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Matthew 7:1-29

  1 G3361 Judge not G2919   G2443 that G3361 you should not G2919 be judged!
  2 G1722 [2by G3739 3what G1063 1For] G2917 judgment G2919 you judge, G2919 you shall be judged; G2532 and G1722 by G3739 what G3358 measure G3354 you measure, G488 it shall be measured back G1473 to you.
  3 G5100 But why G1161   G991 do you see G3588 the G2595 speck, G3588 the one G1722 in G3588 the G3788 eye G3588   G80 of your brother, G1473   G3588 but the G1161   G1722 [2in G3588   G4674 3your G3788 4eye G1385 1beam] G3756 you do not G2657 contemplate?
  4 G2228 Or G4459 how G2046 shall you say G3588 to G80 your brother, G1473   G863 Allow me G1544 to cast out G3588 the G2595 speck G575 from G3588   G3788 your eye; G1473   G2532 and G2400 behold, G3588 the G1385 beam G1722 is in G3588   G3788 your eye? G1473  
  5 G5273 Hypocrite, G1544 cast out G4412 first G3588 the G1385 beam G1537 from G3588   G3788 your eye! G1473   G2532 and G5119 then G1227 you shall see clearly G1544 to cast out G3588 the G2595 speck G1537 from G3588 the G3788 eye G3588   G80 of your brother. G1473  
  6 G3361 You should not G1325 give G3588 the G39 holy G3588 to the G2965 dogs; G3366 nor G906 should you throw G3588   G3135 your pearls G1473   G1715 before G3588 the G5519 swine, G3379 lest at any time G2662 they shall trample G1473 them G1722 with G3588   G4228 their feet, G1473   G2532 and G4762 having turned G4486 should tear G1473 you.
  7 G154 Ask! G2532 and G1325 it shall be given G1473 to you. G2212 Seek! G2532 and G2147 you shall find. G2925 Knock! G2532 and G455 it shall be opened G1473 to you.
  8 G3956 For every one G1063   G3588   G154 asking G2983 receives; G2532 and G3588 the one G2212 seeking G2147 finds; G2532 and G3588 to the one G2925 knocking G455 it shall be opened.
  9 G2228 Or G5100 who G1510.2.3 is it G1537 of G1473 you, G444 being a man, G3739 whom G1437 ever G154 [2should ask G3588   G5207 1his son] G1473   G740 for bread, G3361   G3037 [3a stone G1929 1shall give G1473 2to him]?
  10 G2532 And G1437 if G2486 [2a fish G154 1he shall ask for], G3361   G3789 [3a serpent G1929 1shall give G1473 2to him]?
  11 G1487 If G3767 then, G1473 you G4190 being wicked, G1510.6   G1492 know G1390 [3gifts G18 2good G1325 1to give] G3588 to G5043 your children, G1473   G4214 how much G3123 rather G3588   G3962 your father, G1473   G3588 the one G1722 in G3588 the G3772 heavens G1325 shall give G18 good things G3588 to the ones G154 asking G1473 him?
  12 G3956 All things G3767 then, G3745 as much as G302   G2309 you should want G2443 that G4160 [2should do G1473 3to you G3588   G444 1men], G3779 so G2532 also G1473 you G4160 do G1473 to them! G3778 for this G1063   G1510.2.3 is G3588 the G3551 law G2532 and G3588 the G4396 prophets.
  13 G1525 Enter G1223 through G3588 the G4728 narrow G4439 gate! G3754 for G4116 spacious G3588 is the G4439 gate, G2532 and G2149 broad G3588 is the G3598 way G3588   G520 leading G1519 unto G3588 the G684 destruction, G2532 and G4183 many G1510.2.6 are G3588 the ones G1525 entering G1223 through G1473 it.
  14 G3754 For G4728 narrow G3588 is the G4439 gate, G2532 and G2346 being afflicted G3588 is the G3598 way, G3588 the one G520 leading G1519 unto G3588 the G2222 life, G2532 and G3641 few G1510.2.6 are G3588 the ones G2147 finding G1473 it.
