Bible verses about "polygamy" | AKJV_Strongs

Genesis 30:9

  9 H3812 When Leah H7200 saw H5975 that she had left H3205 bearing, H3947 she took H2153 Zilpah H8198 her maid, H5414 and gave H3290 her Jacob H802 to wife.

Genesis 30:4

  4 H5414 And she gave H1090 him Bilhah H8198 her handmaid H802 to wife: H3290 and Jacob H935 went in to her.

Numbers 12:1

  1 H4813 And Miriam H175 and Aaron H1696 spoke H4872 against Moses H5921 because H182 H3569 of the Ethiopian H802 woman H834 whom H3947 he had married: H3947 for he had married H3569 an Ethiopian H802 woman.

Deuteronomy 25:5-10

  5 H3588 If H251 brothers H3427 dwell H3162 together, H259 and one H4191 of them die, H369 and have no H1121 child, H802 the wife H4191 of the dead H1961 shall not marry H376 H2351 without H376 to a stranger: H2114 H2993 her husband’s H2993 brother H935 shall go H3947 in to her, and take H802 her to him to wife, H2992 and perform the duty of an husband’s H2992 brother to her.
  6 H1060 And it shall be, that the firstborn H3205 which she bears H6965 shall succeed H8034 in the name H251 of his brother H4191 which is dead, H8034 that his name H4229 be not put H3478 out of Israel.
  7 H518 And if H376 the man H2654 like H3947 not to take H2994 his brother’s H2994 wife, H2994 then let his brother’s H2994 wife H5927 go H8179 up to the gate H2205 to the elders, H559 and say, H2993 My husband’s H2993 brother H3985 refuses H6965 to raise H251 up to his brother H8034 a name H3478 in Israel, H14 he will H2992 not perform the duty of my husband’s H2992 brother.
  8 H2205 Then the elders H5892 of his city H7121 shall call H1696 him, and speak H5975 to him: and if he stand H559 to it, and say, H2654 I like H3947 not to take her;
  9 H2994 Then shall his brother’s H2994 wife H5066 come H5869 to him in the presence H2205 of the elders, H2502 and loose H5275 his shoe H5921 from off H7272 his foot, H3417 and spit H6440 in his face, H6030 and shall answer H559 and say, H3602 So H6213 shall it be done H376 to that man H1129 that will not build H251 up his brother’s H1004 house.
  10 H8034 And his name H7121 shall be called H3478 in Israel, H1004 The house H5275 of him that has his shoe H2502 loosed.

Deuteronomy 17:14-20

  14 H3588 When H935 you are come H776 to the land H834 which H3068 the LORD H430 your God H5414 gives H3423 you, and shall possess H3427 it, and shall dwell H559 therein, and shall say, H7760 I will set H4428 a king H5921 over H3605 me, like as all H1471 the nations H5439 that are about me;
  15 H7760 You shall in any wise set H4428 him king H5921 over H834 you, whom H3068 the LORD H430 your God H977 shall choose: H7130 one from among H251 your brothers H7760 shall you set H4428 king H5921 over H3021 you: you may H5414 not set H376 a stranger H5237 H5921 over H834 you, which H251 is not your brother.
  16 H7235 But he shall not multiply H5483 horses H3808 to himself, nor H5971 cause the people H7725 to return H4714 to Egypt, H4616 to the end H7235 that he should multiply H5483 horses: H3068 for as much as the LORD H559 has said H3254 to you, You shall from now on H7725 return H3808 no H5750 more H1870 that way.
  17 H3808 Neither H7235 shall he multiply H802 wives H3824 to himself, that his heart H5493 turn H3808 not away: neither H3966 shall he greatly H7235 multiply H3701 to himself silver H2091 and gold.
  18 H3427 And it shall be, when he sits H3678 on the throne H4467 of his kingdom, H3789 that he shall write H4932 him a copy H2063 of this H8451 law H5612 in a book H6440 out of that which is before H3548 the priests H3881 the Levites:
  19 H7121 And it shall be with him, and he shall read H3605 therein all H3117 the days H2416 of his life: H3925 that he may learn H3372 to fear H3068 the LORD H430 his God, H8104 to keep H3605 all H1697 the words H2063 of this H8451 law H428 and these H2706 statutes, H6213 to do them:
  20 H3824 That his heart H7311 be not lifted H251 up above his brothers, H5493 and that he turn H4687 not aside from the commandment, H3225 to the right H3225 hand, H8040 or to the left: H4616 to the end H748 that he may prolong H3117 his days H4467 in his kingdom, H1121 he, and his children, H7130 in the middle H3478 of Israel.

