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Psalms 15:4

  4 G1847 [2is treated with contempt G1799 3before G1473 4him G4188.2 1 The one acting wickedly]; G3588 but the G1161   G5399 one fearing G3588 the G2962 lord G1392 he glorifies, G3588 even the G3660 one swearing by an oath G3588 to G4139 his neighbor G1473   G2532 and G3756 not G114 annulling it;

Hebrews 6:16

  16 G444 [2men G3303 3indeed G1063 1For G2596 5by G3588 6the G3173 7greater G3660 4swear an oath], G2532 and G3956 [6in all G1473 7disputes to them G485   G4009 3 is an end G1519 4for G951 5security G3588 1the G3727 2oath].

Hebrews 3:18

  18 G5100 And to whom G1161   G3660 did he swear by an oath G3361 to not to enter G1525   G1519 into G3588   G2663 his rest, G1473   G1508 unless G3588 to the ones G544 resisting persuasion?

Hebrews 7:28

  28 G3588 [2the G3551 3law G1063 1For G444 5men G2525 4ordains] G749 chief priests, G2192 ones having G769 weakness; G3588 [2the G3056 3word G1161 1but] G3588 of the G3728 swearing of an oath G3588 which is G3326 after G3588 the G3551 law G5207 [2a son G1519 3into G3588 4the G165 5eon G5048 1has perfected].

Hebrews 7:21

  21 G3588 (for indeed the ones G3303   G1063   G5565 separate from G3728 swearing of an oath G1510.2.6 are G2409 [2priests G1096 1become], G3588 but the one G1161   G3326 with G3728 swearing of an oath G1223 through G3588 the G3004 saying G4314 as to G1473 him, G3660 The Lord swore by an oath, G2962   G2532 and G3756 will not G3338 repent; G1473 you G2409 are a priest G1519 into G3588 the G165 eon G2596 according to G3588 the G5010 order G* of Melchisedek,)

Hebrews 6:17

  17 G1722 In G3739 which G4053 [2more extra G1014 3wanting G3588   G2316 1God] G1925 to display G3588 to the G2818 heirs G3588 of the G1860 promise G3588 the G276 immutability G3588   G1012 of his counsel, G1473   G3315 mediated G3727 by an oath;

Hebrews 6:13

  13 G3588 For to G1063   G* Abraham G1861 God having promised, G3588   G2316   G1893 since G2596 according to G3762 no one G2192 had he G3173 greater G3660 to swear an oath by, G3660 swore an oath G2596 according to G1438 himself,

Deuteronomy 23:21-23

  21 G1437 And if G1161   G2172 you shall vow G2171 a vow G2962 to the lord G3588   G2316 your God, G1473   G3756 you shall not G5549 pass time G591 to give G1473 it; G3754 for G1567 requiring, G1567 [3shall require it G2962 1 the lord G3588   G2316 2your God] G1473   G3844 from G1473 you; G2532 and G1510.8.3 it will be G1722 [2to G1473 3you G266 1sin].
  22 G1437 But if G1161   G3361 you should not G2309 want G2172 to make a vow, G3756 it is not G1510.2.3   G1473 a sin to you. G266  
  23 G3588 The things G1607 going forth G1223 through G3588   G5491 your lips G1473   G5442 you shall guard, G2532 and G4160 you shall do G3739 in which G5158 manner G2172 you made a vow G2962 to the lord G3588   G2316 your God G1473   G1390 in the matter of a gift G3739 which G2980 [2spoke G3588   G4750 1your mouth]. G1473  

Numbers 30:2

  2 G444 A man, G444 a man G3739 who G302 ever G2172 should vow G2171 a vow G2962 to the lord, G2228 or G3660 should swear G3727 by an oath, G2228 or G3724 should confirm G3725.1 a set of limits G4012 upon G3588   G5590 his life, G1473   G3756 he shall not G953 profane G3588   G4487 his word; G1473   G3956 all G3745 as many things as G302 should G1831 come forth G1537 from out of G3588   G4750 his mouth G1473   G4160 he shall do.

James 5:12

  12 G4253 [2before G3956 3all things G1161 1But], G80 my brethren, G1473   G3361 do not G3660 swear by an oath, G3383 neither by G3588 the G3772 heaven, G3383 nor G3588 the G1093 earth, G3383 nor G243 any other G5100   G3727 oath; G1510.5 [2let 5be G1161 1but G1473 3your G3588   G3483 4yes], G3483 Yes! G2532 and G3588 the G3756 no, G3756 No! G2443 that G3361 [2not G1519 4into G5272 5hypocrisy G4098 1you should 3fall].

Matthew 5:33-37

  33 G3825 Again, G191 you heard G3754 that G4483 it was said G3588 to the G744 ancients, G3756 You shall not G1964 swear upon, G591 but shall render G1161   G3588 to the G2962 Lord G3588   G3727 your oaths. G1473  
  34 G1473 But I G1161   G3004 say G1473 to you, G3361 Do not G3660 swear by an oath G3654 wholly; G3383 nor G1722 on G3588 the G3772 heaven, G3754 for G2362 it is the throne G1510.2.3   G3588   G2316 of God;
  35 G3383 nor G1722 on G3588 the G1093 earth, G3754 for G5286 it is the footstool G1510.2.3   G3588   G4228 of his feet; G1473   G3383 nor G1519 on G* Jerusalem, G3754 for G4172 it is the city G1510.2.3   G3588 of the G3173 great G935 king;
  36 G3383 nor G1722 on G3588   G2776 your head G1473   G3660 should you swear by an oath, G3754 for G3756 you are not G1410 able G1520 [2one G2359 3hair G3022 4white G2228 5or G3189 6black G4160 1to make].
  37 G1510.5 But let be G1161   G3588   G3056 your word -- G1473   G3483 a yes, G3483 Yes! G3756 a no, G3756 No! G3588 but G1161   G4053 anything extra G3778 than these G1537 [2of G3588 3the G4190 4wicked one G1510.2.3 1is].

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