  15 G4337 And take heed G1161   G575 of G3588 the G5578 false prophets! G3748 the ones who G2064 come G4314 to G1473 you G1722 in G1742 garments G4263 of sheep, G2081 but inside G1161   G1510.2.6 they are G3074 [2wolves G727 1predacious].
  16 G575 From G3588   G2590 their fruits G1473   G1921 you shall recognize G1473 them. G3385 Do they collect together G4816   G575 [2from G173 3thorn-bushes G4718 1 the grape], G2228 or G575 [2from G5146 3thistles G4810 1figs]?
  17 G3779 Thus G3956 every G1186 [2tree G18 1good G2590 5fruits G2570 4good G4160 3produces], G3588 but the G1161   G4550 rotten G1186 tree G2590 [3fruits G4190 2bad G4160 1produces].
  18 G3756 [3is not G1410 4able G1186 2tree G18 1A good G2590 7fruits G4190 6bad G4160 5to produce], G3761 nor G1186 [2tree G4550 1a rotten G2590 5fruits G2570 4good G4160 3to produce].
  19 G3956 All G1186 trees G3361 not G4160 producing G2590 [2fruit G2570 1good] G1581 are cut down, G2532 and G1519 [2into G4442 3a fire G906 1thrown].
  20 G686 Yes, it is so -- G1065   G575 from G3588 their fruits G2590   G1921 you shall recognize G1473 them.
  21 G3756 Not G3956 all G3588   G3004 saying G1473 to me, G2962 O Lord, G2962 O Lord, G1525 shall enter G1519 into G3588 the G932 kingdom G3588 of the G3772 heavens; G235 but G3588 the one G4160 doing G3588 the G2307 will G3588   G3962 of my father, G1473   G3588 the one G1722 in the G3772 heavens.
  22 G4183 Many G2046 shall say G1473 to me G1722 in G1565 that G3588   G2250 day, G2962 O Lord, G2962 O Lord, G3756 [2not G3588 4 in G4674 5your G3686 6name G4395 1did we 3prophesy], G2532 and G3588 in G4674 your G3686 name G1140 [2demons G1544 1cast out], G2532 and G3588 in G4674 your G3686 name G1411 [3powerful works G4183 2many G4160 1do]?
  23 G2532 And G5119 then G3670 I will acknowledge G1473 to them G3754 that, G3763 At no time G1097 I knew G1473 you. G672 Retreat G575 from G1473 me! G3588 O ones G2038 working G3588   G458 lawlessness.
  24 G3956 Every one G3767 then G3748 whoever G191 hears G1473 [2my G3588   G3056 3words G3778 1these], G2532 and G4160 does G1473 them, G3666 I shall liken G1473 him G435 [2man G5429 1to a practical], G3748 one who G3618 built G3588   G3614 his house G1473   G1909 upon G3588 the G4073 rock.
  25 G2532 And G2597 [3came down G3588 1the G1028 2rain], G2532 and G2064 [3came G3588 1the G4215 2rivers], G2532 and G4154 [3blew G3588 1the G417 2winds], G2532 and G4363 they fell on G3588   G3614 that house, G1565   G2532 and G3756 it did not G4098 fall; G2311 for the foundation was laid G1063   G1909 upon G3588 the G4073 rock.
  26 G2532 And G3956 all G3588   G191 hearing G1473 [2my G3588   G3056 3words G3778 1these], G2532 and G3361 not G4160 doing G1473 them, G3666 shall be likened G435 [2man G3474 1to a moronish], G3748 one who G3618 built G3588   G3614 his house G1473   G1909 upon G3588 the G285 sand.
  27 G2532 And G2597 [3came down G3588 1the G1028 2rain], G2532 and G2064 [3came G3588 1the G4215 2rivers], G2532 and G4154 [3blew G3588 1the G417 2winds], G2532 and G4350 they struck against G3588   G3614 that house, G1565   G2532 and G4098 it fell, G2532 and G1510.7.3 [3was G3588   G4431 2downfall G1473 1its] G3173 great.
  28 G2532 And G1096 it came to pass G3753 when G4931 Jesus completed G3588   G*   G3588   G3056 these words, G3778   G1605 [3were overwhelmed G3588 1the G3793 2multitudes] G1909 by G3588   G1322 his teaching; G1473  
  29 G1510.7.3 for he was G1063   G1321 teaching G1473 them G5613 as G1849 [2authority G2192 1one having], G2532 and G3756 not G5613 as G3588 the G1122 scribes.

