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2 Kings 1:6 (new)
  6 H559 [H8799] And they said H5927 [H8804] to him, There came up H376 a man H7125 [H8800] to meet H559 [H8799] us, and said H3212 [H8798] to us, Go, H7725 [H8798] return H4428 to the king H7971 [H8804] that sent H1696 [H8765] you, and say H559 [H8804] to him, Thus saith H3068 the LORD, H430 Is it not because there is not a God H3478 in Israel, H7971 [H8802] that thou sendest H1875 [H8800] to enquire H1176 of Baalzebub H430 the god H6138 of Ekron? H3381 [H8799] therefore thou shalt not come down H4296 from that bed H5927 [H8804] on which thou art gone up, H4191 [H8800] but shalt surely H4191 [H8799] die.
2 Chronicles 22:11 (new)
  11 H3090 But Jehoshabeath, H1323 the daughter H4428 of the king, H3947 [H8799] took H3101 Joash H1121 the son H274 of Ahaziah, H1589 [H8799] and stole H8432 him from among H4428 the king's H1121 sons H4191 [H8716] that were slain, H5414 [H8799] and put H3243 [H8688] him and his nurse H2315 H4296 in a bedchamber. H3090 So Jehoshabeath, H1323 the daughter H4428 of king H3088 Jehoram, H802 the wife H3077 of Jehoiada H3548 the priest, H269 (for she was the sister H274 of Ahaziah, H5641 [H8686] ) hid H6440 him from H6271 Athaliah, H4191 [H8689] so that she slew him not.
2 Chronicles 24:25 (new)
  25 H3212 [H8800] And when they had departed H5800 [H8804] from him, (for they left H7227 him in great H4251 diseases, H5650 ) his own servants H7194 [H8694] conspired H1818 against him for the blood H1121 of the sons H3077 of Jehoiada H3548 the priest, H2026 [H8799] and slew H4296 him on his bed, H4191 [H8799] and he died: H6912 [H8799] and they buried H5892 him in the city H1732 of David, H6912 [H8804] but they buried H6913 him not in the burying-places H4428 of the kings.