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1 Chronicles 27:1 (new)
  1 H1121 Now the sons H3478 of Israel H4557 after their number, H7218 that is, the chief H1 fathers H8269 and captains H505 of thousands H3967 and hundreds, H7860 [H8802] and their officers H8334 [H8764] that served H4428 the king H1697 in any matter H4256 of the courses, H935 [H8802] which came in H3318 [H8802] and went out H2320 month H2320 by month H2320 throughout all the months H8141 of the year, H259 of every H4256 course H6242 were twenty H702 and four H505 thousand.
1 Chronicles 28:1 (new)
  1 H1732 And David H6950 [H8686] congregated H8269 all the princes H3478 of Israel, H8269 the princes H7626 of the tribes, H8269 and the captains H4256 of the companies H8334 [H8764] that ministered H4428 to the king H4256 by course, H8269 and the captains H505 over the thousands, H8269 and captains H3967 over the hundreds, H8269 and the stewards H7399 over all the substance H4735 and possession H4428 of the king, H1121 and of his sons, H5631 with the officers, H1368 and with the mighty men, H2428 and with all the valiant men, H3389 to Jerusalem.