Bible verses about "rain" | AKJV_Strongs

Ezra 10:13

  13 H5971 But the people H7227 are many, H6256 and it is a time H1653 of much rain, H3581 and we are not able H5975 to stand H2351 without, H3808 neither H4399 is this a work H259 of one H3117 day H8147 or two: H7235 for we are many H6586 that have transgressed H2088 in this H1697 thing.

Job 5:10

  10 H5414 Who gives H4306 rain H776 on the earth, H7971 and sends H4325 waters H2351 on the fields:

Job 37:6

  6 H559 For he said H7950 to the snow, H776 Be you on the earth; H1653 likewise to the small rain, H4306 and to the great H1653 rain H5797 of his strength.

Zechariah 14:17

  17 H834 And it shall be, that whoever H5927 will not come H4940 up of all the families H776 of the earth H3389 to Jerusalem H7812 to worship H4428 the King, H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts, H3808 even on them shall be no H4306 rain.

Acts 14:17

  17 G2544 Nevertheless G863 he left G1438 not himself G267 without G267 witness, G15 in that he did G15 good, G1325 and gave G5205 us rain G3771 from heaven, G2593 and fruitful G2540 seasons, G1705 filling G2588 our hearts G5160 with food G2167 and gladness.

James 5:17

  17 G2243 Elias G444 was a man G3663 subject G3663 to like G3663 passions G4336 as we are, and he prayed G4335 earnestly G1026 that it might not rain: G1026 and it rained G1909 not on G1093 the earth G5140 by the space of three G1763 years G1803 and six G3376 months.

Isaiah 45:8

  8 H7491 Drop H8064 down, you heavens, H4605 from above, H7834 and let the skies H5140 pour H6664 down righteousness: H776 let the earth H6605 open, H6509 and let them bring H6509 forth H3468 salvation, H6666 and let righteousness H6779 spring H3162 up together; H3068 I the LORD H1254 have created it.

Jeremiah 14:22

  22 H1892 Are there any among the vanities H1471 of the Gentiles H1653 that can cause rain? H8064 or can the heavens H5414 give H7241 showers? H3068 are not you he, O LORD H430 our God? H6960 therefore we will wait H6213 on you: for you have made H3605 all H428 these things.

1 Kings 8:35

  35 H8064 When heaven H6113 is shut H3808 up, and there is no H4306 rain, H3588 because H2398 they have sinned H6419 against you; if they pray H413 toward H2088 this H4725 place, H3034 and confess H8034 your name, H7725 and turn H2403 from their sin, H3588 when H6031 you afflict them:

Jeremiah 5:24

  24 H3808 Neither H559 say H3824 they in their heart, H4994 Let us now H3372 fear H3068 the LORD H430 our God, H5414 that gives H1653 rain, H3138 both the former H4456 and the latter, H6256 in his season: H8104 he reserves H2708 to us the appointed H7620 weeks H7105 of the harvest.

Hosea 6:3

  3 H3045 Then shall we know, H7291 if we follow H3045 on to know H3068 the LORD: H4161 his going H4161 forth H3559 is prepared H7837 as the morning; H935 and he shall come H1653 to us as the rain, H4456 as the latter H3138 and former H3384 rain H776 to the earth.

1 Kings 18:41-45

  41 H452 And Elijah H559 said H256 to Ahab, H5927 Get H398 you up, eat H8354 and drink; H6963 for there is a sound H1995 of abundance H1653 of rain.
  42 H256 So Ahab H5927 went H398 up to eat H8354 and to drink. H452 And Elijah H5927 went H7218 up to the top H3760 of Carmel; H1457 and he cast H1457 himself down H776 on the earth, H7760 and put H6440 his face H996 between H1290 his knees,
  43 H559 And said H5288 to his servant, H5927 Go H4994 up now, H5027 look H1870 toward H3220 the sea. H5927 And he went H5027 up, and looked, H559 and said, H3808 There is nothing. H3972 H559 And he said, H7725 Go H7725 again H7651 seven H6471 times.
  44 H1961 And it came H7637 to pass at the seventh H559 time, that he said, H2009 Behold, H5927 there rises H6996 a little H5645 cloud H3220 out of the sea, H376 like a man’s H3709 hand. H559 And he said, H5927 Go H559 up, say H256 to Ahab, H631 Prepare H3381 your chariot, and get H3381 you down H1653 that the rain H6113 stop you not.
  45 H1961 And it came H5704 to pass in the mean H3541 H3541 while, H8064 that the heaven H6937 was black H5645 with clouds H7307 and wind, H1419 and there was a great H1653 rain. H256 And Ahab H7392 rode, H3212 and went H3157 to Jezreel.

Psalms 72:6

  6 H3381 He shall come H3381 down H4306 like rain H1488 on the mown H7241 grass: as showers H2222 that water H776 the earth.

Isaiah 55:10

  10 H1653 For as the rain H3381 comes H3381 down, H7950 and the snow H8064 from heaven, H7725 and returns H8033 not thither, H7301 but waters H776 the earth, H3205 and makes it bring H3205 forth H6779 and bud, H5414 that it may give H2233 seed H2232 to the sower, H3899 and bread H398 to the eater:

Zechariah 10:1

  1 H7592 Ask H3068 you of the LORD H4306 rain H6256 in the time H4456 of the latter H4456 rain; H3068 so the LORD H6213 shall make H2385 bright H2385 clouds, H5414 and give H1653 them showers H4306 of rain, H376 to every H376 one H6212 grass H7704 in the field.

Leviticus 26:4

  4 H5414 Then I will give H1653 you rain H6256 in due season, H776 and the land H5414 shall yield H2981 her increase, H6086 and the trees H7704 of the field H5414 shall yield H6529 their fruit.

James 5:18

  18 G4336 And he prayed G3825 again, G3772 and the heaven G1325 gave G5205 rain, G1093 and the earth G985 brought G985 forth G2590 her fruit.

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