5650 my servant H4191 is dead; H6965 now therefore arise, H5674 go over H3383 this Jordan, H5971 thou, and all this people, H776 unto the land H5414 which I do give H1121 to them, even to the children H3478 of Israel.
  3 H4725 Every place H3709 that the sole H7272 of your foot H1869 shall tread upon, H5414 to you have I given H1696 it, as I spake H4872 unto Moses.
  4 H4057 From the wilderness, H3844 and this Lebanon, H1419 even unto the great H5104 river, H5104 the river H6578 Euphrates, H776 all the land H2850 of the Hittites, H1419 and unto the great H3220 sea H3996 toward the going down H8121 of the sun, H1366 shall be your border.
  5 H376 There shall not any man H3320 be able to stand H6440 before H3117 thee all the days H2416 of thy life: H4872 as I was with Moses, H7503 so I will be with thee; I will not fail H5800 thee, nor forsake thee.
  6 H2388 Be strong H553 and of good courage; H5971 for thou shalt cause this people H5157 to inherit H776 the land H7650 which I sware H1 unto their fathers H5414 to give them.
  7 H2388 Only be strong H3966 and very H553 courageous, H8104 to observe H6213 to do H8451 according to all the law, H4872 which Moses H5650 my servant H6680 commanded H5493 thee: turn H3225 not from it to the right hand H8040 or to the left, H7919 that thou mayest have good success H3212 whithersoever thou goest.
  8 H5612 This book H8451 of the law H4185 shall not depart H6310 out of thy mouth, H1897 but thou shalt meditate H3119 thereon day H3915 and night, H8104 that thou mayest observe H6213 to do H3789 according to all that is written H6743 therein: for then thou shalt make H1870 thy way H6743 prosperous, H7919 and then thou shalt have good success.
  9 H6680 Have not I commanded H2388 thee? Be strong H553 and of good courage; H6206 be not affrighted, H2865 neither be thou dismayed: H3068 for Jehovah H430 thy God H3212 is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
  10 H3091 Then Joshua H6680 commanded H7860 the officers H5971 of the people, H559 saying,
  11 H5674 Pass H7130 through H4264 the midst of the camp, H6680 and command H5971 the people, H559 saying, H3559 Prepare H6720 you victuals; H7969 for within three H3117 days H5674 ye are to pass over H3383 this Jordan, H935 to go in H3423 to possess H776 the land, H3068 which Jehovah H430 your God H5414 giveth H3423 you to possess it.
  12 H7206 And to the Reubenites, H1425 and to the Gadites, H2677 and to the half - H7626 tribe H4519 of Manasseh, H559 spake H3091 Joshua, H559 saying,
  13 H2142 Remember H1697 the word H4872 which Moses H5650 the servant H3068 of Jehovah H6680 commanded H559 you, saying, H3068 Jehovah H430 your God H5117 giveth you rest, H5414 and will give H776 you this land.
  14 H802 Your wives, H2945 your little ones, H4735 and your cattle, H3427 shall abide H776 in the land H4872 which Moses H5414 gave H5676 you beyond H3383 the Jordan; H5674 but ye shall pass H6440 over before H251 your brethren H2571 armed, H1368 all the mighty H2428 men of valor, H5826 and shall help them;
  15 H3068 until Jehovah H5117 have given H251 your brethren H5117 rest, H5117 as he hath given H3423 you, and they also have possessed H776 the land H3068 which Jehovah H430 your God H5414 giveth H7725 them: then ye shall return H776 unto the land H3425 of your possession, H4872 and possess it, which Moses H5650 the servant H3068 of Jehovah H5414 gave H5676 you beyond H3383 the Jordan H4217 toward the sunrising.
  16 H6030 And they answered H3091 Joshua, H559 saying, H6680 All that thou hast commanded H6213 us we will do, H834 and whithersoever H7971 thou sendest H3212 us we will go.
  17 H8085 According as we hearkened H4872 unto Moses H8085 in all things, so will we hearken H3068 unto thee: only Jehovah H430 thy God H4872 be with thee, as he was with Moses.
  18 H376 Whosoever H4784 he be that shall rebel H6310 against thy commandment, H8085 and shall not hearken H1697 unto thy words H6680 in all that thou commandest H4191 him, he shall be put to death: H2388 only be strong H553 and of good courage.

