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Exodus 23:1-33

  1 H5375 Thou shalt not take up H7723 a false H8088 report: H7896 put H3027 not thy hand H7563 with the wicked H2555 to be an unrighteous H5707 witness.
  2 H310 Thou shalt not follow H7227 a multitude H7451 to do evil; H6030 neither shalt thou speak H7379 in a cause H5186 to turn aside H310 after H7227 a multitude H5186 to wrest justice:
  3 H1921 neither shalt thou favor H1800 a poor H7379 man in his cause.
  4 H6293 If thou meet H341 thine enemy's H7794 ox H2543 or his ass H8582 going astray, H7725 thou shalt surely H7725 bring it back H7725 to him again.
  5 H7200 If thou see H2543 the ass H8130 of him that hateth H7257 thee lying H4853 under his burden, H2308 thou shalt forbear H5800 to leave H5800 him, thou shalt surely H5800 release it with him.
  6 H5186 Thou shalt not wrest H4941 the justice H34 due to thy poor H7379 in his cause.
  7 H7368 Keep thee far H8267 from a false H1697 matter; H5355 and the innocent H6662 and righteous H2026 slay H6663 thou not: for I will not justify H7563 the wicked.
  8 H3947 And thou shalt take H7810 no bribe: H7810 for a bribe H5786 blindeth H6493 them that have sight, H5557 and perverteth H1697 the words H6662 of the righteous.
  9 H1616 And a sojourner H3905 shalt thou not oppress: H3045 for ye know H5315 the heart H1616 of a sojourner, H3588 seeing H1616 ye were sojourners H776 in the land H4714 of Egypt.
  10 H8337 And six H8141 years H2232 thou shalt sow H776 thy land, H622 and shalt gather H8393 in the increase thereof:
  11 H7637 but the seventh H8058 year thou shalt let it rest H5203 and lie H34 fallow, that the poor H5971 of thy people H398 may eat: H3499 and what they leave H2416 the beast H7704 of the field H398 shall eat. H6213 In like manner thou shalt deal H3754 with thy vineyard, H2132 and with thy oliveyard.
  12 H8337 Six H3117 days H6213 thou shalt do H4639 thy work, H7637 and on the seventh H3117 day H7673 thou shalt rest; H7794 that thine ox H2543 and thine ass H5117 may have rest, H1121 and the son H519 of thy handmaid, H1616 and the sojourner, H5314 may be refreshed.
  13 H559 And in all things that I have said H8104 unto you take ye heed: H2142 and make no mention H8034 of the name H312 of other H430 gods, H8085 neither let it be heard H5921 out H6310 of thy mouth.
  14 H7969 Three H7272 times H2287 thou shalt keep a feast H8141 unto me in the year.
  15 H2282 The feast H4682 of unleavened bread H8104 shalt thou keep: H7651 seven H3117 days H398 thou shalt eat H4682 unleavened bread, H6680 as I commanded H4150 thee, at the time appointed H2320 in the month H24 Abib H3318 (for in it thou camest out H4714 from Egypt); H7200 and none shall appear H6440 before H7387 me empty:
  16 H2282 and the feast H7105 of harvest, H1061 the first-fruits H4639 of thy labors, H2232 which thou sowest H7704 in the field: H2282 and the feast H614 of ingathering, H3318 at the end H8141 of the year, H622 when thou gatherest H4639 in thy labors H7704 out of the field.
  17 H7969 Three H6471 times H8141 in the year H2138 all thy males H7200 shall appear H6440 before H113 the Lord H3068 Jehovah.
  18 H2076 Thou shalt not offer H1818 the blood H2077 of my sacrifice H2557 with leavened bread; H2459 neither shall the fat H2282 of my feast H3885 remain H1242 all night until the morning.
  19 H7225 The first H1061 of the first-fruits H127 of thy ground H935 thou shalt bring H1004 into the house H3068 of Jehovah H430 thy God. H1310 Thou shalt not boil H1423 a kid H517 in it mother's H2461 milk.
  20 H7971 Behold, I send H4397 an angel H6440 before H8104 thee, to keep H1870 thee by the way, H935 and to bring H4725 thee into the place H3559 which I have prepared.
  21 H8104 Take ye heed H6440 before H8085 him, and hearken H6963 unto his voice; H4843 provoke H5375 him not; for he will not pardon H6588 your transgression: H8034 for my name H7130 is in him.
  22 H8085 But if thou shalt indeed H8085 hearken H6963 unto his voice, H6213 and do H1696 all that I speak; H340 then I will be an enemy H341 unto thine enemies, H6887 and an adversary H6696 unto thine adversaries.
  23 H4397 For mine angel H3212 shall go H6440 before H935 thee, and bring H567 thee in unto the Amorite, H2850 and the Hittite, H6522 and the Perizzite, H3669 and the Canaanite, H2340 the Hivite, H2983 and the Jebusite: H3582 and I will cut them off.
  24 H7812 Thou shalt not bow down H430 to their gods, H5647 nor serve H6213 them, nor do H4639 after their works; H2040 but thou shalt utterly H2040 overthrow H7665 them, and H7665 break in pieces H4676 their pillars.
  25 H5647 And ye shall serve H3068 Jehovah H430 your God, H1288 and he will bless H3899 thy bread, H4325 and thy water; H5493 and I will take H4245 sickness H5493 away H7130 from the midst of thee.
  26 H7921 There shall none cast her young, H6135 nor be barren, H776 in thy land: H4557 the number H3117 of thy days H4390 I will fulfil.
  27 H7971 I will send H367 my terror H6440 before H2000 thee, and will discomfit H5971 all the people H935 to whom thou shalt come, H5414 and I will make H341 all thine enemies H6203 turn their backs unto thee.
  28 H7971 And I will send H6880 the hornet H6440 before H1644 thee, which shall drive out H2340 the Hivite, H3669 the Canaanite, H2850 and the Hittite, H6440 from before thee.
  29 H1644 I will not drive them out H6440 from before H259 thee in one H8141 year, H776 lest the land H8077 become desolate, H2416 and the beasts H7704 of the field H7227 multiply against thee.
  30 H4592 By little H4592 and little H1644 I will drive them out H6440 from before H6509 thee, until thou be increased, H5157 and inherit H776 the land.
  31 H7896 And I will set H1366 thy border H5488 from the Red H3220 Sea H3220 even unto the sea H6430 of the Philistines, H4057 and from the wilderness H5104 unto the River: H5414 for I will deliver H3427 the inhabitants H776 of the land H3027 into your hand; H1644 and thou shalt drive them out H6440 before thee.
  32 H3772 Thou shalt make H1285 no covenant H430 with them, nor with their gods.
  33 H3427 They shall not dwell H776 in thy land, H2398 lest they make thee sin H5647 against me; for if thou serve H430 their gods, H4170 it will surely be a snare unto thee.

