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Psalms 82:3-4

  3 G2919 Judge G3737 for the orphan, G2532 and G4434 the poor! G5011 [2 to the humble G2532 3and G3993 4needy G1344 1Do justice]!
  4 G1807 Deliver G3993 the needy G2532 and G4434 the poor! G1537 [3from G5495 4 the hand G268 5of the sinner G4506 1rescue G1473 2him]!

Psalms 144:1

  1 G2128 Blessed be G2962 the lord G3588   G2316 my God; G1473   G3588 the one G1321 teaching G3588   G5495 my hands G1473   G1519 for G3904.3 battle array, G3588   G1147 and my fingers G1473   G1519 for G4171 war;

Proverbs 28:1-28

  1 G5343 [2flees G765 1An impious man] G3367 with no one G1377 pursuing; G1342 but the just man G1161   G5618 [2as G3023 3a lion G3982 1is secure].
  2 G1223 Because of G266 the sins G765 of the impious, G2920 litigations G1453 arise; G435 [3man G1161 1but G3835 2a clever] G2677.2 extinguishes G1473 them.
  3 G406.2 A vigorous man G1722 with G763 impious deeds G4811 extorts G4434 the poor G5618 as G5205 [4rain G2974.4 1a fierce G2532 2and G512 3unprofitable].
  4 G3779 Thus G3588 the ones G1459 abandoning G3588 the G3551 law G1471.1 laud G763 impiety; G3588 but the ones G1161   G25 loving G3588 the G3551 law G4016 put [2around G1438 3themselves G5038 1a wall].
  5 G435 [2men G2556 1Evil] G3756 do not G3539 comprehend G2917 equity; G3588 but the ones G1161   G2212 seeking G3588 the G2962 lord G4920 perceive G1722 in G3956 all.
  6 G2908 Better G4434 a poor man G4198 going G1722 in G225 truth, G4145 than a rich G5571 liar.
  7 G5442 [3keeps G3551 4 the law G5207 2son G4908 1A discerning]; G3739 but the one who G1161   G4165 tends G810 carnality G818 dishonors G3962 his father. G1473  
  8 G3588 The G4129 one multiplying G3588   G4149 his wealth G1473   G3326 with G5110 interest G2532 and G4121.3 usury, G3588   G1653 [3for one showing mercy G4434 4on the poor G4863 1gathers G1473 2it].
  9 G3588 The G1578 one turning aside G3588   G3775 his ear G1473   G3588   G3361 to not G191 hear G3551 the law, G2532 even G1473 he G3588   G4335 [2his own prayer G1473   G948 1abhors].
  10 G3739 The one who G4105 wanders G2117 upright men G1722 in G3598 [2way G2556 1an evil], G1519 [4into G1312 5corruption G1473 2himself G1706 1shall 3fall]; G3588 and the G1161   G459 lawless ones G1330 shall go through G18 good things, G2532 and G3756 they shall not G1525 enter G1519 to G1473 them.
  11 G4680 [3 is wise G3844 4to G1438 5himself G435 2man G4145 1A rich]; G3993 [3needy man G1161 1but G3540.1 2an intelligent] G2607 shall condemn G1473 him.
  12 G1223 Through G996 the help G1342 of the just ones G4183 much G1096 [2comes to pass G1391 1glory]; G1722 but in G1161   G5117 the places G765 of the impious G234.1 [2are being captured G444 1men].
  13 G3588 The G1943 one covering over G763 his impiety, G1473   G3756 [2not G2137 1his way shall] be prospered; G3588 but the one G1161   G1834 describing G2532 and G1650 reproving G25 shall be loved.