1 Kings 2:10

  10 H1732 And David H7901 slept H1 with his fathers, H6912 and was buried H5892 in the city H1732 of David.

Psalms 23:1-6

  1 H3068 A Psalm of David.
H7462 is my shepherd; H2637 I shall not want.
  2 H7257 He maketh me to lie down H1877 in green H4999 pastures; H5095 He leadeth H4496 me beside still H4325 waters.
  3 H7725 He restoreth H5315 my soul: H5148 He guideth H4570 me in the paths H6664 of righteousness H8034 for his name's sake.
  4 H3212 Yea, thou I walk H1516 through the valley H6757 of the shadow of death, H3372 I will fear H7451 no evil; H7626 for thou art with me; Thy rod H4938 and thy staff, H5162 they comfort me.
  5 H6186 Thou preparest H7979 a table H6440 before H6887 me in the presence of mine enemies: H1878 Thou hast anointed H7218 my head H8081 with oil; H3563 My cup H7310 runneth over.
  6 H2896 Surely goodness H2617 and lovingkindness H7291 shall follow H3117 me all the days H2416 of my life; H3427 And I shall dwell H1004 in the house H3068 of Jehovah H753 for ever.

Psalms 90:12

  12 H3045 So teach H4487 us to number H3117 our days, H935 That we may get H3824 us a heart H2451 of wisdom.

Isaiah 66:1-24

  1 H559 Thus saith H3068 Jehovah, H8064 Heaven H3678 is my throne, H776 and the earth H7272 is my footstool: H1004 what manner of house H1129 will ye build H4725 unto me? and what place H4496 shall be my rest?
  2 H3027 For all these things hath my hand H6213 made, H5002 and so all these things came to be, saith H3068 Jehovah: H5027 but to this man will I look, H6041 even to him that is poor H5223 and of a contrite H7307 spirit, H2730 and that trembleth H1697 at my word.
  3 H7819 He that killeth H7794 an ox H5221 is as he that slayeth H376 a man; H2076 he that sacrificeth H7716 a lamb, H6202 as he that breaketh H3611 a dog's H6202 neck; H5927 he that offereth H4503 an oblation, H2386 as he that offereth swine's H1818 blood; H2142 he that burneth H3828 frankincense, H1288 as he that blesseth H205 an idol. H977 Yea, they have chosen H1870 their own ways, H5315 and their soul H2654 delighteth H8251 in their abominations:
  4 H977 I also will choose H8586 their delusions, H935 and will bring H4035 their fears H7121 upon them; because when I called, H6030 none did answer; H1696 when I spake, H8085 they did not hear: H6213 but they did H7451 that which was evil H5869 in mine eyes, H977 and chose H2654 that wherein I delighted not.
  5 H8085 Hear H1697 the word H3068 of Jehovah, H2730 ye that tremble H1697 at his word: H251 Your brethren H8130 that hate H5077 you, that cast you out H8034 for my name's H559 sake, have said, H3068 Let Jehovah H3513 be glorified, H7200 that we may see H8057 your joy; H954 but it is they that shall be put to shame.
  6 H6963 A voice H7588 of tumult H5892 from the city, H6963 a voice H1964 from the temple, H6963 a voice H3068 of Jehovah H7999 that rendereth H1576 recompense H341 to his enemies.
  7 H2342 Before she travailed, H3205 she brought forth; H2256 before her pain H935 came, H4422 she was delivered H2145 of a man-child.
  8 H8085 Who hath heard H7200 such a thing? who hath seen H776 such things? Shall a land H259 be born in one H3117 day? H1471 shall a nation H2342 be brought forth H6471 at once? H1571 for as H1571 soon as H6726 Zion H2342 travailed, H3205 she brought forth H1121 her children.
  9 H7665 Shall I bring to the birth, H3205 and not cause to bring forth? H559 saith H3068 Jehovah: H589 shall I H3205 that cause to bring forth H6113 shut H559 the womb? saith H430 thy God.
  10 H8055 Rejoice H3389 ye with Jerusalem, H1523 and be glad H157 for her, all ye that love H7797 her: rejoice H4885 for joy H56 with her, all ye that mourn over her;
  11 H3243 that ye may suck H7646 and be satisfied H7699 with the breasts H8575 of her consolations; H4711 that ye may milk out, H6026 and be delighted H2123 with the abundance H3519 of her glory.