1 Samuel 1:1-2

  1 H259 Now there was a certain H376 man H7436 of Ramathaimzophim, H2022 of mount H669 Ephraim, H8034 and his name H511 was Elkanah, H1121 the son H3395 of Jeroham, H1121 the son H453 of Elihu, H1121 the son H8459 of Tohu, H1121 the son H6689 of Zuph, H673 an Ephrathite:
  2 H8147 And he had two H802 wives; H8034 the name H259 of the one H2584 was Hannah, H8034 and the name H8145 of the other H6444 Peninnah: H6444 and Peninnah H1961 had H3206 children, H2584 but Hannah H369 had no H3206 children.

2 Samuel 5:13

  13 H1732 And David H3947 took H5750 him more H6370 concubines H802 and wives H3389 out of Jerusalem, H310 after H935 he was come H2275 from Hebron: H5750 and there were yet H1121 sons H1323 and daughters H3205 born H1732 to David.

1 Kings 11:1-4

  1 H4428 But king H8010 Solomon H157 loved H7227 many H5237 strange H802 women, H1323 together with the daughter H6547 of Pharaoh, H4125 women of the Moabites, H5984 Ammonites, H130 Edomites, H6722 Zidonians, H2850 and Hittites:
  2 H1471 Of the nations H834 concerning which H3068 the LORD H559 said H1121 to the children H3478 of Israel, H935 You shall not go H3808 in to them, neither H935 shall they come H403 in to you: for surely H5186 they will turn H3824 away your heart H310 after H430 their gods: H8010 Solomon H1692 joined H1992 to these H160 in love.
  3 H1961 And he had H7651 seven H3967 hundred H802 wives, H8282 princesses, H7969 and three H3967 hundred H6370 concubines: H802 and his wives H5186 turned H3820 away his heart.
  4 H1961 For it came H6256 to pass, when H8010 Solomon H2209 was old, H802 that his wives H5186 turned H3824 away his heart H310 after H312 other H430 gods: H3824 and his heart H8003 was not perfect H3068 with the LORD H430 his God, H3824 as was the heart H1732 of David H1 his father.

1 Chronicles 4:5

  5 H804 And Ashur H1 the father H8620 of Tekoa H1961 had H8147 two H802 wives, H2458 Helah H5292 and Naarah.

2 Chronicles 24:3

  3 H3111 And Jehoiada H5375 took H8147 for him two H802 wives; H3205 and he begat H1121 sons H1323 and daughters.

Song of Songs 6:8

  8 H7657 There are three score H4436 queens, H8084 and fourscore H6370 concubines, H5959 and virgins H369 without H4557 number.

Ezekiel 23:1-4

  1 H1697 The word H3068 of the LORD H1961 came H559 again to me, saying,
  2 H1121 Son H120 of man, H8147 there were two H802 women, H1323 the daughters H259 of one H517 mother:
  3 H2181 And they committed H4714 prostitutions in Egypt; H2181 they committed H5271 prostitutions in their youth: H8033 there H7699 were their breasts H4600 pressed, H8033 and there H6213 they bruised H1717 the teats H1331 of their virginity.
  4 H8034 And the names H170 of them were Aholah H1419 the elder, H172 and Aholibah H269 her sister: H3205 and they were mine, and they bore H1121 sons H1323 and daughters. H8034 Thus were their names; H8111 Samaria H170 is Aholah, H3389 and Jerusalem H172 Aholibah.

