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Acts 19:27 (new)
  27 G1161 So G3756 that not G3440 only G5124 this G2254 our G3313 part G2793 [G5719] is in danger G2064 [G5629] to come G1519 into G557 disrepute; G235 but G2532 also G3588 that the G2411 temple G3588 of the G3173 great G2299 goddess G735 Diana G1519 G3762 G3049 [G5683] should be despised, G1161 and G2532 also G3588   G846 her G3168 magnificence G3195 [G5721] should G2507 [G5745] be put down by force, G3739 whom G3650 all G3588   G773 Asia G2532 and G3588 the G3625 inhabitable world G4576 [G5736] revereth.