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  inhabitants of Samaria
(1) Facts concerning:
They were colonists whom the king of Assyria sent to inhabit the Land
of Israel after the captivity, and hence were despised by the Jews:
2 Kings 17:24-41; John 4:9
In the time of Zerubbabel they sought to form an alliance with the
returned captives and to unite with them in building the temple, but
were rejected:
Ezra 4:2; Ezra 4:3
They had a temple on Mt. Gerizim:
John 4:20
They were treated with charity by Christ, see Parable of Good
Luke 10:30
--Healing of the Ten Lepers:
Luke 17:12-18
--Instruction of the Samaritan woman:
John 4:3-43
--Two Days' work in Samaria:
John 4:40
Philip did a successful work among them
Acts 8:5-8
(2) Marginal Chain of texts
2 Kings 17:24; Ezra 4:2; Nehemiah 4:2; Matthew 10:5; Luke 9:52; Luke 10:33; Luke 17:16
John 4:9; John 4:39; John 8:48; Acts 8:25

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