1 Corinthians 7:1-5

  1 G1161 Now G4012 concerning G4012 the things whereof G3739 G1125 you wrote G2570 to me: It is good G444 for a man G680 not to touch G1135 a woman.
  2 G1161 Nevertheless, G1223 to avoid G4202 fornication, G1538 let every G2192 man have G1438 his own G1135 wife, G1538 and let every G2192 woman have G2398 her own G435 husband.
  3 G435 Let the husband G591 render G1135 to the wife G3784 due G2133 benevolence: G3668 and likewise G2532 also G1135 the wife G435 to the husband.
  4 G1135 The wife G1850 has not power G2398 of her own G4983 body, G435 but the husband: G3668 and likewise G2532 also G435 the husband G1850 has not power G2398 of his own G4983 body, G1135 but the wife.
  5 G650 Defraud G240 you not one G240 the other, G1509 except G4859 it be with consent G2540 for a time, G4980 that you may give G3521 yourselves to fasting G4335 and prayer; G4905 and come G1909 together G3825 again, G4567 that Satan G3985 tempt G5216 you not for your G192 incontinency.

Titus 1:5-8

  5 G5127 For this G5484 cause G2641 left G2914 I you in Crete, G1930 that you should set G1930 in order G3007 the things that are wanting, G2525 and ordain G4245 elders G2596 in every G4172 city, G1299 as I had appointed you:
  6 G1487 If G1536 any G410 be blameless, G435 the husband G3391 of one G1135 wife, G2192 having G4103 faithful G5043 children G1722 not accused G2724 G810 of riot G2228 or G506 unruly.
  7 G1985 For a bishop G1163 must G410 be blameless, G3622 as the steward G2316 of God; G829 not self-willed, G3711 not soon G3711 angry, G3943 not given G3943 to wine, G3361 no G4131 striker, G150 not given to filthy G146 lucre;
  8 G5382 But a lover G5382 of hospitality, G5358 a lover G5358 of good G4998 men, sober, G1342 just, G3741 holy, G1468 temperate;

Genesis 4:19

  19 H3929 And Lamech H3947 took H8147 to him two H802 wives: H8034 the name H259 of the one H5711 was Adah, H8034 and the name H8145 of the other H6741 Zillah.

Judges 8:30

  30 H1439 And Gideon H7657 had three score H1121 and ten sons H3409 of his body H3318 begotten: H1961 for he had H7227 many H802 wives.

1 Chronicles 3:1-9

  1 H428 Now these H1121 were the sons H1732 of David, H834 which H3205 were born H2275 to him in Hebron; H1060 the firstborn H550 Amnon, H293 of Ahinoam H3159 the Jezreelitess; H8145 the second H1840 Daniel, H26 of Abigail H3762 the Carmelitess:
  2 H7992 The third, H53 Absalom H1121 the son H4601 of Maachah H1323 the daughter H8526 of Talmai H4428 king H1650 of Geshur: H7243 the fourth, H138 Adonijah H1121 the son H2294 of Haggith:
  3 H2549 The fifth, H8203 Shephatiah H37 of Abital: H8345 the sixth, H3507 Ithream H5698 by Eglah H802 his wife.
  4 H8337 These six H3205 were born H2275 to him in Hebron; H8033 and there H4427 he reigned H7651 seven H8141 years H8337 and six H2320 months: H3389 and in Jerusalem H4427 he reigned H7970 thirty H7969 and three H8141 years.
  5 H428 And these H3205 were born H3389 to him in Jerusalem; H8092 Shimea, H7727 and Shobab, H5416 and Nathan, H8010 and Solomon, H702 four, H1340 of Bathshua H1323 the daughter H5988 of Ammiel:
  6 H2984 Ibhar H476 also, and Elishama, H467 and Eliphelet,
  7 H5052 And Nogah, H5298 and Nepheg, H3309 and Japhia,
  8 H476 And Elishama, H450 and Eliada, H467 and Eliphelet, H8672 nine.
  9 H3605 These were all H1121 the sons H1732 of David, H905 beside H1121 the sons H6370 of the concubines, H8559 and Tamar H269 their sister.

