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1 Samuel 9:13 (new)
  13 H935 [H8800] As soon as ye shall enter H5892 the city H3651 , ye shall immediately H4672 [H8799] find H5927 [H8799] him, before he goeth up H1116 to the high place H398 [H8800] to eat H5971 : for the people H398 [H8799] will not eat H935 [H8800] until he cometh H1288 [H8762] , because he doth bless H2077 the sacrifice H310 H3651 ; and afterwards H398 [H8799] they eat H7121 [H8803] that are invited H5927 [H8798] . Now therefore go up H3117 ; for about this time H4672 [H8799] ye shall find him.