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2 Chronicles 32:21 (new)
  21 H3068 And the LORD H7971 [H8799] sent H4397 a messenger, H3582 [H8686] who cut off H1368 all the mighty men H2428 of valour, H5057 and the leaders H8269 and captains H4264 in the camp H4428 of the king H804 of Assyria. H7725 [H8799] So he returned H1322 with shame H6440 of face H776 to his own land. H935 [H8799] And when he had come H1004 into the house H430 of his god, H3329 they that came forth H4578 from his own bowels H5307 [H8689] slew H2719 him there with the sword.