2 Chronicles 13:21

  21 H29 But Abijah H2388 waxed mighty, H5375 and married H702 fourteen H6246 H802 wives, H3205 and begat H6242 twenty H8147 and two H1121 sons, H8337 and sixteen H6240 H1323 daughters.

2 Chronicles 11:21

  21 H7346 And Rehoboam H157 loved H4601 Maachah H1323 the daughter H53 of Absalom H3605 above all H802 his wives H6370 and his concubines: H5375 (for he took H8083 eighteen H6240 H802 wives, H8346 and three score H6370 concubines; H3205 and begat H6242 twenty H8083 and eight H1121 sons, H8346 and three score H1323 daughters.)

2 Samuel 12:8

  8 H5414 And I gave H113 you your master’s H1004 house, H113 and your master’s H802 wives H2436 into your bosom, H5414 and gave H1004 you the house H3478 of Israel H3063 and of Judah; H518 and if H4592 that had been too little, H3254 I would moreover H3254 have given H2007 to you such H2007 and such things.

Deuteronomy 21:15-17

  15 H3588 If H376 a man H1961 have H8147 two H802 wives, H259 one H157 beloved, H259 and another H8130 hated, H3205 and they have born H1121 him children, H157 both the beloved H8130 and the hated; H1060 and if the firstborn H1121 son H8146 be hers that was hated:
  16 H3117 Then it shall be, when H1121 he makes his sons H5157 to inherit H834 that which H1961 he has, H3201 that he may H1121 not make the son H157 of the beloved H1069 firstborn H6440 before H1121 the son H8130 of the hated, H1060 which is indeed the firstborn:
  17 H5234 But he shall acknowledge H1121 the son H8130 of the hated H1060 for the firstborn, H5414 by giving H8147 him a double H6310 portion H3605 of all H4672 that he has: H7225 for he is the beginning H202 of his strength; H4941 the right H1062 of the firstborn is his.

2 Chronicles 24:1-3

  1 H3101 Joash H7651 was seven H8141 years H1121 old H4427 when he began to reign, H4427 and he reigned H705 forty H8141 years H3389 in Jerusalem. H517 His mother’s H8034 name H6645 also was Zibiah H884 of Beersheba.
  2 H3101 And Joash H6213 did H3477 that which was right H5869 in the sight H3068 of the LORD H3605 all H3117 the days H3111 of Jehoiada H3548 the priest.
  3 H3111 And Jehoiada H5375 took H8147 for him two H802 wives; H3205 and he begat H1121 sons H1323 and daughters.

Isaiah 4:1

  1 H3117 And in that day H7651 seven H802 women H2388 shall take H2388 hold H259 of one H376 man, H559 saying, H398 We will eat H3899 our own bread, H3847 and wear H8071 our own apparel: H7535 only H7121 let us be called H8034 by your name, H622 to take H2781 away our reproach.