Matthew 15:1-39

  1 G5119 Then G4334 came forward G3588 to G* Jesus G3588 the ones G575 from G* Jerusalem -- G1122 scribes G2532 and G* Pharisees, G3004 saying,
  2 G1302 Why do G3588   G3101 your disciples G1473   G3845 violate G3588 the G3862 tradition G3588 of the G4245 elders? G3756 for they do not G1063   G3538 wash G3588   G5495 their hands G1473   G3752 whenever G740 [2bread G2068 1they eat].
  3 G3588 And he G1161   G611 answering G2036 said G1473 to them, G1302 Why G2532 also G1473 do you G3845 violate G3588 the G1785 commandment G3588   G2316 of God G1223 through G3588   G3862 your tradition? G1473  
  4 G3588   G1063 For G2316 God G1781 gave charge, G3004 saying, G5091 Esteem G3588 the G3962 father G2532 and G3588 the G3384 mother! G2532 and, G3588 The one G2551 speaking evil of G3962 father G2228 or G3384 mother, G2288 by death G5053 shall come to an end.
  5 G1473 But you G1161   G3004 say, G3739 Who G302 ever G2036 should say G3588 to the G3962 father G2228 or G3588 to the G3384 mother, G1435 A gift offering G3739 is what G1437 ever G1537 [2from G1473 3me G5623 1you should derive benefit];
  6 G2532 and G3766.2 in no way G5091 should esteem G3588   G3962 his father G1473   G2228 or G3588   G3384 his mother; G1473   G2532 and G208 you voided G3588 the G1785 commandment G3588   G2316 of God G1223 through G3588   G3862 your tradition. G1473  
  7 G5273 Hypocrites, G2573 well G4395 [2prophesied G4012 3concerning G1473 4you G* 1Isaiah], G3004 saying,
  8 G1448 [2approach G1473 3me G3588   G2992 1This people] G3778   G3588 with G4750 their mouth, G1473   G2532 and G3588 with the G5491 lips G1473 esteem me, G5091   G3588   G1161 but G2588 their heart G1473   G4206 is far off G566 at a distance G575 from G1473 me.
  9 G3155 But in vain G1161   G4576 they worship G1473 me, G1321 teaching G1319 instructions -- G1778 precepts G444 of men.
  10 G2532 And G4341 having called on G3588 the G3793 multitude, G2036 he said G1473 to them, G191 Hear G2532 and G4920 perceive!
  11 G3756 Not G3588 the thing G1525 entering G1519 into G3588 the G4750 mouth G2840 defiles G3588 the G444 man; G235 but G3588 the thing G1607 going forth G1537 from out of G3588 the G4750 mouth, G3778 this G2840 defiles G3588 the G444 man.
  12 G5119 Then G4334 having drawn near, G3588   G3101 his disciples G1473   G2036 said G1473 to him, G1492 Do you know G3754 that G3588 the G* Pharisees, G3588 the ones G191 hearing G3588 the G3056 word, G4624 were offended?
  13 G3588 And he G1161   G611 answering G2036 said, G3956 Every G5451 plant G3739 which G3756 [4planted not G5452   G3588   G3962 3father G1473 1my G3588   G3770 2heavenly] G1610 shall be rooted out.
  14 G863 Let them go! G1473   G3595 [3guides G1510.2.6 1they are G5185 2blind] G5185 of the blind. G5185 [3 the blind G1161 1And G5185 5 the blind G1437 2if G3594 4should guide], G297 both G1519 [2into G999 3a cistern G4098 1shall fall].
  15 G611 And responding G1161   G3588   G* Peter G2036 said G1473 to him, G5419 Expound G1473 to us G3588   G3850 this parable! G3778  
  16 G3588   G1161 And G* Jesus G2036 said, G188 At this moment G2532 even G1473 [2you G801 3senseless G1510.2.5 1are]?
  17 G3768 Not yet G3539 do you comprehend, G3754 that G3956 all G3588   G1531 entering G1519 into G3588 the G4750 mouth G1519 [2in G3588 3the G2836 4belly G5562 1has a space], G2532 and G1519 into G856 the bowel G1544 is cast out?
  18 G3588 But the things G1161   G1607 going forth G1537 out of G3588 the G4750 mouth G1537 [2from G3588 3the G2588 4heart G1831 1come forth], G2548 and those G2840 defile G3588 the G444 man.
  19 G1537 For from out of G1063   G3588 the G2588 heart G1831 come forth G1261 [2thoughts G4190 1evil], G5408 murders, G3430 adulteries, G4202 harlotries, G2829 frauds, G5577 false witnesses, G988 blasphemies.
  20 G3778 These G1510.2.3 are G3588 the things G2840 defiling G3588 the G444 man. G3588   G1161 But G449 [2 with unwashed G5495 3hands G2068 1to eat] G3756 does not G2840 defile G3588 the G444 man.
  21 G2532 And G1831 [2having gone forth G1564 3from there G3588   G* 1Jesus] G402 withdrew G1519 into G3588 the G3313 parts G* of Tyre G2532 and G* Sidon.