  14 G3107 Blessed is G435 a man G3739 who G2670.4 is struck with awe G3956 of all things G1223 through G2124 veneration; G3588 but the G1161   G4642 hard G3588   G2588 of heart G1706 shall fall into G2556 evils.
  15 G3023 A lion G3983 hungering, G2532 and G3074 a wolf G1372 thirsting G3739 is the one who G5180.1 is sovereign G4434 [4poor G1510.6 3being G1484 2nation G3998 1of a destitute].
  16 G935 A king G1729 lacking G4357.3 revenue G3173 is a great G4811.1 extortioner; G3588 but the one G1161   G3404 detesting G93 injustice G3117 [2a long G5550 3time G2198 1shall live].
  17 G435 [3of a man G3588   G1722 4under G156 5accusation G5408 6of murder G3588 1The one G1449.1 2guaranteeing a loan G5435.7 8an exile G1510.8.3 7will be], G2532 and G3756 not G1722 in G803 safety.
  18 G3588 The G4198 one going G1346 justly G997 is helped; G3588 but the one G1161   G4646 [2crooked G3598 3ways G4198 1going by] G1707 shall be entangled.
  19 G3588 The G2038 one working G3588   G1438 his own G1093 land G4130 shall be filled G740 with bread loaves; G3588 but the one G1161   G1377 pursuing G4981 ease G4130 shall be filled G3997.1 with poverty.
  20 G435 A man G513.1 worthy of trust G4183 in many things G2127 shall be blessed; G3588 but the G1161   G2556 evil one G3756 shall not G821.1 be unpunished. G1510.8.3  
  21 G3739 The one who G3756 does not G153 feel respect for G4383 persons G1342 of the just, G3756 is not G18 good; G3588   G5108 such a one G5596.1 [3for a morsel G740 4of bread G591 1will deliver over G435 2a man].
  22 G4692 [3hastens G4147 4to be rich G435 2man G940.1 1A bewitching], G2532 and G3756 does not G1492 know G3754 that G1655 a merciful man G2902 will prevail over G1473 him.
  23 G3588 The G1651 one reproving G444 a man's G3598 ways G5484 [2favors G2192 1shall have], G3123 rather than G3588 the G1101.2 flatterer with the tongue.
  24 G3739 The one who G577 throws off G3962 his father G2228 or G3384 mother, G2532 and G1380 assumes G3361 he does not G264 sin; G3778 this one G2844 is partner G1510.2.3   G435 [2man G765 1of an impious].
  25 G571.2 An insatiable G435 man G2919 judges G1500 in vain; G3739 but the one G1161   G3982 yielding G1909 upon G2962 the lord G1722 [2in G1958 3care G1510.8.3 1will be].
  26 G3739 The one who G3982 yields to G2351.3 a rash G2588 heart, G3588   G5108 such a one G878 is a fool; G3739 but the one G1161   G4198 who goes G4678 in wisdom G4982 shall be delivered.
  27 G3739 The one who G1325 gives G4434 to the poor G3756 shall not G1735.1 be in want; G3739 but the one who G1161   G654 turns G3588   G3788 his eye G1473   G1722 [2in G4183 3much G640 4perplexity G1510.8.3 1will be].
  28 G1722 In G5117 the places G765 of the impious G4730.1 [2moan G1342 1 the just]; G1722 but in G1161   G3588 the G1565 destruction of those G684   G4129 [2shall be multiplied G1342 1 the just].