Matthew 25:1-46

  1 G5119 Then G932 shall the kingdom G3772 of heaven G3666 be likened G1176 to ten G3933 virgins, G3748 which G2983 took G2985 their lamps, G1831 and went G1831 forth G529 to meet G3566 the bridegroom.
  2 G4002 And five G5429 of them were wise, G4002 and five G3474 were foolish.
  3 G3474 They that were foolish G2983 took G2985 their lamps, G2983 and took G3756 no G1637 oil with them:
  4 G5429 But the wise G2983 took G1637 oil G30 in their vessels G2985 with their lamps.
  5 G3566 While the bridegroom G5549 tarried, G3956 they all G3573 slumbered G2518 and slept.
  6 G3319 And at midnight G3571 G2906 there was a cry G1096 made, G2400 Behold, G3566 the bridegroom G2064 comes; G1831 go G529 you out to meet him.
  7 G5119 Then G3956 all G1565 those G3933 virgins G1453 arose, G2885 and trimmed G2985 their lamps.
  8 G3474 And the foolish G2036 said G5429 to the wise, G1325 Give G5216 us of your G1637 oil; G2985 for our lamps G4570 are gone out.
  9 G5429 But the wise G611 answered, G3004 saying, G3779 Not so; G3379 lest G714 there be not enough G4198 for us and you: but go G3123 you rather G4453 to them that sell, G59 and buy G1438 for yourselves.
  10 G565 And while they went G59 to buy, G3566 the bridegroom G2064 came; G2092 and they that were ready G1525 went G1062 in with him to the marriage: G2374 and the door G2808 was shut.
  11 G5305 Afterward G2064 came G2532 also G3062 the other G3933 virgins, G3004 saying, G2962 Lord, G2962 Lord, G455 open to us.
  12 G611 But he answered G2036 and said, G281 Truly G3004 I say G1492 to you, I know you not.
  13 G1127 Watch G3767 therefore, G1492 for you know G3383 neither G2250 the day G3761 nor G5610 the hour G1722 wherein G3739 G5207 the Son G444 of man G2064 comes.
  14 G932 For the kingdom G3772 of heaven G444 is as a man G589 traveling G589 into a far country, G2564 who called G2398 his own G1401 servants, G3860 and delivered G5224 to them his goods.
  15 G3739 And to one G3303 G1325 he gave G4002 five G5007 talents, G3739 to another G1417 two, G3739 and to another G1520 one; G1538 to every G2596 man according G2398 to his several G1411 ability; G2112 and straightway G589 took G589 his journey.
  16 G1161 Then G2983 he that had received G4002 the five G5007 talents G4198 went G2038 and traded G846 with the same, G4160 and made G243 them other G4002 five G5007 talents.
  17 G5615 And likewise G1417 he that had received two, G2532 he also G2770 gained G243 other G1417 two.
  18 G2983 But he that had received G1520 one G565 went G3736 and dig G1093 in the earth, G613 and hid G2962 his lord’s G694 money.
  19 G3326 After G4183 a long G5550 time G2962 the lord G1565 of those G1401 servants G2064 comes, G4868 and reckons G3056 with them.
  20 G2532 And so G2983 he that had received G4002 five G5007 talents G4334 came G4374 and brought G243 other G4002 five G5007 talents, G3004 saying, G2962 Lord, G3860 you delivered G4002 to me five G5007 talents: G2396 behold, G2770 I have gained G1909 beside G4002 them five G5007 talents G243 more.
  21 G2962 His lord G5346 said G2095 to him, Well G18 done, you good G4103 and faithful G1401 servant: G2258 you have been G4103 faithful G1909 over G3641 a few G2525 things, I will make G2525 you ruler G1909 over G4183 many G1525 things: enter G1519 you into G5479 the joy G2962 of your lord.
  22 G2532 He also G2983 that had received G1417 two G5007 talents G4334 came G2036 and said, G2962 Lord, G3860 you delivered G1417 to me two G5007 talents: G2396 behold, G2770 I have gained G1417 two G243 other G5007 talents G1909 beside them.
  23 G2962 His lord G5346 said G2095 to him, Well G18 done, good G4103 and faithful G1401 servant; G2258 you have been G4103 faithful G1909 over G3641 a few G2525 things, I will make G2525 you ruler G1909 over G4183 many G1525 things: enter G1519 you into G5479 the joy G2962 of your lord.
  24 G1161 Then G2983 he which had received G1520 the one G5007 talent G4334 came G2036 and said, G2962 Lord, G1097 I knew G1488 you that you are G4642 an hard G444 man, G2325 reaping G3699 where G4687 you have not sown, G4863 and gathering G3606 where G1287 you have not strewed:
