Bible verses about "ocean" | AKJV_Strongs

Job 26:10

  10 H2328 He has compassed H4325 the waters H2706 with bounds, H5704 until H216 the day H2822 and night H8503 come to an end.

Psalms 89:9

  9 H4910 You rule H1348 the raging H3220 of the sea: H1530 when the waves H7721 thereof arise, H7623 you still them.

Psalms 148:1-14

  1 H1984 Praise H3050 you the LORD. H1984 Praise H3068 you the LORD H8064 from the heavens: H1984 praise H4791 him in the heights.
  2 H1984 Praise H3605 you him, all H4397 his angels: H1984 praise H3605 you him, all H6635 his hosts.
  3 H1984 Praise H8121 you him, sun H3394 and moon: H1984 praise H3605 him, all H3556 you stars H216 of light.
  4 H1984 Praise H8064 him, you heavens H8064 of heavens, H4325 and you waters H4791 that be above H8064 the heavens.
  5 H1984 Let them praise H8034 the name H3068 of the LORD: H6680 for he commanded, H1254 and they were created.
  6 H5975 He has also established H5703 them for ever H5769 and ever: H5414 he has made H2706 a decree H5674 which shall not pass.
  7 H1984 Praise H3068 the LORD H776 from the earth, H8577 you dragons, H3605 and all H8415 deeps:
  8 H784 Fire, H1259 and hail; H7950 snow, H7008 and vapors; H5591 stormy H7307 wind H6213 fulfilling H1697 his word:
  9 H2022 Mountains, H3605 and all H1389 hills; H6529 fruitful H6086 trees, H3605 and all H730 cedars:
  10 H2416 Beasts, H3605 and all H929 cattle; H7431 creeping H3671 things, and flying H6833 fowl:
  11 H4428 Kings H776 of the earth, H3605 and all H3816 people; H8269 princes, H3605 and all H8199 judges H776 of the earth:
  12 H970 Both young H1330 men, and maidens; H2205 old H5288 men, and children:
  13 H1984 Let them praise H8034 the name H3068 of the LORD: H8034 for his name H905 alone H7682 is excellent; H1935 his glory H4791 is above H776 the earth H8064 and heaven.
  14 H7311 He also exalts H7161 the horn H5971 of his people, H8416 the praise H3605 of all H2623 his saints; H1121 even of the children H3478 of Israel, H5971 a people H7138 near H1984 to him. Praise H3050 you the LORD.

Matthew 14:22-26

  22 G2112 And straightway G2424 Jesus G315 constrained G3101 his disciples G1684 to get G1519 into G4143 a ship, G4254 and to go G4254 before G4008 him to the other G4008 side, G2193 while G630 he sent G3793 the multitudes G630 away.
  23 G630 And when he had sent G3793 the multitudes G630 away, G305 he went G1519 up into G3735 a mountain G2596 apart G2398 G4336 to pray: G3798 and when the evening G1096 was come, G1563 he was there G3441 alone.
  24 G4143 But the ship G2235 was now G3319 in the middle G2281 of the sea, G928 tossed G2949 with waves: G417 for the wind G1727 was contrary.
  25 G5067 And in the fourth G5438 watch G3571 of the night G2424 Jesus G565 went G4043 to them, walking G1909 on G2281 the sea.
  26 G3101 And when the disciples G1492 saw G4043 him walking G1909 on G2281 the sea, G5015 they were troubled, G3004 saying, G5326 It is a spirit; G2896 and they cried G5401 out for fear.

Genesis 1:26

  26 H430 And God H559 said, H6213 Let us make H120 man H6754 in our image, H1823 after our likeness: H7287 and let them have dominion H1710 over the fish H3220 of the sea, H5775 and over the fowl H8064 of the air, H929 and over the cattle, H3605 and over all H776 the earth, H3605 and over every H7431 creeping H7430 thing that creeps H776 on the earth.

Job 12:7-10

  7 H7592 But ask H4994 now H929 the beasts, H3384 and they shall teach H5775 you; and the fowls H8064 of the air, H5046 and they shall tell you:
  8 H176 Or H7878 speak H776 to the earth, H3384 and it shall teach H1709 you: and the fishes H3220 of the sea H5608 shall declare to you.
  9 H4310 Who H3045 knows H3605 not in all H428 these H3027 that the hand H3068 of the LORD H6213 has worked H2063 this?
  10 H834 In whose H3027 hand H5315 is the soul H3605 of every H2416 living H7307 thing, and the breath H3605 of all H1320 mankind. H376

Psalms 8:8

  8 H6833 The fowl H8064 of the air, H1709 and the fish H3220 of the sea, H5674 and whatever passes H734 through the paths H3220 of the seas.

Jeremiah 31:35

  35 H3541 Thus H559 said H3068 the LORD, H5414 which gives H8121 the sun H216 for a light H3119 by day, H2708 and the ordinances H3394 of the moon H3556 and of the stars H216 for a light H3915 by night, H7280 which divides H3220 the sea H1530 when the waves H1993 thereof roar; H3068 The LORD H6635 of hosts H8034 is his name:

Psalms 136:6

  6 H7554 To him that stretched H776 out the earth H5921 above H4325 the waters: H2617 for his mercy H5769 endures for ever.

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