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Ezekiel 8:3 (new)
  3 H7971 [H8799] And he put forth H8403 the form H3027 of an hand, H3947 [H8799] and took H6734 me by a lock H7218 of my head; H7307 and the spirit H5375 [H8799] lifted me up H776 between the earth H8064 and the heaven, H935 [H8686] and brought H4759 me in the visions H430 of God H3389 to Jerusalem, H6607 to the door H6442 of the inner H8179 gate H6437 [H8802] that looketh H6828 toward the north; H4186 where was the seat H5566 of the image H7068 of jealousy, H7069 [H8688] which provoketh to jealousy.