Titus 3:2-9

  2 G987 to speak evil G3367 of no man, G1511 not to be G269 contentious, G1933 to be gentle, G1731 showing G3956 all G4236 meekness G4314 toward G3956 all G444 men.
  3 G1063 For G2249 we G2532 also G4218 once G1510 were G453 foolish, G545 disobedient, G4105 deceived, G1398 serving G4164 divers G1939 lusts G2532 and G2237 pleasures, G1236 living G1722 in G2549 malice G2532 and G5355 envy, G4767 hateful, G3404 hating G240 one another.
  4 G1161 But G3753 when G5544 the kindness G2316 of God G2257 our G4990 Saviour, G2532 and G5363 his love G5363 toward man, G2014 appeared,
  5 G3756 not G1537 by G2041 works G1722 done in G1343 righteousness, G3739 which G2249 we G4160 did G235 ourselves, but G2596 according to G846 his G1656 mercy G4982 he saved G2248 us, G1223 through G3067 the washing G3824 of regeneration G2532 and G342 renewing G40 of the Holy G4151 Spirit,
  6 G3739 which G1632 he poured G1909 out upon G2248 us G4146 richly, G1223 through G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G2257 our G4990 Saviour;
  7 G2443 that, G1344 being justified G1565 by his G5485 grace, G1096 we might be made G2818 heirs G2596 according to G1680 the hope G166 of eternal G2222 life.
  8 G4103 Faithful G3056 is the saying, G2532 and G5130 concerning these things G1014 I desire G1226 that G4571 thou G1226 affirm confidently, G2443 to the end that G4100 they who have believed G2316 God G5431 may be careful G4291 to maintain G2570 good G2041 works. G5023 These things G2076 are G2570 good G2532 and G5624 profitable G444 unto men:
  9 G1161 but G4026 shun G3474 foolish G2214 questionings, G2532 and G1076 genealogies, G2532 and G2054 strifes, G2532 and G3163 fightings G3544 about law; G1063 for G1526 they are G512 unprofitable G2532 and G3152 vain.

