STEPHEN - Thompson Chain Reference Topic

  one of the seven, commonly called deacons, in the early
Acts 6:5; Acts 7:59; Acts 8:2; Acts 11:19; Acts 22:20
-- "The Spirit filled Business Man",
Elected to supervise benevolences
Acts 6:5
-- he overleapt the limitations of his task and became a powerful
Acts 7:1-60
-- Possessed a seven-fold Fulness
Full of Faith and the Holy Spirit
Acts 6:5
Full of Wisdom
Acts 6:3; Acts 6:10
Full of Power
Acts 6:8
Full of Light
Acts 6:15
Fulness of vision
Acts 7:55; Acts 7:56
Fulness of Love
Acts 7:60
A martyr for the faith
Acts 7:56

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