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  (1) Pharisees
Matthew 3:7; Matthew 15:1; Matthew 16:1; Matthew 19:3; Matthew 23:2; Luke 7:30; Luke 18:10; Acts 5:34; Acts 23:6
-- A party among the Jews that laid great stress upon the observance of
rites and ceremonies:
They made a pretence of superior piety and separated themselves from
the common people. They were believers in the immortality of the soul,
the resurrection of the body, and the existence of angels and spirits:
(2) Sadducees, a materialistic party among the Jews, that denied the
resurrection and the existence of angels and spirits. They also
rejected the traditions of the elders:
Matthew 3:7; Matthew 16:6; Matthew 22:23; Matthew 22:34; Acts 4:1; Acts 5:17; Acts 23:8
--SEE Materialism, UNBELIEF
(3) Herodians
Matthew 22:16; Mark 3:6; Mark 12:13

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