Bible verses about "housekeeping" | AKJV_Strongs

1 Timothy 5:14

  14 G1014 I will G3767 therefore G3501 that the younger G1060 women marry, G5041 bear G5041 children, G3616 guide G3616 the house, G1325 give G3361 none G874 occasion G480 to the adversary G5484 to speak reproachfully G3059 .

Genesis 1:1

  1 H7225 In the beginning H430 God H1254 created H8064 the heaven H776 and the earth.

Proverbs 31:15

  15 H6965 She rises H5750 also while it is yet H3915 night, H5414 and gives H2964 meat H1004 to her household, H2706 and a portion H5291 to her maidens.

Titus 2:5

  5 G4998 To be discreet, G53 chaste, G3626 keepers G3626 at G3626 home, G18 good, G5293 obedient G2398 to their own G435 husbands, G3056 that the word G2316 of God G987 be not blasphemed.

Revelation 9:10

  10 G2192 And they had G3769 tails G3664 like G4651 to scorpions, G2759 and there were stings G3769 in their tails: G1849 and their power G91 was to hurt G444 men G4002 five G3376 months.

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