  22 G2532 And G2400 behold, G1135 a Canaanite woman G*   G575 from G3588   G3725 those borders G1565   G1831 coming forth G2905 cried out G1473 to him, G3004 saying, G1653 Show mercy G1473 on me, G2962 O Lord, G5207 O son G* of David; G3588   G2364 my daughter G1473   G2560 is badly G1139 demon-possessed!
  23 G3588 And he G1161   G3756 did not G611 answer G1473 her G3056 a word. G2532 And G4334 [3having come G3588   G3101 2disciples G1473 1his] G2065 asked G1473 him, G3004 saying, G630 Dismiss G1473 her! G3754 for G2896 she cries out G3693 behind G1473 us.
  24 G3588 And G1161   G611 responding G2036 he said, G3756 I was not G649 sent G1508 except G1519 unto G3588 the G4263 [2sheep G3588   G622 1lost] G3624 of the house G* of Israel.
  25 G3588 And she G1161   G2064 having come G4352 did obeisance G1473 to him, G3004 saying, G2962 O Lord, G997 help G1473 me!
  26 G3588 And he G1161   G611 answering G2036 said, G3756 It is not G1510.2.3   G2570 good G2983 to take G3588 the G740 bread G3588 of the G5043 children, G2532 and G906 to throw G3588 it to the G2952 little dogs.
  27 G3588 And she G1161   G2036 said, G3483 Yes G2962 O Lord, G2532 for even G1063   G3588 the G2952 little dogs G2068 eat G575 from G3588 the G5589 crumbs G3588   G4098 falling G575 from G3588 the G5132 table G3588   G2962 of their masters. G1473  
  28 G5119 Then G611 responding G3588   G* Jesus G2036 said G1473 to her, G5599 O G1135 woman, G3173 great G1473 is [3of you G3588 1the G4102 2belief]; G1096 let it be G1473 to you G5613 as G2309 you want! G2532 And G2390 [2was healed G3588   G2364 1her daughter] G1473   G575 from G3588   G5610 that hour. G1565  
  29 G2532 And G3327 having crossed over G1564 from there, G3588   G* Jesus G2064 came G3844 by G3588 the G2281 sea G3588   G* of Galilee; G2532 and G305 having ascended G1519 into G3588 the G3735 mountain, G2521 he was sitting G1563 there.
  30 G2532 And G4334 came forward G1473 to him G3793 [2multitudes G4183 1great], G2192 having G3326 with G1438 themselves G5560 lame, G5185 blind, G2974 mutes, G2948 cripples, G2532 and G2087 [2others G4183 1many]; G2532 and G4495 they dropped G1473 them G3844 by G3588 the G4228 feet G3588   G* of Jesus; G2532 and G2323 he cured G1473 them.
  31 G5620 So that G3588 the G3793 multitudes G2296 marveled G991 seeing G2974 mutes G2980 speaking, G2948 cripples G5199 in health, G5560 lame G4043 walking, G2532 and G5185 blind G991 seeing. G2532 And G1392 they glorified G3588 the G2316 God G* of Israel.
  32 G3588   G1161 And G* Jesus G4341 having called on G3588   G3101 his disciples, G1473   G2036 said, G4697 I am moved with compassion G1909 over G3588 the G3793 multitude, G3754 for G2235 already G2250 [2days G5140 1three] G4357 they remain with G1473 me, G2532 and G3756 they have not G2192   G5100 anything G2068 to eat; G2532 and G630 to dismiss G1473 them G3523 hungry from fasting G3756 I do not G2309 want, G3379 lest at any time G1590 they faint G1722 in G3588 the G3598 way.
  33 G2532 And G3004 [2say G1473 3to him G3588   G3101 1his disciples], G1473   G4159 From where G1473 is there for us, G1722 being in G2047 desolation, G740 bread loaves G5118 for so many, G5620 so as G5526 to fill G3793 a multitude G5118 so great?
  34 G2532 And G3004 [2says G1473 3to them G3588   G* 1Jesus], G4214 How many G740 bread loaves G2192 do you have? G3588 And they G1161   G2036 said, G2033 Seven, G2532 and G3641 a few G2485 small fishes.
  35 G2532 And G2753 he bid G3588 the G3793 multitudes G377 to recline G1909 upon G3588 the G1093 ground.
  36 G2532 And G2983 having taken G3588 the G2033 seven G740 bread loaves, G2532 and G3588 the G2486 fishes, G2168 having given thanks G2806 he broke G2532 and G1325 gave G3588 to G3101 his disciples, G1473   G3588 and the G1161   G3101 disciples G3588 to the G3793 multitude.
  37 G2532 And G2068 all ate G3956   G2532 and G5526 were filled. G2532 And G142 they lifted up G3588 the G4052 abundance G3588 of the G2801 pieces -- G2033 seven G4711 baskets G4134 full.
  38 G3588 And the ones G1161   G2068 eating G1510.7.6 were G5070 four thousand G435 men, G5565 separate from G1135 women G2532 and G3813 children.
  39 G2532 And G630 having dismissed G3588 the G3793 multitudes, G1684 he stepped G1519 into G3588 the G4143 boat, G2532 and G2064 came G1519 into G3588 the G3725 borders G* of Magdala.

