UNCERTAINTIES-CERTAINTIES - Thompson Chain Reference Topic

Seven Things that are Uncertain
Psalms 39:11
Men's Promises
Psalms 146:3
Proverbs 23:5
The Future
Proverbs 27:1
John 16:32
James 4:14
Earthly Glory
1 Peter 1:24
--SEE Mutability, MUTABILITY
The Transient, TRANSIENT
(B) COMFORTING CERTAINTIES, seven that encourage the believer
Sure Promises
1 Kings 8:56
Sure Foundations
Isaiah 28:16
Sure Reward
Matthew 10:42
Assured Acceptance
John 6:37
Divine Love
Romans 8:38; Romans 8:39
Assured Immortality
2 Corinthians 5:1
Eternal Anchorage
Hebrews 6:19
(C) SOBERING CERTAINTIES, seven that face the unrepentant sinner
Certainty of Exposure
Numbers 32:23
Certainty of Disappointment
Deuteronomy 32:32
Certainty of Leaving Earthly Possessions
1 Timothy 6:7
Certainty of Death
Ecclesiastes 8:8
Certainty of Judgment
Ecclesiastes 12:14
Certainty of Separation from the Righteous
Matthew 25:31-33
Certainty of Banishment from the Divine Presence
2 Thessalonians 1:9

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