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Daniel 2:35 (new)
  35 H116 Then H6523 was the iron, H2635 the clay, H5174 the brass, H3702 the silver, H1722 and the gold, H1855 H1751 [H8754] broken to pieces H2298 together, H1934 [H8754] and became H5784 like the chaff H4481 of H7007 the summer H147 threshingfloors; H7308 and the wind H5376 0 carried H1994 them H5376 [H8754] away, H3606 that H3809 no H870 place H7912 [H8728] was found H69 for them: and the stone H4223 [H8754] that smote H6755 the image H1934 [H8754] became H7229 a great H2906 mountain, H4391 [H8754] and filled H3606 the whole H772 earth.
Daniel 5:11 (new)
  11 H383 There is H1400 a man H4437 in thy kingdom, H7308 in whom is the spirit H6922 of the holy H426 gods; H3118 and in the days H2 of thy father H5094 light H7924 and understanding H2452 and wisdom, H2452 like the wisdom H426 of the gods, H7912 [H8728] was found H4430 in him; whom the king H5020 Nebuchadnezzar H2 thy father, H4430 the king, H2 I say, thy father, H6966 [H8684] made H7229 master H2749 of the magicians, H826 astrologers, H3779 Chaldeans, H1505 [H8750] and soothsayers;