1 Corinthians 10:23

  23 G3956 All things G1473 to me G1832 are allowed, G235 but G3756 not G3956 all things G4851 are advantageous. G3956 All things G1473 to me G1832 are allowed, G235 but G3756 not G3956 all things G3618 build up.

Luke 6:37

  37 G2532 And G3361 judge not! G2919   G2532 and G3766.2 in no way G2919 should you be judged. G3361 Condemn not! G2613   G2532 and G3766.2 in no way G2613 should you be condemned. G630 Dismiss! G2532 and G630 you will be dismissed.

John 4:23-24

  23 G235 But G2064 comes G5610 the hour, G2532 and G3568 now G1510.2.3 is, G3753 when G3588 the G228 true ones G4353 doing obeisance G4352 shall do obeisance to G3588 the G3962 father G1722 in G4151 spirit G2532 and G225 truth; G2532 for also G1063   G3588 the G3962 father G5108 [2such G2212 1seeks] G3588   G4352 to do obeisance to G1473 him.
  24 G4151 God is spirit, G3588   G2316   G2532 and G3588 the ones G4352 doing obeisance to G1473 him G1722 [3in G4151 4spirit G2532 5and G225 6truth G1163 1must G4352 2do obeisance].

Romans 14:16

  16 G3361 Let not be blasphemed G987   G3767 then G1473 your G3588   G18 good!

1 Timothy 2:1-15

  1 G3870 I appeal G3767 then, G4412 first G3956 of all G4160 to make G1162 supplications, G4335 prayers, G1783 intercessions, G2169 thankfulnesses G5228 for G3956 all G444 men;
  2 G5228 for G935 kings, G2532 and G3956 all G3588 of the ones G1722 [2in G5247 3superiority G1510.6 1being], G2443 that G2263 a calm G2532 and G2272 unassuming G979 existence G1236 should be led G1722 in G3956 all G2150 piety G2532 and G4587 seriousness.
  3 G3778 For this G1063   G2570 is good G2532 and G587 worthy of being received G1799 before G3588   G4990 [2our deliverer G1473   G2316 1God];
  4 G3739 who G3956 [2all G444 3men G2309 1wants] G4982 to be delivered, G2532 and G1519 [2to G1922 3full knowledge G225 4of truth G2064 1to come].
  5 G1520 For there is one G1063   G2316 God, G1520 and one G2532   G3316 mediator G2316 of God G2532 and G444 of men -- G444 the man G5547 Christ G* Jesus;
  6 G3588 the one G1325 giving G1438 himself G487 a ransom G5228 for G3956 all, G3588 the G3142 testimony to be rendered G2540 [2times G2398 1in its own];
  7 G1519 to G3739 which G5087 I was established G1473   G2783 a herald G2532 and G652 apostle G225 (truth G3004 I speak G1722 in G5547 Christ, G3756 I do not G5574 lie) G1320 a teacher G1484 of the nations G1722 in G4102 belief G2532 and G225 truth.
  8 G1014 I want G3767 then G4336 [3to pray G3588 1for the G435 2men] G1722 in G3956 every G5117 place, G1869 lifting up G3741 sacred G5495 hands, G5565 separate from G3709 anger G2532 and G1261 arguing.
  9 G5615 Likewise G2532 also G3588 the G1135 wives G1722 in G2689 [2apparel G2887 1composed] G3326 with G127 respect G2532 and G4997 discreetness G2885 to adorn G1438 themselves, G3361 not G1722 in G4117 laces G2228 or G5557 gold G2228 or G3135 pearls G2228 or G2441 [2clothes G4185 1very costly],
  10 G235 but G3739 what G4241 is becoming G1135 to wives G1861 promising G2317 godliness G1223 through G2041 [2works G18 1good].
  11 G1135 [2a wife G1722 4at G2271 5rest G3129 1Let 3learn] G1722 in G3956 all G5292 submission!
  12 G1135 And a wife G1161   G1321 [4to teach G3756 2not G2010 1I commit 3to their care], G3761 nor G831 to domineer G435 a husband, G235 but G1510.1 to be G1722   G2271 at rest.
  13 G* For Adam G1063   G4413 first G4111 was shaped, G1534 then G* Eve.
  14 G2532 And G* Adam G3756 was not G538 deceived, G3588 but the G1161   G1135 wife G538 having been deceived, G1722 [2in G3847 3violation G1096 1has become].
  15 G4982 But she shall be preserved G1161   G1223 through G3588 the G5042 childbearing, G1437 if G3306 they abide G1722 in G4102 belief, G2532 and G26 love, G2532 and G38 sanctification, G3326 with G4997 discreetness.

