LIMITATIONS, HUMAN - Thompson Chain Reference Topic

  (1) Man Subject to
Way hedged up
Job 3:23
Feet in the stocks
Job 13:27; Job 19:8
Time limited
Psalms 90:10; Ecclesiastes 8:8
Boundaries of life
Psalms 139:5; Lamentations 3:7
No power to change a hair
Matthew 5:36
No power to add a stature
Matthew 6:27
--Knowledge Limited. SEE Knowledge Withheld, MYSTERIES
Future Hidden, MYSTERIES
--Strength Limited. SEE Frailty, TRANSIENT
Human Weakness, WEAKNESS
(2) Man's Limited Resources
A little bread and a bottle of water
Genesis 21:14
A handful of meal and a cruse of oil
1 Kings 17:12
A pot of oil
15:33; Matthew 15:34
An empty larder
Luke 11:6
--God condescends to meet the limited resources and conditions of
Small offerings accepted from the poor
Leviticus 14:21; Leviticus 14:22
Two mites from the widow
Mark 12:42-44
A cup of cold water, not despised
Matthew 10:42
Faith, even as a grain of mustard seed, mighty
Matthew 17:20
Two or three assembled in Christ's name have the promise of the divine
Matthew 18:20
--SEE Weak Instrumentalities, POWER
Giving according to ability, LIBERALITY

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