  12 H559 For thus saith H3068 Jehovah, H5186 Behold, I will extend H7965 peace H5104 to her like a river, H3519 and the glory H1471 of the nations H7857 like an overflowing H5158 stream: H3243 and ye shall suck H5375 thereof; ye shall be borne H6654 upon the side, H8173 and shall be dandled H1290 upon the knees.
  13 H376 As one H517 whom his mother H5162 comforteth, H5162 so will I comfort H5162 you; and ye shall be comforted H3389 in Jerusalem.
  14 H7200 And ye shall see H3820 it, and your heart H7797 shall rejoice, H6106 and your bones H6524 shall flourish H1877 like the tender grass: H3027 and the hand H3068 of Jehovah H3045 shall be known H5650 toward his servants; H2194 and he will have indignation H341 against his enemies.
  15 H3068 For, behold, Jehovah H935 will come H784 with fire, H4818 and his chariots H5492 shall be like the whirlwind; H7725 to render H639 his anger H2534 with fierceness, H1606 and his rebuke H3851 with flames H784 of fire.
  16 H784 For by fire H3068 will Jehovah H8199 execute judgment, H2719 and by his sword, H1320 upon all flesh; H2491 and the slain H3068 of Jehovah H7231 shall be many.
  17 H6942 They that sanctify H2891 themselves and purify H1593 themselves to go unto the gardens, H310 behind H259 one H8432 in the midst, H398 eating H2386 swine's H1320 flesh, H8263 and the abomination, H5909 and the mouse, H5486 they shall come to an end H3162 together, H5002 saith H3068 Jehovah.
  18 H4639 For I know their works H4284 and their thoughts: H935 the time cometh, H6908 that I will gather H1471 all nations H3956 and tongues; H935 and they shall come, H7200 and shall see H3519 my glory.
  19 H7760 And I will set H226 a sign H7971 among them, and I will send H6412 such as escape H1471 of them unto the nations, H8659 to Tarshish, H6322 Pul, H3865 and Lud, H4900 that draw H7198 the bow, H8422 to Tubal H3120 and Javan, H339 to the isles H7350 afar off, H8085 that have not heard H8088 my fame, H7200 neither have seen H3519 my glory; H5046 and they shall declare H3519 my glory H1471 among the nations.
  20 H935 And they shall bring H251 all your brethren H1471 out of all the nations H4503 for an oblation H3068 unto Jehovah, H5483 upon horses, H7393 and in chariots, H6632 and in litters, H6505 and upon mules, H3753 and upon dromedaries, H6944 to my holy H2022 mountain H3389 Jerusalem, H559 saith H3068 Jehovah, H1121 as the children H3478 of Israel H935 bring H4503 their oblation H2889 in a clean H3627 vessel H1004 into the house H3068 of Jehovah.
  21 H3947 And of them also will I take H3548 for priests H3881 and for Levites, H559 saith H3068 Jehovah.
  22 H2319 For as the new H8064 heavens H2319 and the new H776 earth, H6213 which I will make, H5975 shall remain H6440 before H5002 me, saith H3068 Jehovah, H2233 so shall your seed H8034 and your name H5975 remain.
  23 H1767 And it shall come to pass, that from H2320 one new moon H2320 to another, H1767 and from H7676 one sabbath H7676 to another, H1320 shall all flesh H935 come H7812 to worship H6440 before H559 me, saith H3068 Jehovah.
  24 H3318 And they shall go forth, H7200 and look H6297 upon the dead bodies H582 of the men H6586 that have transgressed H8438 against me: for their worm H4191 shall not die, H784 neither shall their fire H3518 be quenched; H1860 and they shall be an abhorring H1320 unto all flesh.

John 5:28-29

  28 G2296 Marvel G3361 not G5124 at this: G3754 for G5610 the hour G2064 cometh, G1722 in G3739 which G3956 all G3588 that are G1722 in G3419 the tombs G191 shall hear G846 his G5456 voice,
  29 G2532 and G1607 shall come forth; G4160 they that have done G18 good, G1519 unto G386 the resurrection G2222 of life; G1161 and G4238 they that have done G5337 evil, G1519 unto G386 the resurrection G2920 of judgment.