Proverbs 1:1-33

  1 G3942 The proverbs G* of Solomon G5207 son G* of David G3739 who G936 reigned G1722 in G* Israel,
  2 G1097 to know G4678 wisdom G2532 and G3809 instruction; G3539 to comprehend G5037 also G3056 words G5428 of intelligence;
  3 G1209 to receive G5037 also G4765.3 the shifting and turning G3056 of words, G2532 and G3080 loosening G135 enigmas; G3539 to comprehend G5037 also G1343 [2righteousness G227 1true] G2532 and G2917 [2judgment G2720 1to straighten out],
  4 G2443 that G1325 he should give G172 to the guileless G3834 astuteness, G3816 [3child G1161 1but G3501 2 to the young] G144 perception, G5037 and also G2532   G1771 reflection.
  5 G3588 But of the ones G1161   G1063 for G191 hearing, G4680 the wise G4680 will be wiser, G1510.8.3   G3588 and the G1161   G3540.1 intelligent G2941 [2guidance G2932 1shall acquire].
  6 G3539 He shall comprehend G5037 also G3850 a parable G2532 and G4652 a dark G3056 matter; G4488.1 sayings G5037 also G4680 of the wise, G2532 and G135 enigmas.
  7 G746 The beginning G4678 of wisdom G5401 is fear G2962 of the lord, G4907 [3understanding G1161 1and G18 2good] G3956 to all G3588 the G4160 ones observing G1473 it. G2150 And piety G1161   G1519 to G2316 God G746 is the beginning G144 of perception. G4678 But wisdom G1161   G2532 and G3809 instruction G765 the impious G1848 shall treat with contempt.
  8 G191 Hear, G5207 O son, G3551 the laws G3962 of your father! G1473   G2532 and G3361 you should not G683 thrust away G2330.2 the rules G3384 of your mother; G1473  
  9 G4735 [3a crown G1063 1for G5484 4of favors G1209 2you shall receive] G4674 for your G2884.2 head, G2532 and G2827.2 a collar G5552 of gold G4012 around G4674 your G5137 neck.
  10 G5207 O son, G3361 you should not have G1473 caused [3to wander you G4105   G435 2men G765 1impious], G3366 nor G1014 should you consent.
  11 G1437 If G3870 they should comfort G1473 you, G3004 saying, G2064 Come G3326 with G1473 us, G2841 partake in G129 blood! G2928 for we should hide G1161   G1519 [4in G1093 5 the ground G435 2man G1342 1 the just G95 3unjustly],
  12 G2666 and we should swallow G1161   G1473 him G5618 as G86 Hades, G2198 while living, G2532 and G142 lift G1473 his G3588   G3420 remembrance G1537 from G1093 the earth,
  13 G3588 the G2934.3 [2property G1473 3of his G3588   G4185 1very costly] G2638 we should overtake, G4130 and we should fill G1161   G3624 [2houses G2251 1our] G4661 of spoils.
  14 G3588   G1161 and G4674 [2your G2819 3lot G906 1throw] G1722 in G1473 with us, G2532 and G3139.1 [3money bag G1520 2one G1096 1let there become] G1473 for us.
  15 G3361 You should not go G4198   G3598 in the ways G3326 with G1473 them. G1578 Turn aside G3588   G4228 your foot G1473   G1537 from G3588   G5147 their paths! G1473  
  16 G3588   G1063 For G4228 their feet G1473   G1519 [2to G2549 3evil G5143 1run], G2532 and G5031 are quick G1510.2.6   G3588   G1632 to pour out G129 blood.
  17 G3756 [3 are not G1063 1For G95 5wrongfully G1614 4stretched out G1350 2nets] G4420.2 for feathered birds .
