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Daniel 4:19 (Webster_Strongs)
  19 H116 Then H1841 Daniel H8036 , whose name H1096 was Belteshazzar H8075 [H8733] , was appalled H2298 for one H8160 hour H7476 , and his thoughts H927 [H8792] troubled H4430 him. The king H6032 [H8750] spoke H560 [H8750] , and said H1096 , Belteshazzar H409 , let not H2493 the dream H6591 , or the interpretation H927 [H8792] of it, trouble H1096 thee. Belteshazzar H6032 [H8750] answered H560 [H8750] and said H4756 , My lord H2493 , the dream H8131 [H8750] be to them that hate H6591 thee, and the interpretation H6146 of it to thy enemies.