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Nehemiah 12:31

  31 H5927 Then I brought H8269 up the princes H3063 of Judah H2346 on the wall, H5975 and appointed H8147 two H1419 great H4256 companies H8426 of them that gave thanks, H1980 whereof one went H3225 on the right H3225 hand H2346 on the wall H830 toward the dung H8179 gate:

Psalms 1:1-6

  1 H835 Blessed H376 is the man H1980 that walks H6098 not in the counsel H7563 of the ungodly, H3808 nor H5975 stands H1870 in the way H2400 of sinners, H3808 nor H3427 sits H4186 in the seat H3887 of the scornful.
  2 H2656 But his delight H8451 is in the law H3068 of the LORD; H8451 and in his law H1897 does he meditate H3119 day H3915 and night.
  3 H6086 And he shall be like a tree H8362 planted H6388 by the rivers H4325 of water, H5414 that brings H5414 forth H6529 his fruit H6256 in his season; H5929 his leaf H5034 also shall not wither; H3605 and whatever H834 H6213 he does H6743 shall prosper.
  4 H7563 The ungodly H3651 are not so: H4671 but are like the chaff H834 which H7307 the wind H5086 drives away.
  5 H5921 Therefore H3651 H7563 the ungodly H6965 shall not stand H4941 in the judgment, H2400 nor sinners H5712 in the congregation H6662 of the righteous.
  6 H3068 For the LORD H3045 knows H1870 the way H6662 of the righteous: H1870 but the way H7563 of the ungodly H6 shall perish.

Psalms 66:1

  1 H5329 To the chief H5329 Musician, H7892 A Song H4210 or Psalm. H430 Make a joyful noise to God, H3605 all H776 you lands:

1 Corinthians 14:40

  40 G3956 Let all G1096 things be done G2156 decently G5010 and in order.

Psalms 149:1

  1 H1984 Praise H3050 you the LORD. H7891 Sing H3068 to the LORD H2319 a new H7892 song, H8416 and his praise H6951 in the congregation H2623 of saints.

Job 38:7

  7 H1242 When the morning H3556 stars H7442 sang H3162 together, H3605 and all H1121 the sons H430 of God H7321 shouted for joy?

Nehemiah 12:31-43

  31 H5927 Then I brought H8269 up the princes H3063 of Judah H2346 on the wall, H5975 and appointed H8147 two H1419 great H4256 companies H8426 of them that gave thanks, H1980 whereof one went H3225 on the right H3225 hand H2346 on the wall H830 toward the dung H8179 gate:
  32 H310 And after H3212 them went H1955 Hoshaiah, H2677 and half H8269 of the princes H3063 of Judah,
  33 H5838 And Azariah, H5830 Ezra, H4918 and Meshullam,
  34 H3063 Judah, H1144 and Benjamin, H8098 and Shemaiah, H3414 and Jeremiah,
  35 H3548 And certain of the priests’ H1121 sons H2689 with trumpets; H2148 namely, Zechariah H1121 the son H3083 of Jonathan, H1121 the son H8098 of Shemaiah, H1121 the son H4983 of Mattaniah, H1121 the son H4320 of Michaiah, H1121 the son H2139 of Zaccur, H1121 the son H623 of Asaph:
  36 H251 And his brothers, H8098 Shemaiah, H5832 and Azarael, H4450 Milalai, H1562 Gilalai, H4597 Maai, H5417 Nethaneel, H3063 and Judah, H2607 Hanani, H7892 with the musical H3627 instruments H1732 of David H376 the man H430 of God, H5830 and Ezra H5608 the scribe H6440 before them.
  37 H5921 And at H5869 the fountain H8179 gate, H5048 which was over H5048 against H5927 them, they went H4609 up by the stairs H5892 of the city H1732 of David, H4608 at the going H2346 up of the wall, H5921 above H1004 the house H1732 of David, H4325 even to the water H8179 gate H4217 eastward.
  38 H8145 And the other H8426 company of them that gave thanks H1980 went H4136 over H4136 against H310 them, and I after H2677 them, and the half H5971 of the people H2346 on the wall, H5921 from beyond H4026 the tower H8574 of the furnaces H7342 even to the broad H2346 wall;
  39 H5921 And from above H8179 the gate H669 of Ephraim, H5921 and above H3465 the old H8179 gate, H5921 and above H1709 the fish H8179 gate, H4026 and the tower H2606 of Hananeel, H4026 and the tower H3968 of Meah, H6629 even to the sheep H8179 gate: H5975 and they stood H4307 still in the prison H8179 gate.
  40 H5975 So stood H8147 the two H4256 companies H8426 of them that gave thanks H1004 in the house H430 of God, H2677 and I, and the half H5461 of the rulers with me:
  41 H3548 And the priests; H471 Eliakim, H4641 Maaseiah, H4509 Miniamin, H4320 Michaiah, H454 Elioenai, H2148 Zechariah, H2608 and Hananiah, H2689 with trumpets;
  42 H4641 And Maaseiah, H8098 and Shemaiah, H499 and Eleazar, H5813 and Uzzi, H3076 and Jehohanan, H4441 and Malchijah, H5867 and Elam, H5829 and Ezer. H7891 And the singers H7891 sang H8085 loud, H3156 with Jezrahiah H6496 their overseer.
  43 H3117 Also that day H2076 they offered H1419 great H2077 sacrifices, H8055 and rejoiced: H430 for God H8055 had made them rejoice H1419 with great H8057 joy: H802 the wives H3206 also and the children H8055 rejoiced: H8057 so that the joy H3389 of Jerusalem H8085 was heard H7350 even afar off.