Isaiah 6:8

  8 G2532 And G191 I heard G3588 the G5456 voice G2962 of the lord, G3004 saying, G5100 Whom G649 shall I send, G2532 and G5100 who G4198 shall go G4314 to G3588   G2992 this people? G3778   G2532 And G2036 I said, G2400 Behold, G1473 I G1510.2.1 am, G649 send G1473 me!

Luke 10:19

  19 G2400 Behold, G1325 I give G1473 to you G3588 the G1849 authority G3588   G3961 to tread G1883 upon G3789 serpents G2532 and G4651 scorpions, G2532 and G1909 upon G3956 all G3588 the G1411 power G3588 of the G2190 enemy; G2532 and G3762 nothing G1473 [3you G3766.2 1in any way G91 2shall injure].

Joshua 1:9

  9 G2400 Behold, G1781 I give charge G1473 to you; G2480 be strong G2532 and G407 be manly! G3361 You should not G1168 be timid, G3366 nor G4422 should you be terrified, G3754 for G3326 [3 is with G1473 4you G2962 1 the lord G3588   G2316 2your God] G1473   G1519 in G3956 every G5117 place G3739 where G1437 ever G4198 you should go.

John 15:13

  13 G3173 Greater G3778 love than this G26   G3762 no one G2192 has, G2443 that G5100 one G3588   G5590 [2his life G1473   G5087 1should place] G5228 for G3588   G5384 his friends. G1473  

1 Peter 2:13-17

  13 G5293 Submit G3767 then G3956 to every G442 human G2937 institution G1223 for the sake of G3588 the G2962 Lord! G1535 whether G935 to king G5613 as G5242 being superior;
  14 G1535 or whether G2232 to governors G5613 as G1223 [2by G1473 3him G3992 1being sent] G1519 for G1557 punishment G3303 indeed on G2555 ones doing evil, G1868 and high praise G1161   G17 on ones beneficial.
  15 G3754 For G3779 so G1510.2.3 is G3588 the G2307 will G3588   G2316 of God, G15 by doing good G5392 to halt G3588 the G3588   G878 [2of foolish G444 3men G56 1ignorance];
  16 G5613 as G1658 free, G2532 and G3361 not G5613 [3as G1942 4a covering G2192 1having G3588   G2549 5of evil G3588   G1657 2freedom], G235 but G5613 as G1401 bondmen G2316 of God.
  17 G3956 Honor all! G5091   G3588 [2the G81 3brotherhood G25 1Love]! G3588   G2316 Fear God! G5399   G3588 [2the G935 3king G5091 1Honor]!

Titus 3:1-2

  1 G5279 Remind G1473 them! G746 [2to sovereignties G2532 3and G1849 4authorities G5293 1to submit], G3980 to yield obedience, G4314 [2for G3956 3every G2041 5work G18 4good G2092 1to be prepared], G1510.1  
  2 G3367 [2no one G987 1to 3blaspheme], G269 to not be quarrelsome, G1510.1   G1933 but lenient, G3956 [2all G1731 1demonstrating] G4236 gentleness G4314 to G3956 all G444 men.