  18 G1473 For they, G1063   G3588 the ones G5408 [2in murder G3348 1partaking], G2343 treasure up G1438 for themselves G2556 evils.
  19 G3778 These G3588 [2the G3598 3ways G1510.2.6 1are] G3956 of all G3588 the ones G4931 completing G3588 the G459 lawless things . G3588 For by G1063   G763 impiety G3588   G1438 [2their own G5590 3life G851 1they remove].
  20 G4678 Wisdom G1722 [2in G1841 3 the streets G5214 1sings praise]; G1722 and in G1161   G4113 the squares G3954 in open places G71 she celebrates.
  21 G1909 [3upon G206.1 4 the tops G1161 1And G5038 5of the walls G2784 2she proclaims]; G1909 and at G1161   G4439 the gates G4172 of the city G2293 courageously G3004 says,
  22 G3745 As much G302   G5550 time G172 as the guileless G2192 have G3588 of the G1343 righteousness, G3756 they shall not G153 be ashamed; G3588 but the G1161   G878 fools G3588   G5196 [3insolence G1510.6 1being G1938 2ones who crave], G765 [2impious G1096 1having become], G3404 detest G144 good sense,
  23 G2532 and G5253.1 [2accountable G1096 1become] G1650 for reproofs. G2400 Behold, G4290.2 I will let go G1473 to you G1699 my G4157 breath's G4488.1 saying, G1321 and I will teach G1161   G1473 you G3588   G1699 by my G3056 word.
  24 G1894 Since G2564 I called, G2532 and G3756 you did not G5219 obey; G2532 and G1614 I stretched out G3056 words, G2532 and G3756 you did not G4337 take heed;
  25 G235 but G207.2 [4void G4160 1you made G1699 2my G1012 3counsels], G3588   G1161 and G1699 [3to my G1650 4reproofs G3756 1you did not G4337 2give heed];
  26 G5105 accordingly G2504 I also G3588   G5212 [2your G684 3destruction G1919.1 1laugh at]; G2707.4 and I will rejoice G1161   G2259 when G302 ever G2064 [2comes G1473 3to you G3639 1ruin].
  27 G2532 And G5613 when G302 ever G864 [2should arrive G1473 3unto you G869 4suddenly G2351 1a tumult], G3588 and the G1161   G2692 undoing of yourself G3668 like G2616.6 a blast G3918 is at hand; G2228 or G3752 whenever G2064 [4should come upon G1473 5you G2347 1affliction G2532 2and G4171.3 3assault];
  28 G1510.8.3 that it will be G1063   G3752 whenever G1941 you should call upon G1473 me, G1473 even I G1161   G3756 shall not G1522 listen to G1473 you. G2212 [2shall seek G1473 3me G2556 1Evil men], G2532 and G3756 will not G2147 find me;
  29 G3404 for they detested G1063   G4678 wisdom, G3588 and the G1161   G5401 fear G2962 of the lord G3756 they did not prefer; G4255  
  30 G3761 nor G2309 wanted G1699 [2to my G4337 1to take heed] G1012 counsels; G3456 but they sneered at G1161   G1699 my G1650 reproofs.
  31 G5105 Accordingly G2068 they shall eat G3588   G1438 [3of their own G3598 4way G3588 1the G2590 2fruits], G2532 and G3588   G1438 [2with their own G763 3impiety G4130 1shall be filled].
  32 G446.2 For because G1063   G91 they wronged G3516 the simple ones, G5407 they shall be slaughtered, G2532 and G1833.1 an inquisition G765 [2 the impious G3643.4 1shall destroy].
  33 G3588 But the one G1161   G1473 hearing me G191   G2681 shall encamp G1909 with G1680 hope, G2532 and G2270 shall be tranquil G870 without fear G575 from G3956 all G2556 evil.