John 3:16

  16 G1063 For G2316 God G3779 so G25 loved G2889 the world, G5620 that G1325 he gave G846 his G3439 only begotten G5207 Son, G2443 that G3956 whosoever G4100 believeth G1519 on G846 him G622 should G3361 not G622 perish, G235 but G2192 have G166 eternal G2222 life.

1 Thessalonians 4:16

  16 G3754 For G2962 the Lord G846 himself G2597 shall descend G575 from G3772 heaven, G1722 with G2752 a shout, G1722 with G5456 the voice G743 of the archangel, G2532 and G1722 with G4536 the trump G2316 of God: G2532 and G3498 the dead G1722 in G5547 Christ G450 shall rise G4412 first;

2 Timothy 3:16

  16 G3956 Every G1124 scripture G2315 inspired of God G2532 is also G5624 profitable G4314 for G1319 teaching, G4314 for G1650 reproof, G4314 for G1882 correction, G4314 for G3809 instruction G1722 which is in G1343 righteousness.

Revelation 3:21

  21 G846 He G3528 that overcometh, G1325 I will give G2523 to him to sit G3326 down with G1700 me G1722 in G3450 my G2362 throne, G5613 as G2504 I also G3528 overcame, G2532 and G2523 sat down G3326 with G3450 my G3962 Father G1722 in G846 his G2362 throne.

Matthew 24:22

  22 G2532 And G3361 except G1565 those G2250 days G2856 had been shortened, G3756 no G4561 flesh G4982 would have been saved: G1161 but G1223 for G1588 the elect's G1223 sake G1565 those G2250 days G2856 shall be shortened.

Joshua 4:1-7

  1 H1471 And it came to pass, when all the nation H8552 were clean H5674 passed over H3383 the Jordan, H3068 that Jehovah H559 spake H3091 unto Joshua, H559 saying,
  2 H3947 Take H8147 you twelve H582 men H5971 out of the people, H259 out of every H7626 tribe H376 a man,
  3 H6680 and command H559 ye them, saying, H5375 Take H8432 you hence out of the midst H3383 of the Jordan, H3548 out of the place where the priests' H7272 feet H4673 stood H3559 firm, H8147 twelve H68 stones, H5674 and carry them over H3240 with you, and lay H4411 them down in the lodging-place, H3885 where ye shall lodge H3915 this night.
  4 H3091 Then Joshua H7121 called H8147 the twelve H376 men, H3559 whom he had prepared H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel, H259 out of every H7626 tribe H376 a man:
  5 H3091 and Joshua H559 said H5674 unto them, Pass over H6440 before H727 the ark H3068 of Jehovah H430 your God H8432 into the midst H3383 of the Jordan, H7311 and take you up H259 every H376 man H68 of you a stone H7926 upon his shoulder, H4557 according unto the number H7626 of the tribes H1121 of the children H3478 of Israel;
  6 H226 that this may be a sign H7130 among H1121 you, that, when your children H7592 ask H4279 in time to come, H559 saying, H68 What mean ye by these stones?
  7 H559 then ye shall say H4325 unto them, Because the waters H3383 of the Jordan H3772 were cut off H6440 before H727 the ark H1285 of the covenant H3068 of Jehovah; H5674 when it passed over H3383 the Jordan, H4325 the waters H3383 of the Jordan H3772 were cut off: H68 and these stones H2146 shall be for a memorial H1121 unto the children H3478 of Israel H5704 for H5769 ever.

Acts 2:29

  29 G435   G80 Brethren, G2036 I G1832 may G2036 say G4314 unto G3326   G5209 you G3954 freely G4012 of G3966 the patriarch G1138 David, G3754 that G5053 he G2532 both G5053 died G2532 and G2290 was buried, G2532 and G846 his G3418 tomb G5053 is G1722 with G2254 us G891 unto G3778 this G2250 day.

2 Kings 23:17

  17 H559 Then he said, H6725 What monument H1975 is that H7200 which I see? H582 And the men H5892 of the city H559 told H6913 him, It is the sepulchre H376 of the man H430 of God, H935 who came H3063 from Judah, H7121 and proclaimed H1697 these things H6213 that thou hast done H4196 against the altar H1008 of Beth-el.

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