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Joshua 3:16 (Webster_Strongs)
  16 H4325 That the waters H3381 [H8802] which came down H4605 from above H5975 [H8799] stood H6965 [H8804] and rose up H259 in an H5067 heap H3966 very H7368 [H8687] far H5892 from the city H121 Adam H6654 , that is beside H6891 Zaretan H3381 [H8802] : and those that came down H3220 toward the sea H6160 of the plain H4417 , even the salt H3220 sea H8552 [H8804] , failed H3772 [H8738] , and were cut off H5971 : and the people H5674 [H8804] passed over H3405 opposite Jericho.
Joshua 5:6 (Webster_Strongs)
  6 H1121 For the children H3478 of Israel H1980 [H8804] walked H705 forty H8141 years H4057 in the wilderness H1471 , till all the people H582 that were men H4421 of war H3318 [H8802] , who came out H4714 of Egypt H8552 [H8800] , were consumed H8085 [H8804] , because they obeyed H6963 not the voice H3068 of the LORD H3068 : to whom the LORD H7650 [H8738] swore H7200 [H8687] that he would not show H776 them the land H3068 , which the LORD H7650 [H8738] swore H1 to their fathers H5414 [H8800] that he would give H776 us, a land H2100 [H8802] that floweth H2461 with milk H1706 and honey.
Joshua 8:24 (Webster_Strongs)
  24 H3478 And it came to pass, when Israel H3615 [H8763] had finished H2026 [H8800] slaying H3427 [H8802] all the inhabitants H5857 of Ai H7704 in the field H4057 , in the wilderness H7291 [H8804] in which they chased H5307 [H8799] them, and when they had all fallen H6310 on the edge H2719 of the sword H8552 [H8800] , until they were consumed H3478 , that all the Israelites H7725 [H8799] returned H5857 to Ai H5221 [H8686] , and smote H6310 it with the edge H2719 of the sword.