1 Corinthians 14:26

  26 G5101 How G3767 is it then, G80 brothers? G3752 when G4905 you come G4905 together, G1538 every G2192 one of you has G5568 a psalm, G2192 has G1322 a doctrine, G2192 has G1100 a tongue, G2192 has G602 a revelation, G2192 has G2058 an interpretation. G3956 Let all G1096 things be done G3619 to edifying.

Psalms 100:1-5

  1 H4210 A Psalm H8426 of praise. H3068 Make a joyful noise to the LORD, H3605 all H776 you lands.
  2 H5647 Serve H3068 the LORD H8057 with gladness: H935 come H6440 before his presence H7445 with singing.
  3 H3045 Know H3068 you that the LORD H430 he is God: H6213 it is he that has made H587 us, and not we ourselves; H5971 we are his people, H6629 and the sheep H4830 of his pasture.
  4 H935 Enter H8179 into his gates H8426 with thanksgiving, H2691 and into his courts H8416 with praise: H3034 be thankful H1288 to him, and bless H8034 his name.
  5 H3068 For the LORD H2896 is good; H2617 his mercy H5769 is everlasting; H530 and his truth H1755 endures to all generations.

James 5:13

  13 G5100 Is any G1722 among G2553 you afflicted? G4336 let him pray. G5100 Is any G2114 merry? G5567 let him sing G5567 psalms.

Colossians 3:16

  16 G3056 Let the word G5547 of Christ G1774 dwell G4146 in you richly G3956 in all G4678 wisdom; G1321 teaching G3560 and admonishing G1438 one G1438 another G5568 in psalms G5215 and hymns G4152 and spiritual G5603 songs, G103 singing G5485 with grace G5216 in your G2588 hearts G2962 to the Lord.

2 Chronicles 5:12-14

  12 H3881 Also the Levites H7891 which were the singers, H3605 all H623 of them of Asaph, H1968 of Heman, H3038 of Jeduthun, H1121 with their sons H251 and their brothers, H3847 being arrayed H948 in white linen, H4700 having cymbals H5035 and psalteries H3658 and harps, H5975 stood H4217 at the east H4196 end of the altar, H3967 and with them an hundred H6242 and twenty H3548 priests H2690 sounding H2689 with trumpets:)
  13 H1961 It came H2689 even to pass, as the trumpeters H7891 and singers H259 were as one, H259 to make one H6963 sound H8085 to be heard H1984 in praising H3034 and thanking H3068 the LORD; H7311 and when they lifted H6963 up their voice H4700 with the trumpets and cymbals H3627 and instruments H7892 of music, H1984 and praised H3068 the LORD, H2896 saying, For he is good; H2617 for his mercy H5769 endures for ever: H1004 that then the house H4390 was filled H6051 with a cloud, H1004 even the house H3068 of the LORD;
  14 H3548 So that the priests H3201 could H5975 not stand H8334 to minister H6440 by reason H6051 of the cloud: H3519 for the glory H3068 of the LORD H4390 had filled H1004 the house H430 of God.

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