Matthew 7:12

  12 G3956 All things G3767 therefore G3745 whatsoever G2309 ye would G2443 that G444 men G4160 should do G5213 unto you, G3779 even G2532 so G4160 do G5210 ye G2532 also G846 unto them: G1063 for G3778 this G2076 is G3551 the law G2532 and G4396 the prophets.

James 3:3-8

  3 G2400 Now G906 if we put G2462 the horses' G5469 bridles G1519 into G4750 their mouths G4314 that G846 they G3982 may obey G2254 us, G2532   G3329 we turn about G846 their G3650 whole G4983 body also.
  4 G2400 Behold, G4143 the ships G2532 also, G5607 though G5082 they are so great G2532 and G1643 are driven G5259 by G4642 rough G417 winds, G3329 are yet turned about G5259 by G1646 a very small G4079 rudder, G3699 whither G302   G3730 the impulse G2116 of the steersman G1014 willeth.
  5 G3779 So G1100 the tongue G2532 also G2076 is G3398 a little G3196 member, G2532 and G3166 boasteth great things. G2400 Behold, G2245 how much G5208 wood G381 is kindled G3641 by how small G4442 a fire!
  6 G2532 And G1100 the tongue G2525 is G4442 a fire: G2889 the world G93 of iniquity G1722 among G2257 our G3196 members G3779   G2525 is G1100 the tongue, G4695 which defileth G3650 the whole G4983 body, G2532 and G5394 setteth on fire G5164 the wheel G1078 of nature, G2532 and G5394 is set on fire G1067 by hell.
  7 G1063 For G3956 every G5449 kind G5037 of beasts G2532 and G4071 birds, G5037   G2062 of creeping things G5037 and G1724 things in the sea, G1150 is tamed, G2532 and G1150 hath been tamed G5449 by mankind.
  8 G1161 But G1100 the tongue G1410 can G3762 no G444 man G1150 tame; G183 it is a restless G2556 evil, G3324 it is full G2287 of deadly G2447 poison.

2 Timothy 2:23

  23 G1161 But G3474 foolish G2532 and G521 ignorant G2214 questionings G3868 refuse, G1492 knowing G3754 that G1080 they gender G3163 strifes.

Proverbs 21:15

  15 H8057 It is joy H6662 to the righteous H6213 to do H4941 justice; H4288 But it is a destruction H6466 to the workers H205 of iniquity.

Proverbs 26:20

  20 H657 For lack H6086 of wood H784 the fire H3518 goeth out; H5372 And where there is no whisperer, H4066 contention H8367 ceaseth.

James 4:1-2

  1 G4159 Whence G4171 come wars G2532 and G3163 whence come fightings G1722 among G5213 you? G3756 come they not G1782 hence, G1537 even of G5216 your G2237 pleasures G4754 that war G1722 in G5216 your G3196 members?
  2 G1937 Ye lust, G2532 and G2192 have G3756 not: G5407 ye kill, G2532 and G2206 covet, G2532 and G1410 cannot G3756   G2013 obtain: G3164 ye fight G2532 and G4170 war; G1161   G2192 ye have G3756 not, G1223 because G5209 ye G154 ask G3756 not.

Proverbs 11:13-14

  13 H1980 He that goeth about as a tale-bearer H1540 revealeth H5475 secrets; H539 But he that is of a faithful H7307 spirit H3680 concealeth H1697 a matter.
  14 H8458 Where no wise guidance H5971 is, the people H5307 falleth; H5971 But in the multitude H3289 of counsellors H8668 there is safety.

Exodus 23:1

  1 H5375 Thou shalt not take up H7723 a false H8088 report: H7896 put H3027 not thy hand H7563 with the wicked H2555 to be an unrighteous H5707 witness.

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