Romans 13:1-14

  1 G3956 Every G5590 soul G1849 [2to authorities G5242 3being superior G5293 1be submitted]! G3756 [3no G1063 1For G1510.2.3 2there is] G1849 authority G1508 unless G575 from G2316 God; G3588 and the ones G1161   G1510.6 being G1849 authorities G5259 [2by G3588   G2316 3God G5021 1are ordered]. G1510.2.6  
  2 G5620 So that G3588 the one G498 rebelling against G3588 the G1849 authority, G3588 [2in the G3588   G2316 3disposition of God G1296   G436 1opposes]; G3588 and the ones G1161   G436 opposing, G1438 [3to themselves G2917 2judgment G2983 1shall receive].
  3 G3588 For the G1063   G758 rulers G3756 are not G1510.2.6   G5401 a fear G3588 of the ones G18 of good G2041 works, G235 but G3588 of the ones G2556 of evils. G2309 [2you should 4want G1161 1But G3361 3not] G5399 to be fearful of G3588 the G1849 authority; G3588 by the G18 [2good G4160 1doing] G2532 even G2192 you shall have G1868 high praise G1537 from G1473 it.
  4 G2316 [3of God G1063 1For G1249 2it is a servant] G1510.2.3   G1473 to you G1519 for G3588   G18 good. G1437 But if G1161   G3588   G2556 [2evil G4160 1you should do], G5399 fear! G3756 for it does not G1063   G1500 [4in vain G3588 2the G3162 3sword G5409 1wear]. G2316 [4of God G1063 1For G1249 3a servant G1510.2.3 2it is], G1558 punishing G1519 for G3709 wrath G3588 to the one G3588   G2556 [2evil G4238 1doing].
  5 G1352 Therefore G318 it is a necessity G5293 to be submitted, G3756 not G3440 only G1223 because of G3588 the G3709 wrath, G235 but G2532 also G1223 because of G3588 the G4893 conscience.
  6 G1223 [2on account of G3778 3this G1063 1For] G2532 also G5411 [2 paying the tribute G5055 1fulfill]! G3011 [3ministers G1063 1for G2316 4of God G1510.2.6 2they are] G1519 in G1473 this same thing G3778   G4342 attending to constantly.
  7 G591 Render G3767 then G3956 to all G3588 the G3782 debts! G3588 to the one G3588 for the G5411 tribute -- G3588 the G5411 tribute; G3588 to the one G3588 for the G5056 tax -- G3588 the G5056 tax; G3588 to the one G3588   G5401 commanding fear -- G3588 the G5401 fear; G3588 to the one G3588   G5092 commanding honor -- G3588 the G5092 honor.
  8 G3367 To no one G3367 owe anything, G3784   G1508 unless G3588 it be G25 loving G240 one another. G3588 For the one G1063   G25 loving G3588 the G2087 other G3551 [2 the law G4137 1has fulfilled].
  9 G3588 For the commandment, G1063   G3756 you shall not G3431 commit adultery; G3756 you shall not G5407 murder; G3756 you shall not G2813 steal; G3756 you shall not G1937 lust; G2532 and G1536 if any G2087 other G1785 commandment, G1722 in G3778 this G3588 the G3056 word G346 is recapitulated, G1722 in G3588 the saying G25 You shall love G3588   G4139 your neighbor G1473   G5613 as G1438 yourself.
  10 G3588 The G26 love G3588 to the G4139 neighbor G2556 [2evil G3756 1works no], G2038   G4138 [3then is the fullness G3767   G3551 4of the law G3588 1the G26 2love].
  11 G2532 Also G3778 this, G1492 knowing G3588 the G2540 time, G3754 that G5610 the hour G1473 we G2235 already G1537 from out of G5258 sleep G1453 arise; G3568 for now G1063   G1451 [2 is nearer G1473 3us G3588   G4991 1deliverance] G2228 than G3753 when G4100 we trusted.
  12 G3588 The G3571 night G4298 progressed, G3588 and the G1161   G2250 day G1448 approached. G659 We should put aside G3767 then G3588 the G2041 works G3588   G4655 of darkness, G2532 and G1746 put on G3588 the G3696 weapons G3588 of the G5457 light.
  13 G5613 As G1722 [3by G2250 4day G2156 2decently G4043 1we should walk]; G3361 not G2970 in debaucheries G2532 and G3178 in intoxications; G3361 not G2845 in beds G2532 and G766 in lewdnesses; G3361 not G2054 in strife G2532 and G2205 in jealousy.
  14 G235 But G1746 clothe on G3588 the G2962 Lord G* Jesus G5547 Christ, G2532 and G3588 [6of the G4561 7flesh G4307 3forethought G3361 1do not G4160 2have G1519 4for G1939 5desire].

Romans 13:4

  4 G2316 [3of God G1063 1For G1249 2it is a servant] G1510.2.3   G1473 to you G1519 for G3588   G18 good. G1437 But if G1161   G3588   G2556 [2evil G4160 1you should do], G5399 fear! G3756 for it does not G1063   G1500 [4in vain G3588 2the G3162 3sword G5409 1wear]. G2316 [4of God G1063 1For G1249 3a servant G1510.2.3 2it is], G1558 punishing G1519 for G3709 wrath G3588 to the one G3588   G2556 [2evil G4238 1doing].

Matthew 5:9

  9 G3107 Blessed are G3588 the G1518 peacemakers, G3754 for G1473 they G5207 [2sons G2316 3of God G2564 1shall be called].

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