Leviticus 19:32

  32 G575 At G4383 the face G4171.4 of a gray one G1817 you shall rise up, G2532 and G5091 you shall esteem G4383 the face G4245 of an older one; G2532 and G5399 you shall fear G3588   G2316 your God. G1473   G1473 I am G2962 the lord G3588   G2316 your God. G1473  

Colossians 3:12

  12 G1746 Put on G3767 then G5613 as G1588 chosen ones G3588   G2316 of God, G39 holy ones, G2532 and G25 beloved, G4698 feelings of compassion, G3628 pity, G5544 graciousness, G5012 humility, G4236 gentleness, G3115 long-suffering!

Philippians 4:5

  5 G3588   G1933 [2your leniency G1473   G1097 1Let] be known G3956 to all G444 men! G3588 The G2962 lord G1451 is near.

1 Corinthians 14:40

  40 G3956 All things G2156 decently G2532 and G2596 according to G5010 order G1096 let be!

Colossians 4:5-6

  5 G1722 [2in G4678 3wisdom G4043 1Walk] G4314 to G3588 the ones G1854 outside! G3588 [2the G2540 3time G1805 1buying back],
  6 G3588   G3056 with your word G1473   G3842 at all times G1722 in G5484 favor, G217 [2with salt G741 1being seasoned], G1492 to know G4459 how G1163 it is necessary for you G1473   G1520 [3one G1538 2each G611 1to answer].

Topical data is from, retrieved November 11, 2013, and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.