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Judges 18:2 (Webster_Strongs)
  2 H1121 And the children H1835 of Dan H7971 [H8799] sent H4940 of their family H2568 five H582 men H7098 from their land H1121 , men H2428 of valour H6881 , from Zorah H847 , and from Eshtaol H7270 [H8763] , to spy H776 out the land H2713 [H8800] , and to search H559 [H8799] it; and they said H3212 [H8798] to them, Go H2713 [H8798] , search H776 the land H935 [H8799] : who when they came H2022 to mount H669 Ephraim H1004 , to the house H4318 of Micah H3885 [H8799] , they lodged there.