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  of Sinners
(1) General References to
The Divine Law the Agent in
Psalms 19:7
Joyful Believers used as Instruments in
Psalms 51:12; Psalms 51:13
Essential to Entrance into God's Kingdom
Matthew 18:3
Prepares for Christian Service
Luke 22:32
Enjoined upon all men
Acts 3:19
The Supreme Task of the Church
James 5:19; James 5:20
--SEE Regeneration, LIFE
Spiritual Resurrection, NEW MAN
Restoration (1), RESTORATION
Spiritual Healing, DISEASE
(2) Instances of
--King Saul
1 Samuel 10:9
Luke 19:9
--Ethiopian Eunuch
Acts 8:37
--Saul of Tarsus
Acts 9:6
--Roman Proconsul
Acts 13:12
Acts 16:14
--Philippian Jailer
Acts 16:33; Acts 16:34
--SEE Accessions CHURCH, THE
Gentiles (2), WORLD-WIDE
(3) Characters Transformed by
Peter, the Profane Fisherman,
Matthew 26:74
becomes a man whose very shadow heals
Acts 5:15
The Restless Demoniac,
Mark 5:5
becomes a quiet disciple
Mark 5:15
John the Vindictive Jew,
Luke 9:53; Luke 9:54
becomes the apostle of love
1 John 4:7
The Woman of Samaria of Unsavoury reputation,
John 4:17; John 4:18
becomes an evangel of truth
John 4:29
Saul the Bloodthirsty Persecutor,
Acts 9:1
becomes Paul, the tender-hearted brother
Acts 21:13
The Cold-hearted Philippian Jailer,
Acts 16:24
becomes a sympathetic friend
Acts 16:33

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