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Esther 3:12 (new)
  12 H4428 Then were the king's H5608 [H8802] scribes H7121 [H8735] called H7969 H6240 on the thirteenth H3117 day H7223 of the first H2320 month, H3789 [H8735] and there was written H2001 according to all that Haman H6680 [H8765] had commanded H4428 to the king's H323 satraps, H6346 and to the governors H4082 that were over every province, H8269 and to the princes H5971 of every people H4082 of every province H3791 according to the writing H5971 of it, and to every people H3956 after their language; H8034 in the name H4428 of king H325 Ahasuerus H3789 [H8737] was it written, H2856 [H8738] and sealed H4428 with the king's H2885 ring.
Esther 3:13 (new)
  13 H5612 And the letters H7971 [H8736] were sent H3027 by H7323 [H8801] posts H4428 into all the king's H4082 provinces, H8045 [H8687] to desolate, H2026 [H8800] to kill, H6 [H8763] and to cause to perish, H3064 all Judeans, H5288 both young H2205 and old, H2945 little children H802 and women, H259 in one H3117 day, H7969 H6240 even upon the thirteenth H8147 H6240 day of the twelfth H2320 month, H2320 which is the month H143 Adar, H7998 and to plunder H962 [H8800] them for spoil.
Esther 4:11 (new)
  11 H4428 All the king's H5650 servants, H5971 and the people H4428 of the king's H4082 provinces, H3045 [H8802] do know, H376 that whoever, whether man H802 or woman, H935 [H8799] shall come H4428 to the king H6442 into the inner H2691 court, H7121 [H8735] who is not called, H259 there is one H1881 law H4191 [H8687] of his to put him to death, H905 except H4428 him to whom the king H3447 [H8686] shall hold out H2091 the golden H8275 sceptre, H2421 [H8804] that he may live: H7121 [H8738] but I have not been called H935 [H8800] to come in H4428 to the king H7970 these thirty H3117 days.
Esther 8:5 (new)
  5 H559 [H8799] And said, H2896 If it shall please H4428 the king, H4672 [H8804] and if I have found H2580 favour H6440 in his sight, H1697 and the thing H3787 [H8804] shall seem right H6440 at the face of H4428 the king, H2896 and I am pleasing H5869 in his eyes, H3789 [H8735] let it be written H7725 [H8687] to reverse H5612 the letters H4284 devised H2001 by Haman H1121 the son H4099 of Hammedatha H91 the Agagite, H3789 [H8804] which he wrote H6 [H8763] to destroy H3064 the Judeans H4428 who are in all the king's H4082 provinces:
Esther 8:9 (new)
  9 H4428 Then were the king's H5608 [H8802] scribes H7121 [H8735] called H6256 at that time H7992 in the third H2320 month, H2320 that is, the month H5510 Sivan, H7969 on the three H6242 and twentieth H3789 [H8735] day of it; and it was written H4782 according to all that Mordecai H6680 [H8765] commanded H3064 to the Judeans, H323 and to the satraps, H6346 and the governors H8269 and princes H4082 of the provinces H1912 which are from India H3568 to Cush, H3967 an hundred H6242 and twenty H7651 and seven H4082 provinces, H4082 to every province H3791 according to the writing H5971 of it, and to every people H3956 after their language, H3064 and to the Judeans H3791 according to their writing, H3956 and according to their language.
Esther 9:12 (new)
  12 H4428 And the king H559 [H8799] said H635 to Esther H4436 the queen, H3064 The Judeans H2026 [H8804] have slain H6 [H8763] and destroyed H2568 five H3967 hundred H376 men H7800 in Shushan H1002 the palace, H6235 and the ten H1121 sons H2001 of Haman; H6213 [H8804] what have they done H7605 in the rest H4428 of the king's H4082 provinces? H7596 now what is thy petition? H5414 [H8735] and it shall be granted H1246 thee: or what is thy request H5750 further? H6213 [H8735] and it shall be done.