  25 G5399 And I was afraid, G565 and went G2928 and hid G5007 your talent G1093 in the earth: G2396 see, G2192 there you have G4674 that is yours.
  26 G2962 His lord G611 answered G2036 and said G4190 to him, You wicked G3636 and slothful G1401 servant, G1492 you knew G2325 that I reap G3699 where G4687 I sowed G4863 not, and gather G3606 where G1287 I have not strewed:
  27 G1163 You ought G3767 therefore G906 to have put G694 my money G5133 to the exchangers, G2064 and then at my coming G2865 I should have received G1699 my G5110 own with usury.
  28 G142 Take G3767 therefore G5007 the talent G1325 from him, and give G2192 it to him which has G1176 ten G5007 talents.
  29 G3956 For to every G2192 one that has G1325 shall be given, G4052 and he shall have abundance: G2192 but from him that has G142 not shall be taken G142 away G2532 even G2192 that which he has.
  30 G1544 And cast G888 you the unprofitable G1401 servant G1519 into G1857 outer G4655 darkness: G1563 there G2805 shall be weeping G1030 and gnashing G3599 of teeth.
  31 G3752 When G5207 the Son G444 of man G2064 shall come G1391 in his glory, G3956 and all G40 the holy G32 angels G5119 with him, then G2523 shall he sit G2362 on the throne G1391 of his glory:
  32 G1715 And before G4863 him shall be gathered G3956 all G1484 nations: G873 and he shall separate G240 them one G240 from another, G4166 as a shepherd G873 divides G4263 his sheep G2056 from the goats:
  33 G2476 And he shall set G4263 the sheep G1537 on G1188 his right G2055 hand, but the goats G1537 on G2176 the left.
  34 G5119 Then G935 shall the King G2046 say G1537 to them on G1188 his right G1205 hand, Come, G2127 you blessed G3962 of my Father, G2816 inherit G932 the kingdom G2090 prepared G2602 for you from the foundation G2889 of the world:
  35 G3983 For I was an hungered, G1325 and you gave G5315 me meat: G1372 I was thirsty, G4222 and you gave G4222 me drink: G3581 I was a stranger, G4863 and you took me in:
  36 G1131 Naked, G4016 and you clothed G770 me: I was sick, G1980 and you visited G5438 me: I was in prison, G2064 and you came to me.
  37 G5119 Then G1342 shall the righteous G611 answer G3004 him, saying, G2962 Lord, G4218 when G1492 saw G3983 we you an hungered, G5142 and fed G2228 you? or G1372 thirsty, G4222 and gave G4222 you drink?
  38 G4218 When G1492 saw G3581 we you a stranger, G4863 and took G2228 you in? or G1131 naked, G4016 and clothed you?
  39 G2228 Or G4218 when G1492 saw G772 we you sick, G2228 or G5438 in prison, G2064 and came to you?
  40 G935 And the King G611 shall answer G2046 and say G281 to them, Truly G3004 I say G1909 to you, Inasmuch G3745 G4160 as you have done G1520 it to one G1646 of the least G5130 of these G80 my brothers, G4160 you have done it to me.
  41 G5119 Then G2046 shall he say G2532 also G1537 to them on G2176 the left G4198 hand, Depart G2672 from me, you cursed, G1519 into G166 everlasting G4442 fire, G2090 prepared G1228 for the devil G32 and his angels:
  42 G3983 For I was an hungered, G1325 and you gave G3756 me no G5315 meat: G1372 I was thirsty, G4222 and you gave G3756 me no G4222 drink:
  43 G3581 I was a stranger, G4863 and you took G1131 me not in: naked, G4016 and you clothed G772 me not: sick, G5438 and in prison, G1980 and you visited me not.
  44 G5119 Then G2532 shall they also G611 answer G3004 him, saying, G2962 Lord, G4218 when G1492 saw G3983 we you an hungered, G2228 or G1372 thirsty, G2228 or G3581 a stranger, G2228 or G1131 naked, G2228 or G772 sick, G2228 or G5438 in prison, G1247 and did not minister to you?
  45 G5119 Then G611 shall he answer G3004 them, saying, G281 Truly G3004 I say G1909 to you, Inasmuch G3745 G4160 as you did G1520 it not to one G1646 of the least G5130 of these, G4160 you did it not to me.
  46 G3778 And these G565 shall go G565 away G1519 into G166 everlasting G2851 punishment: G1342 but the righteous G1519 into G2222 life G166 eternal.

Exodus 21:10

  10 H518 If H3947 he take H312 him another H7607 wife; her food, H3682 her raiment, H5772 and her duty of marriage, H1639 shall he not diminish.

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