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1 Samuel 9:24 (new)
  24 H2876 And the cook H7311 [H8686] took up H7785 the shoulder, H7760 [H8799] and that which was upon it, and set H6440 it at the face of H7586 Saul. H559 [H8799] And Samuel said, H7604 [H8737] Behold that which is left! H7760 [H8798] set H6440 it at the face of H398 [H8798] thee, and eat: H4150 for to this time H8104 [H8803] hath it been kept H559 [H8800] for thee since I said, H7121 [H8804] I have invited H5971 the people. H7586 So Saul H398 [H8799] ate H8050 with Samuel H3117 that day.