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Daniel 2:35 (new)
  35 H116 Then H6523 was the iron, H2635 the clay, H5174 the brass, H3702 the silver, H1722 and the gold, H1855 H1751 [H8754] broken to pieces H2298 together, H1934 [H8754] and became H5784 like the chaff H4481 of H7007 the summer H147 threshingfloors; H7308 and the wind H5376 0 carried H1994 them H5376 [H8754] away, H3606 that H3809 no H870 place H7912 [H8728] was found H69 for them: and the stone H4223 [H8754] that smote H6755 the image H1934 [H8754] became H7229 a great H2906 mountain, H4391 [H8754] and filled H3606 the whole H772 earth.
Daniel 2:45 (new)
  45 H3606 H6903 Forasmuch as H2370 [H8754] thou sawest H69 that the stone H1505 [H8728] was cut out H2906 of the mountain H3809 without H3028 hands, H1855 [H8684] and that it broke in pieces H6523 the iron, H5174 the brass, H2635 the clay, H3702 the silver, H1722 and the gold; H7229 the great H426 God H3046 [H8684] hath made known H4430 to the king H4101 what H1934 [H8748] shall come to pass H311 after H1836 this: H2493 and the dream H3330 is certain, H6591 and the interpretation H540 [H8683] of it sure.
Daniel 4:23 (new)
  23 H4430 And in that the king H2370 [H8754] saw H5894 a watcher H6922 and an holy one H5182 [H8750] coming down H4481 from H8065 heaven, H560 [H8750] and saying, H1414 0 Hew H363 the tree H1414 down, H2255 [H8740] and ruin H1297 it; yet H7662 [H8747] leave H6136 the stump H8330 of its roots H772 in the earth, H613 even with a band H6523 of iron H5174 and brass, H1883 in the tender grass H1251 of the field; H6647 [H8721] and let it be wet H2920 with the dew H8065 of heaven, H2508 and let its portion H5974 be with H2423 the beasts H1251 of the field, H5705 till H7655 seven H5732 times H2499 shall pass H5922 over him;
Daniel 5:23 (new)
  23 H7313 [H8712] But hast lifted up H5922 thyself against H4756 the Lord H8065 of heaven; H858 [H8684] and they have brought H3984 the vessels H1005 of his house H6925 before H607 thee, and thou, H7261 and thy lords, H7695 thy consorts, H3904 and thy concubines, H8355 [H8750] have drunk H2562 wine H7624 [H8745] in them; and thou hast praised H426 the gods H3702 of silver, H1722 and gold, H5174 of brass, H6523 iron, H636 wood, H69 and stone, H2370 [H8751] which see H3809 not, H3809 nor H8086 [H8750] hear, H3809 nor H3046 [H8751] know: H426 and the God H3028 in whose hand H5396 thy breath H3606 is, and whose are all H735 thy ways, H3809 thou hast not H1922 [H8745] glorified: