BEATITUDES OF CHRIST - Thompson Chain Reference Topic

  Spiritual Mountain Climbing, Eight upward
Steps in the Divine Life
Initial Step, Humility (Conscious Need)
Matthew 5:3
2nd Step, Penitence (Mourning for Sin)
Matthew 5:4
3rd--Meekness (Marking the birth of a New Spirit)
Matthew 5:5
4th--Spiritual Appetite (Signifying Growth)
Matthew 5:6
5th--Mercifulness (an Attribute of God, indicating further Advance)
Matthew 5:7
6th--Heart Purity (marking the attainment of Higher Altitudes,
where comes the vision of God)
Matthew 5:8
7th--Peacemaking (a Christlike Influence, calming the Storms of Life)
Matthew 5:9
8th--The Summit, Suffering for Christ (standing beside the
Prophets and Martyrs)
Matthew 5:10; Matthew 5:11; Matthew 5:12

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